Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Publisher offers FREE pdf- Cover Up: What you are not supposed to know about nuclear power & Keith Harmon Snow Interview

A small publisher, known as The Permanent Press, in light of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, is making available a free download of the book-

Cover Up: What You are Not Supposed to Know About Nuclear Power

It was a big seller for this outfit when it was first published in 1980 and again when a second addition was released in 1982

With recent uncertainty surrounding the safety not only of the nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station but of nuclear power in general, Grossman’s book is as important as ever, and The Permanent Press is issuing a third, updated edition for anyone who is interested in downloading a copy.

The publisher is not interested in making a nickel they want the info available to those interested in it.

"We’re not interested in making a nickel off Cover Up. Let William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins, make a profit from 20-year-old Bristol Palin’s ghost written Not Afraid of Life due out this summer. Our passion in publishing has always been the good feeling that comes from doing worthy books, which trumps profits any time.”

Early Review:
Grossman crams into this text facsimile documentation ordinarily found in appendixes. A growing phalanx of writers, including Nader, John Gofman, Commoner et al, have developed the evidence that peacetime nuclear power presents great hazards, immediate and long-term, on a world wide scale. Grossman describes (with excellent photos, drawings, etc.) how nuclear power works and how disasters can happen. From inside sources including statements by federal and corporate officials, he makes a strong case for the view that giant nuclear energy corporations have taken extreme measures to hide the shocking facts about nuclear power, and are now stalling development of other energy sources in order to protect their huge investments.”
--Publishers Weekly

Click here for your free PDF of Cover UP!

I am definitely getting it!
If I may comment on how rare it is that a publisher would make such an offer, I was pleasantly surprised.

Now onto that interview-

Guns and Butter - "Nuclear Apocalypse In Japan" with Keith Harmon Snow

Mark I Boiling Water Reactors; major safety issues; Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Public Document Rooms; absence of cooling water; Japanese society; Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO); spent fuel pools; Price Anderson Act.

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  1. And I have just gotten it, the book that is, all 326 pages.

    As for the Keith Harmon Snow interview, I have heard it twice now.

  2. "A small publisher"

    One small publisher which is oftern given glowing praise by the fascist New York Times.

    One small publisher featuring copy editor Lon Kirschner, who can be found hyping books by his pal and proud member of self described 'Conservative' Synagogue, The Phellam Jewish Center, Efrem Siegel.

    One small publisher founded by establishment Martin Shepard, a man who boasts of having Ezra Pound in his library.....Odd how his site however does not offer any of Pounds books, zero. It does offer a classic hatchet job on Pound by Alan Levy the noted author who celbrated the glorious Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal and won an author of the year award for it! This small publisher with no Pound books cautions us to read this Levy book before even thinking of reading Pound himself.........not that any Pound books are available there.

    This nuke book may be good, but that site is classic establishment liberal bullshit. Limited hangouts and disinfo books galore.

  3. Hey anonymous

    I hear you on the comment regarding the fascism of the New York Times.

    Heard an interesting tale of their assistance in the coverage of cover up of the manhattan project and the nuclear bombings of Japan.

    Their coverage was literally glowing as it still is today.

    You can read about that here
    This weekend marks the sixtieth anniversary of the U.S. bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. William Laurence, the New York Times reporter who covered the bombings, was also on the US government payroll.

    William Laurence payed by the government and the New York times to write propaganda

    "In the spring of 1945, a remarkable meeting took place secretly at the headquarters of The New York Times in Times Square in New York City. General Leslie Groves, the director of the Manhattan Project, which was the name of the program that was developing atomic bombs for the U.S. military, came to Times Square to The New York Times and met secretly with Arthur Sulzberger, the publisher of The New York Times, the Editor-in-Chief of The New York Times, and William Laurence. At that meeting, he asked Laurence if he would become a paid publicist, essentially, for the Manhattan Project. So, while simultaneously working as a newspaper reporter for The New York Times, he would also be writing essentially propaganda for the War Department."

    As for the limited hangout offerings of the publisher, sadly that is the name of the game.

    I found myself disappointed in KHS, despite have found the interview enlightening, that he did not consider the reason for the odd happenings surrounding the Fukushima catastrophe as a possible cover up for Japan nuclear weapons possession.

    He entertains other scenarios like nuclear material falling into the wrong hands, which is very war on terror, but fails to imagine a nuclear armed Japan.

    Is he being disinfo?
    Not necessarily.
    Perhaps the disappointment was all my own.

    But, I appreciate your comment.

  4. it is so weird that between nagasaki and march 11 are exactly 66,6 years

  5. Here's an odd one;

    "Mobsters on a mission: How Japan's mafia launched an aid effort"


  6. Not a terribly interesting document, but an interesting website, in case you're not familiar with it.


  7. Great work Penny, very good info.

    Anyone seen this before? Just came across it tonight.


  8. For some reason I cannot listen to the mp3 you've linked too. There is no sound.



  9. Hey Buffy, I tried & it worked OK
    Try just playing it in the media player.
    Let me know if you can get it?

  10. Anonymous 3:47

    yes, that is weird.

  11. Baphomet, hello!

    I had heard the story about the Japanese mobsters.

    I bookmarked the other link to look at when I have more time, but, quickly..it looks very interesting
    thanks you for that

  12. Hello John Friend!

    A new face here!

    I have never seen that video before.

    Can't discount if of course, I hardly consider myself an all knowing oracle, lol.

    On the other hand, I do not consider Benjamin Fulford an all knowing oracle either.

    I look at Fukushima as a day by day kind of situation, where almost anything can happen.
    With the power plants, with the ongoing "aftershocks"

  13. The interesting thing about the internet is that people can comment and post things that are totally wrong and it won't be corrected until someone with knowledge happens to find it and offer a correction.

    For example… "One small publisher featuring copy editor Lon Kirschner, who can be found hyping books by his pal and proud member of self described 'Conservative' Synagogue, The Phellam Jewish Center, Efrem Siegel."

    TRUE: Lon Kirschner is an independent cover designer that does work for The Permanent Press as well as many other clients. FALSE: He is not a copy editor and "pal" of Efrem Sigel. TRUE a comment he made about the book appears on the flap copy but that was by choice of the publisher. FALSE: Not due to any unrelated friendship. TRUE an email friendship developed between Efrem and Lon while he was working on the book.

    Oh, and when you make a comment about someone, please spell their name right. SIGEL.

    How do I know this? I AM Lon Kirschner but we don't know who you are because you hide behind the screen name "Anonymous"

    You should also read Martin Shepard's blog:

    He has been having a running battle with the New York Times for years about how they don't review his or other small press books.

    Learn the facts. Then comment.

    1. Well, Lon Kirschner:

      Varying opinions are not limited to the internet
      They happen everyday in daily conversation
      That is just human nature. Everyone interprets in their own way. People think their own thoughts.

      You feel you have corrected an error?
      Very good.

    2. Hello Penny,

      I have no problem with varying opinions. In fact, that is what makes this world and interesting place to inhabit. My problem is with misinformation being presented as fact by someone not willing to put their name on it.

      I am not on a mission to be the worlds fact checker but when something directly affects me, my reputation, or someone I know, I like to set the record straight.

      I do not feel that I corrected an error. I know I corrected one.

      Thank you for publishing my comment.