Friday, December 9, 2011

Ambassadors: Tools of destabilization- Russia and Syria

The US meddling in Russia.
The US meddling in Syria

A key components of the meddling in both nations? The Ambassadors.
I have previously covered Ambassador Robert Ford and his role in the destabilization of Syria, also noting his previous death squad connections.

And wasn't it curious.... that right after Ambassador Ford's return to Syria there was an oil pipeline explosion in Homs!

In July there were two similar blasts on Syrian pipelines
If you read this post, you may recall this?

Not forgetting that Ambassador Ford has been a previous visitor to Homs!

Ford even visited Homs and Hama, the hotbeds of protest in the country, and held a meeting with the leaders of the opposition after Friday prayers. The violence in these towns, where the opposition has a following, usually peaks on Fridays after the afternoon prayers.

Wow, Ambassador Ford back in Syria and kaboom!

So what of the Ambassador to Russia?

McFaul confirmed as Russia ambassador

The Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee has confirmed Michael McFaul as the US Ambassador to Russia.
Reports that McFaul would succeed John Beyrle as Russia ambassador were published in May.
President Obama made an official statement to this effect in September.
Prior to his appointment, McFaul worked for the US National Security Council as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director of Russian and Eurasian Affairs.

Michael McFaul is the former director of CDDRL and deputy director of FSI at Stanford University. He also is the Peter and Helen Bing Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, where he co-directs the Iran Democracy Project, as well as Professor of Political Science at Stanford University.
He is also a non-resident Senior Associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Eurasia Foundation, the Firebird Fund, Freedom House, the International Forum for Democratic Studies of the National Endowment for Democracy, and the International Research and Exchange Board (IREX).
Well connected? It appears that way.

The Firebird Fund really caught my eye. You see the Firebird is a component of a Russian Folk/Fairy Tale.

Always associated with a quest or a hero's journey.
In Michael McFaul's world the Firebird Fund is an equity investment firm, specializing in the Russian emerging market.
Talk about having a vested interest in the destabilization of Russia, for profits. As if there is any other real reason for that to happen. It's always about the money.
Tony Cartalucci had done a piece in October, noting, Michael McFaul's propensity for agitation
A very worthy read and I am unsurprised to notice that Ambassador Ford garners a special mention.
In this piece again by Tony Cartalucci a very familiar name is mentioned and another equity/investment house.
US Caught Meddling in Russian Elections!

UK financier operative Sergei Magnitsky of Hermitage Capital Mangement, an enterprise that while operating primarily in Russian markets, maintained its headquarters in the Cayman Islands.
Magnitsky was arrested and imprisoned over tax evasion and tax fraud, and would die of illness while in prison. The US and UK would predictably trump up the circumstances surrounding the death of Magnitsky, with corporate foundation-funded Redress (page 28) of the UK submitting a “reportto the UN in yet another classic example of leveraging issues of “human rights” against a target nation to serve Western interests. This is but a taste of what is to come with McFaul presiding over the next leg of Anglo-American global destabilization.

You may recall a post at the Suspicious Deaths blog- The Magnitsky Report

You may want to give that one a refresher read!

Twisted, sordid and twisted!


  1. Hey Penny,...Filthy yiddish shit-stirrers, I HATE THEM, I have just been looking through my Palestine archives - the yids are a disgusting tribe of murders and cowards.

    They have GOT to GO! they will NOT go away of their own accord, they are shameless curs; they have to be Off'd!


  2. Most countries use their embassies as a cover for their spies, and give each other a nod and blink, but the USSA has taken that a new level.
    Since they have diplomatic immunity, whatever an 'ambassador' brings into his assigned country is exempt from customs and can't be searched.

    I had thought that meant whatever they have in their diplomatic pouch/briefcase, but that's incorrect. A diplomat can bring in something that would fit inside a large shipping container and that's also exempt, which leaves room for all sorts of mischief.
    Wonder how many of those 'ambassadors' spend a training stint at the CIA? Reminds me of the Mad magazine's cartoon they used to have called "Spy vs. Spy."

    So many fronts and institutes that employ both men and women as 'fellows.'
    Getting hired as a 'fellow' looks like a good way to stay employed in this shitty job market.

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  4. what i MEANT to say is, i'm glad we looked into Browder when we DID. -- head start. ha!

  5. Hey Penny, check out this blog. It contains rigorous research into NGO involvement in the destabilization effort.

  6. Hey Veritas

    You are a passionate fellow!

  7. Hey Greg

    "So many fronts and institutes that employ both men and women as 'fellows.'
    Getting hired as a 'fellow' looks like a good way to stay employed in this shitty job market."

    Yah, the whole fake NGO concept comes to mind

  8. AP

    Isn't it odd how stuff likes that comes into play in recent events?

    Not a coincidence!

  9. Hello thevespers

    I saw that blog and I noticed he had a most interesting little chart there, that I am going to use at some point in time.

    Perhaps even later today, since I am lacking time to make a decent post.

    Thanks so much