Monday, April 23, 2012

Syria: UN Resolutions and the usual media lies!

Checking out the latest resolution from the UN...

It does appear that the Russian/Chinese version of drafts was adopted. Read entire piece at above link-

- Reaffirming its strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Syria, and to the purposes and principles of the Charter
The territorial integrity of Syria. That must have Hillary just spittin' blood
(one of my favourite pics of this evil woman)

-Condemning the widespread violations of human rights by the Syrian authorities, as well as any human rights abuses by armed groups, recalling that those responsible shall be held accountable, and expressing its profound regret at the death of many thousands of people in Syria,

-Noting the Syrian government’s commitment on 25 March 2012 to implement the six-point proposal of the Joint Special Envoy of the United Nations and the League of Arab States, and to implement urgently and visibly its commitments, as it agreed to do in its communication to the Envoy of 1 April 2012, to (a) cease troop movements towards population centers, (b) cease all use of heavy weapons in such centers, and (c) begin pullback of military concentrations in and around population centers, and to implement these in their entirety by no later than 10 April 2012, and noting also the Syrian opposition’s expressed commitment to respect the cessation of violence, provided the government does so;

-Expressing concern over ongoing violence and reports of casualties which have escalated again in recent days, following the Envoy’s assessment of 12 April 2012 that the parties appeared to be observing a cessation of fire and that the Syrian government had started to implement its commitments, and noting that the cessation of armed violence in all its forms is therefore clearly incomplete.

As the Syrian government began to implement it’s commitments, armed violence increased.
Clearly. Who does not want a cease-fire?


2. Calls upon the Syrian government to implement visibly its commitments in their entirety, as it agreed to do in the Preliminary Understanding and as stipulated in resolution 2042 (2012), to (a) cease troop movements towards population centers, (b) cease all use of heavy weapons in such centers, (c) complete pullback of military concentrations in and around population centers, as well as to withdraw its troops and heavy weapons from population centers to their barracks or temporary deployment places to facilitate a sustained cessation of violence;

3. Calls upon all parties in Syria, including the opposition, to immediately cease all armed violence in all its forms;

4. Calls upon the Syrian armed opposition groups and relevant elements to respect relevant provisions of the Preliminary Understanding;

Since we are repeatedly informed via the lying media that the armed elements are not under any centralized control we should expect the SNC to claim it is impossible to rein the terrorists in.
Obviously this is a lie.
There is ample centralized control in the terrorist supporting nation of Turkey, to stop the flow of guns and fighters. You and I know that Turkey ain’t gonna do that!

We are supposed to believe that this “new and assertive Russian policy” is because Putin is back!
Why does the lying media want people to believe this? The policy appears to be the same, a continuation of what has been ongoing for a year now. Why does the media present their news in this manner?

The Security Council yesterday unanimously backed sending 300 unarmed UN observers to Syria to monitor a cease-fire agreement between Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces and rebel groups fighting to oust him, even as violence continued. The resolution was crafted by Russia with support from China, nations that had objected to tougher U.S.-backed measures against the Assad regime.

“The Russians will be hoping fervently that this leads to some kind of peaceful resolution between Assad and the opposition in Syria,” said Tony Brenton, U.K. ambassador to Russia from 2004 to 2008. “If you think that not so long ago, after the collapse of communism, Russia became a completely negligible international factor, to be back out there at the table brokering international policy is a big thing for them.”

Russia’s shift from simply vetoing Security Council measures it opposes to drafting ones that serve its interests, coincides with Vladimir Putin’s return to power as president, with rising oil prices that are benefiting Russia’s economy, and with what Russian and other officials perceive to be America’s waning global hegemony.....

Is America’s global hegemony waning?

They also said friction between the U.S. and Pakistan has forced American and allied troops in Afghanistan to rely more on northern supply routes over which Russia has considerable influence. That, they said, has constrained the Obama administration’s ability to confront Russia on issues such as Iran, Syria, and North Korea while also seeking to withdraw U.S. forces and equipment from Afghanistan and soliciting foreign aid for the regime of Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Was allowing the use of the base a means to gain influence?
Perhaps, Russia was playing chess?

