Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fukushima: Meltdowns, neutron beams, yellow rain& radiated workers

I have covered Fukushima to the best of my limited abilities since Monday March 14th.

I became aware of the Fukushima disaster Saturday March 12th/11. While reading the news that early morning, I was transported back to a time in my own past. When I was a new mom, with a brand new baby. It was 1986 and Chernobyl was the disaster, that scared the wits out of me.
I knew, don't ask me how, I just knew something was very, very wrong.
As I read about Fukushima early morning, very nearly two weeks ago, that same sense of dread hung over me. So here we are again.
They say history repeats itself because we never learn from the mistakes made in the past.
So here we are again.
Every time a new post went up, I wanted to be wrong. I wanted a good ending. Perhaps a miracle? Was that too tall an order? It appears so.

Sadly, let us get to the latest news on the reactor disaster at Fukushima.
Wait a minute, hold on, I want to mention this morning I saw a piece at CNN, a laughable piece, a piece filled with lies and utter bullshit. You can find that here
According to this piece everything was pretty much hunky dory with the reactor's containment units. No mention of meltdowns, partial or otherwise.

As I reported to you some days ago, there was at least 3 nuclear reactors in some state of meltdown.

Finally a mainstream piece, from Egypt, has reported this today!

It was actually confirmed on March 18/2011 by the Japanese IAEA that 3 reactor cores were damaged-

That is 6 days ago.

You would never know any of this if you watched the likes of CNN or any of the other western mainstream propaganda outlets. Who have been busily covering for their corporate masters...
But, I digress once again. A neutron beam has been reported emanating from Fukushima

Neutron beam observed 13 times at crippled Fukushima nuke plant

Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Wednesday it has observed a neutron beam, a kind of radioactive ray, 13 times on the premises of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant after it was crippled by the massive March 11 quake-tsunami disaster.

So Fukushima has been in meltdown from the beginning!

Neutrons are emitted during a nuclear chain reaction; so given the context, is Kyodo's report to be taken as indicating that a chain reaction took place after the reactors shut down?

Two workers at the power plant were treated today for radiation burns on their feet.
And I love the spin on this story! Recall the other day, I reported that the government had just increased the safe amount of exposure from 100 to 250 msv.

Well, these two workers tested at between 170 and 180, which is being claimed as well below the safe 250 msv. Seriously, I am not kidding about this. Read below-

Fumio Matsuda, a spokesman for the Nuclear and Industry Safety, said the men tested for radiation levels between 170 to 180 millisieverts.

While that's well below the maximum 250 mSv allowed for nuclear workers, it's much higher than the 2 to 6 mSv that average people absorb each year from naturally-occurring radiation.

This is pathetic!! It is (scuse my language) f'n unbelievable!!

Then there is the yellow rain! But it's pollen. Ok, it is just pollen! Don't worry, be happy.
(Is it winter in Japan at this time? Anyone? Because if so, would there be pollen?)
Problem?! Big one.Remembering Chernobyl

Thinking back to 20 years ago, it’s the splashing in yellow rainwater that Antonina Sergieff vividly recalls.

The third-year graduate student didn’t know it then, but the unnatural color of those puddles in her hometown of Gomel, Belarus were due to radioactive particles spewing from a nuclear explosion 80 miles away.

Pollen? Really?

A bit more info
Radioactive water detected in 6 prefectures
Radioactive water has been detected at water purification facilities in Tokyo and 5 other prefectures. The level of radioactive iodine-131 at 18 purification plants exceeds Japan's safety limit for infants.

Radioactive iodine-131 does not exist in nature. Experts believe it was carried by the wind from the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant to surrounding areas, and then washed down into rivers by rain.

OH sorry, that news changed! Now the water is OK in Tokyo, for infant consumption!!

Japan's now-rescinded warning yesterday that radioactive iodine in the city's drinking water exceeded standards set for infants' chronic radiation exposure was, above all, a public health threat. But it is likely that the warning's psychological effects on Tokyo could cause lasting stress to a group particularly at risk during nuclear crisis: young mothers.


  1. Thanks for posting; Any information on what's going on over there is welcome as the Western / mainstream media is totally useless.
    Please post more as you turn stuff up !


  2. Hi Penny, Thanks for this post,
    this is fast becomming a nightmare for all of us, and as a fairly new mother myself, i understand the fear and the gut feeling that something sure is not hunky dory as you so well put it..
    I too, pray for a happy ending, but i'm not sure that will be the outcome here.
    Many Regards

  3. I caught that line about the yellow rain Penny. They tell you its rain while they piss in your face. All efforts at message control are underway while the rich escape.

    Yellow fecking rain – hello people. In all seriousness the lies mean nothing unless you live in Japan. They want the herd quiet while the rich evacuate. Thankfully you are a sentient being that doesn’t rely on the glass teat for your news Penny.

