Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Syria: Attack on Security Personnel & Fadwa al-Hatem: Who or what is this ?

Want to get this all out before it is gone. Yes, I do think this will disappear.

Syria is reporting that as many as 120 security personnel were killed in an ambush

"The attackers carried out a “massacre” in the town of Jisr al-Shughour, and stole 5 tons of dynamite.

Will big explosions be on the horizon?

Interior Minister Mohamad Ibrahim al-Shaar said the terrorist gangs in Jisr al-Shughour had targeted state security buildings. They “burned and destroyed these centers using bullets and hand grenades”

Note this!

"Several activists have said in interviews with Arabic- language television networks that they were using satellite telephones to call media outlets"

Where did the "activists" get the satellite phones? How are they paying for the service?
Which is extremely expensive!
Think about that?
Are they getting outside help? They would have to be!

Some additional reading on the 120 personnel killed. Also here.
This is a curious bit-

Syrian opposition activists are disputing the casualty count, suggesting it will serve as an excuse for a new government onslaught."

Hmmm, their disputing the casualty count. BUT, NOT the attack!
Therefore, they are verifying the attack!

From all my reading this morning It would seem the attack did indeed take place. The so called peaceful "activists" attacked security personnel and killed them. This is not the first time this type of attack has taken place in Syria.
These same types of activities took place in Libya.

I also want to point out an interesting fact to readers. There is a writer making the rounds on the main stream media Fadwa al-Hatem. This writer has a piece in the Guardian today.

Who is Fadwa al Hatem???

According to the Guardian......

"Fadwa al-Hatem is the pen-name of a Syrian citizen who currently lives in Britain"

The reader of his pieces of "information" have no way of knowing who Fadwa really is?
Is he really a "Syrian citizen" living in Britain?
Does he even exist as a living, breathing individual?
Or are intelligence agencies putting out propaganda to influence the Western audience?
He claims Syria blocked internet access, yet, You Tube videos keep showing up.
How is that possible?
There were other videos posted just a few days ago on June 4th.
If the internet is blocked how do these videos keep appearing?
And more to the point is what are the stats on the amount of people with internet access, other then the "activists". Who apparently have satellite access?


  1. WHO BROUGHT THATTECHNOLOGY TO SYRIA?HIM> http://thenakedfacts.blogspot.com/2011/05/syriawatch-seeking-to-disrupt.html “The only way we get information is through the citizen journalists,” said '''''''''''Ammar Abudlhamid''''''''', a Syrian activist based in Maryland who was one of several Syrian exiles to help organize delivery of satellite phones, cameras and laptops into the country earlier this year. “Without them, we would not know anything.”


    (And who is Ammar Abdulhamid?) Ammar Abdul Hamid, a Syrian intellectual who works at ''Brookings Institute'' http://www.brookings.edu/scholars/fellows/aabdulhamid.htm (WHO IS BROOKINGS?ZIONIST THINK TANK,HEADED BY STROBE TALBOTT ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT ADVOCATE AND PARTNER WITH SABAN CENTER(ZIONIST ISRAELI THINK TANK)...

    He runs the office for the National Salvation Front...wich is ran by vice president Abdel Halim Khaddam Head of Syrian Muslim Brotherhood(see above)..

    He also had... "Previous Position(s): Visiting Fellow, Saban Center for Middle East Policy (2004) http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Ammar_Abdulhamid (who is saban center? ZIONIST PRO ISRAELI THINK TANK AND FRONT) http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Saban_Center_for_Middle_East_Policy

    In August 2005 he talked at a conference titled Solidarity Twenty-Five Years On: Lessons in the Struggle for Freedom which was "Cosponsored by Freedom House http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Freedom_House (SOROS THINK TANK) Freedom House's work is linked to the "democracy promotion" efforts of the National Endowment for Democracy.

    thats who snuck the technology into syria..a scoundrel who works for brookings,and hangs out at zionist saban center (brookings saban center are partners)and also represents former syrian president in ddc udner national salvation front..he also authored a lecture cosponsored by ned saban center,aei etc.. see links i posted they guide you and show exactly who he is and who he represents..at what neocon zionist venues..enjoy penny =)

  2. we know that the BBC and the Guardian act as mouthpieces for the government and their security services. So these reports will be misleading in one way or another.

    We also know that these security services are up to their armpits in these 'Arab Spring uprisings'

    Yet of all the possible scenarios mentioned in these reports, the possibility that the gunmen are foreign military or security services trained personnel is never mentioned. So I would guess that is the purpose of these articles; to give the illusion of choice for the readers but leaving the real scenario out. Restricting "the field of view", in other words.

    So if the gunmen are Mossad/MI6/CIA, what would be their motive. A very strong motive would be to turn the Syrian police against the protesters and particularly the patsies amongst them. This is most likely a classic false flag op with the aim to escalate violence and so advance the case of NATO et al to intervene militarily for 'humanitarian' purposes.

  3. thanks NYC!

    I thought that you might have the answer.

    I am going to come look at your stuff, because it answer such an important question, well actually two of them, how the "activists" got the sat phones and who pays for them.

  4. Hey James!

    "Yet of all the possible scenarios mentioned in these reports, the possibility that the gunmen are foreign military or security services trained personnel is never mentioned. "

    Isn't that curious James?
    NOt really.

    Putin made mention that the so called protestors had been violent when he rejected UN intervention.
    I think China's leaders may have done so also.

  5. My thanks to nysoulcontrolla. I've used your comment and links in an article of mine over at Winter Patriot Community