Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Israel publishes pictures for Hasbara to use

The illegal settlements and their fanatic settlers have been up to no dam good. As is the usual case, when ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and land grabbing is the norm.
It has been alleged that Palestinian militants killed a settler family. I say alleged, because who really knows?

Recall the saying. Cui Bono? Who benefits?

It has not gone unnoticed by the world that the illegal settlers are always abusing the Palestinians, on their own land, in their own homes.
Think not? Think again.

But, let's get back to the family allegedly killed by Palestinians and ask who benefits?
Because it really seems to be the Israeli cause, the demonization of Palestinians, the advancement of land theft, etc., etc., that is benefited greatly by exploiting these deaths.
And I mean exploitation.

Israeli Settler Minister: We Published Pictures Of Corpses For Hasbara

They published the pictures for Hasbara. For propaganda purposes. Way to exploit a situation.

It’s hard to believe that any minister of any government, even Israel’s, would’ve given an interview so patently disgusting and self-serving as Yuli Edelstein did with Haaretz’s Nir Hasson. Edelstein is the aptly named ‘minister of hasbara’ (in Hebrew–in English he’s the ‘minister for public diplomacy’). And what he’s done is disseminate terror porn.

To get the full flavor of just how odious the interview is I’ll quote extensively from it and let Edelstein hang himself with his own words:

Two days ago, the Ministry of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs released horrific photographs from the scene of Friday night’s terrorist attack in Itamar. The photos show the stabbed and bleeding bodies of the members of the Fogel family, with only the faces blurred, as per their relatives’ request. Minister of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Yuli Edelstein is the one who made the unprecedented decision to release them.

Do you think this sort of publicity can change Israel’s image?

People who deal more with information sent quite a few supportive messages. I know that on the Internet the images are really catching on and circulating. It’s hard to talk about in terms of success, because we all understand that this is an unbelievably heinous crime. But it does have an important impact.

What astonishes is an Israeli minister publicly admitting that he’s exploiting the dead for the propaganda value of their images. This is one of the worst sins Judaism can imagine: exploitation of the dead. It’s a hillul ha-Shem, a desecration of the divine name. Edelstein, who is a settler himself and Orthodox Jew, has allowed Israel to become his religion, while abandoning his actual religion.

The Ashrey prayer says: “the dead will not praise God…but we [the living] will bless Him from now and forever.” Not so in this perverse version of Judaism (or perhaps I should use Bernard Avishai’s apt term, Judeanism, to distinguish this from real Judaism), in which the dead don’t praise God, but rather Israel.

In the days of the Temple, Jews used to slaughter animals as sacrificial offerings to propitiate God. Now, we allow our own slaughtered co-religionists to be the sacrificial animals. What kind of religion is this? A religion in which God approves of the blood of his followers? Is this the religion of Abraham where, instead of God staying the father’s hand as he raises it to slay his son, Issac, God actually demands and approves of the act of child-murder?

To be clear, I’m not saying that either the Jewish God or the settlers approve of murdering their own. But clearly they’re not only willing, but eager to use the dead for political purposes. Perhaps we should put a value not only on human life, but on a pint of the poor victim’s blood. How much is it worth to the propaganda ministry??

How did the decision to publish the photos come about?

From Saturday night, when I found out about the terrible event…we started checking to see if there was any documentation and what happened to it. I started receiving reports that the family apparently would not object [to publishing the images]. I sent messengers to the family to make sure that nothing was done in the heat of the moment. The family had some deliberations and they agreed.

…We held a professional consultation with people from the Foreign Ministry and from the Prime Minister’s Office. Not everyone thought the way I did, that the photos should be published, but everyone was starting to realize that, in this case, it was necessary to act in an unusual manner. The majority felt that since all red lines had been crossed, it would be impossible to just carry on normally, and so we decided to publish the photos.

Every time the topic of public relations and information in Israel and abroad is raised, I’m always asked – why don’t we publish the photos? I say with a bit of cynicism that I can already answer this question in several languages. I always explained that there was the matter of the family and a desire not to cause further suffering – and also that we are not like them, we are not like the Palestinians.

“We are not like them.” Just how are we not like them? We don’t butcher their children as they butcher ours? We don’t exploit our own dead to score points in the international propaganda war as they do? Of course we do. In fact, one of my Israeli readers sent me images of Israeli dead from the Maaleh Akravim terror attack going all the way back to 1954. And for those interested in terror porn it’s available to you, where else, but on the ministry of foreign affairs website. So to act as if this was the first time any Israeli government decided to do what Edelstein’s ministry did is ahistorical and a lie (though perhaps one based on ignorance since I doubt Edelstein is the brightest bulb in the box).

So are we like the Palestinians now?

No, there is a huge difference. They have no problem issuing such photos a few minutes after the incident, without asking the family and without blurring anything out. It is also needless to say that, in some cases, fabricated images are released too.