While the Russia-backed Security Council Resolution 2043 lets unarmed monitors be deployed for an initial 90 days, it contains no sanctions or other penalties for Syria if it violates the cease-fire.
Vitaly Churkin made some interesting comments-

“Any deviation from the provisions is unacceptable,” Vitaly  Churkin, Russia’s envoy to the UN, said after yesterday’s Security Council vote. “Powerful forces” already are planning for the observers’ mission to fail, Churkin told reporters after the vote. “They already have other plans, which they entertain.”

Churkin’s remarks were an apparent reference to the possibility raised by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of getting the North Atlantic Treaty Organization involved in the Syrian conflict, one of the U.S. officials said.
As mentioned in my previous post- Hilary Clinton, war whore extraordinaire, made the prospect of NATO intervention to circumvent a UN mandate very clear. Not as if Hilary is subtle about her bloodlust.

“The Libyan model should always be something that remains in the past,” Churkin said
Lying media......
From the Montreal Gazette- Shame!

Lying Media : The violence came even as UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan singled out the government of President Bashar Assad in an appeal for an end to hostilities by both loyalist forces and rebels seeking to oust him.

Kofi Annan "I urge all forces whether governmental, opposition or others to put down their weapons and work with the United Nations monitors to consolidate the fragile cessation of violence," Annan said in a statement.

Kofi Annan did not single out the Syrian government.
Lying media!

Washington Post Lies

“Evidence is mounting that Islamist extremists are seeking to commandeer what began as a non-ideological uprising aimed at securing greater political freedom”

Evidence is mounting? Who is the Washington Post kidding?!
The Islamist extremists have been brought in to fight, to destroy, to kill, to maim. To cleanse.
And they have been brought in by NATO via their proxies in Turkey and Jordan.

The Washington Post fabricating reality for a gullible audience.
The fighters that came in from Turkey in the first major attac,k nearly a year ago, at Jisr al Shigour  were almost all Muslim Brotherhood and/ or Salafist fighters- Aided by NATO and Israel. And Western Special Ops, can’t forget that. France, US, UK.....

Thanks to NYS for pointing out that Tunisians have been fighting in Syria- coming in through Turkey

-Three Tunisian nationals were killed by the Syrian Army.
-The three young Tunisian nationals infiltrated into Syria with two others
- In February, five other Tunisians arrived in Syria through Turkey to join anti-government fighters. Four of the five men were reportedly arrested while the fifth managed to escape.

As mentioned there is plenty of centralized control in the Turkish terrorist supporting nation to stop the fighters.


  1. "They all traveled to Syria"

    I wonder if it was the same way as the Libyan fighters traveled to Syria?

    No one bothers to ask how or why these "fighters" got from point a to point b or why?

    It isn't about freedom

    1. Ben Guerdane isn't just anywhere in Tunisia - it's the first place over the border from the coast road from Libya, where right on the border itself refugee camps were quickly erected in Feb 2011 at Ras el Jdir for people of all nationalities who were working in Libya. A bit different from the "refugee camps on the Turkish-Syrian border . According to this and this Youtube videos the place was a hotbed of discontent during the "Jasmine" revolution in Tunisia. The latter "live events video" from Ben Girdan ,uploaded 19 Sept 2010 predates the "revolution" by nearly 3 months. There is a recently uploaded video, 18 March 2012, showing the black Al-Qaeda flag flying over a rally in Ben Guerdane.

    2. China out of the closet on selling out Syria:

    3. Anonymous:

      Where, other then in the headline of DEBKA is there any indication that China is out of the closet on Syria?

      There are huge problems with this article

      "in a secret exchange of messages with the Obama administration"

      Who was the exchange between? There seems to be no indication.

      This is silly

      "Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan on April 10 when, after visiting Beijing, he remarked: “China is not in the same position as it was before. It is shifting away from full support for Assad’s regime.”

      I saw Erdogan had "said" that after his visit to China
      In fact he said it as he was leaving to go home, if memory serves me right (around the time of the non-shooting of refugees across the border)

      Curious on the timing, no?

