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Massacre in Syria: False flag to achieve military intervention?

I abhor the loss of life in Syria or anywhere for that matter.
So many civilians have died. Lives ruined.
 But that has not stopped NATO previously, nor will it now.
 Blood feeds that organization. Like the bloodsucking/life stealing world army that it is....

The news of the massacre in Houla, Syria seemed to really hit the ground running yesterday- Saturday May 26/12  .Today, Sunday May 27,  the cacophony of calls for foreign intervention have hit their crescendo...  
Who has wanted foreign intervention all along? Not the majority of Syrians. Not the Syrian government. Let's look at the news that preceded the massacre.

There is no mention of massacre in this article from Friday May 25/2012
The blame game begins as UN peace plan falters

The conclusion had been made. The Plan has failed. Who would want that to happen?

As the United Nations peace plan for Syria flounders toward failure, a U.S.-Russian blame game has begun. The Americans “skeptical” from the beginning. The Russians blaming armed terrorists.

Judgement Day 
 “Both sides will seek to draw on evidence from the ground to make their arguments before Annan formally declares his plan dead. Judgment day may come on July 21/12, when the 90-day observer mission ends, or sooner if any of the unarmed monitors is killed or injured in a conflict in which the opposition is increasingly relying on tactics such as suicide bombings. 

 Judgement day would come sooner if something drastic happened. Such as a UN monitor being killed? Well, that had been tried and failed.
What if there was a horrific massacre?  Cue- one horrific massacre 

Let's go back on day further to May 24/12 and see what we all missed.

 Aha! A freshly released UN report that would have bolstered Syria's claims. Claims of armed terrorists wreaking havoc in the country . A UN report had been released on Thursday May 24/12 that indicated persons were being killed by armed terrorists as well as Security Forces.Obviously the Security forces would have to kill terrorists. What is significant was that the UN report indicated people were dying at the hands of terrorists, armed terrorists.

The opposition was found to have captured and tortured soldiers and used children as messengers for life- threatening deliveries into Turkey. (Just your average bunch of ‘nice’ guys, right?) The report describes actions by increasingly well-organized fighters planting mines, making homemade bombs and putting nails in pipes with explosive powder. There are six documented cases of explosions in which civilians were killed.

While the commission said it wasn’t able to verify who was responsible, it listed the bombings under abuses committed by anti-government forces. 

 A UN report that backed up what Assad had claimed all along. What Russia has claimed all along. What China had claimed all along. Scandalous! You knew that was not going to see the light of day.

 “Russia will be able to draw ammunition to frame its case from a UN investigation that documents human rights abuses by armed opposition groups “

That was before the massacre occurred. Who benefited from not having the news of human rights abuses by the armed opposition get out to the public? Not the Syrians. Not the Syrian government. Not the Russians. Not the Chinese. Who benefits from the massacre? What Next?

Once the (Annan) plan is formally recognized as a failure, he said, the discussion will shift to what should come next. “Given the chasm between Russian and American goals and viewpoints, the likely outcome is more gridlock in the UN Security Council, said Andrew Tabler, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a policy group.
Another veto at the UN? If the West even bothers to go this route?
“Once the Annan plan is declared a failure, “I don’t see the political process at the end of it,” Tabler said.”
Tabler, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy does not see a political process after the demise of the Annan Plan. Does he see a military one? Who has wanted a military solution for so long?

Conveniently, or ominously the FSA had this to say-
 Killings in Houla and elsewhere are taking place “under the eyes of the UN observers,” the FSA said, urging the international community to “announce the failure of the Annan plan.” 

Announce the failure of the Annan Plan! Once declared dead there will not be a political process..
Who benefits from the massacre? Who wants to hasten the demise of Syria?
Not the Syrians. Not the Syrian Government. Not Russia or China.

Only the West/NATO/Israel/GCC benefit from the massacre. The aforementioned have all along wanted a military solution. The FSA is armed and ready to slaughter for their paymasters in NATO. It is well known that weapons have been funneling through to the terrorists via Lebanon, via Jordan, via Turkey, via Libya. The Saudi’s are financing weapons. France is financing. The US is financing weapons flow to the terrorists

Just a few previous posts covering this (if you have been following along for a while you can bypass them if you wish) 
US poised to supply arms to Syrian Terrorists, ooops I mean "rebels" 

FSA training in Kosovo 

Libyan weapons seized in Lebanon- headed for NATO's terrorists in Syria

Additional interesting and very relevant reading

Syria: Massacre in Houla – Who benefits from this massacre?

FSA will no longer comply with ceasefire, but they have never done it. False-Flag massacres to achieve a military intervention?

