Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Pentagon's Plan to Wage WAR on China

Taking a break from Syria to focus on the planning for war on China. Seriously. It appears that Pentagon plans are full steam ahead! Despite the fact, as the articles I will quote from make clear the US has serious budgetary woes-

First an aside: Hillary Clinton warns that budgetary woes shouldn't be a factor in the US missing the opportunity to reshape Middle East politics.
"The US may lose its chance to reshape the Mideast politics if budget pressures hobble support for democratic forces emerging in these countries", says Clinton

Ah poor Hillary. The promoter of democracy and the rights of people to choose. Hardeeharhar.. Let the American people go without, as long as the US can use unlimited tax dollars to continue to "reshape" the middle east. While reshaping the Middle East all roads lead to China

Where even more taxpayer dollars are being used to prepare a new war front.
Just what the world needs. More war.
The Pentagon's new China war plan
August 13/2011- Despite budget woes, the military is preparing for a conflict with our biggest rival -- and we should be worried.

This summer, despite America’s continuing financial crisis, the Pentagon is effectively considering trading two military quagmires for the possibility of a third. Reducing its commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan as it refocuses on Asia, Washington is not so much withdrawing forces from the Persian Gulf as it is redeploying them for a prospective war with its largest creditor, China.

According to the defense trade press, Pentagon officials are seeking ways to adapt a concept known as AirSea Battle specifically for China, debunking rote claims from Washington that it has no plans to thwart its emerging Asian rival. A recent article in Inside the Pentagon reported that a small group of U.S. Navy officers known as the China Integration Team "is hard at work applying the lessons of [AirSea Battle] to a potential conflict with China."
AirSea Battle, developed in the early 1990s and most recently codified in a 2009 Navy-Air Force classified memo, is a vehicle for conforming U.S. military power to address asymmetrical threats in the Western Pacific and the Persian Gulf -- code for China and Iran. (This alone raises a crucial point: If the U.S. has had nothing but trouble with asymmetrical warfare for the last 45 years, why should a war with China, or Iran for that matter, be any different?) It complements the 1992 Defense Planning Guidance, a government white paper that precluded the rise of any "peer competitor" that might challenge U.S. dominance worldwide.

The Planning Guidance is the Pentagon’s writ for control of what defense planners call "the global commons," a euphemism for the seaways, land bridges and air corridors that are the arteries of international commerce.
For a foreign power to challenge this American dominion is to effectively declare war on the United States, and that is exactly what China appears to be doing in the South China Sea, a resource-rich and highly contested waterway in Southeast Asia.
I should not have to spell out for you what this means.

A U.S. mobilization in Asia is well underway, in faith with a spring 2001( This makes the events of September 11/01 seem even more suspicious. Since the "war on terror" presented the means to begin containing China) Pentagon study called "Asia 2025," which identified China as a "persistent competitor of the United States," bent on "foreign military adventurism." Three years later, the U.S. government went public with a plan that called for a new chain of bases in Central Asia and the Middle East, in part to box in the People’s Republic. Similarly, the nuclear energy cooperation deal signed by the U.S. and India in 2008 was an obvious containment maneuver aimed at Beijing. In late March, press reports detailed a major buildup of American forces in Asia, including increased naval deployments and expansive cooperation with partner countries. Meanwhile, the Pentagon is forging ahead with a multi-year effort to transform Guam into its primary hub in the Pacific, an initiative so vast that John Pike of the Washington, D.C.-based has speculated that Washington wants to "run the planet from Guam and Diego Garcia by 2015."

Washington wants to "run the planet from Guam and Diego Garcia by 2015.
Ready for global tyranny. Ready for global repression.
Ready to read some more on this frightening scenario?

Another article, very lengthy- April 8/2011- AirSea Battle Concept Is Focused On China
It is no revelation that long-term U.S. Air Force and Navy planning is focused on China. But while some innovations are underway, like the unmanned combat aerial system (UCAS), U.S. options in response to Chinese threats largely do not include the rapid development and deployment of major new weapons, especially with limited research, development and procurement resources under increasing budget pressure.

The US is pillaging from it citizens to pay for imperialist adventures.
Though the people of America are not alone in being robbed from.
It appears for all intents and purposes Canada, France, Italy, Australia, to name a few nations, have leaderships in place that are robbing the people to pay for a Corporate/Elite Empire.


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  3. China is soon to get new leadership.

    - Aangirfan

  4. This shows just how crazy this government really is! Watch the Flag Wavers if they start a war with China. When their kids get the call to report for the draft, the howls will be heard across this country. They'll have a million excuses why they should be excluded. They will know what war is then!
    My cousin was killed by the Chinese when they invaded Korea. They slaughtered our troops when they invaded Korea.

