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"What's goin' on at the Turkey/Syrian Border"? Howsa 'bout a NATO terror campaign?

Update at bottom

Yesterday, Freethinker left a comment and link to RT.
 "RT 's saying what you've said all along Penny: Syrian rebels ‘using Turkish refugee camps as base’"

The first time I made mention of what seemed fairly obvious about the so called "refugee camps' was way back last year on June 8/2011  Turkey's role in Syria's destabilisation
Followed up immediately afterwards  Syria: Peering through the West's smokescreen
then Turkish "refugee" camps: fenced and tarp covered. No reporters allowed
This was a curious twist on the whole 'refugee camp' cover story Israel wants to deliver "aid" to syrian refugees- NATO troops in Turkey/Recon flights over Syria If Israel is delivering aid to the camps in Turkey, you know we ain't talking food and clothing. There are several posts that follow those initial four on the subject of fighters in the camps

 Last year in June 2011 it became obvious that the camps were a cover and base of operations for the fighters who were crossing back and forth over the border between Syria and Turkey. 
Today, what should appear? This article- What's going on at the Turkish/Syrian Border?

"There is a video [1] that could be loosely translated as "Terrorist Turkish border opening fire on the Syrian side" that pretty accurately sums up what's going on at the ultra-volatile geopolitical hotspot of the moment.

The voice over says, "This is the Syria-Turkey border, and this is an operation of the Free Syrian Army [FSA] ... The Gate [that would be the Syrian side of the border, housing the Gate checkpoint] is going to be seized."

What this means is that Turkey is sheltering the FSA right on the border, only a few meters - and not kilometers - away from Syrian territory. Way beyond hosting a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) command and control center in Iskenderun

For months now - a fact already reported by Asia Times Online - Turkey has now advanced right to the border, enabling a back-and-forth by heavily weaponized guerrillas/mercenaries to attack a sovereign state. 
 Inevitable given what was going on very nearly a year ago.

This can be seen as a very peculiar Ankara interpretation of "safe havens" and "humanitarian corridors" as outlined by what can be seen as the prime blueprint for regime change in Syria: a report [2] by the Saban Center at the Brookings Institution, authored by the usual cocktail of Israeli firsters and Qatar-affiliated Middle East "experts".

So expect to see this movie generating countless sequels; the FSA attacking a Syrian border checkpoint, killing soldiers and then retreating under a hail of bullets, which will inevitably hit a nearby Syrian refugee camp.

The border escalation graphically illustrates the wider scenario: civil war.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu - of the fabled "zero problems with our neighbors" policy - had to abruptly cut short his trip to China and return to Turkey because of the border escalation. It would be very enlightening to learn how the Beijing leadership told him that Turkey's agent provocateur gimmicks amount to playing with a ball of fire.

The border escalation also proves that NATO has less than zero interest in the success of the ceasefire widely brandished as the Kofi Annan plan (that's in fact a diluted version of both the Russian and Chinese plans). Trouble will escalate further - as suggested by a RT report. [3] 
There is more to this article, read it at the link

I may not always be right, but, dammit alot of the time I am! Hehehe.....
As mentioned two days ago. Turkey says the UN deal is dead. You can be dam sure Turkey, as NATO's water carrier is going to ensure that!

1- what we see in the video is the NATO backed rebels coming back across the border after doing what?
Causing terror.

2- The Saban Report

3- From RT as mentioned by Freethinker - Rebels ‘using Turkish refugee camps as base’ 

I left the Syrian part off of that title- These rebels are not Syrians. At least not the vast majority of them. They call themselves "Free Syrian Army" as part of the NATO psyop, but there not.
They are Saudi's, Qataris, Special Forces from the US, France and UK. They are Libyans. Pakistanis.
They are not Syrians.

"They  cross the border, then they walk back again. Maybe the Turkish army finds some and takes them back to the camp, others just come by themselves. A lot of these people work with the Free Syrian Army,” he said.
The Turkish government turns a blind eye to their movements and “lets them go back to fight.”

I don't like that wording from RT. If the blind eye comment would have been made it would have been in quotations. I think RT is paraphrasing, sort of.
What is more accurate is that the Turkish government encourages them and aids them to go and fight.

RT also spoke to a member of the Free Syrian Army operating in the area, who told her the opposition wanted to pressure the Turkish government into providing “arms and equipment from NATO.”

