Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fukushima: Radiation soars in Seawater, Plutonium poisons soil, 4 plants decomissioned, Media lies, No safe levels of radiation

So here I am again!
Tired of Fukushima? Get over it.
Fukushima is going to be with you and I for a long, long time. We are being lied to. I quoted some talking head yesterday, who actually had the temerity to say" the fight to control the damaged reactor in Japan is being won" Deluded.
So out of touch with reality is this alleged "doctor" that he was unaware that the problem is 3 reactors, likely 4. I hope this esteemed doctor saw the news yesterday that reactor # 2 is not contained and that the fight to control the multiple meltdowns is NOT being won.

I will start out with the latest news from Fukushima, then I will move onto why the media is lying to you, using the Three Mile Island accident as an example, then we will move on to the supposed safety of radiation exposure.

So first the latest-
Japan is going to scrap 4 of the six nuclear reactors. They cannot be repaired.
Four out of six reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant were damaged beyond repair in Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, the chairman of the Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Wednesday.
-Radiation Levels Soar in the Sea Water near Fukushima
The state nuclear safety agency said the readings showed a spike in radioactive iodine in the sea waters near the plant that are at 3,355 times the legal limit.
-Highly Toxic Plutonium is seeping (pouring, streaming) from Japan's nuclear plant

Highly toxic plutonium is seeping from the damaged nuclear power plant in Japan's tsunami disaster zone into the soil outside.
Followed by the usual lies!

"Safety officials said the small amounts of plutonium found at several spots outside the complex were not a risk to humans"

If it is highly toxic, how is it that there is no risk to humans? Lies!

AP happened to put up a timely post on this topic. If you care to read more, which you should, find that here. If you missed this post of mine and the interviews within, go back , read and listen, understand.

You may be wondering why the media especially the North American media has been on message. Ad nauseum. No risk from Fukushima. Not as bad as Chernobyl.

One must always bear in mind that main stream media is beholden to it's corporate masters.
And GE is one big corporate master. I found this article, it is older and relates to the coverage of the Three Mile Island meltdown. That said the problems with the media are the same and the article could have been written in relation to GE's Mark 1 plants at Fukushima.
The Media-Ownership- General Electric

In 1987, one year after GE took over NBC, NBC broadcast a special documentary promoting nuclear power using France as a model. The promotion for the program proclaimed that "French townspeople welcome each new reactor with open arms". The documentary won a Westinghouse sponsored prize for science journalism. (Westinghouse Electric Company also builds nuclear power stations.) Shortly after the documentary was screened, when there were a couple of accidents at French power stations and there was significant opposition to nuclear power amongst the French population (polls showed about one third opposed it), NBC did not report the story although some US newspapers did.

GE owned NBC did not report the story, imagine that?

Karl Grossman documents in Extra! (1993) how the programme What Happened? broadcast on NBC in 1993 gave a one sided account of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident and its aftermath. It showed local resident Debbie Baker saying that she was not as afraid of the nuclear plant as she used to be. However, according to Grossman, Baker, whose son was born with Down's syndrome 9 months after the accident and who has received $1.1 million in a settlement arising from the accident, was shocked at how the programme had been edited to imply her acceptance of the plant. She said she was still extremely uncomfortable with the plant and that what she had said was she felt safer since her groups set up a network of radiation monitors around the plant. Neither Baker's settlement nor the 200 or so others "made to families who have suffered injury, birth defects and death because of the 1979 accident" were mentioned. Instead a nuclear power industry expert was featured who said the plant's back-up safety systems worked successfully.

When EXTRA! pointed out that no scientists critical of nuclear power appeared in the program, Jaffe [executive producer of the show] responded, 'That is correct. Maybe there is some misunderstanding. That show is not a journalistic show but an entertainment show to look into and to find out the reason and cause of various accidents and incidents.' (Grossman 1993, p. 6)
Entertainment. Not truth. Not facts. Entertainment.
Don't think PBS is any better (Public Broadcasting System)

The Public Broadcasting Service was a beneficiary of sponsorship by General Electric when it decided not to screen the Oscar award winning documentary Deadly Deception: General Electric, Nuclear Weapons, and Our Environment (Jacobson and Mazur 1995, pp. 51, 53). The reason given by PBS was that the film had been partly financed by INFACT which was boycotting GE: "We do not permit the producer of the programme to be the subject of the programme." (Quoted in Knoll 1993)

That paragraph speaks for itself.

If you have been at a loss or unaware of the power of the corporations to control the news, you have not been paying attention. Or you have and that is why you are seeking out alternatives?

Now onto the "Don't worry/Be Happy" part of Fukushima's radiation: Excerpts from article linked below: "Safe" Radiation is a Lethal TMI Lie

There is no safe dose of radiation.
We do not x-ray pregnant women.
Any detectable fallout can kill.

With erratic radiation spikes, major air and water emissions and at least three reactors and waste pools in serious danger at Fukushima, we must prepare for the worst.

