Friday, August 12, 2011

Part Deux: Israel & Turkey warmin' up. Canada's lips sealed despite the Ottawa Treaty

Yesterday I touched on the news that Israel is readying the IDF for engagement in September with Syria and is land mining the border.

The Israel Defense Forces is readying for possible engagement with the Syrian military in September
Anticipating attempts by Syrian civilians to cross the border into Israel in September, the IDF has placed antipersonnel landmines along the Syria border in the Golan Heights

If you haven't read yesterday's post, refresh your memory. I am just doing a quick rehash so I can segue into today's news.

-Allegedly Turkey is afraid of NATO making war on Syria?
Headline- Turkey fears NATO attack on Syria
Turkey fears refugees from Syria, especially if NATO attacks Syria.

Given Turkey is a NATO member, what is with the spin on this bit of news??
Turkey is allowing NATO troops to move on into the nation, so I find that headline and entire article -bizarre

But there is more-

Turkey is recalling retired officers to deal with a 'sudden influx' of Syrian refugees

-The Turkish military said it recalled retired officers to serve at border outposts along the Syrian border in anticipation of a massive influx of refugees.

-Ankara said it was worried the situation might be exacerbated by a NATO intervention in Syria

According to this article the Turkish government has been preparing for a massive influx of refugees for the past two months.

Which obviously means Turkey has been participating in the attacks on Syria for months now. Turkey will also play it's NATO attack dog role.

There is always more-

-Observers said that the Turkish military intensified its preparations on the Syrian border
-Two Turkish brigades have taken their positions near the Syrian border in preparation for orders from the Turkish military leadership.
- Talks on "establishing a security zone inside the Syrian territory"
- Talks on the future participation of Turkey in any possible military move against Syria

As it is with Israel, so it is with Turkey-

Landmines in place on the border just for that influx of refugees..

Meanwhile, the internal conflict in Syria has postponed the clearing of mines along the Turkish-Syrian border. The two countries share a minefield three times the size of Cyprus. Since the Ottawa Treaty ( I will discuss that briefly) on the prohibition of anti-personnel mines went into effect in 1999, Turkey has been developing projects to clear mines in border zones near Syria and Iraq. In 2009, the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government passed a law to facilitate the clearing of the mines near the Syrian border, but the plans have been put off due to the situation in Syria.

So Turkey was going to clear the landmines but, not anymore!

As for the "Ottawa Treaty" and the present day Canadian government's hypocrisy, racist colonialist agenda and role in the NATO world army.

The Ottawa Treaty or the Mine Ban Treaty, formally the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction, bans completely all anti-personnel landmines (AP-mines) As of April 2009, 156 countries have signed and ratified the Treaty. Poland and the Marshall Islands have signed but not ratified.thirty-seven states, including the People's Republic of China, India, Pakistan,Russia and the United States, have not signed.

Responding to a challenge issued by Canada in October 1996, on December 3rd 1997, 122 countries stated their intention to implement the Treaty. Forty ratifications are required for a treaty to come into effect and become international law. The The Ottawa treaty entered into force and became binding among the ratifying states on 1 March 1999.

"Landmines are indiscriminate weapons by nature - they do not distinguish between a soldier's footstep and a child's footstep. Their toll on mine-affected communities is devastating, and the consequences of their use are felt years after hostilities cease"

All this mining of borders, with Israel burying brand spanking new landmines and Turkey leaving theirs in place. Both nations doing so for the explicit purpose of killing refugees that will be fleeing the inevitable war in Syria.

Canada says not a word


  1. I need a sick bag.

    Poor Syrian people.


  2. I second Buffy. They pretty much operate in broad daylight now. The ones who are not controlled by the ZOG appear to be checked by it at every move and will do nothing to stop it.

    That said, what you think Russia's response will be?

  3. Hi Penny. All your hard work is now paying off. 2 issues come to mind;

    1 The recall of retired officers is normally called a mobilisation. That only ever happens in advance of or in the process of going to war. Manning check points is done by the grunts and not officers.

    2 What monster would lay landmines in the path of refugees? We are talking about civilians – on foot - walking out of a danger zone. Their logic is complete BS.

    Landmines are designed to restrict and funnel infantry – in theory

    As for Russia who knows. Putin has a short trigger – ask the tie muncher from Georgia.

    The elites are 100% all in for a global war. Koreans, Iranians, Syrians they don’t care who starts it. The military spend must continue while they reboot the Ponzi scheme.

    This is a rally cool article as long as your read it with cynical eyes.

  4. Good work Penny!

    I had hopes for Turkey, but you've really put a damper on them for now....

    I was really disappointed in Erdogan's response to Israel refusing to address, or even apologize, for their barbarous attack on the Gaza flotilla last year. The man is a coward, plain and simple.

    Is anyone ever going to stand up to these psychopaths in Israel?

  5. I don't know why most governments even bother with treaties.

    Or is it a show for the masses?

    Of the 400 treaties the USA signed with the Native Americans, how many were honored?


    That's from the excellent book, "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee."

  6. Hey Penny,...Excellent coverage as always:

    We are at war with a tribe of psychopaths - I worked with the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) for several years when I was based on the Thai-Cambodian Border living at the Inter hotel in Aranyaprathet.