 The innocent victims were shot or stabbed, but by whom is the important question. That the external Syrian opposition, e.g. based in Istanbul, the terrorist “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and the West immediately know whom to condemn for this massacre, is no surprise and was to be expected. Also the representation of the Syrian government in the capital Damascus was to be expected, but what has really happened in al-Houleh (al-Houlah / Houla), Syria?

Considering the approaches of the so-called Syrian opposition and the Western media in recent months, it was no question that these sides will blame the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad for all violence within Syria. Also this time, there was no search for any evidence; the reports with immediate blame-assignments were published quickly, without including any facts.

Lengthy piece. Worth reading in full.

When the question to who benefits from the massacre is answered, that answer points directly to the perpetrator/s.



  2. Makdissi: Syria Categorically Denies Responsibility of the Syrian Forces for al-Houla Massacre

    Makdissi stressed that no tanks or artillery entered al-Houla town, adding that hundreds of gunmen, armed with various kinds of heavy weapons, attacked al-Houla area in Homs countryside after they assembled in various areas in a deliberate and planned manner, indicating that "The law-enforcement members never left their positions and were in a state of self-defense."

    Makdissi said that Syria also condemns the ''tsunami'' of lies against the Syrian government in the past couple of days and the ease in leveling accusations against the Syrian government by some foreign ministers and media.

    ''We've talked to the Defense Ministry, the Interior Ministry and the authorities concerned to put us in the picture of what happened in Houla,'' said Makdissi.

    Makdissi added ''It has been confirmed that hundreds of gunmen gathered at 2:00 o'clock on Friday afternoon , using Pick-up cars loaded with up-to-date and heavy weapons, like mortars, machineguns and anti-tank missiles, which are newly used in the confrontation with the state forces.''

    ''The gunmen headed to al-Houla area which is guarded by the government forces at five points where law-enforcement members and security are positioned, which lie outside the places where the massacres happened. The attack lasted from 2:00 pm o'clock until 11:00 pm. 3 law-enforcement members were martyred and 16 injured, some critically, and there were charred bodies.''

  3. BBC News uses ‘Iraq photo to illustrate Syrian massacre’
    May 27, 2012 by Kristen
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    Photographer Marco di Lauro said he nearly “fell off his chair” when he saw the image being used, and said he was “astonished” at the failure of the corporation to check their sources.
    The picture, which was actually taken on March 27, 2003, shows a young Iraqi child jumping over dozens of white body bags containing skeletons found in a desert south of Baghdad.
    It was posted on the BBC news website today under the heading “Syria massacre in Houla condemned as outrage grows”.
    The caption states the photograph was provided by an activist and cannot be independently verified, but says it is “believed to show the bodies of children in Houla awaiting burial”.
    A BBC spokesman said the image has now been taken down
    BBC was not prepared to let go a photo they claim was unverified…why post at all? Who are these ‘activists’? SOHR

  4. BBC fraud:

    Tony Cartalucci has a follow up:

  5. Penny, the link at the end is broken.

  6. NYS: thanks
    Hi Brian: I see you have been busy

    Looks like Brian confirms the false photo story..
    Does the propaganda demonization never end?

    Anonymous: I have spent more then a half an hour just fixing code and links.
    They should all be working.
    Sometimes blogger has a mind of it's own and code appears out of nowhere

  7. FYI

    OK, so who were the people massacred in Houla...a very important question, thats been ignored:

    BUT from blogger JOUD we learn:Joud ‏@Hey_JoudWatch from 0:57,1 of the revos admits the people killed in #Houle were pro regime yet says the govt killed them #Syria!/Hey_Joud

    Syrian Commando ✩ ‏@syriancommando
    The #AlHoulahMassacre was committed against pro-Assad families, confirmed by sources within #Syria, investigation = end of #FSA.
    Retweeted by Joud

    Joud ‏@Hey_Joud
    @Ani0978 @pgraha3003 @RT_com @SaraFirth_RT Their neighbours were interviewed on Syria TV and they assured that they opposed the revolution.

    Joud ‏@Hey_Joud
    @pgraha3003 @RT_com @SaraFirth_RT The massacred were pro regime living in an FSA-controlled area, there was no presence of army whatsoever.

    Joud ‏@Hey_Joud
    @HebaNoori They were pro Assad in an anti Assad area, do the math if you have 2 brain cells.