Arms and Equipment from NATO is and has been  supplied, without a doubt.

 The article continues on...... Getting down to Turkey taking to task Syria's envoy

Still, the Syrian envoy to Ankara has been summoned by the Turkish government to explain the shooting at the border.
In response, the Syrian Foreign Minister lashed out against Ankara for providing “all forms of support” to the Syrian rebels. The practice defies Kofi Annan’s peace plan to end bloodshed in Syria.
Walid al-Moallem.: Turkey "provides them with weapons; helps set up bases and supports their illegal movement into the Syrian territory. Annan has told me his plan would bring a complete disarmament to Syria. How is this possible if Turkey continues supplying rebels with weapons and transiting insurgency?"

As stated yesterday, and will be said again, Turkey has no intention of blocking the flow of NATO backed terrorists and arms into Syria.

Update begins:  Russia says Syria ceasefire success in opposition's hands

"The Syrian government has declared it will cease fire as of 6 a.m. on April 12. Now it's up to the armed opposition," Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said on Twitter. "Those are the conditions of the Annan plan."


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    1. Hey felix

      thanks for leaving that :)

      as opposed to what is shown in the RT video?
      Which really looks like an armed encampment...
      Which it is

  2. my letter to todayszaman:

    Hello todayszman

    I read your article on syrians fleeing syria,

    'Speaking to reporters travelling with him during his official visit to China, Erdoğan said Turkey may consider invoking NATO's fifth article to protect Turkish national security in the face of increasing tension along the Syrian border. His comments came after four Syrians who fled to Turkey from the violence in Syria were killed by Syrian forces targeting refugees on the Turkish side of the border on Monday.
    “NATO has a responsibility to protect Turkish borders,” said Erdoğan, signaling that Turkey may officially ask NATO members to apply Article 5 of the NATO Charter, which says that an attack on any member shall be considered to be an attack on all, if the situation in Syria becomes a serious enough threat to Turkish national security'

    But as you know that’s not what happened:

    The AP reported on that shooting:
    The soldiers were believed to be firing at rebels who tried to escape to the refugee camp after ambushing a Syrian military checkpoint, killing six soldiers, according to the Britain-based activist group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

    'Rebels' is a code for 'insurgents'.
    So why does your article not mention these 'refugees' were violent insurgents using Turkey as a base to launch raids ON syria and kill syrians?
    Is this an eg of the press ethics your media pretends to uphold?
    Its clear Turkeys Erdogan hopes to bring NATO forces to attack its neighbor Syria...Does Todayszaman want to be party to an aggressive invasion and murder on a massive scale?


    1. Hey Brian
      good commentary
      was this on the website
      and did it get published
      I have been working on getting a comment through @ Gulf News
      and not isn't getting through

      Just like here in the West!
      Which goes to show what a tyranny we really live in here in the 'free' west

    2. Brian,

      Good point re the usage of "rebel." I too have probably been sloppy using this terminology. At least the paper isn't using "activist" like most of the Western press was using.

      But I don't understand the hostility to this one paper. This is the same paper I linked to the other day, right? Were you familiar with it before? It does seem to be pro-gov.-of-Turkey (i.e. pro-Western), but it has reported unique facts, like the facts I pointed to the other day.

      Erdogen is claiming China and Russia have moved closer to his position, and that Turkey will seek a resolution, that they are engaging in diplomacy to overthrow the Syrian gov., and that they have plans to provide a humanitarian corridor.

      You're right that most media are not reporting the law of borders and the fact that Syria has a right to defend itself, even to pursue fleeing attackers. The todayszaman is not unique in this regard. In fact, Turkey appears the country that is committing violations as it harbors terrorists attacking Syria and may even be supporting them.

      I don't understand the unwillingness to accept negative facts. I wish the Russians were doing more to stand up to the West. I wish Turkey and Erdogen would fall on their faces and not be successful in attacking Syria. But this is where it appears to be heading.

      So, yeah, it's possible this journal is lying, specifically about Russian and Chinese diplomatic efforts. But I suspect they are telling the truth. Russia and China probably are moving closer to Turkey's position.

  3. Just noticed this recent CNN video on perp Paul Conroy's how he escaped from Homs.
    How's Edith Bouvier getting on I wonder?

