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Syria: regime change prep; France "no fly" US special ops & Iran

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But an international coalition of the "willing" will be necessary......
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US, Turkey in regime change talks

"Operational Mechanism"

  In Ankara, Turkish and US officials began their first “operational planning” meeting aimed at bringing about the end to the Syrian regime. The meeting is expected to coordinate military, intelligence and political responses to the crisis in Syria where a deadly crackdown on peaceful protests that began in March 2011 has according to activists claimed more than 23,000 lives. The officials are also due to discuss contingency plans in the case of potential threats including a chemical attack by Al Assad’s regime which Washington has said would be a “red line”.

Turkish foreign ministry deputy under-secretary Halit Cevik and US ambassador Elisabeth Jones are leading the delegations made up of intelligence agents, military officials and diplomats at the Ankara meeting
Aleppo "In Aleppo, troops wrested control of three key Christian neighbourhoods from rebel control, according to actvists."

Troops were staging an intense counter-offensive across Syria on Thursday, with operations in several districts of the country's two major cities reported.

Forces loyal to President Bashar Assad launched assaults in several districts around the south of the capital Damascus, as well as the nearby town of Daraya.

"The use of imprecise weapons, such as unguided bombs, artillery shells and mortars by government forces has dramatically increased the danger for civilians," said senior crisis response adviser Donatella Rovera. (Amnesty's war whore ) Cause it's better that NATO drops massive bombs on the cities right Donatella war whore?

Refresh my memory, is this the same woman that set up Libya with her prolific propaganda?

Last one- France signals support for a "partial no fly zone"
Love that spin? How is a partial no fly zone different then a  regular no fly zone (ala Libya) and how is this not an act of war?

"France signalled Thursday that it was prepared to take part in enforcing a partial no-fly zone over Syria, piling pressure on President Bashar Assad's embattled regime as it widens a major offensive against rebels in Damascus and surrounding areas.

French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian urged the international community to consider backing a no-fly zone over parts of Syria, but cautioned that closing the Arab nation's entire air space would be tantamount to "going to war" and require a willing international coalition that does not yet exist."
Looks like France is willing to circumvent the UN! 


The Pentagon has made contingency plans to send small teams of special operations troops into Syria if the White House decides it needs to secure chemical weapons depots now controlled by security forces loyal to President Bashar Assad, senior U.S. officials said.

President Barack Obama warned this week that any effort by Assad to move or use his arsenal of chemical munitions in the country's conflict would cross a "red line," implying it could prompt swift U.S. intervention.

 Securing the sites probably would involve stealthy raids by special operations teams trained to handle such weapons, and precision air strikes to incinerate the chemicals without dispersing them, the officials said. 

"You shouldn't interpret what Obama said to mean that there would be automatic military action, but rather that we would respond as part of an international effort," said one senior official.

Officials said Obama could make a unilateral decision, however, to stop weapons of mass destruction from falling into the wrong hands.

 'Syria's rebel army? They're a gang of foreigners'

The level of destruction these foreign fighters have inflicted on Syria is sickening
But the very last paragraph is the one I want to quote. And, how many times has this been reported in the western msm. I have seen it on several occasions in the Russian and ME media. But this is the Belfast Telegraph. The lone time I have seen it in a western media outlet.

"But the thought cannot escape us that the prime purpose of men like Sergeant Dawoud – and all his fellow soldiers here – was not, surely, to liberate Aleppo but to liberate the occupied Golan Heights, right next to the land which the "jihadis" apparently thought they were "liberating" yesterday – until they discovered that Aleppo was not Jerusalem." 

Iran banking on American straits strategy 

An interesting take on the Straits of Hormuz


 One last one- Link left by AP over @ Twelfth Bough

Syria And Iran Dominos Lead To World War.

Well worth reading. 5 points made and expanded upon

1)  Syria And Iran Will Join Forces

2)  Iran Will Shut Down The Strait Of Hormuz  (read above article on Iran and the Straits) 

3)  Israeli Action Will Draw In The U.S. 

4)  Syria Will Receive Support From Russia And China

5)  Economic Implosion Will Become “Secondary”…To The Banksters’ Benefit  


  1. The French aren't going to do a thing. Alone, they have no capacity to enforce a no fly zone, at least not without very significant casualties. That's assuming they can project that kind of power in the first place. They can't and they wont. They have ONE aircraft carrier, the CDG, which carries up to 40 aircraft. No chance France would try to enforce any kind of NFZ with that, no matter how "limited."

