Wednesday, May 23, 2012

R. Gordon Wasson: Magic Mushrooms and the Psychedelic Revolution

Post # 2 for today! 
R Gordon Wasson. Who here has heard of him, besides me? I know some of you have!

 According to Wikipedia he was an author, ethnomycologist and VP for J.P Morgan.
A Banker (what!)  who was interested in intoxicating mushrooms.
I had first come across the name when I heard him connected to the JFK assassination.
A banker, a mushroom afficionado ,connected to a Presidential assassination?!?!
How does all that connect?
 Because on the surface, it doesn't seem to.
As is often the case it is below the surface the connections lie hidden.

Kudos to Jan @ Gnostic Media for making a compelling case that R Gordon Wasson had much more then just a innocent or purely curious interest in magic mushrooms and was a bit more involved with the intelligence agenda then is commonly understood

Quoting from Jan's place here:

"We’re going to reveal how the psychedelic revolution was launched by the CFR, CIA and the elite, and how R. Gordon Wasson, the so called discoverer of magic mushrooms, and the founder of the field of ethnomycology, was himself a government asset, a friend of Edward Bernays – the father of propaganda, and is one of the key figures for launching one of the largest mind control operations in history – information never before revealed until today" 

None of this should come as a surprise for those who are familiar with the Mkultra experiments, LSD, mind control, Operation midnight climax, yes, that was it's name.

Oh and can't forget the Laurel Canyon saga brought to us all by David McGowan. 
Who by the way- apparently has a book deal for his Laurel Canyon work. 
So there will be no more to read on his site.

 I want you to check out these jpg's Jan has provided-
 R Gordon Wasson attendee of the CFR

R Gordon Wasson linked for  John Foster Dulles

Here is the presentation given by Jan:

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:46:35 — 61.0MB) 

The transcript:

Download transcript file

My comment to Jan regarding this work-

"I commend you, Jan, for taking all this work on.
It must have been a lot.
I intend to post it at my blog, including the transcript all linked back to you.

For me, this connects the dots on so many scenarios
Not so much the mushroom angle
But the agenda of MKultra. The LSD ‘movement’
the drugging of the public without their knowledge
experimentation of prisoners and orphans
I was aware that Wasson had been previously attached to the Kennedy assassination
This work of yours adds another layer to all I have already read
It also ties in with the Laurel Canyon stuff written by David McGowan
The “creation” of the Hippie Culture, ties in to the drug culture, ties in to the intelligence apparatus.
All very relevant. And, thoroughly enjoyable."

I took this in twice. There is a lot contained within and I just had to listen twice to take it all in.
I haven`t read the entire transcript, but understand there are numerous references at the end.
If you enjoy it or find it of any value, let Jan know.
This must have taken a great deal of time and energy to put together.


  1. Excellent. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. Hello Penny,
    Thank you for inviting me to read/listen(podcast) to this interesting piece. It should be done more then once but time constraints forbid.I did find one factoid enormously intriguing..

    @1:09 mention of Thomas Wasson's(Gordon's brother) assassination in Jerusalem, 1948. Wow, this is fascinating! What with ME actions today we see, then, an intense factionalism between the Jewish Zionists and the Anglo-American Establishment(Wassson). Of course, the JFK assasssination was yet another intense factional dispute betweeen the Anglo-American establishment and the Irish Catholic elites. They are all gangsters!! Scorpions in a dance of death.
    This Anglo-American group (Cliveden set,Fabian socialists, Ivy League Eastern establishment) are clearly engaged in Eugenics programs something that will eventually result in blow back.getting into bed with Jewish and Irishcatholic gangsters reflects a birds of a feather flock together adage.
    Sandoz and Eli Lily all linked whoppee!!

  3. "@1:09 mention of Thomas Wasson's(Gordon's brother) assassination in Jerusalem, 1948.'

    Peter: Oh, yes, that was quite juicy wasn't it
    Killed by the followers of Judaism.

    Like I said, I had to listen twice before I could even post it.
    It was so loaded with info.
    Timothy Leary was like the intel LSD guru and Gordon Wasson appears to be the intel guru for the magic mushroom promotion.

    When you tie this in with the heady days of mkultra experimentation and the creation of the rock scene out of Laurel Canyon

    Pow Zoom to the moon. I was gobsmacked!

    To top it all off, I am reading the book on Rockefeller's medicine men and the massive manipulation of society to the benefit of the robber barons..

    Download it and save it.
    Listen again.
    You will be surprised what you pick up on the next listen!

    I have the show and the transcript both saved for when I have more time

  4. All those grisly deaths in McGowan's Laurel Canyon piece reflect a gangster interplay... IMHO.
    You are correct, Jan assembles many divergent jig saw puzzle pieces, creating a fuller picture for us all.

    1. Penny, thanks for this.

      I was intrigued by the LC connection but am finding Jan's monotone delivery and the fact he's reading something, continuously saying, "quote" about as engaging as a warm beer.

      I will keep trying.

      Like Peter I was blown away by the mention of Wasson's 'brother' being assassinated in Jerusalem...

      Just wish the mp3 was either more conversational, or more radio friendly.... my bad.


    2. Hey Edo:

      Keep trying. You won't be disappointed.
      PS: glad to know your still around :)