Sunday, June 19, 2011

Turkish "refugee" camps: fenced and tarp covered. No reporters allowed

Normally I don't blog on the weekend, but, this is such an exceptional news story I have to address it.

I have made mention of the fact that Turkey will NOT allow media into the so called refugee camps in Turkey.
Oh, well my bad, let me correct that. They let a limited number enter with the "Angel"....Angel of destruction that is. Angelina, CFR, Jolie.

It is quite clear Turkey is involved in destabilizing Syria. If you have not been following along with the bouncing ball, you got a lot of catching up to do. Start here, here (especially), then onto this one and then finally. That is the bare minimum you need for background. If you want more click on the Syria label at the bottom. There is lots to read.

It is quite clear that Turkey is covering up for the fact that the alleged refugee camps are nothing but staged movie sets.

With a few 100 persons milling about. Turks, possibly Jordanians, perhaps even Israelis, a few bought and paid for Syrians. The destabilizers. And possibly some people who do not wish to be there.

Now that you are up to speed. I am going to link to this article from the CBC.

The reporters premise and logic as to why Turkey is blocking reporters is completely flawed.
In fact it is down right nonsensical!!!
But, I'll give it to you anyway.
In a nutshell: The reporter postulates that Turkey is covering up for Syria- that is the ludicrous.
There is no reason or rhyme for Turkey to be engaging in that type of behaviour!

After all, Erdogan is "sad" and they paraded Ms Jolie around for the cameras in a carefully staged event. Therefore covering for Syria is preposterous. They have been more then happy to exploit the situation for political gain.

Of course that line of "reasoning" is meant to deliver the message to the Western media audience that Syria is bad. Spin, spin, spin.....

But here is the meat and potatoes of the matter. Quoting-

"I asked a Turkish reporter today why her government isn't allowing media access to the four, soon to be five or more, refugee camps"

"She seemed just as puzzled as the rest of us. "We do not understand" either, she said. "Why would you hide the good things that you are doing?"

Why would Turkey hide the good things they are doing?
The most obvious answer to that is...... the million dollar response..
They really and truly aren't doing any good things!!!

Let's read how heavily the camps are guarded and hidden

The Syrians are being housed in Turkish Red Crescent camps. Technically, they entered Turkey illegally, so the camps are fenced and they are not free to come and go.

But, it's the next part that's more bothersome. The entire fenced perimeter of each camp is covered with tarps.

We can't see in, they can't see out.

That is exactly the way the Turkish government wants it and that is what is ramping up all the suspicion.

Therefore, it is not possible to know who is really in the camps? Or if anyone is in the camps.

Hold on, it gets even better boys and girls!

At three different camps we visited we were stopped from talking to (alleged) Syrian refugees.

The military also ordered us away from the border when we tried to wait for refugees who may have been crossing there.

To wait for refugees who may have been crossing? What if the reality is, no one is crossing?

And then curiously the spin doctor mentions a protest going on in the camps?

"After many hours of trying, we managed to speak through a fence to refugees on two occasions. Once when there was a protest going on and police were otherwise engaged and the second time when the police had walked away from a stretch of the fence for a spell."

A protest in the camps? Why?
Why would the people who were alleged to be there for their own safety and security be protesting?
One possibility is that some persons may have been brought there against their will?
Or mislead. Deceived. And they want to leave. This has to be considered.

Also interesting?
The reporter did get to talk to some persons and doesn't even mention what was discussed? Curious.
The reporter in fact blathers on about having to sneak around to do her job...
But fails to mention what the alleged refugees, if she really did speak to any, actually told here.


  1. There really seems little that we are able to 'see' or verify in most 'big' stories .

    Maybe the refugee was written by a male-lesbian blogger in Waziristan. It is of course a well-known male fantasy to in fact be a lesbian woman.:)

    Anyhow Angelina will let us know in her forthcoming film when she infiltrates Syria by pretending to be an escaped refugee with information that Turkey is going to invade and claim the land. So the Syrians make a deal with the Israelis and Angelina becomes the new President and cedes the Golan Heights, forever, to their glorious neighbours and saviours.
    Other stars will be George Clooney as Assad, Brad Pitt as Erdogun and John Goodman as Netanyahu, Natalie Portman as Hillary Clinton with Jay-Z playing Obama.

    It'll be called 'Homecoming' , perhaps ' The Angel and the Tyrant' or something equally emotive


  2. awesome sis great work..u have tos ee this..this i just found must see...must see SYRIAWATCH-EXPOSED!HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTION-Who makes the fire sound in Syria!