    They can, however, egg on other countries to fight, but that's about it. I doubt Obama is going to attack before the election, so I guess France is trying to put Turkey up to it with vague promises of military support. But I doubt the Turks will be impressed by the CDG.

    The bottom line is that support for some sort of NATO intervention is diminishing, not growing. They need a false flag to get it going and at this point, if they pulled one, I'm not sure people would buy it. And they would have to be afraid Russia would call them on it if it happened.

    I'm not saying NATO wont attack. I'm just saying its getting harder and harder for them to do it, and they look more eager to talk about it than to do it.

    1. .........and because support for NATO intervention is diminishing, it would be very helpful for the NATO war mongers to use France to sell this no fly zone to its other members.

      Canada will be all in, and the Libs and NDP will support Harper as they always do at war time. After all, this is no silly wedge issue like gay marriage or abortion, this is strictly business, the business of war.
      Having France leading the way helps sell the big lie that this is a humane intervention. Canadians will lap this shit up like maple syrup.

    2. Hi Lysander!

      "I doubt Obama is going to attack before the election"

      There was a time I would have agreed with that.
      Now, I am not so sure the election is that much of a factor.

      Here are my thoughts from a response to Freethinker

      -For Obama to use that type of language, even while having an "election" to concern himself with.....
      Indicates he isn't concerned about winning the election

      With Romney and Ryan that is a foregone conclusion. Obama is in.

      All the media has to do is spin the narrative to present Obama as a "war time" president, peace prize winner who is just bringing truth, justice and the American way to the world and by god.... That's it!!!!. His ratings will jump. The dummies will approve because the media will hard sell and no worries at all.-

      IMO the war can be sold as a humanitarian intervention to bring about "world peace" from the peacemaker or

      The weapons of mass destruction narrative can be played
      you know the smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud?

      "The bottom line is that support for some sort of NATO intervention is diminishing, not growing. They need a false flag to get it going and at this point, if they pulled one, I'm not sure people would buy it. And they would have to be afraid Russia would call them on it if it happened.

      Support for a NATO intervention is diminishing?
      I am not sure how you conclude that.

      Everything points to an increase in intervention machinations.
      Meeting in Turkey, France very publicly calling for a no fly zone.
      Saudi Arabia and Turkey building more "refugee camps on the border of Turkey/Syria
      Jordan/Syria border sees commitments by SA to construct temporary houses
      "Saudi Arabia has also committed to construct 2,500 temporary housing units in Jordan"
      Since the refugee camps have always been cover for the fighters.....
      The red lines language. The chemical weapons meme.

      Humbly, the war agenda is on. Syria has to be taken out before Iran. Iran is the war that could wait till after the election
      NATO can obliterate Syria in short order. They had no qualms about destroying Libya

    3. Anonymous 6;42 am

      "Having France leading the way helps sell the big lie that this is a humane intervention. Canadians will lap this shit up like maple syrup."

      Sadly. Very sadly. And shamefacedly I have to agree Canadians will lap this shit up.

      I know people who are completely brainwashed with the Assad is bad meme.
      Worse, they are family members
      I hang my head for failing :(

    4. Hold your head high for not giving up though....

      On the subject of weeping for Canada, I saw an inordinate amount of fluffy salacious stories from our leading media pigs over the past few days. That usually means something big is happening and the pigs want to hide it.
      This one buried by the CBC but very very important IMO is the real news of the week for Canada.....that and the riveting NHL labor crisis of course.

  2. Lysander,

    Great comment.

    I agree that all this talking tells us that talking is all they really want to do right now.

    Considering that they already have enough manufactured false pretense (in their sick arrogant minds) to start their attacks on a sovereign nation - and I make this very clear because there is no such thing as a "no fly zone" or "humanitarian intervention" - which means they are stalling, no doubt because of the upcoming US election, which is more than likely NOT going to favor the current Nobel Peace prize poseur, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama - Soetoro, et al. And to give them more time to prepare for whatever else they've decided to do to all of us.

    We should never underestimate the unparalleled hubris of this insane little man, who was SO brave to "lead Seal Team Six to assassinate Bin Laden" via Skype like some bitchin' game of Modern Warfare. (As if that really happened at all...wink)

    This sociopath most definitely WILL provoke and commence military actions against Syria and/or Iran as a desperation ploy with an October surprise false flag to provide a not only a diversion but justification to keep him in power - but only IF he is given the ok do it by HIS masters.

    It is what those faceless, soulless, degenerate globalist monsters decide that we all need to be concerned about. Very concerned. It's really hard to know how many layers are involved in whatever it is they're planning to pull the trigger on this time - and I'm afraid it involves a lot more than just Syria, sad to say.