    Joud ‏@Hey_Joud
    @HebaNoori Yeah but the area is controlled by the FSA, there's 0 syrian army members there so obviously it wasn't the army who did it

    so if pro-govt,..the killers had to be anti-government

  8. its important to know who the victims far thats been ignored.JOUD goes along sway to clarifying who they were!/Hey_Joud

  9. Joud ‏@Hey_Joud
    @HebaNoori shelled but when you see the video you'll know that knives were used to kill them and obviously the army doesn't use knives.

    Joud ‏@Hey_Joud
    @HebaNoori living in an area controlled by the FSA with no presence of army or security forces whatsoever. the opposition claimed they were

    Joud ‏@Hey_Joud
    @HebaNoori Calm your hormones and listen to facts. The people massacred were from al Kurdy family and their relatives, they're pro regime

  10. BBC in hot water: Telegraph chortles:

  11. Joud

    @roquelaurio If the footage was real why did they fabricate this? Also Al Houla is controlled by the FSA not the army

    U.S.-Turkey Relations: A New Partnership

  13. Just adding a few more links...

    Russia: Information Confirm That Victims of al-Houla Massacre Were Not Killed by Artillery Fire

    Ja’afari Dismisses Tsunami of Lies about Hula at UNSC

    New Massacres by al-Qaeda-linked Terrorist Groups against Families in Homs Countryside Prior to Annan's Visit

    ‘Those killed were loyal to Assad’

    Netanyahu: Israel 'appalled' by Syria massacre; Iran and Hezbollah must also be held responsible

    Barak calls for intervention by int’l community in Syria

    1. Thanks SAJ, glad you left them! :)
      Sorry for the late reply.Short of time yesterday

  14. FYI penny
    The residents of Tal - Dow and Al-Hula saying: ( Truth about massacre in village Al-Hula and others villages near Homs, Syria)
    by Konstantyn Scheglikov on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at 5:21pm ·
    It's google translation i will ask better translation soon

    Truth about massacre in village Al-Hula and others villages near Homs, Syria.
    The residents of Tal - Dow and Al-Hula saying:

    The text below:

    Grandmother of the Al-Hula:
    "We here took place the massacre, and we want to see Al Jazeera took off that there has actually happened, not what they passed by unknown people.
    Block positions were attacked by police. All the soldiers were killed, then they attacked our villages, torched a hospital in Al-Hula.
    Bandits killed our pharmacy next to the pharmacy for a fact that he has treated a wounded soldier.
    Nobody but the army will not help us. In anticipation of the arrival of Kofi Annan, went escalation of violence, and increased the number of terrorist attacks. Our children can not go to school, we can not go to our fields, our gardens and on the job.
    That was yesterday - it's unbelievable cruelty. Thousands of militants from the Al - Rastan attacked the town, killed all the soldiers at checkpoints. Burned the city hospital."

    Fatima Mustafa, a resident of Tal - Dau, Syrian Turkmen:
    "I worked on the field when I heard the gunfire from the north and east, I ran to the house, and saw his house burned. Near the house was a roadblock, there were good people. I dropped everything and fled to their relatives."

    As a resident of Tal - Dow:
    "I want security and stability. Wish that the army continued to guard us. As long as I can remember, the army guarding us. Do they hurt us. I'll always sit at home and open the door only to the soldiers that would give them a drink of water."

    Syed Abdul Wahab, a resident of Tal - Dau:
    "The terrorists who want to come here ostensibly free to take power. We have always lived in peace. We can not leave the house. Twenty-six hours we were hiding in their homes because of the bandits.
    Corr. Al-Jazeera shows clips of the alleged Tal - Dow and Al-Hula, as you look at it?
    Syed Abdul Wahhab - Al-Jazeera - it's a false channel, this whole world knows we do not believe what they say because they are seeing it with my own eyes."

    Grandma to UN monitors:
    " They say airstrikes have been!. Lies, lies, lies. Liars, all of them come from Ar-Rastan."

    A local resident:
    " I'm from Tal - Dow and Al-Hula.
    Yesterday came armed bandits, they told us: "Either you are with us will kill the soldiers and policemen, or we will kill you." They killed our wives and children, were all killed. They killed the soldiers and policemen. I wish, what would the army came and cleaned our village from bandits. I want us to live as before in the security and stability."

    A local resident:
    " I am a resident of Tal - Dow and Al-Hula. Armed groups attacked the checkpoints were all killed. They told us to go with them, or they will kill us. They burned our house and started filming the neighborhood and talking on phones, which took off that supposedly were strikes. They killed and burned soldiers.
    We want to be rid of these gangs, we can no longer be tolerated."

