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Syria: Aleppo updates from Tozz. Influx of foreign fighters and CFR drooling

 Syria and more: It's going long so I will keep my commentary down to a minimum.
Do take the time to read it all.
 UPDATE BELOW: The CFR blowing Al Qaeda's horn
First up, Tozz was back and that is some good news out of Syria.
Here is his commentary-

Hello Penny

I was too late this time because there was no telecommunications in Aleppo last days for security reasons.
I'll put my comment in your article "The "impending massacre" meme precedes yet another UN Security Council meeting".

Thank you so much. I'm safe :)
Tozz shared as much as he could on what was going on in Aleppo.

Tozz Bel-ThawrahAugust 5, 2012 1:27 AM
“Until now there's so many contradictions in all of the news about what's going in Aleppo, and you can't depend 100% on any source or to believe it -- lies .. lies .. lies. Especially from the FSA side. Such as when they said that they're dominating 70% of the areas of Aleppo!! -- But by searching, detecting and comparing the news and the videos of the both sides, you can say that the countrysides is going more and more to the rebels, while the they're loosing large number of their members inside the city, even in the areas which they're dominating some parts of it, that's also according to the words of some of my friends who are living in the hot areas. But as you know in the media; you'll see those who were killed are only innocent civilians.

In this video which I've recorded, you can see what happened in this building "of poor residents" by the rebels just to kill some of the Shabiha who hid inside it after chasing them (only 7 as they said). But I think there's also a kind of drama to show you the devastation which caused by the Syrian Army, and that's by using another camera from another place, as you know. You can analyze, detect lies and decide.”
The video provided to us by Tozz-
As explained by Tozz the FSA/NATO mercs and terrorists create mass destruction which is later used as propaganda against the Syrian Army.
Tozz continues-
Related and important notice: the rebels usually plant mines before their tactical withdrawal from an area. Either as a trap for the Syrian Army, or as the above reason "to show you the devastation which caused by them". Maybe it's the answer of why do the Syrian army always delayed in entering an area, or why to use the warplanes and cannons. Also we can't forget that the rebels have been well trained for guerrilla warfare.

Yesterday we saw the warplanes (Sukhoi & Mig) bombing missiles on the buildings of Aleppo's TV & Radio, and some other buildings in the near 3 areas, after it was dominated for few hours by the FSA. So it's the tactical withdrawal number 32 (if I'm not wrong) for the FSA from the areas in Syria. Bombing is still going on until this moment in some areas.

Many people here are still helping the goverment against those rebels. Barri's Clan killed more than 100 of the rebels as I heared.

The number of the refugees from the hot areas here is over than 250000. Some of them sought refuge into another areas, while the others have already left Aleppo.

More and more battalions are joining the FSA (or the Unification Brigade) in Aleppo. They're now very large numbers.
 The fact that more battalions have poured into Aleppo is not good for the Syrians. So let us all have a look at who is in Syria fighting. Or should we say killing and terrorizing the Syrians. Which seems to be a more accurate description.

Turkish soldiers and a Turkish General That's just for openers. 
“According to an informed source in Syria, the Turkish general was arrested during the Syrian Army's clashes with the terrorists in Aleppo.

News reports said that the Turkish general has been taken to Damascus for further interrogations.

Earlier, Turkish media also reported that Syria has detained 40 Turkish military officers in different parts of the country, and said that efforts to release them have failed. “

So we have the Turks playing a role in the misery in Syria. No surprise there.
The clip features John Cantlie. He discusses individuals he labels “jihadists” in Syria. He makes clear that these so called“jihadists” are not Syrians. Unsurprising. Nor is the FSA. A distintion he fails to make. However he mentions persons originating in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Chechnya , the Caucuses and the UK. That’s right, Brits! Disaffected UK youths fighting in Syria. 
I am going to go way back.. Way, way back to a blog post from 2009. MI5 Blackmailing British Muslims  I am going to repeat that MI5 Blackmailing British Muslims. 
"Work for us or we will say you’re a terrorist"