    I don't take this "stalling" to be a good sign, necessarily, although I would like to see Syria beat down this illegal terrorist insugency within their own sovereign nation, as they have every right to do under the UN Charter - which is about as valuable as toilet paper.

    Unfortunately, I think Syria is only the tip of the iceberg here, and what follows could be much worse, involving NATO and Iran, and Russia and China...and of course, the US Empire, strutting in to save the day - always for Israel's benefit, of course.

    It is surely a noble thing to go to war against a sovereign nation that has attacked no other nation (Syria), and another (Iran)in order to prevent it from getting "illegal rogue nuclear weapons" (which it does NOT have), in order to protect another nation (Israel) that feels threatened by any other nation in the middle east having "illegal rogue nuclear weapons", but which IT already DOES HAVE, by the hundreds!!! (Israel)

    Have I got that about right???

    1. LVB Unfortunately, I think Syria is only the tip of the iceberg here, and what follows could be much worse, involving NATO and Iran, and Russia and China...and of course, the US Empire, strutting in to save the day - always for Israel's benefit, of course.

      You got it.

      Russia has already been worked on, for some time now.
      I saw this past week things got really hot in Dagestan?(spelling)
      China too. The Tibet situation has long been a destabilization tool with his holiness the Dalai Lama on the dole and now they have the Uigher population in China all stirred up.


    British media giant BBC recently removed a video showing members of the Syrian opposition loading bombs into a pro-regime hostage's car without his knowledge before asking him to head toward an army base to be released, daily Hürriyet reported.

    The footage, obtained by a New York Times correspondent, follows the hostage, a regime supporter, as he is being led to believe that he is being released in a hostage exchange before he is blindfolded and put inside a vehicle.

    1. Thanks anonymous someone left this one already and way to spin NYT's

    2. I don't see how it spins the NYT (in a favourable light, I guess you mean) at all. To me it shows clearly how venal these people (NYT and like minded MSM) are that they don't realise just how despicable was the behaviour of the insurgents. Their equanimity shows just how deviant their moral compass has become.

      I believe (reading between the lines) that the BBC initially duplicated a 'good story' and when they later realised how it revealed far too much truth for comfort they pulled it, pronto.

      Spin? Set-up? I don't see it, but I've been wrong before.

    3. Sorry, clarifying my facetiousness and sarcasm

      "Way to spin NYT's"

      As in the NYT's spins everything.

      And yes, freethinker it clearly shows how venal the NYT's is a true information source, ie fact and reality
      vs perception management and spin/lies

  4. France is in a desperate financial place as the Peripherals slowly melt away....

    1. Can you expand on that? Not really knowledgeable on France and its finances


  5. Real Syrians do not invite France which their fathers and grandfathers fought to get independence from.
    Of course mercenaries camouflaging as Syrian Liberation army has no problem inviting their paymasters to drop bombs on Syria,accompanied by religious Jihadists zealots supported by Saudis and Qataries money backed by fake Islamic religous leaders 'fatwas'.

    1. The worst about it, is that the Syrians have (had) a real bond with France. They are (were) deeply attached to the concept of Francophonie. But Sarkozy has managed to break these positive link by sucking up to the money elite and USrael (which is btw nearly the same thing).

    2. Anonymous 11:01 am

      "Real Syrians do not invite France which their fathers and grandfathers fought to get independence from"

      I don't imagine that they do

    3. Gallier: Sarkozy, what a weasel. good god!

  6. I am adding some updates to the post, check'em out


  7. Christians in Syria Fearful of FSA - Patriarch Exposes FSA Terrorists' Tactics

  8. A leaflet advertising a demonstration in Birmingham on 12 April 2012, and seemingly produced by Amnesty International’s Birmingham group, calls for people to “Stand for Syria, in solidarity – in defiance”. This piece of war propaganda claims that there have been five decades of human-rights abuses in Syria, that there has been a 14-month ‘brutal crackdown’, and that hundreds have been mistreated and tortured. The intention of the leaflet is to create the impression that there exists in Syria a most despotic and cruel regime; a regime that tortures, punishes and imprisons hundreds, nay thousands, of its own citizens, including children.

    Whilst Amnesty claims that there have been five decades of repression in Syria, the truth is rather different. The Syrian people enjoy a standard of living envied by many in the Middle East. The country’s long-standing commitment to secularism has ensured a relatively peaceful and prosperous half-century for its people, who come from many different nationalities, cultures and religions. Which other country in the Middle East provided safety and refuge to millions of families who fled Iraq during the last Iraq war? What other country has done so much to assist the Palestinian struggle for national liberation?