      What does "It is shifting away from FULL SUPPORT" mean?
      What defined full support?
      There is nothing to understand what the "full support" is that China is shifting away from.

      The quotes from Li

      “We also call upon the international community to continue its firm support for Mr. Annan’s good offices’ efforts and consolidate the results achieved, and we strongly oppose any word and act aimed at creating difficulties for Mr. Annan’s good offices.”

      Li went on to say: “China always maintained that the independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Syria as well as the choice and the will of the Syrian people should be respected.”

      Where is the selling out?

      Would you clarify what you read in this article?

  2. Thanks Felix:

    "A bit different from the "refugee camps on the Turkish-Syrian border "

    Somehow I suspect these refugee camps are not all that different from ones in Turkey, perhaps less militarized but offering the perfect cover for fighters.

    "Hot bed of discontent" eh?
    Just another way of saying, from where the revolutionaries came...

    1. The point I was making , and you can see it in videos, there were thousands upon thousand of migrant workers from all over Africa and Asia working in Libya and you can see all the various nationalities in the videos of the camps. Many had a genuine reason to get out quickly. Whether they harboured people going in the opposite direction is anyone's guess. The island of Djerba was certainly a centre for "imports" into Libya, people and equipment. I don't think Syria is comparable with Libya in its massive transient workforce.

    2. "I don't think Syria is comparable with Libya in its massive transient workforce."

      I agree with that :)

  3. Curious? taking my own post off topic
    but any thoughts on the Brevik show?

    1. separate post coming? I just read,out of interest, a live blog on the day's court last friday in the (yuck) Guardian. It doesn't seem like the real world. Lone bomber... What I find most odd - from Wikipedia, 564 people on the Island or Utoya. 69 died (initially reported as 86 dead!) and only 1 from injuries. That's a lot of witnesses,and a surprising success rate for "lone wolf" Breivik. Wiki says 110 injured. The reference doesn't support this.
      The last victim to be found was at the bottom of the lake with gunshot wounds in her back. Eh? Someone else died from a fractured pelvis...
      Initial Norwegian report , 24 July 2011: (after one of the wounded, the only one to do so, died in hospital bringing the total on the island to 86 (since revised drastically downwards)
      * 66 people are hurt or injured after the two attacks. All injured have been identified.

      * 31 of the 66 injured are seriously or critically injured. They are located at Oslo University.

      * 20 of the 31 who have severe or critical injuries, the Ut√łya victims.

      * 11 of the 31 with serious or critical injuries are the victims of the bomb in its ministries.

      And all critically injured survived after 24 July??

      This is certainly not the real world.
      Daily Mail overview here

    2. massmurderers go he cant hold a candle to the US under Obama('we dont kill civilians')! whos drone strikes have killed thousands...Brevik is on trial ....when the US regime is the worse mass murderer.

    3. No, no post on Brevik.
      I can't understand why this trial has been undertaken
      Correct me if I am mistaken, but, early reporting had his not going to trial because he was insane...

      brian- i agree brevik can't hold a candle to the US for mass killings

  4. The UN observers in Syria also seem to be unwilling participants in fake opposition videos: see the URS1798 blog in German. which has got some links and comment.

    1. So basically the "opposition" grab the UN observers under the guise of shots being fired and then video the whole thing?

      Who fired the shots? The opposition?

  5. Vacuous is a word which springs to mind with this French campaign, "Stop". Notice the silent presence of Edith Bouvier. There are plenty of things which can be stopped, but are not in the interests of regime change...

    Yet more excellent Paul Conroy grimaces here on a recent BBC interview, Hardtalk, 16 April.

    Apparntly , according to NPR 21 April,, he has "this week moved into a London hotel"!

  6. You didn’t think it was possible..the candiate for change they could believe in…kills more than Bush regime:


    As of Feb 5, 2012: Obama 260 attacks, Bush: 52

    Not just worse, but 14x worse. Murdering innocents is nothing to be proud of but it stands as one of Obama's largest anti-achievements

    How many civilians do Obama and his regime have to murder before he and they get hauled before a criminal court for mass murder?