    [ALSO SEE...Honesty of the Syrian Revolution? Syrian Revolution terrorists pretend to be dead to fluff up the death toll as they are photographed. They come back to life on video. 1:20 and 1: 49 .. GOT'CHA AGAIN!(HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTION EXPOSED!) it is a hollywood production..they shoot firecrackers in narrow alleys and streets then crowd runs screams ALLAH U AKBAR...some play dead,spray blood on themselevs and boom,they its dissipated to west via ammar abdul hammid?

  3. u know what else is odd?yesterday i seena video of syrian riot police with shields..ina small town not sure where..what i found it showed thes epolice..but then to my amazement,its showed the opposition chasing literally dozens of these riot police away after few gunshots..i lost video i will go thru my history..found it extremely off..why would dozens of riot police with shield..flee if they were so brutal?ill look in my history for video..then post it..meanwhile keep up great work sister..hugssssssssss u know its times like tehse i wish i had a good grasp of english language(not my mother tongue),so i could write articles..unfortunatly my english isnt too all i can do is research...then dissepate information gathered..but i love how you write sis =)

  4. ALSO HAVE U SEEN THIS? Turkish terror brigades enter Syria?

  5. It is quite clear that Turkey is covering up for the fact that the alleged refugee camps are nothing but staged movie sets

    If Turkey is dong this, then who's been trying to assassinate Erdogun?

    There's been at least two attempts in the last six months, and my guess was Israel, since Erdogun had big enough balls to call them out on their murderous activities.

    But this all fits in why Congress is not impeaching Obama for breaking the War Powers Act and violating the Constitution.

    They don't want his hands tied when he sends the Marines into Syria to 'rescue the children.'

    aferrismoon, wouldn't John Goodman be better 'fitted' for playing the role of Ariel Sharon.

    Both are rather large and neither have been heard much from lately:)

  6. aferrismoon!

    A male lesbian blogger may well have created the refugee story.
    Along with many other stories.
    Do you recall way back I had the story up about the arrest of the American student who was 'studying' arabic in egypt during the uprising, but then went to Syria to continue his 'studies' but got arrested participating in a protest in Daara.
    Perhaps it was a student male lesbian blogger! ;)

    RE: angelina, she will do it in a seriously sex kick ass fashion!

  7. Greg - it was a 50/50 but I kinda thought the later and larger Brando, as in Col. Kurtz might fit Sharon's jowly features as well as perhaps having lived away from reality for a long time [ Israel - Kurtz's base]

    Penny - vaguely remember. I do wonder about the mentality of people who are a guest in someone else's country has the gall to protest against a government which has done nothing to them. If he had something to say about oppression the US would be a good place to start. [ Highest prison-pop. per capita in the world I believe encouraged bu one of the US most powerful unions , the Prison Guards]

    To protest against the govt. means one is wholly ok with playing one host off against another, dividing family member against family member [ again while one's own country is a corrupt pile of faecal matter].

    Which segues straight into the celebrity refugee-finder general - nothing to say about the USA.


  8. Hey NYSC!

    I will check all out and pop over your way today to see what you have up.

    Had much yard and garden work to do yesterday, just posted and ran..

  9. Hey Greg:

    "If Turkey is dong this, then who's been trying to assassinate Erdogun?"

    To answer your question I would have to say it has been the Turkish military trying to assassinate Erdogan.

    I had a couple of articles linked here that make it quite clear that the Turkish military runs the show and the government lives or dies on the generosity or not of the military.

    In fact when Erdogan won the most recent election, there was alot of commentary about "coups" being over in Turkey..
    Which may be wishful thinking?

    Do you recall this?

    The Sledgehammer Plot?

    Twenty military officers have been formally charged in Turkey with attempting to overthrow the government.

    They include four admirals, a general and two colonels, some of them retired.

    The men were among more than 40 officers arrested on Monday over an alleged 2003 plot to stir up chaos in Turkey and justify a military coup

    I won't dismiss the possibility of Israel's involvement.

    After all Turkey is a NATO nation, so behind the coup plotters could easily be Israel or the world army NATO.

  10. Turkey to host NATO ground forces

    Intellectuals, Academicians and Religious Figures… Armed Groups in Jisr al-Shughour Perpetrated Religiously Prohibited and Psychologically Inhuman Crimes…-armed-groups-in-jisr-al-shughour-perpetrated-religiously-prohibited-and-psychologically-inhuman-crimes/