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Luka Magnotta: Starting with a US Lawyer and ending.....

The title of the post has been changed to reflect the changing content.


The big news in Canada? Body parts. Porn Stars. Snuff films and murder.
There is something seriously off about this bit of  news. Seriously off.
A lawyer from the US got a conscience and attempted to notify Canadian police about the snuff film posted on line?

Why would a lawyer who obviously partakes in this type of stuff suddenly get a conscience?

Lawyer accuses Toronto police of ignoring alleged murder video tip

 I am quoting the lawyer below: Read the rest of the story at the above link.

Roger Renville, a U.S.-based lawyer, says that on May 26 and May 27, he warned police stations in Toronto, Denver and Miami of a video posted on a website that shares gory content with its viewers.

“The video is horrific and the comments associated with the site prepared the viewer a little but . . . watching the video, I was both horrified and shocked,” he told Global News. 

Where the hell does one even find a site such as that? A site that shares gory content? Unless your in to that stuff? And if your into this garbage, to the extent that you know where to look and find it, why would you get all horrified and shocked?

The alleged Lawyer continues:

“I started doing some snooping online and by late evening (Saturday), I had come across the clues that linked (the video) to the name and Luka Magnotta is notorious on the Internet... ” Renville said, noting that the most recent postings pointed his whereabouts to Toronto.

Started snooping? Snooping for what?  Was he titillated? I don't know? Why was he snooping when by all information he is very well aware of who Luka Magnotta is.

"Luka Magnotta is notorious on the Internet"
 News to me?
"I came across clues that linked the video to the name Luka Magnotta."
Came across clues?

Until this case hit the main stream news, this person was non-existent, anywhere.
How is it that this alleged Lawyer, who peruses sites that contain Gory content, is aware of Luka Magnotta's notoriety on line? Aware of him enough, to connect him to the video?

Also: The alleged lawyer is a buying customer of the website that features the snuff film.
Apparently access to the website, I am not naming, is by membership only.

Clearly the alleged lawyer Roger Renville was a paying member, which means he "got off" on all kinds of sick garbage.

Then he contacts the police?
Risking exposing himself as a  sick degenerate individual ? Possibly ruining his public reputation as a lawyer?

He said the officer insisted the video must be a fake and that special effects can be convincing.
Still, Renville said he understands that officers may have been baffled by his call.

“I heard how I sounded. There’s a murder in a video on the Internet... he asked me how do I know (Magnotta’s) name. I started to say, ‘Well, he’s been on the Internet for years, and he’s killed kittens,” he said. 

So the lawyer pervert Roger Renville, has  known of  Magnotta is "for years". He knows as one sicko to another that Magnotta has previously "killed kittens" on line.

The lawyers tale just doesn't make sense. At all.

And this?

"By Monday night, Renville said he was “so frustrated” his wife had to calm him down, but on Tuesday, Renville noticed reports about a torso in Montreal and severed limbs –

His wife, if he actually has one, should get him some psychiatric help. What was he so "frustrated" about?

Incredibly, he goes to the media with his story?!
He is a sicko, he goes to the media, the media doesn't question his narrative?

I wonder if this story has caught Dave McGowan's eye yet?

Tidbit: Mr Eric Clinton Newman aka Luka Magnotta converted to Scientology 
(anyone playing the Mkultra game is fully aware of the connections of Scientology to the human experimentation, mind control, cult  goings on that was especially abundant in the California area)
Tidbit # 2: Mr Eric Clinton Newman aka Luka Magnotta is very familiar with the Peterborough, Ontario neck of the woods. 

Peterborough and Lindsay residents should keep their eyes out for Magnotta as he feels comfortable in both communities.
We're going to take a trip down memory lane. To recall a dungeon house that was conveniently and totally destroyed, contents and evidence cleansed by fire roughly 6 months ago,  in Pickering, Ontario Approximately,  a 1 hour drive away from communities where Newman/Magnotta "feels comfortable"

This is speculative, but given his connection to the area and the act of dismemberment, one can't help but wonder if there was a connection to the mysterious dungeon house and it's equally mysterious fire.

The dungeon house and fire was covered over three posts
Part 1:  The Dungeon house, cleansed by fire, stands no more.
Part 2: The dungeon house, the fire and the questions
Part 3: Video Equipment at the Dungeon House

Are loose ends being tied up?


Canadian murder suspect arrested in Berlin

 German newspaper Bild has reported 29-year-old Canadian "porn actor' Luka Rocco Magnotta was arrested in Berlin. Magnotta is accused of videotaping a gruesome murder before posting it to the Internet.

Quote "So far, there is little evidence Luka Rocco Magnotta was a prominent gay porn star, a legitimate model or that he ever dated serial killer Karla Homolka" 

 The problem of  little or no evidence has never stopped the main stream media from creating a narrative

Back to the news of an arrest- Police sources confirm Magnotta was arrested Monday in an internet café in Berlin's Neukölln district.
Berlin Prosecutors' spokesperson Martin Steltner told the Associated Press news agency that a man wanted on an international arrest warrant was arrested in an Internet café, but would not confirm the identity of the person apprehended.
An international arrest warrant was issued by Canadian authorities on first-degree murder. He is suspected of killing 33-year-old Jun Lin, a Chinese university student he dated, and then mailing the victim's dismembered body parts to Canadian government agencies.
More to come.

More on the backtracking that began yesterday:
All weekend it was non stop story telling, to suck the irrational audience in.

- Montreal police backtracked Thursday on comments they had made confirming alleged killer Luka Rocco Magnotta had dated Karla Homolka

-Timing would have been difficult. Homolka was released in July 2005 and lived in Montreal, while Magnotta is only known to have been in this city for the last four months. She was apparently dating Thierry Bordelais during that time, had a child with him, and then moved to the Caribbean about December 2007, tired of being hounded by Montreal media.

Five years from when Homolka was last resident in Montreal to Magnotta/Newman taking up residence in Montreal. Why did the Montreal Police "confirm" a connection???

Magnotta/Newman filed for bankruptcy in 2007

-Accused killer Luka Magnotta was an unemployed server with no reported income when he declared bankruptcy in 2007.
-The bankruptcy documents filed in Mississauga, Ont., do little to support Magnotta/Newman alleged internet boasting
-The bankruptcy was fully discharged in December 2007.

On the surface, it appears there's strong circumstantial evidence against Magnotta, Hale said Monday.
Asked about the intense publicity the case has received in Canada, Rosen said the media has "significantly prejudiced" Magnotta's right to a fair trial. While that won't prevent a trial from happening, it will mean that jurors have to be vetted carefully to ensure they haven't formed an opinion, he said.

"You got me" Thanks HHQ for leaving this news article

"With the help of Magnotta's cell phone signal, police had traced him to a hotel in the Parisian suburb of Bagnolet which they visited Saturday on a tip-off from a witness"
He didn't discard the cellphone?

The murder came to light when Canadian police said Tuesday that a human foot had been sent to the headquarters of Canada's ruling Conservative Party.

A hand was later found in the mail at an Ottawa post office, and a torso was discovered in Montreal. Canadian police believe the remains belong to a man who was dating Magnotta - and that Magnotta is to blame.
The connection of the foot to the victim in Montreal should be confirmed via forensics. Has it been?
"Canadian police believe"? 
Will this belief be backtracked on at a later date?
This individual was living in some dive in Montreal... How was he able to fly from Canada to France, then make his way to Germany, where he was taken down quite quietly in an Internet Cafe ?

UPDATE # 3- June 6/2012 

Back to where this all started last week. The lawyer and the online video. It was the lawyer that connected Newman/Magnotta to the killing of the Concordia student. He claims he was able to do so by watching an online video on a so called Gore website.
 I have not seen the video. Nor do I intend to.
The brain, like the body, is best served a healthy diet.
That's right.. Garbage in, Garbage out.
If you fill your brain with garbage, you will only be capable of garbage thoughts, which will result in garbage actions. That is how the brain works.
Rant over!

Let's get back to the film. The police claim they have the film in question and it is the correct film.
So, let's read a description of the film

"The video entitled “1 lunatic 1 ice pick” shows a person in a black hoodie stabbing an Asian man multiple times. The hooded figure later dismembers the body and commits sexual acts with the severed remains."
Man in  a hoodie. Hooded figure commits crime.

From this article

 A person dressed in a purple hooded jacket or sweater, leaning over while holding what appears to be an ice pick. His or her face is mostly obscured — the only details that can be made out are the individual’s light skin, dark hair of cheekbone length and a poster for the movie Casablanca on the wall.

How was the connection made from a hooded figure with an obscured face to Newman/Magnotta?

Posting on the gore website says this

“Thorough investigation by the Best Gore community lead to an assumption that the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick perpetrator could be a renowned cat killer and internet attention whore Luka Magnotta,” the website reads.
 Also noticing the media is using the term alleged video that connects... They were not using the word alleged over the weekend.

Body parts appeared in British Columbia, which isn't really all that startling, as they appear on beaches and along the coast quite regularly. This time the parts were mailed to two schools.The media is spinning a possible connection to the Magnotta/Newman case.  Is there? Is there not? Assume nothing.

Magnotta/Newman "fearing for his life"

Luka Rocco Magnotta's German court-appointed lawyer says her client is "afraid he will be attacked by other prisoners" inside a Berlin jail because media reports make him out to be a "really, really bad person."
Magnotta has been transferred to an old Berlin prison where he is kept separate from other prisoners 23 hours a day, Evelyn Ascher told the CBC in an interview.

The lawyer also told reporters that Magnotta was "nice and polite" and didn't seem like the "psychopath" she read about.

Magnotta, 29, was transferred to a Berlin prison Tuesday after spending a night in a police station holding cell following his arrest Monday. He was arrested by seven Berlin police officers after an internet cafe employee spotted the fugitive reading stories about himself online.
UPDATE  # 4- JUNE 9/2012

The lack of details on the victims family are quite shocking.
No idea who they are. That is odd.
The fact that he is a foreign student here indicates to me he is from a well to do family.
The media suggests otherwise, but, that doesn't make sense. Tuition for foreign students is, at a bare minimum, 3 to 4 times the cost, of what it is for the domestic student.
From Concordia

The fees, payable to the University for the regular session of two terms commencing in September
and concluding in April, are approximately $18,220 to $21,688 for a full‑time student. This amount
includes tuition fees for 30 credits; compulsory fees which include student services, recreation and
athletics, technology infrastructure, copyright and association and activity fees; administration fee;
registration fees; and the health insurance premium. This estimate does not include the cost of
textbooks or living expenses.
Please refer to the Tuition and Fees website at for
information concerning the payment of tuition and fees.

A Chinese family with the money to send a son to school in another country is an affluent family.
His job at the store, part time, was likely for some extra spending money... perhaps over and above what he was provided with by his parents or someone?

Here is an interview with a friend of Lin Jun.

Curious coincidence The friend was in France when  Lin Jun went missing.

 When Lin went missing, his friend that gave the interview to CBC, was in France. In Paris, if I am not mistaken. And where does Magnotta/Newman fly to, after allegedly committing this crime? He flies to France. Paris, France. Where it is reported he meets with at least two people. One known as "collusus" One unnamed.
Briefly recapping

Using cellphone signals along with witnesses and video surveillance, police in Paris zeroed in on a series of apartments, hotels and bars

He also stayed in the Bastille neighbourhood and in the Clichy-la-Garenne district with a friend, who called police after hearing of the manhunt, according to the French newspaper Le Figaro.

Who was the friend? Could it have been Lin's friend Matty? I don't know? It's possible.
Then we have another individual-
He was in the company of a large man the paper nicknamed La Colosse – colossus.
Back to the narrative from the only friend that spoke to the media-

Matty told Finnerty that he was in France when Lin went missing. His other friends reported him missing to police, but they initially told them not to worry.
 It was only when they (the friends?) saw the video of Lin's dismemberment on the internet that they identified him as the victim. They (they who?)contacted police once again to tell them of their discovery.

The  friend :
"In the circles he hung around in – a lot of his friends are from rich families in China, and are sent over, their families support them," said Finnerty. "[Justin's] mom is in Wuhan and does not have a lot of money"
His friends are all from rich families..... But Lin Jun's mom doesn't have a lot of money?

Recall the cost of the tuition. Recall the fact that he only worked part time in a convenience store.
If his mom does not have money. How about his dad? Or was he getting money elsewhere?

 Then as if to answer the question everyone is asking "Why the lack of information on Lin Jun?"

"Finnerty told me that one reason there have been few reports on Lin's life is suspicion of the media among his friends. "It is very difficult to get [his friends] to step forward," Finnerty said. "It's been next to impossible to speak to his family. His mother and father and one uncle are here, but they haven't spoken to the media. None of the friends have either, that I know of."

I find the lack of information really curious.

 One last thing....

"None of Lin's friends had ever met the murder suspect, Luka Magnotta, or ever heard Lin speak of him, Finnerty said."


  1. I wondered the very same thing Penny, and thought that something weird and diversionary is going on in the news lately. In the US you had a man attack a homeless man and eat 70% of his face off, before being thankfully terminated. Then you had another crazed individual, stab himself 50 times, cutting pieces of his own intestines off and hurling them at the police. The police, emptied two canisters of mace on the perpetrator without effect. Now we have a psycho with three aliases on the loose reportedly for filming a snuff flick, committing murder(s) and mailing body parts to the officials in the Canadian government. It's almost as if the combined and sustained mental onslaught is sending a message not to trust your fellow citizens. These incidents are being propagated as drug-related, but just as easily they can be programmed sleepers, wound up and unleashed at opportune moments.