    I don’t know where you’re based but there’s lots of advice out there. I recommend following them as so many of the monitors have gone offline - ooops.

    There are no safe exposure limits. The spend fuel rods blew up days ago and are coming to a neighbourhood near you – real soon.

    Sorry Penny I know it’s a little bleak.

  4. the raising of the 'safe' exposure limits from 100 to 250 whatevers is no doubt for the insurance companies so they don't have to pay out their precious funds supplied by the punters hoping they would be paid out in these eventualities. haha

    Sorry, please reset your expectations and the programming . . . sorry, the program will resume.

    wv cerine (well it is if you control the game)

  5. I'm not piling in on anyone's side here, I'm merely answering the question: Is it Spring there? Yes, it is. It's Autumn in Oz, so it's Spring in Japan. They're the Northern hemisphere so whatever you are, they are too.

    Otherwise, how about about that thorium, eh? Good thing no one ever persued that, otherwise we'd have have reactors that could never melt down and produce a thousandth of the waste that comes with regular uranium reactors. Imagine that!

  6. Hey anonymous;

    MSM is totally useless because they have to follow their masters, the big corporations.
    And of course, sell advertising.

    Like the one article I posted that mentioned the workers had been exposed to between 170 and 180 msv of radiation.

    Below "safe levels"
    MY ass!
    What they failed to include in their article was that japan had just so conveniently increased the level of exposure for workers.
    From an already high level, to an even higher level.

    One would think that is relevant info, but, not so.

  7. A-13:

    I hardly slept thinking of this mess in Japan.

    One thing for sure, the outcome will not be good for many thousands and thousands and thousands of people.
    The plant workers are already dead, the firefighters are dead (not literally, but soon)

    And the Japanese government will let TEPCO off the hook for liability, and tax payers will pay a paltry sum to the survivors.

    We have seen this time and time again

  8. Hey Chuckyman:

    Don't apologize for being bleak. It is just he way it is.

    We already started doing what we can to stave off some of the affects of increased radiation etc.,

    Siberian Ginseng

    Kelp as a substitute for potassium iodide.

    Siberian Ginseng is helpful in protecting from radiation.

    Disclaimer: No I am not a doctor, and am not giving advice.

    We started taking these last weekend, so they would be in our system before the radiation hit Canada.

    I do hope everyone who reads here has gotten prepared and taken some steps to reduce their exposure or minimize risks.

    "Thankfully you are a sentient being that doesn’t rely on the glass teat for your news Penny."

    I tell you chuckyman, after tossing and turning the night away I would be happy to be oblivious at this moment
    (not really, but, I am tired)

  9. Hey James;

    "the raising of the 'safe' exposure limits from 100 to 250 whatevers is no doubt for the insurance companies so they don't have to pay out their precious funds"

    that is exactly what I thought when I put that news up earlier this week.

  10. nobody;

    how have you been?

    Thanks for answering that.

    But, "spring" here, means snow is still on the ground and it is freezing.
    So their is no pollen at all as no trees are budding.

    Japan may be more temperate?

    Still, does it rain pollen every year in Japan?

    I highly doubt it.

    It has never rained pollen here.

    A non credible statement from a government that has rescinded the advice to not drink the toxic water (give to babies)

    I am unfamiliar with this thorium?
    YOu may wish to leave a link or something for myself and others to read?

  11. Hello Penny,

    Jean-Pierre Petit (a french scientist) on his site posits that the reactor 3 explosion can not be a simple hydrogen explosion like the ones of reactor 1. He states that heavy concrete blocks were projected at heights of more than 800m. Picture:

    Article with the pictures

    sorry it's in french.

  12. Penny, it's winter on the northern hemisphere, when it's winter in Canada, it's also winter in Europe and Japan. And wasn't it snowing heavily last week in the tsunami zone? So the pollen story is utter bs.

  13. Yeah noby, but with thorium reactor you couldn't build weapons, that would be outrageous...

  14. thanks for all that gallier.

    I thought it must be winter there,(that was the point I was making) so how could it be raining pollen?!

    As for reactor # 3 which I have beaten to death, (harped on and on about) I thought there had to be way more to that explosion. I posted the video here and it was huge.

    Aha for the thorium- no weapons..
    a problem for the psycho crowd

  15. hi Pen, here's a link to an article on thorium
    New Age Nuclear

    As Nobby points out thorium in no good for making plutonium for bombs. Strange how it hasn't got any attention in the press over the years.

    but tptb pushing it now is just damage control. They've had their chance if they were genuinely concerned.

  16. it came up on an article of mine. here's my comment

  17. There's a great discussion group, formed by participants after Reuters shut down their live feed. A couple of experts, but mostly interested and informed watchers of the Fukushima accident. Maybe we'll see you over there, enjoyed your blog. ~Bev