Thursday, August 4, 2011

AJC& ADL press U.N. for firmer action against Syria

All was quiet on the Syria news front, for a time anyway. This week that all changed.
Most of the action has been taken place in Hama.
Hama is not too far from Lebanon, and also near Tartus. (Russia's naval base)
(easy for infiltration from salafists and muslim brotherhood types)

Hama is where the so called peaceful activists allegedly stay in touch with residents via satellite phone despite their claims that phone and internet is down.

"Since Wednesday telephone and internet communications to Hama have been almost completely blocked, but activists in touch with residents by satellite phone"
Question: If phone and internet connections are blocked, how are the "activists" able to stay in touch with residents via satellite phones?
Answer: They wouldn't be able to
Therefore: These are not credible claims

And those satellite phones.......
Satellite phones, that as I have explained innumerable times were provided by special interest groups to the so called peaceful activists... Who are not peaceful and are not activists. They are terrorists in the employ of state players who have been working on the destabilization of Syria for months now.

Syria:nice places

Syria: Smiling Human Faces

One state player that has had their hands deep in the muck and mess that Syria is becoming has been Israel, all along. From the get go!

From the groveling in the Israel press
To the claims that Israel may as well take over Syria, because it would be better

"Let the Jews come – anything is better than Bashar Assad,' says Daraa resident"

Supposed, unnamed Daraa resident?
Just ask the Palestinians how much better it is since the Jews arrived in Palestine.
I'm willing to assume that this person, an "activist" came straight over the border from Israel.
No rational Syrian would make this kind of statement.

If that wasn't enough for you to suspect Israeli involvement in destabilizing Syria, then the claims of Israel wanting to deliver "aid" to the Arabs of Syria might give you pause for thought?

Israel does all it can to block aid to the Palestinians. Israel, as a country treats Arabs as subhumans. Israel doesn't want to deliver aid. At least not of the food and shelter kind.
Perhaps of the soldiers, guns and bombs type....

Still unsure? How about this?

Israel’s President Shimon Peres called on his Syrian counterpart, Bashar Al-Assad, to step down.
Peres said that a change in the Syrian regime can pave the way for a Syrian-Israeli peace treaty

THAT ALL SAID this latest news story is the the pickle on the hamburger. The icing on the cake. Whatever?!

This news story makes clear the political machinations of Israel are heavily involved in the destabilization of Syria.
Because the two groups you are going to read next about are the political arms of the state of Israel. The skew public opinion. The work to clamp down on free speech.
They are as anti- freedom and anti-human rights as any other political tool of state, of any other oppressive state. They are the AJC and the ADL. Clearly speaking for the state of Israel

You will not know whether to laugh or cry....

- A U.N. Security Council statement condemning Syria's crackdown on dissidents was inadequate, the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League said.

In its statement Wednesday, the United Nations condemned the “widespread violations of human rights and the use of force against civilians by the Syrian authorities.” It also called on for those responsible for the violence to be held accountable.

The AJC and ADL said the U.N. reaction to the human rights violations being committed by President Bashar Assad’s regime did not go far enough.

"The Syrian people deserve more empathy and firmer action by the U.N.,” AJC Executive Director David Harris said in a statement the same day. “Regrettably, several of the Security Council members have chosen to ignore their anguish.”

Abraham Foxman, the ADL's national director, issued a statement urging the U.N. to make it “unambiguously clear to President Assad that unless he reverses course, the international community will impose immediate consequences on his repressive regime.”

The global Jewish community has joined Syrian opposition groups and other human rights organizations in urging the United Nations to take an even stronger stance against the brutal crackdown.


  1. Good catch, Penny.

    For these guys, nothing is too audacious, is it?

  2. Thanks Winter and nope it appears nothing is to audacious for these guys!

    I love that word audacious!

  3. Satellite phones aren't cheap to buy, nor is the monthly access fee affordable to most people.

    Remember the Iranian 'spontaneous' revolution a few years back, when 10,000 digital cameras pen devices suddenly showed up in Tehran?

    Wonder who sent those?

    Israel is a water pig, wasting immense amounts of that precious stuff to keep their lawns looking green and their swimming pools filled. They want to solidify their hold on the water-rich Golan Heights so they can make that theft legal.
    Installing a stooge like the PA's Abbas in Syria would go a long way to accomplishing that goal.

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