    A local woman:
    " We are from the villages of Al-Gaunt, which is located next to the Al-Hul. Nine terrorists killed my relatives in the field. The bandits set fire to our houses and we fled into the Al Gore, but there were bandits who kill us, we have a martyr, who was burned alive.
    Why, by what law did they die? Is this Islam? Is this justice? All this from Hammad from Qatar. Hamad( emir of Qatar) is you now satisfied?"

    These are some eyewitness accounts of what happened - the inhabitants of Tal - Dow and Al-Hula, but they are enough to figure out who to blame for the tragedy of Al-Hula.

    1. Brian: thanks for everything you have left.
      OMG, lots to read and look at. Keep leaving it, keep leaving it.

  15. Hi Penny,

    In answer to your question and post title....yes, this is America trying to achieve a military goal which has been on the 'list of goals' for years.

    They are slowly but surely pushing along their agenda by using death squads so they can show that their own hands are clean - lying sick b@stards that's for sure.

    I would even hazard a guess that yesterday's huge fire in the shopping mall of Doha was created ON PURPOSE to draw completely attention away from the truth that is coming out about the massacre of children in Syria... As now we have dozens of children dead in Doha... This is NOT a coincidence - as nearly all the news sources, who yesterday talked non-stop about dead Syrian children, are now talking about Doha's dead children! - Even Sky has NOTHING on today's home page about Syria... I find that very telling indeed.

    The powers-that-be kill everyone and anyone to reach their goals...they are sick and their evil actions will come back to haunt them... There is a higher power that they won't acknowledge... but it acknowledges them... they won't escape either!


    aka Marty

    1. Hi Marie/Marty:

      You got it! They are sick and evil.
      Yesterday was just mind blowing via msm lies.
      With the diplomatic expulsions, all nations in sync.
      The level of lies and misleading media stories.
      I should know better then to be surprised and yet I still was

  16. Flags can be useful! one here serves to identify the family of the dead boy was pro-assad

    #HoulaMassacre, This video was shot by "opposition" to accuse the government of committing the massacre, in this video there are some proofs that the massacre was done by FSA:

    1- The murdered family is the family of a Syrian army officer (Mohammad Sawwaf) from Houla NOT FSA officer.

    2- The dead child shown in the video was wearing a Syrian flag on his hand, not the FSA flag with 3 red stars.

    3- You can hear voices shouting "Where is the Syrian Army??!!", of course they want the Syrian army to be there to protect them.

    4- We realize that the cameraman was standing taking the video, while the man beside him was begging for help to rescue the wounded. Why was taking the video more important than rescuing the wounded, knowing that this video was first loaded on opposition youtube channels.

    5- The cameraman only hinted about the Syrian army being involved in the massacre but didn't say that clearly because he was afraid that the people around him who know that the FSA did it, would go after him as he becomes involved in the crime.

    The FSA armed "opposition" bombed the house and killed the families of Syrian loyalists, and filmed it to use it against Assad.


  17. its the US regimes that hate freedom and democracy and love autocratic control
    Homs: 2006 #Wikileaks #Syria - #America Dirty Tricks Campaign For Regime Change In Syria !
    2006 #Wikileaks cable show U.S. advocating sectarianism, among other dirty tricks, to push for regime change in #Syria

  18. Von Braun
    I just saw this video on youtube and I am completely shocked.
    A radical islamic cleric giving permission and inciting the terrorist group FSA to murder women and children. See for yourselves.
    (not that they have needed permission!)
    heres one time we can thank MEMRI!

    1. Oh my, I am more than shocked.

      I cannot seem to understand, how that downright idiot gives 'permission' to kill fellow muslim women and children...regardless of what sect they are from, they are Islamic (same same but different). This is just one of many proofs that these instigators of war have no belief whatsoever - they have no connection to the Islamic teaching, they are spoonfed bullshit from America and Saudi Arabia in the exchange for a luxurious lifestyle.

      “For this We enjoined upon the Children of Israel (and this includes Jews, Christians and Muslims) that whosoever kills one person (unlawfully, or without his causing disruption in the land) it is like killing the whole of mankind, and whosoever protects life to one person it is like giving life to whole mankind“.(5:39) That is what a true muslims believes.

      Even during war Islam prohibits killing of women, children, old persons, non-militants and even destroying crops and property.

      This is worse than shocking - saw this on Al-Arabiya:

    2. LB:

      call me dense, but, I didn't get what was going on here?
      It's an auction of some sort, but, what sort exactly?

      btw: glad your still about :)

      "Why is Saudi Arabia doing this to us"?
      There are times, I just don't know what to say.
      The elite of the world are insane.
      Totally and completely, off their rockers, insane.
      The psychopathy of their personalities is obvious to those that are aware, but, well covered by the media
      by covered I mean hidden.