    1. Love the sound effects and the long wistful look from our hero at the end. The story is getting a bit old; he'll be looking for a new job soon.
      Did you see this old youtube I posted a while back-
      CNN Fake Newscast Best Quality same old CNN

      I found this recent video of the lovely Edith Bouvier: Edith Bouvier, journalist. She comes across as having a lot more integrity than Conroy, maybe less keen to play the game. A few curiosities: she was given lots of blood (facilities for matching?) and kept in constant traction (if true why wasn't that shown in the propaganda vids, as clearly it would have enhanced the effect), there were many lies told about her condition and predicament, she would have liked to have been rescued by the Red Crescent but somehow they couldn't get through (or otherwise kept from her). Nothing was said about her motorcycle escape.

      This interview hasn't received much coverage, unlike Conroys'. Apparently she has closed her twitter account. Maybe Gallier could chime in about how its playing in France?

    2. felix, freethinker:

      more videos- Aargh!

      Gallier, if your around pop in and tell us how the media is spinning the Syrian situation

      Since France is so luck to be endowed with whatshisname?!
      Bernard Henri Levy..
      the 'philosopher'
      Or so the zionist media keeps telling us?

    3. Yes Pen, more videos, more books, more articles and less time. Just think how great it will be when we get to have our brain-implants - or perhaps not.

    4. Sorry Penn, I haven't really followed the mainstream media on that subject and with upcoming presidential elections, nothing else really matters.
      On Egalité&Réconciliation there were several videos of interviews with Thierry Messan and he essentially says the same thing as you.

      As for Bernard Henri Botul (his nickname since the "Botul" story where he fell for a crude hoax I prefer to abstain as I won't be able to find crude enough words in english to reflect what I think of him.

    5. Oh My Goodness Gallier that is just hilarious
      It could not have happened to a more appropriate individual
      Since the man is not a philosopher!
      He is a propagandist.
      I have read some of his stuff and there was zero indication to me he was a thinker- at all.
      He seems more to be a mouthpiece for a specific agenda- a racist one- one of entitlement and really almost promoting of a genocidal doctrine
      In other words anything I ever read written by home read like zionist/racist diatribe dressed up in fancy words
      Sound about right to you Gallier?

      from the NYT's article

      "For the debut of his latest weighty title, “On War in Philosophy,” the French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy made the glossy spreads of French magazines with his trademark panache: crisp, unbuttoned white Charvet shirts, golden tan and a windswept silvery mane of hair.

      But this glamorous literary campaign was suddenly marred by an absolute philosophical truth: Mr. Lévy backed up the book’s theories by citing the thought of a fake philosopher. In fact, the sham philosopher has never been a secret, and even has his own Wikipedia entry.

      In the uproar that followed over the rigors of his research, Mr. Lévy on Tuesday summed up his situation with one e-mailed sentence: “My source of information is books, not Wikipedia.”

      Funny, I had him pegged right didn't I
      Even before I read that

    6. You're absolutly right about your description of this pompous ass. The only person even worse than him is his wife Arielle Dombasle.
      Here some links for your enjoyment.

    7. Thanks for that Bouvier video, Freethinker. Of course, it is all BS and she has mugged up the improbable story well.
      I wonder what really happened?

  4. No brain implant for me!!
    Just another mode of control by the elites

  5. FYI
    support for Assad:

  6. The Syrian Sunni clerical leadership supports the Syrian government and opposes the uprising. That is not news. But on 10 and 11 April 2012 many senior Syrian muftis gathered in Damascus and reaffirmed it. Here's some news coverage of that:

    Posted by: Parviziyi | Apr 12, 2012 5:22:22 PM | 17

    In the above news story the opposition spokesman Burhan Ghalioun is quoted saying to Agence France-Presse today, Thursday: "We call on the people to demonstrate and express themselves... The right to demonstrate is a principle point of the [Annan] plan." Okay, let's look at this Friday's street demonstrations turnout size across Syria. If the size is smallish, any neutral observer should infer that the opposition to the government has only smallish support on the ground. The turnout size can be observed from videos at Youtube (and as I mentioned once before an anti-government website which collects and organizes the videos of demonstrations is ).

    Posted by: Parviziyi | Apr 12, 2012 11:06:52 AM | 11