Israel always criticizes the Arab press for airing photos of damage from IDF attacks in an endless loop, which leads to incitement and hatred. What is the difference here?

There is a big difference. I remember photos of a girl being brought into a hospital in Gaza without a stretcher, of course. They held her in their arms so that everyone will see her and air the picture over and over, as a kind of background image. This is something that causes hatred, whose purpose is to incite more than to shock.

And releasing the images of the murdered Fogel family is NOT intended to cause hatred and its purpose is not to shock??! Then what is its purpose? This is a perfect example of the propagandist who deliberately ignores the impact of his own actions. He so believes in his own victimization and that he is merely responding to evils perpetrated upon his own people, that he simply cannot grasp that he is doing precisely what the other side does. This is a case of willful blindness. It’s as if the entire Israeli government along with much of the country is the blind leading the blind. They kill us. We don’t kill them. They exploit their dead. We don’t exploit ours (except in response to them).

Another point to consider is Edelstein’s absolute inability to understand that it isn’t the image that incites hate, but the IDF’s murder of thousands of Palestinian civilians, some of them in cold-blood, that provokes Palestinian rage. To break this down to its simplest form: pictures don’t kill, weapons do. Whether they be your own guns turned on others or the knives of your enemy turned on you.

Here’s more from Edelstein:

I also don’t put it on Israeli television and ask everyone to watch it. I have no problem with a journalist who decides not to print the image, but I want him to deal with it on his own and always remember the picture. If he doesn’t remember it, then he is less of a person than I thought.

Oh, he’ll remember the picture all right…along with his conviction that any government which would deliberately exploit such images for short-term political gain is a bankrupt one, both morally and politically.

There have been numerous horrific attacks in the past. Why specifically after the attack in Itamar was the decision made to distribute the photos?

It is true that we have experienced quite a few horrors, but at the same time, slaughtering an entire family in their sleep, including children and an infant is, thank God – even according to the standards of these wicked people – something out of the ordinary. There also appears to be an accumulation of things here, with an understanding that words can kill and there must be a response.

Again with the incitement themes: it was the Palestinians who made the killer act, who poisoned his mind with hate. Not the murder and maiming of scores of Palestinian villagers by Itamar goons and those of other extremist settlements.

Recently, a kind of dialogue has emerged to the effect that IDF soldiers are clearly murderers, rapists and looters. This is the feeling that exists around the world and I’m not speaking about [just] the Palestinian Authority.

Well, as for the first and last, there are surely more than enough examples of this. But as for rapists, Edelstein has clearly been smoking a bit too much of the hasbara weed. If there are accusations of rape against the contemporary IDF, they’re made by the most those who lack any credibility. Though it is possible Edelstein is talking about the War of Independence when even a right wing historian like Benny Morris concedes there were instances of rape by the Palmach. But for Edelstein to raise this claim here is merely to invoke solidarity in his fellow Israeli readers for the allegedly terribly injustices perpetrated upon Israel in the world press and on the world stage.

Read the rest at the above link

There is more, but, you get the idea? Israel exploits the deaths of the settlers that Israel put's into danger. Israel places them in illegal settlements and funds their land grabbing home building.
In other words, Israel is willing to exploit their own, every which way the can, for gain.


  1. Is anyone who posts here surprised? BDS baby, we did it the other day!

  2. Goebbels has nothing on this lot who will play ever bit of nasty business to their advantage without either shame nor conscience. As part of the Hasbaric propaganda assault, they make no bones about stating that their newest campaign is to utilise pictures. They and their Israeli intel backers stated quite plainly that it is why the anti-zionists are winning the information wars, and they are losing their propaganda efforts. Zionism holds Judaism as a hostage and it's been this way for so long that a good lot of their followers now identify with their captors very much like in Stockholm Syndrome.

    Here's the undeleted evidence they left out Press report: Itamar Culprit an Asian Worker It appears that the person who exacted vengeance upon the settler family was an Asian worker who was cheated of his wages by Udi and Ruth Fogel. Quds Net news agency on Monday quoted a Palestinian family from Awarta village next to the settlement as saying that Mr. Fogel refused to pay 10,000 shekels in wages which he owed an Asian worker he hired. The worker threatened to kill the settler and his family.

    The worker is suspected of committing the crime after midnight Friday using a knife then fleeing the scene to nearby Palestinian villages, the report added. It noted that the Israeli army knows of the information leading to the suspect  but refuse to announce or deal with it for political as well as security reasons.

  3. Hey Maggie and HHQ:

    It is astounding the hypocrisy of the gov of Israel, especially given the fact that they have no real idea who murdered the family. Or do they?

    It may be a foreign worker.

    No matter what Israel puts out for spin, the facts always come to light and the reality of the brutal occupation and land theft is plain and in the face of everyone.

    No spin can change reality