This was such an issue that the Home Secretary was also  made aware of the blackmail.
In 2009 I had these questions “Whatever it takes to create state-sponsored terror?
More fake terror rings? Whatever is needed?
Whatever is needed by Britain. Like destabilizing countries?
It has to be considered. Especially upon hearing the interview from John Cantlie. These young Brit “jihadists” could very well have been the blackmailed youth of three years ago.
Since John Cantlie mentioned so many foreign fighters with their roots in NATO nations. This time Kosovo.
Syrian opposition studies terror tactics in Kosovo

    Syrian opposition leaders have promised to immediately recognize Kosovo once they seize power in the country.

Kosovo- the NATO terror state.

This would explain the Chechnyan and Caucasus "jihadists" and likely many others.
After much searching and disappointingly coming up empty handed, I was unable to find my previous post which referenced the presence of Pakistani fighters in Syria. No doubt linked to TTP. Previously linked to NATO and for that you would have to go back and read the Raymond Davis posts I had. Hit the Pakistan label for those (at bottom)  
Freethinker left the information below. Thanks Freethinker!
To add to the mess of foreign fighters in this brought to you by NATO and the military industrial/terror complex of destruction and destabilizationthe MEK are heading for Syria- MEK to join terrorists in Aleppo
Sources revealed that some members of the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq group (MEK, a.k.a. MKO and PMOI) are going to leave Iraq to join the anti-Assad terrorists through Syria’s northern borders.

A number of U.S. and Turkish officers accompanied by several commanders of Kurdish Peshmerga forces had a meeting with some high ranking members of the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization in Erbil, Iraq,” well-informed Iraqi security sources told the Arabic language Top News TV channel.
All of these so called fighter or jihadists are killers for hire. They are the modern equivalent of the “Left behind armies”/Operation Gladio. A means to sow terror, destruction and destabilization as far and wide as deemed necessary. Here is a post from /08 referencing that with links
Yes, I have read both of those books. They are quite good. I would recommend them both. All links are viable in that post.

These inhumane brutes lay seige to places like schools.  And the fawning, lying NATO media never asks...
Why have you taken over a school? In a neighbourhood filled with families?
Why have you laid siege to an elementary school where kids play? Why did you bring the war to their door?
Instead the media spins the story. Sick.
Aleppo had been pretty quiet until the rebel armies came.

One last video- This link left by Brian. Thanks Brian!
Pro-Assad rally held in Sydney, Australia.

The lying media is only fooling those that wish to be fooled.

Additional worthy reading-

Syria's "Liberated" Future: Ethnic-Religious Cleansing and Genocide

 UN General Assembly Vote On Syria: World Gone Unipolar – And Mad

That's all folks!!!!

August 7/12- CFR update begins here-  Al-Qaeda's Specter in Syria

The Syrian rebels would be immeasurably weaker today without al-Qaeda in their ranks. By and large, Free Syrian Army (FSA) battalions are tired, divided, chaotic, and ineffective. 

Al-Qaeda fighters, however, may help improve morale. The influx of jihadis brings discipline, religious fervor, battle experience from Iraq, funding from Sunni sympathizers in the Gulf, and most importantly, deadly results.

Most importantly, deadly results??!!  So this is the imperative? To kill as many people as possible.

In Syria, al-Qaeda's foot soldiers call themselves Jabhat al-Nusrah li-Ahli al-Sham (Front for the Protection of the Levantine People). The group's strength and acceptance by the FSA are demonstrated by their increasing activity on the ground (BBC)--from seven attacks in March to sixty-six "operations" in June. In particular, the Jabhat has helped take the fight to Syria's two largest cities: the capital of Damascus, where 54 percent of its activities have been, and Aleppo. Indeed, al-Qaeda could become the most effective fighting force in Syria if defections from the FSA to the Jabhat persist and the ranks of foreign fighters (Guardian) continue to swell. 
Drooling over the fact that the terrorists have taken the fight into the cities. The heavily populated cities. Guaranteeing massive casualties. Can this get any uglier? Can it? Can it get anymore obvious and brazen?
I find this piece of elite trash utterly appalling.