    1. Hi Brian,
      This is Perception Management pure and simple, the battle for hearts and minds for a full scale invasion is underway.
      Amnesty International has been reduced to a piddling tool of the FUKUS empire. It is Greed and Avarice that fuels this empire. Social, moral and ethical considerations have no place in the new world order.



    2. Brian:

      I read the most amazing bit of spin from Canada
      On how the government of the day- The so called Conservatives, who are anything but....

      They are not worried about the "jihadis' in amongst the fighters in Syria, they are just worried about the "religious extremists" and their repression against religious minorities.

      Do you see a difference between "jihadis" and "religious extremists"

      I don't

      Readers here may find my insistence at pointing this out as brand labeling of the same product, but, dammit this is what is going on.

      The religious extremists and the jihadis are one in the same and Mr Baird is differentiating them for perception management purposes.

      All this excuse making as "John Baird offered that counterpoint this past week on a growing area of concern in the Syria conflict: whether the radical jihadists among the rebels fighting to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad pose a long-term threat to the country."

      Aren't the NATO backed fighters already posing a threat to just about 18 months ago was a secular stable nation?

      Read more:


    3. Amnesty International = NATO Global Army Tool

  9. Salaam sis heres interview

    1. Thanks NYS, I am listening right this moment :)

    2. NYS, I left a message at your place, gonna check over and see if you responded, want to post it with more info
      Hoping this is going to be ok?

  10. from Petri Krohn refuting a western 'journalist':
    The slam-on-your-face rebuttal comes in the Syrian Addounia TV news today. They broadcast a 13 minute report with a female reporter doing interviews in Daraya / Darya in the rural area outside Damascus. This is one of the most surreal reports I have seen from Syria. The aftermath of a REAL massacre. Executed people all over town, dead and half-dead women and children between gravestones at a graveyard. The video leaves not doubt to who is responsible for these executions, FSA and the Islamist al Qaeda among them.

    1. Here is another version of the video but with Closed-Caption subtitles that can be downloaded with the Firefox add-on 'YouTube Caption Downloader' which together with one of the many youtube downloaders allows you to keep your own archive.

      Daraya Massacre (login required)

      For anyone making youtube videos please use CC (closed-caption) subtitles rather than 'annotations' which can not be saved.

    2. Thanks Freethinker: I start my day with tears :(
      Yesterday I did see the news of another massacre
      And the bit of reporting I read seemed so similar to what I have read countless times

      Rebels lay seige, army comes in, rebels flee killing everyone in they can on their way out
      the the "Syrian Human Rights group" in UK leaks to the press about another massacre

      How many is that?
      Sometimes this is tough to cover, ya know?
      But not as nearly hard as it is for the Syrian to live with being terrorized by the so called free/democratic world

  11. guess who one of amnestys keynote speakers has been:

    Petri Krohn ‏@PetriKrohn
    @WebsterGTarpley @LandDestroyer – #DeathSquad Coordinator Robert Ford Keynotes #Amnesty International Annual Meeting. …

    a known perpetrator of coups

    1. Rob Ford @ Amnesty speaking?
      Yup, i have covered his death squad creations
      That's why he was sent to Syria

  12. The Oz article is chock full of errors and exaggerations, including "the US has dispatched the 5th and 6th fleets to the tiny, narrow Straits of Hormuz. In total the US now has four carrier fleets over there."
    *the 5th Fleet is in the area but the 6th fleet is in the Med
    *there have been, and are now, two carriers in the 5th Fleet area, possibly one in the Gulf (not the Strait unless transiting, of course) -- never more than that.
    *there are no carriers in the 6th fleet area (the Med).

    1. The whole article is not available for me to read and dammit, I didn't save it either, but the ghist of it was the closure of the straits as a strategy and that jibes with the financial piece.

      Also that war ships are transiting (entering and leaving) is obvious or there would not have been that most recent crash?

      This ship, USS Porter, was going to the 5th fleet in Bahrain.

      "The Strait of Hormuz, at the mouth of the Gulf, is a crowded and tense waterway where one-fifth of the world’s oil is routed. Tensions have risen there over repeated Iranian threats to block tanker traffic in retaliation for tighter sanctions by the West."

      The crash was referenced as was the threat of closing the straits in the Australian article

  13. The Islamic Republic has its own “operational mechanism” on Syria–
    Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said Saturday that Iran will present a ” comprehensive” proposal to solve Syrian crisis and it will be discussed on the sidelines of the 16th Non-aligned Movement (NAM) meeting to be opened in Tehran on Aug. 26.