    Newman/Romanov/Magnotta kind of smells like a put-up job like whats happening in Syria. Where the media is propagating that children and babies are being knifed and slaughtered, while the good old BBC recycles Iranian corpse footage and sells it as the bodies of Syrian children. The way I mean this in the Magnotta case is just as you allude, that Magnotta is being sold as the sole, lone-nutter perpetrator complete with a backstory. The added touch highlighting the murder of kittens, seems to try and wrest a visceral, emotional reaction from the readers of this story. I'm not in any way saying that Magnotta's not involved in any of this, quite the contrary, as I believe that like many, many serial or lurid high-profile cases that he was not working alone. I suspect the time-honoured tradition of scapegoating a patsy to protect an operation is afoot here.

    There's some serious attempts to divert people's attention with these suddenly and sustained horrors in the news the past few days, and I feel there maybe indeed be worse to come. There's another banker's bailout being readied by President Evil, Israel setting in motion moves for proxy war with Syria and Iran, drones being deployed with talks of arming them and an assassin Czar who engineers the murder of American citizens. Then you have a bank run in Spain which will domino fall on Italy, France and so on until the Rothschild Ponzi scheme has collapsed on itself. There's a lot that needs diverting from, as you can see, orchestrated covertly by the demon-infested powers that be.

    There's more than meets the eye in this Magnotta case as will be revealed. We definitely need McGowan and Stefano (a great researcher who picks up where Dave left off on programmed serial killers Programmed to Kill/Satanic Cover-Up) on this case to be sure.


    - HHQ

  2. Holy Mackeral HHQ:

    There is most definitely something going on here!!
    This lawyer is the connector between Magnotta/Newman and the murder.

    He is portraying the role of eyewitness. Via the net. Quite convenient.

    The Lawyers story is not credible, at all.
    But no one is questioning it.

    I smell a patsy. Right now I am wagering this individual, will wind up dead.

    I do sense a distraction and of course rule by fear and terror. The msm is happy to print every filthy detail.

  3. I got a feeling that this was some kind of distraction tactic planted in the media, but then I got to thinking that maybe the 'porn star' that is on the loose has some info. on maybe, a Bildenberger, and this news is sent out like a message to those in the 'know', that the gay porn star or whoever he really is, is about to be taken out of the picture. Maybe...just

    aka Marty

    1. Hey Marie/Marty

      I think it is a distraction, most definitely
      Massive protest in quebec, austerity, the Harper government clearly used underhanded tactics to steal the election
      The discontent is growing and boom big distraction

      I also think this porn star knew something and rather then kill him quietly, you know drug overdose, single car accident we are going to get a big drama

      All the stuff posted on line by this guy?
      Doesn't mean it was him who posted it.
      I have updated my post to include a story about a dungeon house that was found and quickly and mysteriously burned to the ground..

      If the porn actor was in the video.. acting
      Who was filming the action?
      Did someone pay for the actors work and the filming?
      The media is not asking those questions?

  4. Strange story - why send bodyparts to government unless there's one or two with 'Dutroux' type secrets.

    He contacted Toronto which is near that derelict house with the secure room that burnt down earlier this year, or the end of last. I think it was Xmas time.

    You posted about it.

    Oddly Vladimir Romanov is also the name of the major shareholder of Heart of Midlothian FC.


    1. Aferrismoon:

      Vladimir Romanov is the major shareholder of
      HEART of Midlothian FC

      The package that went to the Conservative had a heart on it!
      A message?

    2. FYI: from the story in the post

      "Meanwhile in Ottawa, a Canada Post mail carrier delivered a white box with a red heart scribbled on top to staff at the Conservative party headquarters just blocks away from Parliament Hill. "

      From Aferrismoon
      Heart of Midlothian FC

      Heart of Midlothian Football Club (more commonly known as Hearts) are a Scottish professional football club based in Gorgie, in the west of Edinburgh. They currently play in the Scottish Premier League and are one of the two principal clubs in the city, the other being Hibernian. Russian-Lithuanian businessman and banker Vladimir Romanov has been the major shareholder of Hearts since he bought Chris Robinson's stake in 2005

      The porn star uses the name of the banker, the body parts package has a heart on it. The banker, whose name the porn star sometimes uses, owns the "Hearts" Football club

      Would their be the Dutroux types in amongst the Canadian government? Why not?

  5. Wow, very Hannibal Lecter Penny.

    I'm not convinced there is anything fishy about the lawyer. Apparently that website had a wide variety of uncensored stuff not available on MSM. That doesn't necessarily mean snuff films or sick porno stuff - maybe it had stuff, like perhaps police brutality, that a human rights lawyer would have a legitimate interest in. Which of us doesn't try and look beyond the MSM?

    There is a phone interview with him here, and a brief (and interesting) CV here - not your typical lawyer. Perhaps I'm a lousy judge of character but I'm inclined to take him at face value.

    Otherwise the story is very odd indeed. It feels like it has been story-boarded - who next is going to be the lucky winner of a body-part and what will the prize be? Stay tuned for the next episode.

    Are the other 2 bizarre episodes that HHQ mentioned connected, has someone been distributing some MK-Ultra style psychotropic drugs around?

    1. The thing that bothers me about the lawyer is he claims to be aware of the notoriety of the perp. And aware of him for a while.... knew of his previous kitten killing?

      The site he was on is a membership only site.

      That is a bit bothersome. Still I understand what your saying.

      But, why send the body parts?
      Why the heart on the box?
      Why the same name as a bankster/oligarch as a pseudonym?

      All the stuff that is being claimed was posted by him online
      There is no way of knowing it was really him.
      There even connecting this guy to Stormfront, for goodness sakes?!

      Almost as if the intent is to associate him with everything sordid/evil.
      from porn to killing kittens to racism.
      As if stormfront would associate/support a gay/porn actor?
      The attempt to paint him as evil is over the top
      If this guy doesn't meet his demise via "suiciding" or a hail of bullets, I will be most surprised.

    2. I got the impression that the lawyer started digging around after he saw the snuff film, not that he had prior knowledge of the perp, but maybe I wasn't paying attention. I absolutely agree that there will be someone else involved, pulling the strings, a 'handler'.

  6. Jings, here's another case: Alexander Kinyua says he ate brain, heart of murdered housemate Have the zombies taken over?

    1. Interesting in that case, their is university association.
      In the Newman/Magnotta case the victim attended Concordia University.

      FYI: Concordia University was the site of one of the biggest school shootings in Canadian history.

  7. Hmm... I was wondering the other day why there are so many zombie movies lately. I doubt it's an accident. Knowing how controlled Hollywood is and how it's a crucial mechanism for pushing societal memes I have no doubt there's a reason for it. The obvious thought is that it's a basic inculcation in inhumanity. That is, we're all being prepped (in a sideways fashion) for how we are to view the unwashed masses when the cops are mowing them down. Zombie movies are basically all about mass extermination.

    But what if it was much more precise than that? What if the coming UFO invasion was a red herring? What if the threat is to be an actual zombie threat? Ie. they name it as such. And no, there are no actual zombies. Instead there's merely art-directed MK drones behaving like them. And then all puffed up in the media into a huge threat, and thus giving the govt carte blanche to shoot whomever with a coverall excuse ready to be rolled out.

    After all you have to kill zombies. I can imagine graphic news footage of a blood-spattered, severed-arm-waving bloke being riddled with bullets by black-armoured swat nazis, and the newsreader saying, "In a bizarre scene that was like a zombie movie come to life..."

    I know it sounds far fetched but if one can imagine it then, provide the masses have an image/thought/memory to plug it into that's all it takes. That's precisely what Hollywood did with Arab terrorists which were pretty much made from whole cloth and otherwise imagined into reality. With MKULTRA the 'thought' of zombies qualifies as do-able. The thought is father to the reality. Besides which, it's no more far-fetched than a UFO invasion.

    Anyway, it's a thought. And... that's all it takes.

    1. Yikes, just imagine the student protesters if sprayed with this zombie cocktail!

      Although it sounds far fetched it would be much simpler than the fake UFO invasion. Some scopolamine (strangely recent story, or older- Scopolamine: "Zombie drug") plus some military grade aggression enhancer, plus the (microwave or ultrasonic) voice in the head projectors should do the trick.

    2. Anonymous 244:

      The sad thing is...
      Your scenario is not that far fetched, sure it sounds that way now, but, how did the Western audience get so scared of Russians during the cold war?

      Reinforcement of propaganda via msm and hollywood
      Same as the Arab people.
      So why not zombies?
      I was actually thinking with the use of drones, coming to the western world for "law enforcement"..
      They could be used to keep us all safe from zombies..
      A thought is really all it takes

    3. Freethinker:

      "The drug also has history as a sort of truth serum administered in interrogation environments -- it was used by the CIA in the 1960s, during the MKULTRA program."


  8. I can't help wanting to post my point of view. As someone who has been following this case, and an animal rights activist, I can say that there is plenty online regarding the past activity of Luka Magnotta. Search him on youtube and just read for awhile. You will see that he himself engineered his entire presense online. He was indeed identified by an animal rights group who did as much investigating as they could in order to bring charges of animal cruelty to this person. Animal rights advocates are all over the world, and galvanize to locate perpetrators of animal killings by those uploading such videos onto the Web. They have found and brought to jusitice many people making cruelty videos with animals. This is common knowledge for those of us involved in animal rights. Magnotta is well-known to many, I assure you. I believe Magnotta himself to be the sole perpetrator of everything we have seen regarding his psychotic behavior. I futher believe that people who suspect the lawyer, et al, of being involved in this crime on a deeper, sinister level, are simply trying to further embellish the story. It is clear to me, as someone new to this type of view, that these are the ones who are, indeed, sensationalizing the story. If it were true that these stories were engineered by outside parties, then we would have to assume that all past insane criminal behavior was also just a ploy by the powers that be. It's not logical to me. Maybe it is a correct observation that there is an unfair emphasis placed on this murder while horrific events toward person are taking place all over the world. But it is only an observation. It is possible that the lawyer trolls gore sites looking for evidence of actual murders to report them? I think Magnotta has you all eating right from his hand because he is creating all this imaginary conspiracy type thinking. I'm not a profiler, but it seems quite clear to me that he wants fame and has extreme mental conditions that cause to him compulsively to commit acts of unspeakable horror. He needs to be caught now so we can recover from his shocking behavior. The lawyer brought it to the attention to the police. While I find the gore sites to be disgusting, it's a far cry from commiting murder, etc.

    As for the other acts of cannibalism, it is very strange. OK, that's all I can stand of this. BTW, I am only a middle aged woman who has spent too much time on my computer from being ill recently.

    1. Anonymous:

      thanks for the commentary.
      Your as entitled to your opinion as anyone else.

      "Sensationalizing" this story?
      The sum total of blog posts dedicated to this story is one.
      So that seems quite a strange claim.

      The media has sensationalized the story.
      How many stories have you seen on the Magnotta drama?
      The media want you to be drawn in
      They media you to think exactly what you are thinking.
      The media wants you to think he is narcissistic and is looking for attention
      That is the narrative the media is giving you.

      "You will see that he himself engineered his entire presense online."

      No, I wouldn't see that. It is entirely possible his online presence was engineered by someone else.
      Unless you actually witnessed Magnotta sitting at a computer/laptop/tablet, whatever posting the online materials. You cannot see/ witness or verify that Magnotta created the online presence.

      "He needs to be caught now so we can recover from his shocking behavior."

      Why do we need to "recover" from his shocking behaviour?
      When the vast majority of us, the vast, vast majority of us would have zero knowledge of his behaviour if not for the media??

      'I think Magnotta has you all eating right from his hand because he is creating all this imaginary conspiracy type thinking."

      Rather then myself or others eating out of Magnotta's hand..
      It seems that you are eating out of the media's hand
      Hence your need to recover?
      I feel no need to recover.

  9. Just an FYI:
    I have been paying attention to the news
    there has been no confirmation of the foot sent to the Conservative party being linked to the Chinese Concordia student.

    The foot was sent away for forensics

    Has anyone else seen anything?

  10. Good lady Penny, here's some new items on Magnotta from sources imparting some intriguing details on his background. The US/UK press are all regurgitating the same tripe over and over again, heavy on the kitten killer angle. One thing for sure, the lurid MSM sensationalism all but removed the Montreal Student's Strike from the news didn't it? Perhaps that was part of the goal, or maybe merely capitalised on, either way it submerged it.

    • Magnotta has a history of trying to disappear, and has had plastic surgery on his face - apparently to look more like James Dean. He also often wears lipstick and makeup, has dyed his hair and worn wigs, and sometimes dresses up as a woman.

    • He made a 2009 posting on the Internet offering advice on how to vanish and never be found. "A minimum of four months is really necessary to carry out the heroic actions necessary to leave your old life behind," he reportedly wrote. He said a person must withdraw from all social circles, possess two sets of false identification papers, convert all assets to cash and then take a bus to a chosen destination, after selling a car somewhere else to mislead police.

    • The victim, a student identified as Lin Jun, had been "in a relationship" with the porn actor, according to Montreal police.

    • French police had launched "targeted searches" for Magnotta after Canadian investigators said he boarded a France-bound plane on May 26 in Montreal. With the help of Magnotta's cell phone signal, police had traced him to a hotel in the Parisian suburb of Bagnolet which they visited Saturday on a tip-off from a witness, a police source said Sunday.

    • He said he'd traveled around the world as a "high end" escort and had the opportunity to meet influential people.

    • In an alleged 2010 MySpace posting Magnotta allegedly stated, “I first realized I was truly sick when I started hearing voices,” also written on the site: “I was in the park and I just heard screams and people talking in my ear.” Yet another interesting comment was “I travel the world, ride around in limos” and have “come a long way from eating out of old pizza boxes on the streets.”