    3. My apologies it was Syrian State TV in Arabic - gosh I have been watching too much TV!!! Al-Arabiya would never broadcast anything like that! DUH!

    4. Hey Penny!

      You're far from dense that's for sure!

      The translation is very acurate however the wording may be a bit off. Basically, the opening is of a man called Abu Saleh, who has given his sons in "sacrifice" (i.e as suicide bombers) to the person who bids the most for his life (strangely they have Syrian dialects, however, they have held the auction in Jeddah, Saudi obviously a high paying Saudi is behind all this - its not rocket science) - all in all the dad banks the auction money and the sons are sent to Bab Amar not Bab Amro in Syria (Homs) to blow themselves up. The first son sells for 1million riyals (270,000US approx.) and the second for 1.5million riyals (400,000US approx.)

      The ending is the results of such "sacrifices". The people who have lost their homes, and loved ones are stating the obvious - 'do they call this freedom?'

    5. Correction: This video was aired on Syrian State TV, my apologies, I flick through them all - Al-arabiya is always on my mind as its the biggest fabricator!! And its company slogan "the ones who know the most".

  19. Von Braun
    This is a video apparently of the Houla massacre, that surfaced yesterday on youtube.
    It show what seems to be a pro-government rally being attacked (protestors with state flags). We can hear clearly the sound of light machineguns and people being murdered on the spot.
    See for yourself.

    Is there anyone with more info about it?

  20. Joud @Hey_Joud 21h
    I only tweeted @CarlosLatuff once asking him why he doesnt make a cartoon to show revos crimes against Syria's army&guess what?He blocked me
    HYPERLINKSyd Walker @SydWalker 22h
    Carlos has taxied to the dark side? he of all people should be aware of being manipulated by propaganda

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. FYI apart from SANA:
    a pro-government site with a lot more news from Syria in English is the following which aggregates several different Facebook news blogs about Syria in English:

    1. Brian:
      Honestly, I am terrified to look at the videos
      It will have to wait until I feel more courageous

  22. what really happened in Houla:
    Syria: Translation of the experiences by ANNA journalist Marat Musin near the Syrian city of Homs.

    The following text is the translation of a blog entry of the ANNA News journalist Marat Musin, who was in the region of al-Houla (Houla/Hula – near the Syrian city of Homs) last week and who has own experiences how the horrible “Houla massacre” in Syria happened and who is behind the violent and horrible massacre near Homs.

    The translation about the own investigations of the journalist Marat Musin, together with Olga Kulygina, about the massacre in al-Houla (al-Houleh/al-Hula) was made with best intentions, you can find the original text of Marat Musin (ANNA News) about the horrible events in Syria at the end of the translation.

    As you can see, the explanations and descriptions about the “Hula massacre” (Houla massacre) differ, but considering that Marat Musin has been near al Rastan and the location of the horrible massacre, which was not the only massacre, carried out by armed groups last week in Syria, the question remains:

    Why is the UN Human Rights Council not interested in using the information of this journalist Marat Musin and Olga Kulygina for the so-called investigations of the “Houla massacre”, but relies on the typical sources like phone calls with the Syrian opposition members and so on (more information)?

  23. more from ANNA

  24. Occupy Syria
    The terrorist "Mouhi Deen Mahmoud Shihab"...
    One of the criminals and killers who committed Al-Houleh Massacre..
    More evidences and names will be revealed in the coming days... So stop manipulation Mainstream channels...
    The Syrian people ask for JUSTICE..

  25. UN Made Their Report on Houla Massacre by asking Terrorists

    Marinella Corregia called the Council spokesman, Rupert Colville, to get some answers. -
    "MC: So which witness sources do you have and how did you speak with them?
    RC: Our local network, whom we spoke on the phone. I cannot say more; I have to protect them.
    MC: How could they recognize that the killers were Shabbiya? Weren’t their faces covered?
    Our local contacts in Syria say they were Shabbiya. Try to be less cynical."...

    'Try to be less cynical' - what a comedian!

  26. Here's the story doing the rounds on twitter...
    The "Syrian" opposition twist and turn to find more ways to disrupt and discredit Syria's image in the general public.

    They say this girl was beaten by security forces in Lattakia.

    After a little bit of research, we found out this was false.

    This little girl's name is Katie Ann Guttridge who was beaten at a nursery in England in December.
    their constant need to lie and deceive is what makes the FSA cause unsupportable

  27. Victims of Houla massacre were candidates of Syria's elections, and some were part of parliament