When you hear the terms "safe" and "insignificant" in reference to radioactive fallout, ask yourself: "Safe for whom?" "Insignificant to which of us?" Despite the corporate media, what has and will continue to come here from Fukushima is deadly to Americans. At very least it threatens countless embryos and fetuses in utero, the infants, the elderly, the unborn who will come to future mothers now being exposed. ( )
No matter how small the dose, the human egg in waiting, or embryo or fetus in utero, or newborn infant, or weakened elder, has no defense against even the tiniest radioactive assault.
Science has never found such a "safe" threshold, and never will. In the 1950s Dr. Alice Stewart showed a definitive link between medical x-rays administered to pregnant women and the curse of childhood leukemia among their offspring. After a fierce 30-year debate, the medical profession agreed. Today, administering an x-ray to a pregnant woman is universally understood to be a serious health hazard.

Fukushima's radiation is pouring into the air and water. The operators have reported radiation levels a million times normal, then retracted the estimate to a "mere" 100,000. Workers are being exposed to doses that are certain to be lethal. At least three of the reactors, and one or more of the spent fuel pools, hover at the brink of catastrophe.
Fukushima's radiation has now been detected in Los Angeles and Sacramento, and has blown east across North America. It has also been detected in Sweden, which means it's blowing across Europe as well.
Radiation is not being released as a single puff. Rather it's a steady stream that could yet turn into a tsunami.
Fukushima's worst may be yet to come. Its collective emissions are virtually certain to exceed Chernobyl's.


  1. Many thanks for all that info.

    - Aangirfan

  2. Aldous Huxley envisioned the distribution of Soma to achieve "transcendence, solitude and spiritual communion" and subdue the masses.

    What we got instead was television.

  3. Hey aangirfan:

    Your welcome!

    Anonymous 12:11 pm.

    Have you read the book "Amusing ourselves to death"?

    He makes that point exactly,tv is Soma.

  4. i'm still blown away by the fact that no one is questioning the 1,000 millisievert reading from above the water in reactor 3. the workers have test equipment that measures the radiation, but it only goes up to 1,000, meaning the radiation in there is probably greater than 1,000, and maybe much greater. this is a big deal, but nobody seems to care. sad.

  5. Anonymous 3:15 pm

    I appreciate you mentioning that because I was completely unaware of that fact.

    "the workers have test equipment that measures the radiation, but it only goes up to 1,000, meaning the radiation in there is probably greater than 1,000, and maybe much greater."

    I would wager that the workers are aware of how high the radiation is, as is TEPCO.
    But the equipment only reading that much radiation enable a good media point to spin.

  6. The latest info is that the Alpha particles emitted go through anything (all matter) and there is no nuke suit to stop it...So, taking KI pills won't help...We are all canaries now...Watch the health of those around you...Then you can get your own news and unfortunately your plight in
    REAL TIME...Some othe bit of useful info...The piled up used nuclear waste in the spent fuel ponds has been gathering for over 20 years...About 600,000 rods...Equal to over 1,000 Hiroshima bombs when it ignites and blows up...Not exactly like a nuclear bomb...Let's just say it will blow the island of Japan in half...Set off Mt. Fuji (been asleep for 300 years) send a shock wave and Tsunami around the world...(I wish someone would just come out and say it...We're all F.....'d

  7. Holy shit!!!!

    I knew it was bad, but, your presenting scenarios I hadn't even entertained.

    Perhaps this is why the media has been lying their faces off?

    Blow the island in half?

    I hope you are wrong, I am certain you hope to be wrong... I know as I have blogged on this topic all along I have wanted to be wrong.

    From the beginning I knew this was way worse then what they have been reporting, but, just how bad has been anyone's best guess.

    I can't come out and say it. (were f'd) I have one child. And hopes for a future for her. If that is delusional, I can accept that.

    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

    God, now I am freaked out completely.

    From all I had heard the fall out was going to be worse in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Odd you mention that part about Japan... Someone has been saying Japan is going to go the way of Atlantis, to the bottom of the ocean.....

  8. Anonymous talks shit, alpha particle are stopped even by a sheet of paper, they are a threat when ingested (the problem of depleted U which is in fact nearly inert is when it's pulverized and inhaled). Gamma particles go through thick layers because it's high energy photons, this is immediatly dangerous.

    The spent fuel can not go up like an atom bomb so the comparison to Hiroshima is flawed. Afaik there is (was) something like 600t of dirty material in the pools, which is a lot of shit (Tchernobyl was 180t of material).

    The catastrophy in Japan is bad enough, don't need to add delirious apocalytic exagerations to the mix.

  9. Whew!!! Gallier, thanks.
    My hubby just got home and he was just reading through this, he is more a science guy then me.

    And he says he does concur with what you are saying.

    I know it was bad, but, I didn't think it was as bad as anonymous had postulated.

    But I don't want to be harsh it is easy enough to feel very doomsday with all this going on.

  10. Watch the RT clip at aangirfan's blog, the interviewed guy tells it like it is, it's bad, much worse than Tchernobyl, but not as bad as anonymous claims.

  11. I'm half way through "Mediated: How the Media Shapes Our World and the Way We Live in It"

    "Amusing ourselves to death" - Looks interesting, I'll have to check it out. Thx for the great work Penny.

  12. Anonymous:

    I have never heard of that book! I will write that one down and check it out..

    Amusing ourselves to death despite it's age is like a book that accurately predicted the future.
    It was written when tv was just coming to the fore.

    This guy never imagined the internet, all the smart phone crap.

    YOu tube, facebook et al.

  13. Radiation, yes I remember it well. Radiation badge
    It helped me a lot.
    Love to you dear friend.
    Chemo behind you. Yahoo.