Saturday, May 5, 2012

As more bombs explode the Syrian election draws closer

Monday is the day. I mentioned this earlier this week. Syria's election is this Monday.
The elections are clearly the reason for the surge in terror attacks on the Syrian populace.
The NATO backed terrorists are terrorizing the Syrians from participating in their election.
Three separate explosions today!
Again in Aleppo and Damascus-  Syria's two biggest cities, both supportive of the government and elections.
It is no wonder these cities are being targeted by terrorists

Explosions hits Syria's major cities

An explosion killed at least three people in Aleppo, and two blasts hit a Damascus highway on Saturday in further signs that rebels fighting to topple President Bashar al-Assad are shifting tactics explosives.

"Three people had been killed, one of them a child, and 21 had been wounded by a booby-trapped car in the northern city of Aleppo"

A member of the rebel Free Syrian Army claimed responsibility for the bombing, saying that the carwash was used by members of a pro-Assad militia. “We placed a bomb inside a car,” said the rebel, Ali al-Halabi. He said seven people were killed. 

Aleppo, Syria’s largest city and its commercial capital, has been spared the worst of a conflict.....

In Damascus, two bombs that had been planted under cars detonated on a central highway, destroying nine vehicles and leaving a crater in the street, according to residents and an Associated Press reporter. The number of casualties was unclear.
That is until it got closer to the election. Then everything heated up!

Ready, Steady Vote: Syria's set for parliamentary elections

video above

The Syrian people are preparing to cast their votes in Monday`s parliamentary elections, which will be held under the new constitution stipulating a multi-party system in the country.
More than 7,000 candidates from 12 political parties, including the ruling Baath Party, will compete for the 250 seats in the parliament.

Millions of Syrians get ready for parliamentary elections

Syrian cities have already been decked with banners and posters of the candidates who have posted slogans under their photos revealing parts of their electoral programs.

Syrians hope the upcoming elections can bring peace to the country and pave the way for further reforms. 



  1. I've heard on the independent radio news that the 'violence' has intensified today (Sunday) as predicted!

    aka Marty

  2. new perp alert- Ole Solvang of the discredited Human Rights Watch (aka Regime Change Push) has popped up in a YouTube video,[big push circa May 3] also on the HRW site and, surprise surprise, has had a big puff in the appalling Guardian. Some comments show that there are some who can see through the fraud of HRW, as perpetrated in Libya. "extra-judicial executions in Taftanaz" allegedly 11 bodies,(19 elsewhere) but HRW doesn't see them only bullet marks in the walls. A very unsatsifactory interview follows. i.e. HRW accepts uncritically.

    This is a standard ICC fit-up, where the evidence is either shaky or non-existent. The old HRW Libyan recipe.
    "heard from people whose relatives were killed. " This is a dangerous report. There is no forensic evidence at all. "In nine separate incidents documented by Human Rights Watch, government forces executed 35 civilians in their custody" - all from witnesses... "shot an burned" Oh yes.

    1. Hey Felix:

      I went and read the guardian "story"
      And some of the comments
      Glad to see some people are tuned into the reality of the situation

      "This is a standard ICC fit-up, where the evidence is either shaky or non-existent."

      I think there is a video up somewhere on the blog that shows how bogus the human rights claims were against Libya

  3. Hey Penny, Off topic - did you heard about what happened in Athens last night? The extreme right wing anarchists got into Parliament - they were ELECTED in - it's only a small number of MPs but its been all over the TV here.

    aka Marty

  4. Hey Marie/Marty!

    I am not surprised at all that violence had amped up. It was expected. The western msm is also spinning, already, about the illegitimate election.....Totally typical stuff

    RE: Greece
    I was unaware of that? Is that a good or bad thing? I wonder what kind of platform they ran on.