    • Magnotta, who lived in Paris in 2010 but does not speak French well, was reportedly sighted in the presence of a large man the French media have dubbed "le Colosse." [The Colossus] It was said they tried to "pick up" two men.


  11. 'Magnotta, who lived in Paris in 2010 but does not speak French well, was reportedly sighted in the presence of a large man the French media have dubbed "le Colosse." [The Colossus] It was said they tried to "pick up" two men.'

    Yet apparently he spoke to the Internet shop employee in French , in Berlin.


  12. Exclusive Commentary: Luka Rocco Magnotta, Name Change Analysis / Elite connections:
    "...I believe this name is VERY SIGNIFICANT to the mindset of this individual and to those bank rolling his world travels.
    Magnotta was in fact born in Scarborough, Ontario, as Eric Clinton Newman.

    1. Hey Freethinker
      Saw that one too.

      Someone is bankrolling his travels

      I think I mention in the post his name is Newman

      Freethinker, I have updated today including descriptions of the video
      dark and hooded
      they are calling the video "alleged" in the news
      the gorewebsite is using the word assumption

      Montreal police have backpedalled away from the Homolka connection.
      They "misspoke"
      things are not what they seem

    2. I hadn't realized before that the villain in the snuff film was wearing a hoody. How then was the identification made? I read somewhere that Newman had complained of being harassed by animal rights activists (like the lawyer?).

      Is there any sense to be made of this, is it just a senseless distraction, a grisly melodrama, a Danse Macabre for the Bilderburgers and associated elites, perhaps demonstrating some new drug?

  13. Glad to read that I'm not the only one who thinks this is all a bit suspect!
    The way Magnotta has been described- fraudster, serial killer admirer and lover, kitten killer, white supremacist, porn actor, escort, stripper- talk about covering your bases to make someone look unpopular.
    As well as no one questioning the lawyer's story, no one seems to be questioning the fact that the video '1 lunatic 1 ice pick' had been mentioned (referred to, by this title) on a forum on May 16th-
    - Lin Jun showed up for work on the 24th?!
    Curiouser and curiouser!

    1. Wow. and isn't that curious

      "The 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick Video

      Postby anonymousgirl4 » Wed May 16, 2012 1:05 am
      Firstly , dont worry I am NOT posting graphic details or links to the video, I am just curious as to what would possess somebody to do this type of crime? There is a video of a guy around aged 20 from San Fransisco, he apparently made real snuff films that depict cannabilisim and necrophilia along with the murder. I am doing research on this and I would VERY much appreciate any and all the advice and help you could give me. Is he a psychopath or Anti Social or what? I know we dont have a lot of details but based on the crime its self. Thanks in advance."

      And then, as you stated

      Just like he had done every shift since he began working at the Verdun dépanneur last August, Lin Jun showed up promptly at noon on May 24 and worked diligently during his five-hour shift.

      therefore, if this is the same video
      the victim in the video cannot be Lin Jun


  14. Breaking news

    The foot found in Montreal is plastic

    Montreal police now say the foot found in the Notre Dame de Grace district was plastic — not a real human foot as they had first announced.

    A passerby reported the discovery to police at 7:38 a.m., Const. Yannick Ouimet said.

    While police originally said it had been confirmed as a real human foot, they later backtracked, saying it was in fact plastic.

    Why did Montreal police say it was a real human foot,when they KNEW it was plastic? THey would have had to?
    What is going on?

    At a later date will the body parts in BC turn out to be plastic?

    Perhaps a psychological operations is taking place in Canada?

  15. I got the impact that the attorney began burrowing around after he saw the snuff movie, not that he had understanding of the perp, but maybe I wasn't concentrating.

    personal injury lawyer milwaukee

    1. The problem with the lawyer "identifying" magnotta newman is the perp was wearing some time of hooding
      descriptions of the video make clear the face was obscured

  16. Oh boy, i like a good conspiracy just as the next guy but there is some really bad investigation going on here. I just felt the need to reply, being someone who likes to visit gore websites from time to time (they show mostly pics of people involved in horrific accidents, sometimes murder scenes and an occasional video, which i must admit i can never watch because of sounds, real time issues etc)

    The reason is somewhat of a confrontational nature, human mortality makes me less afraid of death, more acceptable of my own and plain curiosity. Different people have different reasons to visit gore sites, but most of us are not crazy or violent so i guess that lawyer is someone like me. The website you are referring to in this article is just a regular site btw named BestGore, no membership is required (1)

    More than a year ago someone posted two video's of themselves killing kittens on YT and since even the most 'crazy gore lovers' hate scum who attacks innocent little creatures that particular website did not post the video but instead posted stills of the video's with clues and asked anyone who recognizes anything to come forward and expose the mofo. Together with animal lovers on FB, nerds at 4chan and British paper the Sun they quickly found out the name of the kitten killer, the infamous Luka Magnotta. All of the information was immediately sent to the police, Canadian and British (he was staying in England at the time) with some real concerns about this disturbed individual but the police did nothing. The lawyer knew about all of this because he visited BestGore, just like i did. (2)

    People were slowly forgetting about the maniac, the interwebz community did everything they could but we are not the police, so life goes on, except nobody forgot the most memorable clue / a Casablanca poster on the wall of Luka Magnotta´s room where he killed the kittens. Can you imagine the craziness when the human killing video made it on to BestGore? I don´t think you can / a lot of people said it was fake, i did not watch it because of the creepiness level but as soon as someone posted a still of the Casablanca poster on the wall we all knew his name. It was Magnotta and he really did kill a human, just like he killed the kittens. The lawyer is not the only one who tried to contact the police he is just the only one who went public about it. So you see, that´s a big mistake number 3 and this whole article doesn´t make much sense once you have all of the information.

    You focused too much on the lawyer and instead you should have read the comment above. Someone not only spoke about the video before the killing happened (implicating there were two people murdered in the same fashion) but there are other comments (if you investigate properly) about 2 more murder video´s, Luka´s alleged cousin and a homeless man. I am 100% sure Magnotta left those comments on the web but is it true, do they really exist? Where the F is the police when you need them? Eating donuts instead of taking some IT classes, that´s for sure.

    So, what do you say about all of this? Is there something wrong with me too for visiting those sites? Should i quit my day job and become a private investigator? And please do excuse my inbetween babbling, i am a female after all :)

    1. "but there is some really bad investigation going on here."

      that is in your opinion.

      Why do you feel the need to justify your visits to "gore sites"?

      If you truly feel the need to deal with death partaking of gore and suffering is not necessary. Why don't you volunteer at a hospital or hospice instead? At least it is a productive participation rather then perverted voyeurism that get's you your dopamine shot.

      "More than a year ago someone posted two video's of themselves killing kittens on YT and since even the most 'crazy gore lovers' hate scum who attacks innocent little creatures that particular website did not post the video but instead posted stills of the video's with clues and asked anyone who recognizes anything to come forward and expose the mofo."

      Gore lovers hate seeing kittens killed?
      seems odd.

      And their was a Casablanca poster on the wall of the kittenkiller?

      How many people do you suppose have Casablanca posters?
      How many star struck hollywood movie types in the world?

      According to media reports Magnotta/Newman didn't move to Montreal until recently.
      Therefore videos posted over a year ago would not necessarily be related to video allegedly shot recently in Montreal.

      Casablanca poster and all...

      You claim at the time of the kitten killing Magnotta/Newman was in the UK? Or someone claiming to be Magnotta Newman was in the UK?

      I don't know? Do you, really know?

      "Someone not only spoke about the video before the killing happened.... "

      If you were paying closer attention you would have seen that was already mentioned in the comments that preceded yours.

      Your comment continued

      "(implicating there were two people murdered in the same fashion)"

      Did you mean indicating there two people murdered in the same fashion?

      BTW: the video being posted earlier does not necessarily indicate there were two murders.

      It could indicate the same video was posted at different times for different reasons.

      From all media accounts of the video it seems it would have been impossible to identify either victim or perp

      By that I mean identify the actual persons.
      Not a random movie poster.

      What do I say about your comment?
      See above.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Yes.

      As odd as it seems, everybody hates pathetic weaklings who torture small animals.

      Yes, we did debate about the availability of such a poster. But, combined with a specific ring he wears in his video's, a purple hoodie and his womanlike manners&posture he was our only suspect. On may26th a user posted this side to side comparison .. .. and then we were sure it was him, a lot of people contacted the police, who did nothing until 2 days later a package arrived and all hell broke loose.

      At the time of the kitten torture people exposed his real name and Canadian address only to discover he was staying in the UK for a short period, then a reporter from the Sun arranged an interview with Magnotta and afterwords contacted Scotland Yard, who again did nothing about it. Magnotta returned to Canada free as a bird.

      English is not my native language, sorry about that. Indicating - he either killed someone, filmed that and then killed his boyfriend in a similar way OR he had a morbid checklist prior to the actual murder. One question then rises, was it his own perverted fantasy he carried out on film or was it ordered by some rich peoples?

      This is all a done deal according to the police&MSM but it is weirder than weird and some things just don't add up.

    4. I forgot, it was only the title of the video and a short synopsis that was first mentioned on may15 on the internet, there was no actual footage uploaded yet until 25th of may. Some people say it was on TOR(deepweb) already on the 20th but i have no proof of that.

      This is where it gets weird!!!! The Chinese victim (and alleged victim in the footage) was last seen at his workplace on may 24th alive and well.

    5. Hi X

      The comment above from the person who saw the video on the psych forum

      I will requote it here for you says..

      Postby anonymousgirl4 » Wed May 16, 2012 1:05 am
      Firstly , dont worry I am NOT posting graphic details or links to the video, I am just curious as to what would possess somebody to do this type of crime? There is a video of a guy around aged 20 from San Fransisco, he apparently made real snuff films that depict cannabilisim and necrophilia along with the murder. I am doing research on this and I would VERY much appreciate any and all the advice and help you could give me. Is he a psychopath or Anti Social or what? I know we dont have a lot of details but based on the crime its self. Thanks in advance."

      I am not posting details or links to the video

      This comment was left on May 16 at the psych forum

      Based on what anonymous girl said, the video was available on line. The commenter refrained from leaving the link or the graphic details.

      If this is the same video, it was available to be seen on or about the 16th of May/12

      If as mention, the video was available on Tor on the 20th, the victim cannot be Jun.

      if you are interested in doing some sleuthing, find out who Jun is. Who his family is? What do they do in China?
      Who are they connected to? What is there business?

      Someone may have killed Lin Jun for some other reason and are using Magnotta as a fall guy.

      Someone who knew that video was already on line.

    6. As for english not being your first language
      it's mine and still I fudge up.
      It is better to ask for clarity then make an incorrect assumption

    7. Hi Penny,

      You are absolutely right, the story of Lin Yun is the missing link. He maybe even knew something he wasn't supposed to know or was even involved in the sinister world of Luka Magnotta. He was also posting dark 'messages' about cannibalism on the net. No info whatsoever on his family except they were poor, living in China etc. We must find out more.

      Anonymousgirl4, anonymousgirl44, anonymousgirl13, babydollLW, alexisvaloranreich .. and many more we could find are all Magnotta's online aliases (or an accomplice, if there is one)

      They all posted that same comment on YT and other sites on may15/16/17. There was no footage uploaded at that time, only that description and title 1 lunatic, 1 ice pick. As if he wanted people to search for the video, as if he wanted to announce it beforehand in order to go viral as soon as it came out. Maybe he has MPD, maybe someone used Magnotta as a fall guy just like you said. So many maybe's but all of them equally strange nonetheless. This would be the first time in history of mankind for a killer to announce a murder worldwide on such a huge scale.

      When he was on the run in Paris and Germany, those same aliases posted another 'same' comment all over the internet. One of them is on the same forum anongirl4 announced the video ---> by babydollLW » Sun May 27, 2012 5:48 pm
      There are rumors that there are two more video. One of him with his aunt Andrea Yourkin Loschiavo who died in 2010 mysteriously of pills being forced down her throat ( or drugged). Someone said she was laying on a pink sofa dead while Luka was performing oral sex on her????? Did he kill her because she found out about his crimes? And apparently another video where he kills a homeless man? I cant believe all this?
      Also Does anyone think there is a connection to the Long Island Serial Killer? He spent alot of time living in New York?? Or the mysterious Vancouver hands and feet popping up on the shore? I have a feeling somebody who does this sort of henious crime, its not his first time. ... ies#Hoaxes <--

      And just like the first time, there are no such video's on the interweb. Yet? O_O

    8. Hi X
      Did you notice I added some additional info to the originating post? The victims story does not add up..

      Or the story being told for the victim does not add up?

      He is supposed to be poor.So we are told.

      The cost of tuition for out of country students is astronomical.
      I linked to Concordia U for that info
      How was the $20,000.00 tuition being paid?
      Books? Accommodations?

      All the victim had was a part time job at a corner store.

      Was he poor?
      If so he had one heck of a wealthy benefactor somewhere?

      Also the one friend who spoke about the victim..
      Link to an audio interview added to the post.
      Only one friend, presenting the narrative, was in Paris when Lin was killed
      And where did Magnotta/Newman go, immediately after the alleged crime???
      Paris, France.
      Isn't that a curious coincidence?

      that really jumped out at me!

      Lin was posting dark messages also??

      What was he involved in?

    9. X

      More things that bothers me...

      We are supposed to believe Magnotta/Newman was "on the run"
      A wanted man, fleeing the scene of a crime.

      Where did he get the money to fly first to Paris and then make his way to Germany?

      He was tracked by his cellphone?
      Why didn't he dump the phone?
      That makes zero sense.

      Then the several hours of sitting in the Internet cafe???


      Almost like he was waiting to be arrested...

      That doesn't jibe with an on the run fugitive.

