Friday, March 11, 2011

Brazilian Central Banker intentionally plows down multiple cyclists

"He was in a hurry" Yes, that is what he said.

Story and video here

The Brazilian "Critical Mass" event kicked off with good will, laughter and singing. Hundreds of
bikers gathered to ride through the city streets raising awareness that bikes deserved their fair share of the road. The event ended with attempted murder.

In a stomach-churning video, the happy bicycling crew transforms into a screaming, wailing mass after a black car plows through the crowd with bodies and bikes richocheting off the hood.

The driver, 47-year old Ricardo José Neis, who works for the Brazilian central bank, has been arrested and placed under psychiatric care. He is being charged with attempted murder. Neis's lawyer told the Brazilian newspaper Zero Hora that he felt threatened by the bikers and acted in self defense.(looks to me as if the banker(scum) is preparing to attempt an insanity plea)

How could this self centered, inhumane man, have felt threatened????

This video is pretty brutal....


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  2. The onlookers should have dragged that smug bastard straight out of his car, and soundly beat him to a bloody little grease smudge on the street. Fucking getting my fill of these twisted, slithering bastards having their way with the citizenry and getting away unscathed.

  3. just reading the comments at the youtube video. the problem becomes even clearer -- many think he is a HERO.

  4. Very few views for a video like that as well, Penny . . . methinks youtube censors have been at it again to stop it going viral.

    In unrelated news, potential core meltdown imminent at Fukushima nuclear power plants . . . and others also in trouble.

    What puzzled me, is that looking on a map of Japan, Fukushima is about 50-60km inland from the shore, and yet most news agencies reported the tidal wave going in about 10km. Odd. And now we have over 310,000 people EVACUATED, staying in shelters and schools because of the potentially imminent meltdowns to occur.

    This may be huge.

    Get the heck out of Japan while you still can, is my advice.

  5. The funny thing is that Fukushima 1, according to german net paper Telepolis, was supposed to be decomissioned in March 2011. How odd is that?

  6. HHQ:

    that is precisely what my hubby said.

    I was thinking how this banker, undertaking this utter act of disdain for other humans, equaled the large scale disaster to humankind that the bankers wrought on many unsuspecting individuals

    By this I am referring to the global economic crash exported by the wall street banksters with the help of a complicit US government.

  7. Hey AP, I noticed there were comments that I consider disturbing.
    As disturbing as the video of the banker.

  8. Hey Slozo: Yeah, I noticed that the video linked in the news story has been shortened greatly and if one clicked on it you had to do the whole I am 18 thing, just to see it.
    Which was why I put up the other video.

    So I would say the Youtube censors are hard at work.

  9. It's even in Wikipedia