    Two nations radically and aggressively financed "National Security experts" and NGO spokesPERSONS to counter our Public campaign - The jooSA and israhell!

    Landmines are about as demonic a device as there is, the insidious nature of those things is terrifying - I have trod warily many miles throughout regional Cambodia - One of the best Articles I ever wrote and illustrated (in my humble opinion) was 'One Deadly Step' - I will try and find the copy and Post it at my place.

    Many thanks...


  7. NATO plans to arm Syria criminal gangs

    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Turkey are preparing the ground for military intervention in Syria especially through providing criminal Syrian armed gangs with weaponry.

  8. Re: NATO plans to arm Syria criminal gangs

    "Lebanon intercepts covert arms shipments bound for Syria"

  9. hey buffy!
    I agree. It is going to get worse.

  10. anonymous:3;35
    What do I think Russia's response will be?

    It depends on how badly they wish to hold on to the ports?

    My hubby says, he thinks Russia would want border integrity maintained.

    No Buffer zone can be tolerated.

    Indications today still have Russia seeing no need for intervention

    "Russia has indicated it isn’t convinced that a UN resolution is needed."

  11. chuckyman!

    It has been hardwork, thanks for noticing. I felt sometimes as if I was sounding like a broken record.
    So I am Glad the hard work and time spent to connect dots is paying off. And is appreciated.!

    I wondered how many people were reading here and thinking this blogger is mistaken this is legitimate and spontaneous.
    When nothing could be further from the truth.
    The levels of infiltration from so many state players is staggering.

    But to follow the destabilization of Syria from it's ugly beginning has been really interesting.

    Chuckyman said : The recall of retired officers is normally called a mobilisation. That only ever happens in advance of or in the process of going to war.

    I wondered about that?
    The reasoning seemed suspect bringing officers back to man check points?

    Chuckyman said What monster would lay landmines in the path of refugees? We are talking about civilians – on foot - walking out of a danger zone.

    I think targetting civilians is and always has been part of war, I believe you would agree with that.

    All the spin via the bullshittin' media is just that, spin and lies.

    Civilians are easy pickins and their mutilations or deaths cause maximum pain to families, communities etc. just what is needed to destroy the cohesion of a nation.

    I love the tie muncher reference!!!
    I had forgotten about that and hell it was worth watching again and again

    So here it is

  12. Hey John Friend: I think alot of us had high hopes for Turkey, but, it became clear back around June of this year Turkish military and supported Terrorist groups were running amok in Syria

    And this last attempt by the Gaza flotilla group??
    Erdogan showed whose boss,,,,, Not him!
    Other then some grandstanding he let Israel get away with murder, multiple murders

  13. Greg: they sign treaties for the perception management value.

    As for the book you reference
    "Bury my heart at wounded knee"
    It is on my extremely long to read list, but, my understanding of it is that it is an excellent read!

  14. Veritas! Hello sir, how are you?

    I would love to read you piece on landmines, please, please let me know when you put it up and I will link over to it!

  15. To anonymous 8:11 & 11:09

    thanks kindly for the two links, as I have mentioned Turkey has been a player for months now in syria and I had previously seen the news of the shipment of arms via Lebanon

    I guess that was for all the "peaceful activists" lol

    Wonder how many arms shipments did make it through?

  16. I must say that you and AP have had your fingers on the pulse of the coming war for some time. AP has lasered in on the tri-border area in South America and you called Syria.

    The booga booga fear drums are beating. We have more unsourced jew propaganda from Haaretz

    We also have alleged reports of weapon smuggling via Lebanon.


    They would bring in the weapons through Lebanon rather than ship them through the nearest airbase in Turkey. That’s called a two-fer. Smear the Syrians and the Lebanese in the same effort.

    Anyone notice a big silent elephant… goes by the name of Jordan? Brit educated and trained leader, not a single mention recently… Shares a border with Syria near the ‘uprising’ of Hama. They’ve been like a hole in the water recently – not a peep in any coverage. Tuck that in the ‘humm interesting’ file.

  17. hey chuckyman!

    I haven't even had the time to check out AP's work on south america, but, I am quite confident she is kicking holes in the official narrative.

    I notice all is quiet on the JOrdan front, but, I am quite certain I mentioned them right at the beginning. They have most certainly been involved in this from the outset in Daara.

    The happenings in Latakia are interesting have you noticed that?

    Syria is using gun ships in the Mediterranean. Why?

    This makes me suspicious that the Port is being infiltrated via the water and the land.

    I also wonder just how much the Russian military is already assisting Syria?

  18. Indeed Penny. There are mixed messages on that one. Al Jaz has the usual ‘rebel sources’ line with the gunboat story. The Chinese news agency Xinhua has the following different angle from the Syrians.

    There is a lot of time and energy getting expended to portray Assad in as bad a light as possible while arming to the teeth small cadres of provocateurs. Right now Assad looks assured and if it stays that way another tactic will be necessary to get this to escalate.

    This is definitely one to watch closely and to keep a barf bag handy when ingesting the MSM version. Watch also for the Israhelli’s to try the back door via Lebanon. That would help distract from the image of a guillotine on the streets of Hell Aviv in the current cottage cheese revolution.