Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Radioactive seaweed and water in BC. Fukushima sandbagging to stop radioactive water.

Sadly, this has to be a two post day. Be sure to catch the first one on Libya.
For this one we have to go back to Japan. To Fukushima.
It's been reported that radioactive seaweed was found off the coast of British Columbia, Canada.
But don't worry - be happy, is the message repeated.

Increased levels of radioactive iodine have been detected in seaweed and rainwater samples in British Columbia and a scientist from Simon Fraser University says the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor in Japan is clearly the source.

Let's look at what they found-

The rainwater samples containing iodine-131 were taken at SFU’s campus on Burnaby Mountain and in downtown Vancouver. Seaweed samples were collected in North Vancouver near the Seabus terminal.

Samples taken March 16 and March 18 did not show the signature for iodine-131, but it did show up in tests on March, 19, 20 and 25.

On March 18, the level was zero, but on March 19 it was 9 Bq/l and on March 20 it was 12 Bq/l. On March 25 the level was 11 Bq/l.

So levels had increased from zero to a high of 12 Bq/l. No mention of what the levels were from March 25th on. Today is March 29th, what are the levels today? Fukushima's multi reactor meltdown began on March 11-12/11. The initial rating approximately seven days later was zero, but on the eighth a marked increase! From zero to 9. Then on March 20 to March 25th jumped again and nothing reported on over the next four days. So should we assume the levels have jumped to 15 Bq/l or are they even higher? As I posted yesterday the radiation levels in the ocean surrounding the plant in Japan are much higher as radioactive water continues to pour into the ocean.

In Japan, a health warning was issued recently when iodine-131 levels reached 210 Bq/l in drinking water. The Japanese standard for iodine-131 in drinking water is 100 Bq/l if the water is to be consumed by an infant, and 300 Bq/l if the water is to be consumed by an adult

This paragraph quoted from the linked article is quite misleading, because I am not sure if Japan ever instituted a safe level of radioactive iodine for infants.
Recalling: "Radioactive iodine-131 does not exist in nature"

The only possible source of iodine-131 in the atmosphere is a release from a nuclear fission,”

"Iodine-131 will probably continue to show up in B.C. for three to four weeks after the Fukushima nuclear reactor stops releasing radioactivity into the atmosphere."

Problem being, Fukushima has NOT stopped releasing radioactivity into the air and the water.
So it has to be assumed the reason the iodine count is not being reported on, is that it is increasing in the coastal water.

Then some utter crap!
"Dr. Kendall said health authorities will continue to monitor the situation, but it appears the fight to control the damaged reactor in Japan is being won"

Yeah sure Dr Kendall.
It is three reactors Dr Kendall. Three reactors.
But Dr Kendall is not alone in this delusion. From another article -"Graham Andrew, a senior official at the International Atomic Energy Agency, said the ocean is capable of absorbing vast amounts of radiation with no effect."

Really?! No effect at all!
Not poisoning the fish, not entering the atmosphere, or raining down on the humans, thereby poisoning the ground.
No effect at all. Is this credible?

Head's up Dr Kendall and Graham Andrew more radiation is coming!
Japan Tries to Stem Leak of Radioactive Water

"Workers at Japan’s crippled nuclear plant piled up sandbags and readied emergency storage tanks on Tuesday to stop a fresh leak of highly contaminated water from reaching the ocean, opening up another front in the battle to contain the world’s worst nuclear accident in decades.

(worst nuclear accident, EVER!)

The Japanese government said the discovery of plutonium in the soil near the plant provided new evidence that the fuel in at least one of the plant’s reactors had experienced a partial meltdown. A full meltdown of the fuel rods could release huge amounts of radiation into the environment.

Pay attention Dr Kendall & Graham Andrew

But in the past days, work at the plant’s most severely damaged reactors, Nos. 1 through 3, has slowed, after the discovery of highly radioactive water around and inside the reactor buildings. Last week, three workers were injured after stepping into radioactive water at Reactor No. 3. The water has now accumulated inside the turbine buildings of the three reactors and is now making its way through separate underground tunnels to openings just 200 feet from the sea, officials say.

That is 3 reactors, severely damaged, in some state of meltdown either partial or complete.
Chock full of radioactive water making it's way through separate underground tunnels to openings just 200 feet from the sea!

A leak of the radioactive water, which measured more than 1,000 millisieverts an hour on the surface at Reactor No. 3, could exacerbate smaller leaks of radiation detected in the seawater around the plant. Contaminated water was also found at tunnels from the No. 1 and No. 3 reactors, though with much lower levels of radiation.

On Tuesday, workers piled sandbags outside the opening of one tunnel in danger of overflowing near Reactor No. 1, according to the plant’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company. They also prepared to pump water out of the turbine buildings, and to secure storage tanks to hold the highly radioactive water.

But capacity may be running out, officials said. At Reactor No. 3, for example, a 750-gallon tank inside the reactor building is already full, while a smaller tank is more than half full.

“When there is no more room in the tanks,” said Hidehiko Nishiyama, a top official at Japan’s nuclear regulator, “we will need to think of another option.”

The fight to control the nuclear disaster at Fukushima is won? On what planet? Not Earth.


  1. The other option is now dumping the contaminated water into the ocean:/ dangerous levels & when will they tell people it's not safe? It's at the unsafe point already ...

  2. Yes, I am aware of that.

    When will they tell people it is not safe?

    Answer- They won't.

    They will raise the safe limits for consumption and the pharmaceutical companies will rub their hands together just thinking of the money they will make off of the cancer epidemic.

  3. Hey Penny did you know about the MHD seismic weapon called Pamir? Here a link to a video to a film describing this device the Russian invented several years ago. Rumours say that all the know-how was bought, stolen, taken by the US.


    Sorry, I've only be able to find the french version. There are other versions with italian subtitles, but interestingly, searching seismic weapon pamir in google provides no usable result.