      I know, more questions then answers. But, there it is.

  17. Hi everyone. I am trying to compile a list of questions for the sole purpose of exposing the lies in this Magnotta case. If you are willing to help and brainstorm a little, please reply back to me here with questions you think would expose the lies. once I have enough critical questions, I will put together a public notice to MSM outlets across Canada and the US and challenge them to answer the questions. I am from Vancouver BC and as far as I am concerned, this Magnotta is fraudulent and is backed by evil intent. I want to expose this BS and bring truth to light. Whether this is a sick person being framed, or in my opinion, an actor portraying a sick event; and I do mean actor, as in, this event never even took place, its all a story. Please reply back with the title "Magnotta Farce". And quite possibly if the questions get answered, the story MIGHT prove true ... but I seriously doubt it. Oh, I hope you don't mind me doing this here Penny? If you do just let me know and I will figure something else out.

    1. Anonymous:
      exactly how would you expose this Magnotta/Newman case as a lie???

    2. Yes please do that! There are too many details to let slip by. We must get everything together while this story and information are still out there. The more I read, the more deep this case seems to go. We need people out there to put the effort in compiling information to spread the truth. Thanks :)

    3. in 2009 , i became aware of magnotta presence on youtube. videos posted pics of him alone and other pics of homolka alone with words on screen that said they were together. curiosity, made me research. i had found homolka knew she was with her ex lawyers brother and has a baby moved away from canada. in 2011 , i came across more youtube videos of luka rocco magnotta.. video screen worded that lukas son;s; thomas newman had died in 2006. when the manhunt begun may 29th or so this year, i remembered him.. went on youtube and discovered so far 113 youtube accounts belonging to luka rocco magnotta,, he would seng messages and comments from one accoiunt to the other praising the personage luka magnotta,, so much more to tell...

    4. OK, but the Holmolka/Magnotta connection is non existent
      I'm not quite sure how any of what you are saying is related to the alleged murder?

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  19. Just an FYI
    the post has been updated yet again

    1. some decent sleuthing here, but you were way off with expecting the lawyer. you ask why was he so frustrated, it's pretty obvious - because he was begging the police to do something about a murder on tape and they were acting like he was a basketcase. you were also wrong about Best Gore being membership only, anyone can access it as well as the videos on it.

      the suspicious puzzle piece here is the so called anonymousgirl who posted on the psych forums on the 16th. it is more likely that was Magnotta posted before he actually committed the murder to stir up interest and get people talking about it, so that it would blow up faster when he actually committed the murder and uploaded it to the web. the first website that uploaded the video on the surface web was Best Gore. There's no evidence the video was floating around the web prior to the 24th. so it's much less likely that the murder was committed before the 16th and that it's not Jun Lin.

      Sometimes when you try too hard to create a conspiracy, you blatantly disregard reality.

    2. "Until this case hit the main stream news, this person was non-existent, anywhere."

      you are so off the mark here it's hard to believe.

      people were talking about Magnotta for years before 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick hit the web.

    3. OMM

      ""Until this case hit the main stream news, this person was non-existent, anywhere."

      'you are so off the mark here it's hard to believe.'

      Actually, you are so off the mark it is hard to believe

      Just because you or others like you were aware of Magnotta, so what?

      The vast majority of the populace had never heard of him.

      I have been on line for years, never heard of him, or his alleged kitten killing or anything.....

      From what I have read it would be a very small online community that would have been aware

    4. even if the average person had not heard of him, MANY people have, for heck's sake the SUN, one the biggest London tabloids, wrote an extensive article on him.

      please explain how I am so off the mark. it is simply factually incorrect to say "this person was non-existant anywhere". Maybe you were trying to be hyperbolic, but it really hurts your credibility when you make blanket statements like that when a simple Google search would have revealed numerous news articles and forum posts about Magnotta dating back as early as 2010.

    5. omm: many people is not the majority
      the sun: is a tabloid paper
      while it may be 'factually" incorrect
      common sense should tell you that Magnotta has never been "for main stream consumption"

      Speaking of being factually correct. your suggestion that he is well known is factually incorrect.
      clearly he is not. until now. when the msm made him popular.

      I read your post on Newman/Magnotta
      your calling him a "serial killer"
      there is no evidence to suggest he is.
      That did not stop you from using the term. Since your a stickler for facts?

      As for the lawyer???
      why did he assume it was an actual murder?
      How did he know?
      Is every movie murder you see a real one?
      Do you call the police every time you go to the show?
      Factually speaking.
      The cops were right to question if it was real? That is their job.
      How did the lawyer "know" it was?
      He couldn't have.

      Why would he get so concerned over something he saw on line?

      Someone who takes in gore? From accidents? Murder scenes? and god knows what else?
      Wouldn't you think someone like that has a high tolerance for crime, gore and brutality?

      and that is why I don't buy the lawyers narrative

    6. on may 15th 2012, youtube user alexis promoted the movie one icepick one lunatic.. genesis master and adam lemmon username youtube replied that they had seen it on goresite on may 16th .best gore published it on may 25th. these user names are sock puppets account of magnotta.. and i can prove it!

    7. Anonymous 6:30 pm
      which user names are Magnotta's
      And how could you prove this?

  20. Again OMM:

    "the suspicious puzzle piece here is the so called anonymousgirl who posted on the psych forums on the 16th. it is more likely that was Magnotta posted before he actually committed the murder"

    Your assuming that the video was promoted beforehand? Your assuming the video was not uploaded.

    You don't know that?

    Why is it that people can't understand the difference between what is present and what is not?

    "There's no evidence the video was floating around the web prior to the 24th. "

    Yes, there is.

    We have the video clearly mentioned well in advance of the 24th

    That is undeniable

    "Sometimes when you try too hard to create a conspiracy, you blatantly disregard reality.'

    Conspiracies require two or more people.
    Therefore, I cannot be conspiring.
    Get a dictionary!

    1. first of all you + are = YOU'RE. NOT Your. please learn proper English before telling me to get a dictionary.

      secondly, I never said you were conspiring (verb), I said you were trying to create a conspiracy (noun) by suggesting the cops, lawyer, media etc were all in cahoots. two different things. obviously one person cannot be the basis of a conspiracy.

      lastly, just because anonymousgirl MENTIONS the video, this is not proof that it actually physically existed at that point in time. as previously stated, anonymous girl could be Magnotta talking about his video before he even recorded it.

      Bestgore was the first site to actually upload the raw video on the surface web. that was 100 percent May 24. there have been rumours ofnit bekng uploaded before to TOR servers, but I have yet to see anyone show an actual link or screenshot.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. OMM; Your mention of spelling is an ad hominem attack

    The reference to getting a dictionary, is so you know what words actually mean. Not what they have been morphed into for the purpose of propaganda

    ex: Collateral Damage = Killing innocent people
    ex: Conspiracy Theory = questioning the official narrative of anything

    "I said you were trying to create a conspiracy (noun) by suggesting the cops, lawyer, media etc were all in cahoots. "

    utter nonsense. a huge assumption on your part.

    conspiracy - noun: is the name(label) of the act of two or more people
    Conspiring: verb- is what they are doing

    Therefore I am not creating a conspiracy.

    To create a conspiracy is an act by two or more people
    I am not creating one. I am looking at all the myriad of shortcomings in this story.

    And there are many of them. You simply do not want to accept that.

    "because anonymousgirl MENTIONS the video, this is not proof that it actually physically existed at that point in time. as previously stated, anonymous girl could be Magnotta talking about his video before he even recorded it."

    Anonymous Girl does more then mention the video, she leaves a brief description. Did you read that?

    "There is a video of a guy around aged 20 from San Fransisco, he apparently made real snuff films that depict cannabilisim and necrophilia along with the murder."

    Looks like proof the video existed.
    Same title and all.
    Reads as if someone had knowledge of what was on the film.

    You just don't want to accept it, you believe you have it all sewn up. Well, you don't and I don't.
    So I will just keep asking questions
    And you can keep on believing

    Keep the old adage in mind-
    Believe none of what you see and only half of what you hear

    1. I could be mistaken, but I think the video that appeared on 'Bestgore' had 'YNC' floating over the screen('YNC' is the 'Young News Channel'- a site which hosts these kind of videos, and more :O)

      A video with an alleged still of Magnotta in front of that 'unique' Casablanca film poster was uploaded on May 15th, on YouTube by 'alexisvaloranreich' (interesting profile name!)
      A similar video, on May 16th by 'anonymousgirl33' on Dailymotion-

      A question was posted 4 weeks ago by the mysterious '?' on Yahoo answers
      'Does Anybody Know Where I Can Watch the "1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick Video" ?
      There is a video circulating TOR ( The Deep Web) all I know is it was shot in San Fransisco, I have been trying to find it for weeks.'

      '...trying to find it for weeks.' suggests that it was
      known about before the 15th May or it was just another attempt at stirring up some publicity (and by using '?' shows that they had run out of ideas for user names!)

      As a side note it looks as if there are slight hesitations when the perpetrator is using the ice pick initially- thoughts?

    2. Nice work Anonymous. This goes a long way to elucidating this strange case. I still think the most plausible explanation is that alexisvaloranreich and anonymousgirl33 were Magnotta himself, trying to create interest in the video before he even created it. Interestingly, alexisvaloranreich had a lot of activity starting May 15 and ending about 3 months ago. Nothing recent.

    3. We're now arguing semantics. Yes it was an ad hominem, but you're the one who originally crossed into that territory by suggesting I get a dictionary when you clearly know what I meant.

      All I was trying to say is I believe you focused too much on the lawyer and not enough on anonymousgirl33. I probably could have done so in a more polite manner, and for that I apologize. And I never said I had this case all sewn up - as stated on my blog "There’s also the possibility that Magnotta committed the murder way before May 24." However, I do still think it more plausible that he did indeed commit the murder on that date, but was spreading whispers about it on the net before the actual act.

      Lastly, nowhere on my site do I directly refer to Magnotta as a serial killer. I suggest he shares idiosyncrasies with serial killers.

      Having said that, I'd be happy to receive any suggestions on how to get more comments own on my own posts ^^


    4. OMM:

      I knew what you meant- Yes. But, I disregard that type propaganda talk in every way, shape or form.
      Hence the dictionary reference, I am quite hung up on word usage, language usage etc
      Especially in line with managing perception

      If you use terminology such as that your not here for an honest conversation.
      You're here to cast aspersions. That wastes my time.
      It also wastes the time of other readers

      As for your hostile manner when visiting. It didn't help.
      However I appreciate your apology and honesty :)

      If you felt I focused on the lawyer too much, fine.
      His story starts the entire narrative.
      I already explained why I find the lawyer less then credible.

      anonymous girl vs the lawyer?

      -anonymous girl was one comment on a psych forum
      -the lawyer was article after article on the mainstream media
      Now why do you think I would have paid more attention to the lawyer?

      "Lastly, nowhere on my site do I directly refer to Magnotta as a serial killer. I suggest he shares idiosyncrasies with serial killers. "

      You may not have intended to do that, but, that is the way it reads

      You used a sort of "guilt by association" You mention a number of notorious serial killers and then magnotta/newman. Readers will automatically associate one with the other.

      To get more comments?
      Put out good info
      Keep in mind that people will visit who do not have english as a first language.
      Ask for clarification.

    5. Anonymous 1:54

      ''YNC' floating over the screen('YNC' is the 'Young News Channel'- a site which hosts these kind of videos, and more :O)"

      Young News Channel? a site that hosts videos such as murder videos??

      'alexis valoranreich'

      Interesting name indeed. Did you search it?
      Here is what I found..
      And it is connected to the Jon Benet Ramsey murder

      We are talking extremely strange shit here!?

      "'...trying to find it for weeks.' suggests that it was
      known about before the 15th May or it was just another attempt at stirring up some publicity"


      Hmmmmmmm....... mind control by trauma, name chosen to hook young people in.

  22. As Four Non Blondes sang 'What's goin' on...'

    1. what the heck is that about?

      The one project mentioned as an MKultra reference is not the only one

      During the MK ultra projects many of the doctors asssociated with those disgusting human experiments called themselves
      by colours

      There was a Dr. Green and a Dr White.
      I think there is something here on the blog but here is a link
      Most of the Mkultra stuff came out during the infamous hearings, the name escapes me, what wasn't destroyed that is..

      So the John Green reference is really curious
      The Four Non Blondes "what's going on"
      Haven't heard that one in a while

  23. Roger Renville, the U.S.-based lawyer mentioned at the top of this discussion as being the first person to view 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick, is a member of the late Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, not exactly a gay friendly cult, and not one you'd expect that its members would monitor BestGore.

    Here's something on how Magnotta was definitely framed for the kitten killings by religious zealots plus animal activists and possibly framed (or set up as a convenient patsy) for the murder, etc., of Jun Lin.

    WARNING: The article is on an explicit XXX gay page. NSFW or for anyone under 18 or whatever the minimum legal age is in your jurisdiction for looking at such stuff. Don't get all offended and say you weren't WARNED.

    1. Anonymous: I will take a pass on the link myself and will explain why-

      Just want to deal with your comment
      The information on Roger Renville
      How is it you know he is a member of Moon's church?
      I am curious? If I am not mistaken Moon may have had links to the US intelligence community

      very briefly and warning it is wikipedia so I am sure there is more to it

      Roger Renville's story never sat right with me.
      It was too neat and tidy, it was like a connect the dots to the patsy.

      Magnotta appeared to be controlled/managed or minimally harassed continuously by some individual.

      I have some serious doubts he even knew the victim
      From what i have read there is nothing connecting them.

