Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ghost fighters haunt Syria, while a new oil field is located. Spooky

Contorted is the single word that best describes the spin that emanates daily out of Syria
I mean we get twisted news reports. Distorted commentary from bought and paid for spooks and shills. Convoluted "stories" from "peaceful activists. Put that all together and you get-Contorted.

This latest story from the "peaceful activists" takes contorted to a new level.
First a bit of background, real quick though. Since mid-March when the western backed uprisings first began there have been reports, many of them, that the "peaceful activists" have been more trouble making, dangerous trouble, then peacefully acting. There have been killings of Syrian citizens by "activists". There have been numerous reports of bombings & shootings by "activists" There have been gas pipelines exploding and trains derailing, all connected to the "activists"

When the US ambassador to Syria visited the city of Hama and made the claim of seeing "no protestors carrying weapons, nor damage to government buildings" One knew this was simply non-credible and meant to feed the spin that served Western/NATO interests. In fact, one would have to wonder why the ambassador went out of his way to make such a specific statement, unless there had been so many credible reports of violent protestors attacking people, attacking soldiers, attacking government buildings etc., etc.,

What to do about this problem?
In the battle for the control of your mind, if the spin about the "peaceful activists" is not working, what can be done?
How can you be convinced that the "peaceful activists" are truly peaceful?
Despite all the credible information that clearly points to state sponsored terrorism and destabilization of another nation on the grand global chessboard.
Well how about this? You come up with an entirely new entity!
Put a new spin on an old product. Think of it as a rebranding campaign.
Rebranding is a means to get you to think differently about something.
That doesn't mean anything has really changed, it is just a way of altering your perception of a situation.

Enter the Shabiha!!!! Yes, the Shabiha.
Shabiha means ghost. Syria is full of ghost fighters!
Isn't that spooky and mysterious?

And after 5 months of trouble making in Syria, this is the story the western backed "activists" are pushing this tact now to explain away their own terrorism.
Here is what is being said. Pay attention to the language.

"It is not clear exactly who they are and to whom they are loyal, but the term "shabiha" has repeatedly been used to describe them."

Really? I have been following Syria for months now and this is the first time I have seen this term used at all?
This group is allegedly so ghostly no one knows who they are or who they are loyal too.

Except for the "activists and Syria's National Organization for Human Rights, which is based in the UK. Together they know all there is to know about Shabiba and they are telling it to the BBC.
And that my friend should say alot to you!
Is it just me or does the Ghost fighter story sound tailor made for the Hollywood sci-fi crowd?

Related to the western backed overthrow of the Assad regime-
Besides the strategic location of Syria, the Mediterranean coastline access the Syrian government has announced a new oilfield!

Syria announced yesterday it has found a new oilfield in Homs

Syria announced on Tuesday it has found a promising gas field in the central governorate of Homs.
"This discovery opens new perspectives in the region of Qalamun and the Syrian company will continue its drilling," said Allawi, adding that the field was located in the Basin of Dau.

He said Syria's natural gas production has reached 30.29 million cubic meters per day, up by three million cubic meters since last year. Oil production in Syria is about 380,000 barrels per day, Allawi added.

The nation's gas reserves, estimated at 284 billion cubic meters, may increase after the new discoveries in many parts of the country, Allawi added.

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