    Imagine if these had been americans kiled by iranian drones…Iran patrolling US skies to rid the land of 'militants' angry at iranian military occupation of US.

    1. Obama is responsible for more killings than Bush? What drugs have you been doing to so effectively destroy your ability to count?

    2. Peter D

      look at the links brian provided
      and refrain from attacking other commenters to my blog-
      Dispute the information, which you did NOT.
      "shoot the messenger" is a propaganda tactic
      I abhor that kind of stuff.

  7. the reference, peter D, is to DRONE killings...

  8. There was a really funny programme today on BBC Radio 4,PM programme, involving two of our old friends of Syria who find them selves on opposite sides of the fence: Ricken Patel of Avaaz and the (again!) hospitalised - no mention of the hotel this time - Paul Conroy, Conroy disowning the alleged help given by "Avaaz citizen activists" in his escape from Homs. It should be here, but I can't get the audio to work. From about 0.30 mins when available (if ever).

    1. Broadcast now working - for one week only - between 23.10 and 28.10 mins.

    2. Listening right now!

      Avaaz. Danny, the young "brit/syrian"

      Why is BBC using him, when he has been outed?
      Making BBC less credible then ever?
      If that is possible?

    3. Paul Conroy and Avaaz are distancing themselves from on another to attempt to retain credibility
      Wissam Tariff???

  9. my letter to Daily Beast:

    Hello daily beast
    Re your article:

    Where apart from the obvious fraud that is the syrian insurgency video activism (as you admit with some embarrassment and ranquor), I find this:

    'Assad’s regime has worked hard to discredit activists since the revolution’s start—and thus are likely to jump on any suggestion of embellishment, no matter how minor, as evidence of full-scale fabrication of the atrocities.
    With video activists playing an increasingly important role as the conflict becomes more violent, and independent journalism harder to carry out, the regime has tried to cast doubt on their reporting.'

    The syrian government (NOT 'regime') don’t have to work hard to descredit the 'activists'(really terrorists): they do that all by themselves: with the aid of car bombs.
    What 'revolution'? You mean the brutal insurgency that terrorise syrians in places like HOMS? They are the ones committing the atrocities. Its no surprise they have the supprt of the US saudi israeli turkish and qatar etc regimes…but why does the Daily Beast ally with such sinister groups? Do you really want to turn syria from a secular state into a sharia wielding islamic dictatorship…Your syria would then resemble wahhabist saudi arabia.Where christians have no place:
    How 'independent' is the Daily Beast? Given its clear orientation! There is no such thing as the Assad regime..there is the syrian government, which has the suppprt of most syrians; who see the insurgency that you supprt as committnig horribke crimes in their cities. Are you aware these activists/insurgents are using car bombs IEDs and snipers? To terrosise syrians? Its no surprsie then that we have the following:

    Syrians support their army and their government:

    When was the last time you saw the syrian people mass toshow their support and gratitude to the insurgents? Whereas they HAVE shown their support for their government and army (see above)
    Even NYT cant deny it:

    …why don’t you report on that, if you claim to be independent journalism?

    Here is AP:


    They too struggle to be independent!
    Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out if one side is embellishing or fabricating stories, then they cease to be journalists of any sort and are propagandists who know their cause is not supportable.

    Please try to be good journalists: not PR arms of the US state dept or sternographers for jihadi terrorists


  10. 1D4TW Only the U.S. is attacked by "terrorists"--everyone else is attacked by freedom-loving democrats & small pink bunnies. #Libya #Syria
    1 day ago
    1D4TW So, like Gaddafi, when Assad talks about "terrorists" he actually has a valid argument. Anyone learning here? #Syria
    1 day ago
    1D4TW TIME: "an al-Qaeda affiliated group is helping #Syria rebels build bombs and foment a guerrilla war" Friends of #R2P
    1 day ago
    1D4TW Remember when aiding & abetting terrorists resulted in indefinite detention, torture, etc? Then came #Libya #Syria - now it's fine
    1 day ago