    We'll see, but it might happen.

    1. Thanks Don, I believe I covered that somewhere here????
      It might happen

  14. youtube censors the truth: 'This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.' YouTube has censored SyriaTruthNetworkEN

  15. Hi Penny
    this article by Thierry Meyssan is old Nov 28 2011. you probably have it
    here is the link in case you missed it
    very good info and background'



    1. Thanks KamNam
      Got it up to look at right now

  16. Hi Penny.

    Now this is interesting, Syria is one piece in this jigsaw, Parts 1,3 and 5 interrelate, while parts 2 and 4 add regional detail.

    You can see why Syria and Iran are so important to the corporate empire that is the FUKUS as they all have parts relating to it in history.

    Pay attention the what is happening in Mynamar (Burma) don't you just love a control freak. Section headed "Breaking the string of pearls"

    Happy Reading



    1. I have noticed what is going on both in Myanmar? And in Thailand

      Control Freaks- micro managers
      Thanks for all the reading material kamnam :)

  17. I added a video report of the Daraya massacre with subtitles further up.

  18. english captioned 13 min adouniya TV report on Daraya...the locus classicus of this massacre

    save in case youtube pulls it

  19. Thanks Freethinker and Brian, I watched it and as I said, cried

  20. Syria 24 English
    53 minutes ago
    #RealSyria - An Exclusive source has revealed to Breaking News Network that the Syrian Arab Army had succeeded in killing the militants who had targeted the Syrian helicopter.

    The downed helicopter had fallen in al-Qaboun area this morning on 27-8-2012

    The source confirmed that the Syrian Army has bombed a 4X4 vehicle that was mounted by a 23-machinegun.

    The car was destroyed in al-Harmleh area, located in between Jobar and Ein Tarma areas of Damascus Countryside.

    The source added that 4 militants were killed.

    Moreover, local sources said that the shooter was a Libyan

  21. Syria 24 English
    2 hours ago
    #DAMASCUS, (SANA) – In confessions broadcast by the Syrian Arab TV on Sunday after the 8:30 PM news, Libyan terrorist Ibrahim Rajab al-Farajani said that societies and organizations funded by Arab Gulf countries and affiliated with Al Qaeda train terrorists in Libya then send them to Syria via Turkey.

    Al-Farajani, a Libyan from the city of Benghazi born in 1993, said that he joined a militant group after the events in Libya, and that during his time with this group he became aware that its members were in contact with people in al-Zantan area where Qatari and Emirati planes loaded with weapons, Toyota SUVs and Qatari officers who trained militants in the use of AK-47 rifles and machineguns of various calibers and gave them monthly payments of 2000 Libyan dinars.

    He revealed that sheikhs from Qatar and the Emirates funded Jihadists in order to establish an Islamic emirate in Libya, while some mosque Imams in Libya urged people to bear arms and go to places like Chechnya and Algeria to take part in their version of Jihad.

    Al-Farajani said that eventually he joined a battalion affiliated with Al Qaeda which trained Syrians in the use of rocket launchers and grenades then sent them to Syria gradually to fight the Syrian army.

    He pointed out that the battalion made a passport for him without even telling him that he was to be sent to Syria, then he was sent to Turkey by plane and arrived in Antioch, where a Syrian took them to a house containing people from Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Syria, all of them wearing masks and well-trained.

    One of these men, a Syrian from Damascus referred to as Abu al-Bara'a, showed them videos and gave them books to prepare them mentally for fighting in Syria, then al-Farajani was sent into Syria along with people from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, arriving in a house in the village of Atma in Idleb which contained RPG launchers and PKC machineguns, with a car equipped with a DShK machinegun parked outside.

    Afterwards, al-Farajani accompanied four terrorists into the town of Saraqeb in a pickup truck to where a group of Syrians were using a girls' highschool to train in the use of DShK and PKC machineguns and RPG launchers.

    He went on to say that he went with two terrorists into the a number of towns then headed towards Aleppo, ending up in Tel Rifa'at in Aleppo countryside where they met Syrian militants hiding in a school, and later met terrorists from Kuwait, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan and Syria in a house in the town of Mare'a.

    He concluded by saying that he left that house with the terrorists and was given weapons and USD 50,000 to be given to people in Damascus and its outskirts.

  22. A partial no-fly zone would be in part of the country only, which of course wouldn't work because there are no boundaries in the air. The French are romantics, what can one say. They don't understand these things.