  5. U R AWESOME SISTER...CHECK THIS OUT TOO..Report: U.S. Favors Muslim Brotherhood (KHADDAM=SAUDI RELATIVE AND PUPPET) Over Pro-democracy Syrian Opposition (EMPHASIS MINE)

  6. Instigating a war with China is perhaps the stupidest idea ever promoted by U.S. war-pigs. It is logistically un-winnable and the U.S. is in no position to wage war either with their current troop strength, economic war-chest or with their munitions manufacturing capabilities (or lack thereof). I guess they thought the Roman strategy of war on many fronts worked out so well, they'd repeat it (can you say arrivederci fourth reich?). In addition, the moment that China gets the hint that Operation Debt Welsher is not a piss-take, they will demand immediate payment and make financial moves that will crash the U.S. economy faster than you can call George H.W. Bush a satanic paedophile. Unless… the scumbag Rothschild cartel are backing/orchestrating this play (yes, they run China's economy too) and have a master-plan in all this insipid aggression.

    Thanks for profiling this Penny it explains the recent vile bad jacket propaganda I've been seeing blaming China for espionage. Google: Operation Shady Rat, a massive espionage operation that compromised and stole Pentagon and other military & intelligence agencies secrets. The problem is that it was Israeli intel infiltrated assets and Trojan horse tech, and not China that was the perpetrator. Problem was that the U.S. couldn't manufacture the evidence and blamed them with strategic innuendo rather than front-paging the affair massively. Meanwhile their "favoured ally" continues to run spy operations on them perpetually, exploiting every advantage and weakness they can find.

  7. Back to the future.

    In the 14th Century, King Phillip of France owed Big Bucks to the Knights Templar, so instead of paying up, he had his troops raid the Templar's sites that were rumored to be bulging with gold, silver, jewels. etc.

    Except someone in the Templar's organization got wind of the raid and they were able to move most of their vast fortune somewhere, using their fleet of ships.

    Is that our plan for China, don't pay them what we owe, just destroy another country?

    China sure as hell ain't Iraq and if the Pentagon sticks its nose there, it will probably get it chopped off.

  8. Cold-war-2 - is it any more real than cold-war-1 against Russia, or just another dialectic to keep the military funded?

    Considering that China is evidently going to be the new One-World superpower (economically at least), once the USA is spent, it's hard to imagine that there will be any real hostilities with China, unless as a ploy to hasten US demise. Of course the PTB will need a big stick to keep China towing the NWO line until they have been fully subverted, if they are not already. I wonder what Deng Junior (Maurice Strong) has been up to in China the last few years?

    However if anyone can turn the tables on the PTB and the judeo-NWO its China. They have nothing to lose by increasing their military capability.


    There are several tendencies in the uprising. There are areas -- not in Hauran, where it all began -- where there are people who agitate along religious lines. And there are historical problems in Hama and Jisr Al-Shugur. There is hatred there, and if they feel pressured, the people there resort to arms. In order to speak truthfully, I have to admit that yes, there are armed groups. But there are only a few of them and they are isolated. Of course there are other elements that want to engage Syria in sectarian fighting. For example, the March 14th Movement in Lebanon. There is evidence that people from that group have smuggled weapons into Syria. Also in the area around the valley Kalach people have taken up arms. There, near the Turkish border, there are some people who have brought weapons into Syria from Turkey, and also near the Iraqi-Syrian border, there are weapons. None of this can justify a crackdown against the people on the streets.


    Syrian human rights activist Ammar Abdulhamid(ZIONIST) says democracy protesters are disgusted with Iran’s support of Assad regime


    Report: U.S. Favors Muslim Brotherhood (KHADDAM) Over Pro-democracy Syrian Opposition (WHAT PRO DEMOCRACY?) (EMPHASIS MINE

  11. Hey Aangirfan!

    I will have to start paying more attention to china.
    But, how to find the time?

  12. Frank Fredenberg:

    The one thought that runs through my head is the massive population of China..

    A ground war? Would that be plausible?
    Or is the US planning whole scale slaughter from the skies?

    If you read the second article the X-37 b gets a mention as does space warfare.

    I have posts on x37b, you can find them
    April 2010:

    August 2010:

    December 2010:

    when this thing finally landed.

    The ship/shuttle/whatever appears to have some interesting capabilities and some space warfare applications.

    That space warfare is just godawful to think about!

  13. NYSC: I will be over to check that all out asap

  14. Hey HHQ:

    I did take some time to do some reading on that.

    I also think of stuxnet, that was quite a piece of cyber espionage.
    who was behind that?
    Israel and the US.

    Who was the target?
    Iran, China and if the virus went wild and got into Japan (Fukushima)
    who knows..???

    So if Israel and the US can come up with such invasive and intrusive cyber warfare tactics.

    Who is to say Israel can't come up with something to hack into the US and Canada for starters all on their own.

    Particularly because as the commenter on that forum notes, so much Israeli product is used globally for "security"

  15. Greg:

    As HHQ mentions could China, in theory or in practice, not crash the US economy without firing a single shot?

    I don't know enough about this subject to speculate on how this could be possible.

    I do know they have propped the US up, for a long time now. So could they just repossess vast swathes of property instead of payment?

    You know like national parks, highways etc

  16. Free thinker said "Cold-war-2 - is it any more real than cold-war-1 against Russia, or just another dialectic to keep the military funded?"

    now there is an interesting thought.
    That said the cold war did still bankrupt the USSR.

    So will this one bankrupt the US?
    Without a shot being fired?