      What I find interesting is recently in Canada, there have been two dismembered persons both individuals were born in China. The latest a woman from TO had an odd back story and ran a front company likely for human trafficking
      The msm is being way to sympathetic, hard luck and all that, but there are a number of red flags in her bio
      Lin (Magnotta's victim) is supposed to be from a poor chinese family attending university. This does not add up.

      The woman from TO has been missing for months..... I am wondering about the timing on when she went missing and Lin was killed. Got to look into that.

      Anyway, I think there is a connection between the deaths of those two persons (my opinion only)
      given their backgrounds, both being dismembered, both with back grounds that do not add up.

      Ok, back to what your saying about this article-
      I never watched any of the videos about these kittens, but read somewhere that none of the videos showed the kittens being killed?
      I wonder if people just jumped to conclusions
      I don't know
      However, I have to conclude that Magnotta does appear to be a pasty. There just seems to be nothing to connect him to the killing except for Renville's originating story

    2. Name: Roger Renville on Dec 23, 2009
      Comments: A strong society embodying positive social values begins with strong individuals manifesting positive values. Put an end to the discriminatory policies that allow Unification Church members to be oppressed because of their beliefs.
      (In some discussion group - there are other refs. search on renville + unification.)

      "With this emphasis on male-female sex as the only valid model, and on heterosexual marriage as the only ideal, it is reasonable to expect that the Unification Church has very negative views on homosexual behavior." (Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance)

      "God would not create gay people and probably, in fact, could not create gay people. All gay people are perverting God’s plan for creation which is made manifest in the natural world."

      "Fornication, adultery, prostitution, incest, abortion, rape, pornography, homosexuality and all sexual perversions are carried out through these love organs, tainted human life in all races, cultures, religions, etc., throughout human history."
      (Above two are supposedly quotes from Rev. Moon, via ex-member.)

      On the relatively small sect and the mystery of where their billions came from:

    3. well, isn't that interesting!

      The Fraser Committee's final report concluded that Moon was the "key figure" in an "international network of organizations engaged in economic and political" activities. It uncovered evidence that the Moon Organization "had systematically violated U.S. tax, immigration, banking, currency, and Foreign Agents Registration Act laws,"

      Immigration eh?

      Thanks for that link
      So the lawyer Roger Renville would have been a handy asset (paperwork) if one was trafficking persons globally
      He could also be deemed "credible and authoritative" for the purpose of spin
      Magnotta could be framed while loose ends were tied up..

    4. The Unification Church is an intelligence front with intimate ties to the Republican establishment. Moon's top officials were members of the South Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA), which is merely an extension of the U.S. intelligence services. His right-hand man, Bo Hi Pak, was the KCIA liaison to the U.S. intelligence services. In 1962, he met with CIA director John McCone and DIA director Joseph Carroll. He made numerous trips to NSA headquarters in Fort Meade.

      "Brainwashing and Cults" by Paul Verdier, an intelligence asset, mentions various "criminal elements" involved in mind control projects. Among them are the Manson Family, the Unification Church and the Symbionese Liberation Army. Verdier shies away from exposing the fact that all three groups had intimate links to the U.S. intelligence services. His book accurately describes mind control (and advocates the "benevolent brainwashing" of the masses in the last chapter) while attempting to portray MK-ULTRA projects as being rooted in Soviet science.

      I'm reading through all of this and it's incredible that Roger Renville was a member of this group.

      Are you aware of the fact that the last person Magnotta spoke to before the murder was his neighbor Derek MacKinnon? MacKinnon was best known for playing the deranged serial killer in the 1980 slasher film "Terror Train." Like Magnotta, the killer he plays dismembers his victims.

      The plot of the film is interesting. The killer is traumatized in a fraternity ritual carried out by pre-med students, in which he is lured into a room and expecting a sexual encounter. Instead, the other students (secret society members) have placed a woman's corpse in the bed. As a result of this somewhat unorthodox 'frat prank,' he is confined to a mental hospital. He targets the fraternity three years later at a graduation costume party in which one person is dressed as a witch and another as an "alien lizard." A magician entertains them, and it later turns out the killer is disguised as his 'female' assistant. Magnotta cross-dressed as well.

      The kicker? MacKinnon, who was consulted by Magnotta about getting into "legitimate films," admitted once (and only once) in an interview with a horror website that his father was the commander of an air force base in Nova Scotia. This interview was pulled for years but has recently been re-uploaded.

  24. A para from the XXX page mentioned above:

    Link to one of these "find the monster groups:
    There are more, some directing the search to Latvia, etc. They're run by the mentally unbalanced or someone is making $$$ or, just maybe, they're pre-framing-up dudes for the next operation.

    "In past weeks, at least 5 of the Luka hunting groups, having congratulated themselves for two months on bringing the fiend Magnotta to justice, mocking police for ignoring their efforts, and making the world safe for kittens and future cute Chinese dudes, noticed their revenues falling and now decide it wasn't Luka after all. Using the very same videos and pics used to frame Luka they've now resumed the hunt, warning all to look for a blond, wig-wearing teen boy who lives with his mother, even stating, "This is not Luka Magnotta." One group that previously offered a $5,000 reward for Luka (who collected on that?) has upped the ante to $7,900 for the new monster (like they'd ever pay off). It's more than church ladies can hope for at bingo, though it's doubtful the game will hold their interest unless the teen is another Godless sodomite.

    "If Magnotta was framed for the kitten killings it's conceivable he was also framed for the murder of Jun Lin."

    1. Using the same videos?
      and people are buying this shit yet again?!

      ""If Magnotta was framed for the kitten killings it's conceivable he was also framed for the murder of Jun Lin."

      A reasonable conclusion

      If your interested this blogger had some good stuff on Magnotta also

      "Surprisingly, the Sun item closes with something very interesting and out of character with the rest of the article:

      Witnesses revealed yesterday that he was “nervous and crying” as he fled Canada on an Air Transat flight from Montreal to Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport on May 26. One passenger said: “At one point he disappeared and I got worried and thought, ‘He’s put a bomb in the toilets’.

      “But the stewardess said he wasn’t feeling well and I saw that he was crying.”

      First it shows how ordinary people have been conditioned to believe they have to be on the alert all the time for terrorists. But more importantly, Magnotta (if the story is true) was reacting the way someone would if they came home and found blood in their apartment and been warned they'd better get out of Dodge."

      Magnotta crying and scared on the plane as he fled?
      Odd. I would think so

  25. Another scenario: Magnotta was coming off a drug, say Scopolamine, which has been suggested by others. It's becoming popular in North America as a replacement for the date rape drug Rohipnol, since that allows memories to be formed, but suppressed, and sometimes retrievable under hypnosis, allowing ID of the rapist, while Scopolamine prevents writing anything to memory, and because it's still rare here, ordinary drug screens don't test for it. It has medical uses, but is hellacious in larger doses, inducing true dementia, and easy to OD. It has other interesting properties, which partly explains the lack of body fluids from the corpse.

    So, the "Director" or "Handler" or "Master" gives both Luka and Jun Lin a small dose in a drink - it's odorless, colorless - and begins recording part one of 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick. He or she ( musn't be sexist) finally overdoses and kills Jun Lin then continues directing Luka through part two. The after-effects of the drug last from 24 hours to several days depending on dose, and possibly causes his sickness on the plane. It explains why Luka has no memory of what happened and never will; why he uses his cell phone in Paris; why he seems innocent and unaware in Berlin, when the German police offer him a choice of general population or solitary, he opts for the latter saying, "I'd better take solitary. They're saying really, really bad things about me."

    There are three other noteworthy quotes from the Germans. After he's arrested his German lawyer says he seemed normal, not crazy. When he's handed over to the Canadians one police spokesperson says, "He's crazy, we have it in writing," while another states, "We're glad to be rid of him. There's much trouble in the case."

    1. ...contd...
      The Canadians spend $375,000 to fly Magnotta back from Berlin, including a crew of eight overnighting in Berlin and a $2,000 catering bill (Canadians, being civilized, surely allowed Luka one glass of Cristal) employing a plane usually reserved for government dignitaries and the Royal Family. Was this the very same plane once piloted by Colonel Russell Williams?

      Interesting stuff in the link you gave, particularly the bits about ex-military and bikers used in these operations and the tale of "Manny" and the lawyer Romeo Salta.

      Like everything else in L'affaire Magnotta, this tale smells all the way to Denmark. Of the two writers, Michael Kelley and Robert Johnson, who broke this story in, one is an ex-military NCO, generally on the right-wing side of things. Their story is they happened upon the Magnotta emails, again all accidental like, because one or both of them live in a building owned by Mr. Salta, who explains how he met Magnotta and gives them the "Manny" emails. They assure us that they've transcribed the emails verbatim, yet they read nothing like Magnotta, who writes at a sloppy high school level, with a scattering of spelling errors.
      (If you were Master Manny, severely abusing a slave, would you give him your real name? Yet people continue to look for Manny. It could be Marty or Matty or Jorge or Felix for all we know. )

      As an aside, is written for the most part by self-appointed freelance "experts," and no one questions their expertise or sources. It's owned by Henry Blodget, a one time stock analyst, who was busted by Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, before the securities industry busted Eliot in retaliation. Merrill Lynch had to pay a $100 million fine for reports issued by analysts, most notably Henry Blodgett, who has run since 2009 and finally turned a profit of around $2,000 this year. Was it perhaps subsidized by a right-wing angel? Nothing wrong with that in itself. George Soros and others do the same on the left of the spectrum.

      Another of these services is, owned by Phil Anshutz (AEG), who is a family values supporter, and his site features heavily in Luka's Excellent Adventure. Anschutz has 55,000 freelancers, by no means all biased to the right, and it actually turns a profit. The problem with these web sites is that numerous other sites of the same political bent link to them and in turn lesser sites link to those. Much linking is fully automated, based on tags, so large parts of what passes for news on the internet is self-generated in a few milliseconds, much like high-speed stock trading without the circuit breakers, until it rises to the level of established fact and is picked up by the so-called mainstream press at which point it's fact set-in-stone: Magnotta is a kitten-killing, psycho, porn star, murdering, cannibalistic, necrophiliac, snuff movie producer/director/editor and generally not a nice dude at all. ... fin ...

    2. Anonymous:

      "The Canadians spend $375,000 to fly Magnotta back from Berlin, including a crew of eight overnighting in Berlin and a $2,000 catering bill (Canadians, being civilized, surely allowed Luka one glass of Cristal) employing a plane usually reserved for government dignitaries and the Royal Family. Was this the very same plane once piloted by Colonel Russell Williams?"

      Odd that you mention Russell Williams?
      Do you think there is some sort of connection to the Canadian military?
      Or persons within the military?
      One thing that did stick out in my mind wrt Magnotta..
      Why did he go to Germany, from France, a country that has a Canadian military base.
      I thought that so odd at the time.
      Also odd.
      The body part(s) sent to the PM ??
      Then to top it all off.....
      The lawyer who is representing Magnotta came in from Ontario to defend the client in Montreal, Quebec.

      This guy is very, very connected to the governing Conservative party

      "Leclair, who did not take questions from journalists, gave a brief statement. He did not say why he was brought in from outside the province for the case."

      This connected lawyer brought in for defence makes me think damage control or control of the narrative

      " one is an ex-military NCO, generally on the right-wing side of things. Their story is they happened upon the Magnotta emails, again all accidental like, because one or both of them live in a building owned by Mr. Salta, who explains how he met Magnotta and gives them the "Manny" emails.

      The happened upon the emails because they happen to live in a building owned by Mr Salta, who happens to be the lawyer the Magnotta allegedly went to see??

      I am not a coincidence theorist so that reads to me like a frame up, or narrative creation, whichever?

      (If you were Master Manny, severely abusing a slave, would you give him your real name? Yet people continue to look for Manny. It could be Marty or Matty or Jorge or Felix for all we know. )

      Odd though "Manny" short for Emmanuel which can also mean God right?
      Of course it could be Manny as in man as in "the man"
      It most definitely would not be this persons real name

      You know, whoever you are? I may have to take the time to do another post on this topic, you have come up with some great info
      Really interesting reading

    3. Isn't it interesting that there was a shooting at the Eaton Center, a location in Toronto frequented by Magnotta, soon after the case came to the attention of the public?

      One of the survivors of this attack, sportscaster Jessica Ghawi, was killed weeks later in the massacre at the theater in Aurora. Ghawi's brother, a government 'emergency management' specialist involved in mass casualty drills, appeared on CNN to attack 'conspiracy theories' about these events. He has certifications from FEMA, the Texas Division of Emergency Management, and the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, which gave him SWAT training. His CNN interview was conducted by Anderson Cooper, who of course was trained by the CIA and is a member of the Vanderbilt family.

      "In early 2011, members of the Animal Beta Project believed they had finally caught a break with a photograph that showed Magnotta holding a cup of coffee inside a shop."

      "Because the cellphone picture was stamped with GPS locator data, the group was able to identify the location as Toronto's Eaton Centre and the date as Oct. 31, 2010, about a month before the kitten killing video was uploaded to YouTube." - CBC (11/29/2012)

      October 31, of course, is the most important occult holiday of the year.

      I also found it interesting that one of his lawyers has removed themselves from the case because of an undefined "conflict of interest." Magnotta's spooky legal team reminds me of the suspect in the murder of Anthony Smith, who had the video of Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack on his cell phone. His lawyer is the son of a 'reconnaissance' (military-intelligence) veteran and there are accusations the case is being rushed through the system.

      A convict who was formerly involved with Ford's sister and who had information about Ford's crack use was severely beaten by other prisoners who happened to be veterans of the football team at Don Bosco, where Ford had coached. He has filed a lawsuit claiming that Ford instructed his former pupils to beat him, and that guards deliberately deprived him of proper medical care for a long period of time. A member of the Dixon Bloods, the gang Smith belonged to, was thrown out a hotel window. A community organizer who knew about the video spoke to the press about receiving threats from mysterious "ex-military" and "ex-police" types. They said they could make him "disappear."