Al-Qaeda is not sacrificing its "martyrs" in Syria merely to overthrow Assad. Liberation of the Syrian people is a bonus, but the main aim is to create an Islamist state in all or part of the country. Failing that, they hope to at least establish a strategic base for the organization's remnants across the border in Iraq, and create a regional headquarters where mujahideen can enjoy a safe haven.
What kind of drugs is this person on? The Syrian people will not be "liberated" if a religious terror state is created. This is what the US is supporting. Disgusting.



  1. I have been short on time as of late. Just enough time to post and run.

    One of the last comments left here by Tozz tells us that he is nearer to the fighting them I would be comfortable with.(he could hear bombardment)

    There had been no internet available for security reasons as mentioned.

    I understand this was done to block the rebels from communicating with one another.

    From my reading, it seems, electricity has been unavailable many times in Syria.

    It has got to be tough going.

    Tozz has made the Syrian destabilization that much more real for me, then I had ever imagined it would be.


    Sometimes some of the material that I post gives me pause for thought.

    I would be remiss if I didn't post it.

    But then, I wonder from the perspective of Tozz and other Syrian citizens, is it distressful to them. They are living the nightmare.
    I am just a very distant observer.

    Me having emotional turmoil.
    Trying to resolve it all

  2. Few interesting news bits this am...

    First the Sinai. Brotherhood accusing Mossad and calling for treaty revisit...

    yesterday Egypt deployed gunships

    Over to iran who holds U.S., Turkey, Qatar responsible for Iranians abducted in Syria: official

    This as iran tells Turkey they are next: "Turkey will be next in line for violence after Syria if it continues to work on behalf of Western interests, Iranian Chief of General Staff Hasan Firuzabadi has said, according to Do─čan news agency. "

    now you have the gaurdian asking why the Sadui's invited iran to the summit?

    Also September is shaping up to be intetresting with major manuevers for the US and 20 countries in the gulf

    This while the Russians are preparing for some serious manuevers in Southern Russia (near the border ?) with the live firing of Iskander ballistic missiles...

    Wonder if they overlap? They do
    The US exercise, scheduled for September 16-27, will involve more than 20 countries and take place in multiple locations, Pentagon spokesman George Little said

    This as the Israelis are ramping up their warnings..form multiple officials and Romney endorses an attack...

    1. oh my goodness thank you so much for all those interesting links.
      believe me, I will be reading them when time permits

    2. Good links. I also saw a link to Press TV (that is dead so I haven't been able to see it). Here's the google news view:

      "Convoy of Turkish military forces briefly enters Syrian town of Jarablos

      Press TV‎ - 17 hours ago
      More than 100 Turkish troops armed with thermal rockets and sophisticated weaponry on Tuesday entered the town of Cerablos in the Kurdish ..."

    3. "now you have the gaurdian asking why the Saudi's invited iran to the summit?"
      One of the commenters pointed out that the author is from Chatham House formally known as The Royal Institute of International Affairs which is the daddy of the CFR.

  3. Oh yeah, wonder if that saudi summit is going to occur the week of Septemebr 16? Just asking

    1. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has accepted Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah's invitation to attend the Islamic summit in Makkah on Aug. 14-15.

      Look at that...the day before the big exercises on either side of iran...

    2. new Moon the 16ths. Skys dark

    3. The new moon. When the night sky is dark...
      Perfect for an attack.

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  5. Hey Penny,

    Here's a good article sent to me by its author, Scott Taylor, up there in the Great White North. I'm very glad to see that he is continuing to tell it like it is, as I've come to expect him to.

    1. Thanks LVB:
      I read the Scott Taylor piece. Haven't watched the interview as of yet, do appreciate you leaving the links though!