    4. (Continued)

      It was once said that aspiring politicians in Toronto would have to "kiss the ring" of the multimillionaire Doug Ford, Sr., himself a politician and the founder of Deco Labels. It has emerged that in addition to its office in Chicago, there is a secret branch in Hollywood, Florida that is run by a convicted criminal who has twice had charges of drug possession mysteriously dismissed. His ex-wife's son, Darrius T. Heaven is a convicted drug dealer with a lengthy criminal record. Heaven had multiple charges ranging from cocaine trafficking to aggravated assault and having a concealed weapon. Saracino was a friend of the Fords since childhood and is now an assistant to Councilman Doug Ford, who has been identified by numerous witnesses as having been a major drug trafficker in the Etobicoke area. One of his thugs, David Price, was brought on by Mayor Rob as chief of staff. A less-known brother in the family is Randy Ford, who helped five men kidnap a young man and extort money from his parents. He was charged for this offense and yet the police officers listed in court documents as being involved now claim to have no memory of him. Needless to say, police aren't speaking about Doug's alleged ties to the drug trade either.

      The Ford brothers also had a sister, Kathy, who was closely associated with the co-founder of the Canadian Ku Klux Klan, who had once plotted to overthrow the government of the Dominican Republic. She reportedly paid classmates to beat up her enemies in high school. Doug Ford formerly headed the Rotary Club in Toronto.

      One friend of the Ford brothers was a TTC driver who was fired for propositioning an underage teenager and telling her that she could strip at clubs. He attempted to cover this up by changing the coordinates of his bus. Another well-known friend, Sandro Lisi, is a known drug trafficker who has sent death threats to three different women and who was known to carry around a vial of bed bugs, which he threatened to release into his enemies' homes (and appears to have on at least one occasion). Like Saracino, Lisi was consistently treated with kid gloves by the justice system.

      Harper's minister of finance, Jim Flaherty, resigned weeks ago and died of a sudden heart attack on April 10. Flaherty was a close friend of the Fords and consistently defended them. Stephen Harper himself was a friend of the Fords, attending their barbecue and going on a fishing trip with Rob. He met with him after the shooting attack at a Danzig block party to discuss instituting "tougher crime laws." The attack happened four days before the massacre in Aurora and more than a month after the shooting at the Eaton Center.

      Both the shooting at the Eaton Center and the shooting at the block party on Danzig have been linked to gang activity. The Ford brothers are clearly deeply involved with the Dixon Bloods and other career criminals. They and no doubt other people within the government and police are controlling the flow of drugs and violence in the city in order to both reap profits and justify the expansion of police powers - "tougher crime laws," as Harper instructed.

      The woman who had been Ford's press secretary and one of his main "handlers" later went to work for the Toronto Sun, which was formed by Peter Worthington, a veteran of Canadian Military Intelligence who was allegedly an FBI informant. Their newspaper is rigidly authoritarian, pro-police and anti-union. Their columnist, Joe Warmington, interviewed Magnotta a year before the murder of Lin Jun. He was at that time complaining about rumors (now said to have been started by himself) about his relationship with Karla Homolka. Warmington did a story on him. Now, curiously enough, Warmington has become the Ford brothers' unofficial publicist.

  26. Penny, here's a redacted version, to cut the sex and gore, of what's posted on the XXX page mentioned above. Remove it if it's too long or further edit it.

    In 2006, Magnotta, at that time 24, and probably already suffering from schizophrenia plus who knows what, attracts the attention of four homophobic teens in North London. With his sometimes effeminate persona and bizarre postings, it's easy to see why. They relentlessly cyber-bully until 2010. That year the first of the kitten-killing videos appears. We now know those were faked to suggest the kitten killer is Magnotta, though his face isn't fully visible.

    At this point, all hell breaks loose, with existing animal rights groups, and several new groups formed expressly for the purpose, engaged in a massive cyber-stalking, and eventually on-the-ground stalking of Magnotta. Literally thousands of people worldwide put in two years of intensive effort on this, including high-level IT professionals. Why? There are much worse animal abuse videos on the web.

    Again, it's because Magnotta is gay. Looking at the background of those involved in the hunt are an unusual number of Southern Baptists, fundamentalists and people associated with "family values" groups. Not saying any of them were directly involved in the framing. They were so desperate to find him they'd buy into anything - a photoshopped pic or doctored Metadata with phony GPS or camera info that the master-framers provided them.

    Rupert Murdoch's UK Sun newspaper is involved, in sensationalizing and headlining Magnotta the Kitten-Killer and outright faking or altering the infamous email he supposedly sent from Holland.

    The next group to join in were bodybuilders. They despise effeminate gays, and pretty much everybody who isn't into bodybuilding and have a heavy interest in extreme horror movies and torture, but no mention of cannibalism. (As opposed to the IT experts tracking Luka, who seem gay, intellectual, and with diverse interests in torture, amputations and cannibalism. Undoubtedly just a coincidence.)

    One bodybuilder is from Montreal, and at least followed the Magnotta saga pre-murder or may have known him personally. Erudite dude, quotes from the Greek classics. Another candidate for someone who could hold a body upside down for the time needed to bleed out is the weightlifting, biker-gang dude who supposedly lived on the same block as Luka, and who was in the apartment shooting video two days after the murder, which he posted on every conceivable video site in the world. He saw Luka on the street and said, "He exuded an air of irreverent, effeminate flamboyancy that made my skin crawl." That phrase, "effeminate flamboyancy" is a red flag, as it's used exclusively in gayworld and even there less than a hundred times on the web.
    ... more ...

    1. ... contd ...
      An ebook appeared a few weeks ago celebrating the exploits of those who stalked Luka. They brag how they did the job when the police couldn't. exclusive_the_secret_story_of_how_they_caught_canadas_cannibal_pornstar

      It's written by Thomas McGrath,who was introduced to one of the lead Luka "investigators" by the world's foremost expert on snuff movies, David Kerekes. McGrath details his meeting with “Alex DeLarge” the Clockwork Orange pseudonym of a film and video maker who took a month off work to track Magnotta after he "accidentally" discovers his kitten killing notoriety while looking for soccer on the internet back in 2011. (Like the man in Montana who all "accidentally" found 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick.) Well, guess where McGrath and the foremost leader of the Luka hunt meet? In a pub in North London!

      In past weeks, at least 5 of the Luka hunting groups, having congratulated themselves for two months on bringing the fiend Magnotta to justice, mocking police for ignoring their efforts, and making the world safe for kittens and future cute Chinese dudes, noticed their revenues falling and now decide it wasn't Luka after all. Using the very same videos and pics used to frame Luka they've now resumed the hunt, warning all to look for a blond, wig-wearing teen boy who lives with his mother, even stating, "This is not Luka Magnotta."

      If Magnotta was framed for the kitten killings it's conceivable he was also framed for the murder of Jun Lin.

      The pic of him in the yellow tee in front of the Casablanca poster is shopped twice, both the image of him in the foreground and a stock image of the poster dropped in the background - it's not on a wall. And that's what's used to tie him to the purple hoodie preview video and to the dismemberment video itself when the dismemberer's face isn't seen in either. This was noticed by someone in the BestGore discussion group shortly after the video premiered. All 3 images have him in the strange emo style "kill wig," the very same image seen in the kitten killing videos, except in those the kitten-killer, now know to be Not Luka Magnotta After All, wears a green hoodie.

      For gory technical reasons it's doubtful Magnotta could have done the job himself. In reference to the more recent murder and dismemberment of a Chinese woman, this time in Toronto, the Toronto Sun (not owned by Murdoch, though just as sensationalistic), interviewed a former FBI profiler: " O’Toole said she considers dismemberment very unique post-mortem behavior because of the huge amount of effort it takes. She said investigators will likely think that’s very significant because of the enormous amount of time and energy that it takes. It’s a long and gruesome process and someone would have had to have a location they could do this in, uninterrupted. It’s not a quick thing."

      None of the press mentioned this fact regarding Jun Lin's dismemberment, expecting all to believe Magnotta not only killed Jun Lin, but expertly dismembered him too. In the 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick video there are shadows moving around, plus noises indicating at least a third person is in the room. No one in Chinese discussion groups believes the live body in the first part is Jun Lin, and it doesn't look like Magnotta either. The video should have properly been titled "1 Lunatic 1 Magic Marker" at least for the first part. Truth in advertising and all.

      If Magnotta did it, he had a willing accomplice, or was forced to do the job, or strange as it seems, may not have been present at all. It's also possible someone offered him a large sum of money to make a snuff video, specifically for the purpose of discrediting gays, and Luka in his diminished mental state agreed. ...fin...

    2. Thanks so much for that. I will leave that exactly as it is.
      One thing I forgot to touch on.
      The drugging part, with the scopolamine, have heard the name previously, like read it somewhere, but am not very familiar with it or it's effects

      a quick search on it, didn't bring up much
      However it is an interesting theory
      And the run down of how the so called news orgs work and the spitzer connection

    3. "Scopolamine was among the drugs used by Nazi scientist Joseph Mengele under aegis of Jesuit-OSS/CIA for MK-Ultra..." Mostly they were looking for a truth serum, but gave up on it for that purpose because the subject remembered little of what happened prior to it's use and instead descibed the very real psychotic hallucinations it caused. A quick popular explanation:

      Using the logic of the Luka hunters-framers, the murderer of Jun Lin must be The 16 Year Old Blond, Wig-Wearing Teen Who Lives With His Mother! If Luka is not the kitten killer, did the UK Sun fabricate the email where he says, "Next time it won't be kittens," or did the framer-uppers trick the Sun, or did being falsely accused of killing kittens for two long years finally drive him over the edge to do something worse?

      Magnotta's first lawyer, and still on his legal team, represented both the mafia and bikers at various times, and in one case, while he was representing bikers they put out a hit on him, but he persisted in their defense. "Stephane Gagne testified that the Angels even sent hit men to eliminate one of their own defence lawyers, saying that the gang gave him a contract in 1997 to kill lawyer Pierre Panaccio." He is a local character. Another of his clients was a fellow lawyer who had fallen in too deep in drug dealing with his own mafia client; when the jury convicted, Panaccio ran across the street to another court to file an appeal and was back before they could take his client away. Luka's current lead attorney is tightly connected to the ruling political party, and his third attorney has an unusual background, primarily defending libertarian, anti-tax people. None of them are cheap or working as public defenders.

      One of the better fiascoes the sensationalistic Toronto Sun perpetrated was while Magnotta was missing; they concluded a person posting videos about him on the internet was in fact The Fiend himself. They had a series of experts on their SunTV channel one of whom was a genuine, Phd. criminologist, who stated in an interview, "I believe in journalism, not entertainment. I hate the entertainment aspect of how people cover crime," explaining she goes on TV shows, "to champion for the rights of victims instead of glorifying offenders." [Offenders being anyone named as a possible suspect or even being suspected of being a possible suspect - no need for messy trials.]

      She assures The Sun that the video uploader that they have named is The Real Luka Magnotta, with an 80% degree of certainty. The Sun then interviews a "voice expert" who concurs it is indeed Him, in all his Satanic Glory, with a 90% assurance of a voice match. Think either of these experts apologized for their total misidentification? No more than the thousands of pundits, analysts, economists, and assorted experts do every day when they express either disappointment or surprise that their predictions proved untrue. ...contd...

    4. ...contd... some more misc. stuff

      Though nobody else dares, Chinese discussion groups ask what Jun Lin was doing in Canada in the first place. Only children of high party officials or the very wealthy go abroad to study. He already had a degree in computer science in China. Why go to Concordia at $40,000 per year plus, and start as a 33 year old freshman, working part-time? Typically, Chinese who emigrate at that age go abroad to earn their fortunes.

      Jun Lin applied for a visa in 2009. “I’m going to Canada!” he announces on May 10, 2010. He enrolls in an entrepreneurial course at Montreal’s Tyark College, but there's no date for that or for when he starts at Concordia, or whether these two were consecutive or concurrent. Some say he lived above the convenience store where he worked part-time, before moving to an $1,100 per month apartment near Concordia with a new roomie or lover. One version has the roomie, who was not his lover, in Paris at the time of the murder, while his lover, who was not his roomie, returning to China shortly after the murder.

      Some Chinese suspect he met Luka to improve his language skills, since many in the community look for a girlfriend or boyfriend for that reason, and in one internet chat two weeks before his demise he despaired of finding a job after graduation due to his limited French and English. Montreal police said, "We know they had some sort of relationship." Everybody quickly concluded that it was sexual, but it could have been a business relationship.

      He and Luka, in addition to or instead of being boyfriends for a time, might well have started a business together back in January 2012, when Luka returned from London and Jun Lin registered his own domain,, a strange name if one is interested in gay relationships, but one that would attract homophobes. For what purpose? Or was that domain registered by the framers to besmirch Jun Lin?

      For more conspiracy theories there's this, sometimes loony and hard to follow the terminology, but occasionally spot on:

      Or there's this, which relates to the above:

      These are the last two paras of the XXX page:

      We should be morally outraged at the idea that any self-appointed group of conspirators can publicly cyber-bully, cyber-stalk and finally physically stalk whoever they decide is "guilty" often on the flimsiest of evidence, to the point of inciting someone who reads the story or sees the target's photo to violence, or an innocent person to suicide. Recently, in a small town in Scotland, a 36 year old man committed suicide, having been relentlessly, and falsely, accused of being a child murderer and molester. At one point the vigilantes tried to lure Magnotta to Los Angeles and kidnap him, to do who knows what? It was only the good sense of Ron Jeremy, in refusing to participate, that saved each of the participatory loons from spending 9 years or more in jail. [As happened to OJ Simpson for an equally stupid scheme.]

      A final point: The press quickly branded Magnotta a white supremacist, swastika waving Nazi, based on messages posted to those groups by him (or his impostors). Certainly not a member of the Democratic Underground, wielding a hammer and sickle, plus a cross-wearing Christian, a Scientologist and a convert to Islam as he (or others) posted about him in different forums. There are vile racist posts attributed to him as well, which are contradicted by pics of him dancing and dining with blacks in the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. At least ABC News didn't accuse him of being a Tea Party member or in a romantic relationship with Bristol Palin or her ex-husband or both. ...fin...

    5. hey anonymous
      thanks will read and get back to you with a proper response
      busy days
      the school in BC has some interesting history

  27. anonymous

    "There is a little extra news on the Vancouver front. St. George’s school has a history. In 2010, a teacher with that school, Christopher Charles Ingvaldson, was arrested for possession of child pornography. He was a member of a multi-national FaceBook kiddie-porn group led by a man names Ian Green, from Worthing in Sussex, England.

    Ingvaldson was also a former close friend of Liberal MP Justin Trudeau, the son of the late Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau"

    An update on that angle

    Christopher Charles Ingvaldson, 42 — a former private-school teacher at St. George’s School and friend and co-worker of Quebec MP Justin Trudeau — entered his pleas Feb. 27 for multiple child-pornography-related charges.

    Now Ingvaldson, who spent nine years at West Point Grey teaching alongside Justin Trudeau before taking his job at St. George’s, and also played for the Canadian field-hockey team from 1990 to 1994, is working in construction, and will never again shape young minds.

    Interesting, because there is much speculation that Justin Trudeau may lead the Liberals....
    Perhaps not now

  28. Anonymous:
    are you an on line sleuther?
    Follow the news, like me?
    Why has the story caught your attention?
    Besides the obvious sensational aspect of it.
    Did you perceive an injustice?
    Just curious?

    If you read elsewhere on my blog, you can see I am a current events kind of blogger.

    Oh and regarding the flight on the military plane to pick Magnotta up in Germany, IMO, this was done lest he start talking and something outside of the official narrative started leaking out

  29. Like you I follow current events. The Magnotta case has enough odd angles to make four Oliver Stone films. Think you're right about the use of the plane. Supposedly German officials accompanied Luka too. Ingvaldson, of St. George' school was all set for sentencing and then, shortly after Magnotta was arrested, his lawyer asked for a postponement because "new information" had come to light. Something for a plea bargain?

    Currently distracted by the murders in the French Alps. Interesting that one of the Luka Hunters / Haters from is all over this offering "expert opinion" and is linked to by a few of the French press. Noted that in one right-wing patriotic discussion they mention as a good place "to get the word out."

    There's this: "In-A-Gist algorithmically curates tweets based on popularity in real-time. We collate tweets on the same topic and this page is built from such curated tweets. We keep refreshing this page as and when we find popular tweets on topics mentioned in the tweet. They are presented in the "Related Tweets" section."

    The movie biz is badly affected by Twitter. The fate of a film is now determined by audience tweets during it's very first showing.

    [Another example of an automated news aggreator]

    [The page on Sharon Stone lists related people first. Poor Luka, his own name only makes the B list while Jun Lin and Luka's alias, Vladamir Romanov, are A list]

    Kate Winslet (6)
    Demi Moore (5)
    Arnold Schwarzenegger (5)
    Michael Jackson (4)
    John Travolta (4)
    Ludo Mobil (4)
    Idar Vollvik (4)
    Oprah Winfrey (4)
    Hugh Hefner (4)

    Jun Lin (4)

    Amanda Seyfried (3)
    Gloria Steinem (3)

    Lin Jun (3)

    Nicolas Sarkozy (3)
    Heidi Egede-Nissen (3)
    Way You Make (3)
    Ben Kingsley (3)
    Adam Brody (3)
    Bill Clinton (3)

    Vladimir Romanov (3) [One of Luka's aliases]

    James Franco (3)
    Kristian Adolfsen (3)
    Mikhail Gorbachev (3)
    James Earl Jones (3)

    [and associated people]

    Kristian Adolfsen (0.7)
    Adam Brody (0.6)
    Chuck Traynor (0.5)
    Robert Patrick (0.5)
    Catherine Tramell (0.4)
    Just Can (0.4)
    Eric Roberts (0.3)
    Way You Make (0.3)
    Stefano Carvelli (0.3)
    Heidi Egede-Nissen (0.2)
    Ludo Mobil (0.2)
    Jean Hersholt (0.2)
    Chris Noth (0.2)
    Gloria Steinem (0.2)
    Linda Lovelace (0.2)
    Dick Smith (0.1)
    Idar Vollvik (0.1)
    Hank Azaria (0.1)
    Kadir Anlayisli (0.1)
    Peter Sarsgaard (0.1)
    Clinton Newman (0.1)
    Ludo Group (0.1)
    Amanda Seyfried (0.1)
    Ben Kingsley (0.1)
    Paul Verhoeven (0.1)
    James Earl Jones (0.1)

    Luka Magnotta (0.1)

    Ian Lafrenière (0.1)
    Hugh Hefner (0.0)

  30. Penny: Looking for something unrelated I happen upon this on this, in the middle of a very long conspiracy article on drugs. It's rewritten to remove extraneous stuff and sex.

    "They chose to use Scopolamine. It causes absolute obedience without this being observable by others. The target will not recall any of the events that occurred during the period they were under the spell of the drug."

    "Tatum adds that it is important to administer the drug in the correct dosage, for he has known targets to die from too high a dose. Others have remained under the influence for up to three weeks. Precise dosage can be achieved by liquid ingestion or via cigarettes. It takes no more than 20 minutes to work. X was ushered into the suite in Nicaragua, where video cameras were already set up. [sex removed] Tatum says the male prostitute was hired by the CIA from a bar in New York and killed that same evening."

    " X - wholly unaware of the events of that evening - was presented with a copy of the video, along with instructions. Not only does it reveal his homosexuality, but also his bestiality and satanic worship rituals. X reportedly wept, forced to watch himself kill his homosexual "lover" and then engage in the most grisly cannibalistic ritual imaginable. Neutralized, X became a leading member of the Nicaraguan government a few short weeks later."

    The part about hiring a male prostitute in New York and flying him to Nicaragua sounds improbable, but it makes sense; if he's even reported missing in NY and a body is, by chance, ever discovered in Nicaragua, nobody would connect the two.

    As to what might be accomplished by having Magnotta dismember someone, mail body parts and upload the video (aside from a personal vendetta against him) there's this: "Former RCMP Commissioner Zaccardelli once stated that criminal groups are focusing on Parliament, the courts and other institutions with the aim of "destabilizing" the political system."

    1. Hm

      Is the article very xxx?

      Wondering who X is?

      "Former RCMP Commissioner Zaccardelli once stated that criminal groups are focusing on Parliament, the courts and other institutions with the aim of "destabilizing" the political system."

      I wonder what criminal groups he was referencing?
      Did he mean criminal groups as in gangs
      Or did he mean groups with a wish to influence politically?
      through criminal means?


    2. Additionally there is this

      This corruption is so insidious that the former Montreal police chief, Jacques Duchesneau, who was the lead investigator into allegations of corruption, was fired recently — his contract cancelled.

      The RCMP’s blanket refusal to turn over evidence linking Montreal’s construction industry to Nicolo Rizzuto, godfather of organized crime in Montreal until his assassination in November 2010, has forced the Charbonneau Commission to confront the RCMP in Quebec Superior Court. At the recent hearing, the RCMP’s legal team argued that the Commission doesn't have jurisdiction over the federally regulated police force.

      But Commission lawyer Sylvain Lussier argued the RCMP can't make a blanket refusal to turn over all files and must make a specific claim, for example that the evidence would endanger national security. The next court date is scheduled for April 19, 2012.This powerful police force did in fact make a national security claim back in August 1994 following the murder of young Mindy Tran. In a highly unusual move during the investigation and trial of murder suspect Shannon Murrin, national security had even been cited as the reason for withholding details of the RCMP investigation from the jury. The official investigation revealed an unprecedented level of obstruction occurring at every juncture. If the RCMP had conspired to deliberately "throw" this case, this is how it was accomplished.

      What went wrong? The RCMP presented a completely flawed timeline of events to Crown prosecutors and then to the jury. It was obvious that the evidence would not fit. The Crown could not prove its case when the physical evidence, and eyewitness accounts contradicted the very theory that this case was built upon.

      It seems the RCMP is as corrupt as always. The threw this case away to cover up for something or someone.
      The RCMP has its dirty hands all over the case of the pig farmer and prostitute killings in BC...

      A CBC producer was provided information disclosing that Shannon Murrin was an RCMP informant and that Sgt. Tidsbury, the lead investigator, was actually his "handler". Despite the producer's keen interest in this story, her ensuing request to investigate this connection was stopped by her superiors. She left the CBC shortly afterwards. Sgt. Tidsbury has hardly spoken to the press since then.

      At that time, the Honorable Stockwell Day, Canada's former Minister of Public Safety, was the only politician with the power to justify a cover-up of this magnitude. Stockwell Day was in charge of the RCMP.

      Is the present political arena in Montreal’s corrupt construction industry entwined with similar tug-of-war scenarios?

      Of course Stockwell is a Conservative who has simply gone away... so there is that Conservative party connection yet again, the body part to the PM, the high profile Conservative Lawyer?????

    3. Penny: The quote from Former RCMP Commissioner Zaccardell came for another article, but I see it's used elsewhere too. It was in relation to one of these:

      Montreal had many gang killings recently. "Police remain silent on a possible motive for the killings but gang experts are saying they could be related to the homecoming of reputed Montreal Mob boss Vito Rizzuto, who is to be released from a U.S. prison in October. Other theories include a possible power struggle within the street gang or the emergence of a rival gang in Montreal."

      Vito has vowed not only to take back his territory in Montreal but to take over the entire Bonnano family. Some doubt he has enough remaining power to do that. And it involves the Scilian mafia vs. the Calibrezian mafia. Others said it was the Montreal Rizzuto mob vs the NY Bonnano mob or an ongoing war between the Montreal Mafia and biker gangs (Angels, Banditos, many others) over drug territories.

      "The funeral home also served as the location where murdered mafia boss Nick Rizzutto was viewed in Nov. 2010. Weeks after Rizzuto’s death, the funeral home was firebombed. Julien Bourassa-Richer, Alexandre Toualy and Southone Chareuensouk all pleaded guilty to the attack, but never revealed their motive." This one relates to the Casablanca restaurant in New York, though have forgotten why.

      Did not know of the Tran / Murrin case, but read 3 pages. Had heard of the pig farm biz, but never followed that. Just saw something on a Toronto page about the Pickering Dungeon and how at the trial the girlfriend of the accused's ex-wife found out he blamed her for the break up of his marriage and she learned for the first time, to her horror, that she was the intended guest in the dungeon.

      All above are ruining our cartoon image of noble, red-coated mounties on horses always doing the right thing and getting their man.

      As to the identity of X. It only a few paragraphs in the middle of a long page. He's never named; just used as an example of what happens to a long-time local asset who tries to blackmail the US president into giving him a Nicaraguan government job on terms dictated by him. He got the job he wanted, but on our terms. Don't think there were images on page, but a few sentences of graphic XXX text in those paragraphs. The interesting part was mention of cannibalism. If the story is true [it reads like a overwrought detective novel] then even in those days plain old homosexuality wasn't sufficient to blackmail and permanently lock someone in as a trusted friend, they had to add cannibalism.

  31. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  32. Anybody interested in the truth of this case should go here and request to be added to the hidden, private group. It explains just about everything about this case, identifies at least one of the killers, and shows how Luka is not the killer.

    1. Hi Anonymous:

      thanks for the link to the facebook page
      I don't use facebook
      I actually do not think that Magnotta is a killer
      Just a patsy
      That said, I ask if you could enlighten me here
      Everything is moderated and if you do not want your comment let through it will not be
      But I would love to read some of the info
      If I had the time the magnotta incident is one I would love to get back to

  33. I saw the murder video and read your posting/comments here. We both came to the same conclusions. It is obvious to anyone who has a brain that Magnotta was framed.

    The live body at the beginning of the murder video is NOT Lin Jun. That's obvious. I noticed that instantly when first watching it. The body shape and size is different than that of Lin Jun. The hair is different. The face, even though covered, is clearly of a different shape and slimmer. That live man was not Lin Jun. There's no question of that. The man's face was covered up with some sort of scarf to hide the fact that it was not Lin Jun. That's so blatantly obvious that a child could conclude the same thing. The skin tone does look like that of an Asian, though.

    So this proves that at least 2 other people were involved in this. The victim's stand-in and the actual murderer. I too looked and listened carefully while watching the video and I could clearly tell that at least one other person, besides the killer, was there. Creaking floor boards while the murderer is standing still, a shadow that is not the killer's, etc. Others have reached this conclusion as well.

    Lin Jun was killed in an apartment that was not Magnotta's. As it's been mentioned, bleeding a body dry and then dismembering it requires a great deal of effort and is time consuming. It is not something that can be done quickly, as evidenced by the methods used in the video. Therefore, it was done in an apartment where there would be no interruptions. Plus, the floor in Magnotta's apartment and the floor in the video are quite different. The bloody mattress, as well as some furniture, were transported back to Magnotta's apartment after the murder.

    Both Lin Jun and Magnotta knew the actual murderer and his accomplice. But how were they forced into this? Simple. They were drugged. The scopolamine theory checks. Lin Jun was likely drugged to avoid him struggling too much. Magnotta, I am certain, was drugged. His subsequent behavior points to the effects of this drug.