  6. Also, this interview with Pat Buchanan is quite good - don't expect it to be perfect or exactly what you want to hear, but I find it very refreshing and loaded with years of wisdom:

    I recommend watching the whole thing, but it's a long interview, so you can jump to about the 40 minute mark, where he gets into the whole Iran - Israel situation, specifically, as well as what our relationships with all Muslim nations needs to be - healthy and productive for America, NOT the NWO / Empire.

    Lots of common sense and good stuff to learn here. Enjoy!

  7. Replies
    1. Hey freethinker

      I saw the reports about the Turkish General yesterday, along with some Turkish soldiers.

      Maybe that is why the Russian General story appeared today?
      The FSA claimed they killed a russian general about 4 weeks ago, and that news is being leaked now?
      Which makes it seem non credible and a bit of a distraction.
      If the Turk general and soldier were caught in Syria, the denial would have to play out for the domestic audience in Turkey who are none to impressed with the Turkish meddling in Syria

  8. Hey All! I will be back with a new post later

    Want to leave a quick message for Tozz.

    Tozz: While reading the news today, it is being reported that the rebels have been pushed out of Saladin(spelling?)
    Syria is claiming to have largely taken the area back

    Though there may be some a few remaining FSA in the area.
    There were also reports that the FSA may have gained control of the Citadel??? This was being reported yesterday. Is there any truth to this?

    Keeping in mind your safety first and foremost...respond when/if you can

    1. Greetings Penny,
      Once again there was problems in the electricity, because those dogs "the rebels" have attacked the Thermal Power Stations, which caused great damages in 5 stations and the Electric Power Transmission Lines (there was no electricity in our area for several days until few hours!! whats a life!!). But I'm not astonished of what they've done, because from the first days of the revolution, the sentence of the Opponents was: "you can't rebuild the Country if you didn't destroyed it"!! They believe in it. And so many acts of sabotage were perpetrated by them.

      All what can I tell you that the Syrian Army is using the method of surrounding the areas, so the rebels could not get weapons.
      But what I've heard today that the FSA is making redeployment once again in Salah al-Din. I'm not sure if it true.
      About the Citadel: the Syrian Army hand by hand with the United Of Aleppo's Clans are doing good job in the areas near the Citadel. Thanks God there's no damages and they don't want to make destroy especially there.
      I'm reading your new post to get the updates, also I'll take a look at our local news to know what's going.
      Many Thanks For You.

    2. Hey Tozz

      " But I'm not astonished of what they've done, because from the first days of the revolution, the sentence of the Opponents was: "you can't rebuild the Country if you didn't destroyed it"!! They believe in it. And so many acts of sabotage were perpetrated by them."

      Yes, I have seen many reports of pipelines blown up
      Trains derailed.
      Along with everything else. Making life difficult in general for the people

      "All what can I tell you that the Syrian Army is using the method of surrounding the areas, so the rebels could not get weapons."

      That would make sense and "jibes" with the news the rebels had to retreat because they were out of ammunition

      "About the Citadel: the Syrian Army hand by hand with the United Of Aleppo's Clans are doing good job in the areas near the Citadel. Thanks God there's no damages and they don't want to make destroy especially there."

      That is good. I posted a picture in the latest post of Syrian soldiers with the flag outside of the Citadel.

      I have never seen it, other then in pictures. It looks beautiful. But, you see the woman below Marie? She has been there in person, to the Citadel that is.

      She gives us updates from Cyprus. It isn't looking good :(

      Many thanks for you

  9. Cypriot TV news reporting right now - 8 Russian war ships off northern coast of Cyprus, plus 6 American war ships, plus various British,Turkish and French!!! The reporter literally used the words 'it's got the smell of war about it'. Apparently the aforementioned countries are in 'communications' with the Cypriot government tonight!


  10. Hi Marie

    that doesn't sound good at all :(

  11. Sending out a hello to Tozz and hope all is well??

  12. Oh and fyi Tozz it is morning here in Canada