    In the video, the killer stabs, with an ice pick, an already dead body. The killer then takes the hoodie off the already severed head. There is blood on the sheet, but nowhere near enough as to indicate that he had been decapitated right there on the bed. I have seen a video of a live and slow decapitation. Blood gushes everywhere. But there is no blood splattering anywhere in the room. None on the walls, floor, bed. He was not killed right there on that bed. There's no question of that. I suspect that, while drugged (or not) in another apartment, his throat was cut and the body was bled to death.

    As for the police having a more explicit version of the murder video, yes, they probably do. But I believe that the actual moment of murder, if it was filmed, is not in the possession of the police. If it is, they're not talking about it, for obvious reasons.

    So, yes, Magnotta was framed. There is way too much evidence supporting this.

    1. Hello
      and thanks for stopping by. It amazes me to this day that people still stop by to read this posting and the many comments.
      I didn't ever see the video, but saw a number of stills from the video (think I mentioned that?) "magnotta's'? face was not visible. From there I could not understand how the 'lawyer' who was so overwrought with what he had seen jumped to the conclusion that he did. He laid the groundwork for the narrative. I found him highly suspicious from the get go

      Someone left some information that might indicate he (lawyer) was linked to some sort of murky intelligence apparatus

      Then the body parts to the Conservatives? And their quick fly over to Germany to pick him up? Recently PM Harpers friend and bandmate was charged with a number of counts of molesting children at the school he taught at???
      The friend (of the victim) the one that bolstered the narrative, he was in France at the time of the murder- how does that make him valid or credible as a witness- Then France being the first country Magnotta went to- making his way to Germany for easy pick up.

      Another commenter mentioned Dutroux- was there some type of Dutroux situation on going in Canada
      besides the friend of the PM's there was his 'brain' so called- a member of the man/boy love club or some sort of pedophilia type stuff....

      The only conclusion I can come to is Magnotta was someone's plaything- Or more then one higher up's plaything and perhaps he was talking about something? So, he was silenced. In a way that was so horrendous- he will never get out of jail. Ever. And if he talks, no one will take him seriously

    2. regarding the body parts to Conservatives-
      Magnotta didn't send them
      They were sent by whoever was delivering the message to the Conservatives
      but, not Magnotta
      He had already hightailed it out of the country
      Somewhat was telling the Con government to clean up their mess
      And they did

  34. Plus, the victims's head was found over a month good condition! It had obviously been preserved during that month-long period. I read somewhere that someone was actually seen dumping the victim's head. This alone proves someone else was involved. Some of the possible killers/accomplices are Nina Arsenault, Barbie Swallows, Derek Marek. Several other people were involved. Important people. This whole affair is bigger than we think.

    About the lawyer. He is clearly involved in this in some way. His feigned "shock" was just his way of making himself look innocent. A smokescreen, basically. I'm afraid his attempt at looking innocent failed. At least to those of us who can read between the lines.

    1. Didn't know about the head? It;s been so long
      you wouldn't have a link handy to that reporting?

      The three names you mention? I have no clue who they are

      But agree this is way bigger then we realize?
      have you ever read the six chapters in the sidebar- programmed to kill
      if not, please do
      I suspect this is something along those lines
      It really seems the elite and there sycophants in politics are a twisted lot

  35. I've read those 6 chapters. I share your suspicion that mind control played a part in all this. If you examine what is known about Magnotta's background, it fits.

    Nina Arsenault is a transgender performer. Barbie Swallows is the stage name of Magnotta's alleged trans-sexual lover. Both these individuals are suspected of framing Magnotta. Mark Marek (not Derek--sorry my mistake) is the fellow who posted the murder video on that gore website. He too is suspected of being mixed up in this.

    The exact motive is what escapes me. Revenge? Revenge in regards to what? Mind control could explain this. What was Lin Jun's part in all this? Was he just an innocent victim? Somehow, I don't quite think so. Something's missing. Or perhaps he was part of a ritual sacrifice?

    In any case, Magnotta is not the killer. If he is a mind control subject, who is his handler? His retrieval from Germany, and the circumstances surrounding it, are definitely red flags.

    What is crystal clear to me, as I've mentioned, is that the live man at the beginning of the murder video is NOT Lin Jun. This sequence was shot before the murder even took place. Creaking floorboards, as someone is walking on them while the killer is not moving, can be heard in the background. Shadows that are not the killer's can be seen. The killer is not Magnotta and at least one other person was in that room. There is no question of that.

    The murder was meticulously planned days, weeks, perhaps even months ahead of time.

    1. you just reminded me of something.
      wasn't there issues with the date the video was posted on line?
      It seemed and there might be something in the comments to this effect that the video of the killing appeared on line before the actual (claimed) date of the killing
      If that was indeed the case, then, yes we could be dealing with some kind of sick snuff film- that had n othing to do with Magnotta, BUT, was used as the catalyst for the whole scenario to reel him in?

  36. Lin Jun did his shift at the convenience store on Thursday May 24th, noon to 5:00 pm. This is verified by numerous witnesses. So he was alive at least as of 5:00 pm on the 24th. His last known sign of life was a text message he sent to a friend around 9:00 pm on the evening of the 24th. What happened after that is not known. How was he lured to his death? This is not yet known.

    One can easily deduce that by the evening of May 24th, the crime had already been decided upon. It had been planned well ahead of time.

    The first minute of the video shows a man who is still alive. His face is well covered by a large scarf. This man is not Lin Jun. That much is obvious. Therefore, this segment was filmed earlier. Perhaps days earlier.

    The video then switches to a hoodie-wearing man (face never shown) who proceeds to stab an already dead body. The man removes the scarf from the victim's head to reveal that it is already severed. There is blood on the bed but nowhere near enough. This tends to indicate that the victim had been previously bled to death before being mutilated on the bed. Throughout this, there are noises and shadows which indicate that at least one other person was present.

    The murder is planned well ahead of time. The purpose is to frame Magnotta. The suspects are already acquainted with the victim.

    Here is my reconstruction.

    Lin Jun finishes his shift at 5:00 pm. and leaves work to go home. Mid evening, he is invited, likely under a false pretense, to the apartment of one of the suspects who lives in the same building as Magnotta but on a lower floor. There, he is assaulted and murdered by having his throat cut and being bled to death. He may have been drugged to avoid screams and too much of a struggle. His subsequent mutilation is then carried out and filmed.

    The entire process was not carried out in Magnotta's apartment. As it's been said, such a process is not carried out quickly. It would have to have been done somewhere where there would be no interruptions. Magnotta's next door neighbor, who said he was awake, heard no screams, no sounds indicating a struggle, nothing out of the ordinary coming from Magnotta;'s apartment. This would indicate that the murder was indeed carried out in another apartment. This is further proven by the fact that the views of the apartment in the murder video and views of Magnotta's actual apartment are different.

  37. Magnotta was not home that evening. The suspects had likely chosen an evening when they knew he'd be out. When the coast is clear, evidence is planted in Magnotta's apartment. Body parts in the freezer and fridge, the blood-stained mattress, etc.

    Magnotta then returns home and quickly discovers what has happened. He cannot go to the police because the actual killers have far too much incriminating evidence in his apartment. The police would never believe him, especially since a character assassination had already been carried out against him online. Fake kitten videos and all.

    Magnotta then proceeds to clean things up over the next several hours. He purchases a new suitcase to dispose of parts of the corpse. All the while, the actual killer has been putting together the murder video so he/they can send it off to the gore website, including adding the previously shot sequence with the live stand-in. The owner of this website is suspected of being in on this whole affair.

    Once the clean-up is accomplished, Magnotta flees to Europe. He obviously cannot stay here. The police would pick him up very quickly. There is too much evidence pointing in his direction. Therefore, it would be useless for him to plead his innocence. But why flee to Europe? Likely he knew he'd be picked up eventually.That, only he knows.

    Various body parts, some fake, are mailed out to various parts of the country. Here is where the suspects tripped up. The head was dumped more than a month after the murder. It was in good condition which indicates that somebody, obviously not Magnotta since he was already in custody, had been preserving it. This alone proves the frame-up angle. Plus, apparently, someone was seen dumping a package containing the head.

    Motive for this crime? Jealousy? Revenge? Mind-controlled people carrying out a murder to frame someone? The exact reason for all this is not yet known for sure.

    What is known for sure is that the murder was planned well ahead of it's execution. Remember that photo of the purple-hoodie wearing, ice pick wielding, Casablanca poster in the background guy? This pic was posted on May 15th, 9 days before the actual murder took place. This alone implies premeditation. That photo, which the killer added to the beginning of the murder video, was proven to be a photoshop job. And a bad one at that.

    My reconstruction is just that. A reconstruction. It is only my version of what may have happened. But there is no doubt in my mind that Magnotta was framed. Too many things point in that direction.

    1. thank you for taking the time to write that out
      I will keep an eye on the Magnotta story, but, should you see anything and if you have the time- leave the info? links etc.,
      That would be great!

  38. This page has links to interesting stuff, including a link back to this page on Penny's site.

    These Tumblr pages sometimes have bits of news that don't make the major media.

  39. By Anon #2: I agree in large part with the postings above by Anonymous March 16, 2014 at 9:11 PM and following. There is something very wrong with the dismemberment as seen on the video.

    Not nearly enough blood. The stabbing with the ice-pick produces hardly any blood, only peculiar, rectangular reddish-brown marks. It takes a considerable effort to stab and withdraw even an ice-pick and some reported there were nearly 100 stabbing motions.

    The dismemberment could not have been done on the bed. Certainly not with what looks like a kitchen knife. It requires a bone saw or power tool to cleanly cut through the largest bones. If a power tool was used there should be a large amount of fine blood and bone spray, all over the scene, the Casablanca poster and the camera, as one sees in markets that use band saws when cutting meat. There's also the problem with neighbors hearing no noise.

    As for dismemberment in the bathtub, some work was done there as evidenced by the blood, but could Magnotta, or anyone his size, unaided, move a floppy body and body parts repeatedly back and forth between the bed and bath, what with careful washing -- why? -- and storing an arm in the freezer.

    There's the problem of the bathtub having what looks like a standard drain, perhaps one or two inches maximum. There's a much larger mess created in cutting up a body than just liquid blood. That would require holding a limp body over the toilet, again requiring a muscular person or possibly two.

    Though it's hard to see in the video with dim lighting and the dismemberer wearing dark clothing, if events are as depicted that person should be soaked in blood, yet in the shots where the person's hand is visible it's absolutely clean. With the dismemberer climbing on top of the body there's also no oozing blood or other fluids.

    Below is a comment on dismemberment from Jim Van Allen, former manager of the Ontario Provincial Police’s criminal profiling unit:

    "Van Allen — who assisted with the Bernardo investigation and attended his trial — said the killer testified in court that dismembering Mahaffy was the “second-most disgusting thing he’d done in his life.” (Bernardo never revealed what the most disgusting thing was, Van Allen said, and nobody asked him.)"

    "“Bernardo was definitely a diagnosed psychopath and here was an individual telling you it was even disgusting for him,” Van Allen said. “That, I think, suggests the degree of resolve required of an individual to do that.”"

    1. from the torstar article

      "There are also dismemberments stemming from “psychotic” murders, where the offender is mentally ill and acting on delusional impulses"

      And then there is mind control?

      Just a thought... thanks for the comment, interesting

      If anyone wishes to answer this I am just curious
      why the interest in this case?
      Is it the obvious frame up -from the implanting of the narrative into the media via the so called lawyer and then the continuation of the drama?
      I am interested in the perception management angle of this story
      how it begins- it's bolstered etc fascinating kind of stuff
      because perception management is so big in our society
      Then there is the framing of an individual?
      The connection to the conservative gov in my home and native land
      Are some of you Canadian too?

  40. Anon #2: The Magnotta case is unusual in that even though there are questions at every turn, from his allegations that his family shopped him out to hi level pedophiles at a young age through to the alleged murder and dismemberment to his escape to Europe and return to Canada, there is no interest in investigating the many oddities and discrepancies.

    The respectable media, the tabloids and Internet discussions all accept and repeat the same sensational narrative -- a crazy, gay, porn-star, sex-worker, kitten-killer who allegedly murders (unseen), and then in a desultory and passionless manner dismembers, has simulated sex with the corpse, eats (a small slice, not clearly shown on camera) of his victim, then mails body parts to schools and politicians.

    There are perhaps a half-dozen people deeply interested in the matter, not counting the fan pages, most of those created by depressed, suicidal young women and gore fans who would be greatly disappointed and lose all interest in Magnotta if the story is not as above.

    Aside from curiosity as to what really happened there is no money to be made from contradictory tales and much to be made for those promoting the maximally lurid version. Come the trial, the corrupt animal charities will rake in more millions. Will they prevail on the CBC to re-run the documentary / infomercial "Hunting Magnotta"?

    On the question of mind control it's possible Magnotta was programmed from a young age to participate in such a macabre undertaking, but I think it more likely that somebody came across him later and took advantage of him as the perfect patsy.

  41. Anon #2: After the alleged murder/dismemberment Montreal police announced they had recovered an extra few minutes of video not uploaded to the Internet via BestGore and unseen by the public. Everybody assumed these extra minutes included the actual murder.

    But recently the judge informed potential jurors there was no video of the murder. The Sun (Canada) media outlets, which were at the forefront of a baying mob, claiming Magnotta was a murderer, now sometimes call him “the dismemberer”. Luc Leclair, Magnotta’s lead lawyer, refers to “an alleged murder video”.

    Some parallels to other current videos where a murder is implied but unseen. Why?