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An attack on Iran and the role of Georgia?

Lets enjoy the little video first, with thanks to Freethinker for leaving the link!
Don’t know how I missed this?!
If anyone still doubts that false flags are the norm...
And, they are the norm. False flags are not the exception. The "exception" myth is promoted same as the "few bad apples" spin. When the reality is false flags are the norm and there are way more then a "few bad apples" There are bushels full of them.
As Patrick Clawson recounts some of the most infamous false flags, couldn't help but notice he left out 9/11. Wonder why? To close to Israel?
After his stroll down memory lane he suggest that a false flag is a possibility to get the war on with Iran.
Is this man a Psychopath? Definitely.
Evil? Definitely!
A blight on humanity? Well if we have ascertained he is an evil Psychopath, doesn’t the blight on humanity just ‘go without saying’?

So getting back to Iran and the role of Georgia in that attack
Kaspi, who hails from Georgia, left an interesting link
Thanks Kaspi!

What comes next, especially if the Republicans can rig the elections with their voting machines.
Nezavisimaya Gazeta
October 18, 2012 US Probes South Caucasus’ Attitude to Iran

Eric Rubin, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasian Affairs, is touring Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia to promote democracy and cooperation and develop partnership on the issues of Syria and Iran.

The media in Azerbaijan reports that Rubin’s visit to Georgia focused on economic issues, civil freedoms and Nagorno-Karabakh.

The agenda for high-ranking Washington officials’ visits to the South Caucasus seldom varies, and this is not simply because Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia face largely similar problems, but also for ethical reasons. Washington wants to convince them that they are all equal partners. Therefore, if Rubin talked about Iran in Georgia, he did or will do the same in the other two South Caucasus states.

“During the meetings with the President and future Prime Minister of Georgia, we discussed the international community's efforts to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons,” Rubin told a press briefing at the US Embassy in Tbilisi as quoted by Azernews. “We are broadly cooperating over the Turkish-Syrian issue, and Georgia is called upon to play a peacekeeping role in the region.”

However, some Georgian experts believe that Rubin met with Mikheil Saakashvili and Bidzina Ivanishvili to probe Georgia’s attitude to Iran, where Washington will want Georgia to play a special role if the situation escalates.

Georgian politician Irina Sarishvili said before Rubin’s visit that many hospitals built in Georgia recently under a presidential program bear an alarming likeness to standard US military hospitals. Considering the speedy modernization and construction of airports for heavy transport planes and other infrastructure improvements, this could be more than straightforward concern for the Georgians.”

Considering the “speedy modernization” and “airports for heavy transport planes”... ...
Hospitals that appear as if Army med hospitals. Has Georgia been preparing for war? Or more appropriately has Georgia been prepared for war by certain NATO nations?

Recalling Georgia’s parliament moving from Tiblisi to Kutasai

And a very prescient comment from James from that post's comment section

Kataisi is also a lot closer to the port of Poti where the american ships and marines will land in the event they need to shore up their puppet.
One thing the Russians did in their counter invasion was to go through govt offices and military bases collecting information - intelligence, in other words. No doubt, they found lots of communications with Tel Aviv and Washington.

So I'm sure the Pentagon doesn't want that to happen again!

If the US invades Iran, a major overland supply route will be through Georgia.

Georgia. Very important to the attack on Iran.


  1. Which is why, Novosti was reporting this morning that Putin's Russia implicated Georgia in the riots...Is it a coincidence that Russia hostedf a massive Caucuses military drill, the Eusaisn air defense exercises around incoming cruise missiles and the recent testing of the nuclear strike force.

    On the Georgia protest connection:

    "Leonid Razvozzhayev, an ally to Russian opposition figure Sergei Udaltsov, has confessed to organizing mass disorder together with other opposition members, and said the effort was bankrolled by Georgian politician Givi Targamadze, the Investigative Committee said on Monday. Razvozzhayev, on a federal wanted list, has turned himself in to the law, committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said. All of what Razvozzhayev has said “will be thoroughly investigated,” Markin added."
    Targamadze, the head of the Georgian parliament’s defense and security committee and a close ally of President Mikheil Saakashvili, has slammed the documentary, calling it “propaganda.” He also said he had never met Udaltsov.

    And From March on Russia mobilization plans:
    "In March 2012, the Russian newspaper Kommersant, based on an anonymous Russian Defense Ministry source, suggested that Russia was ready for a US war against Iran which according to Russian diplomats, would likely happen before the end of the year. “We have calculated our actions in case of a war with Iran. For this contingency we have a plan for mobilization”, said the MOD source back then. In December last year, in an interview with Nezavisimaia Gazeta, Russian General-Lieutenant Netkachov, formerly deputy commander of Russia’s troops in the South Caucasus, assured that in the case where there is a disruption of supplies, Russian forces “will have to break Georgia’s transport blockade and provide transport corridor leading to Armenia via military means”. Georgia, Russian officers believe, will ally with the US in the military standoff with Iran and further blockade Russian reach to Armenia; proof of which they claim is the recent annulment by Tbilisi of the agreement on “open sky”. Georgian military experts stress that this later decision by the Georgian government makes Russia’s strategic partnership with Armenia very costly. Dmitry Rogozin, Vice Prime Minister of Russia, a fervent anti-western, formerly Russian envoy to NATO, warned against an attack on Iran which, as he put it, “is a direct threat to Russia’s security”.

    And the exercise to prepare for international conflicts
    One purpose of the large-scale drills this year is to prepare the Russian military for a possible armed conflict between the US and Israel on the one side and Iran on the other.

    And the air drills: Russian, Central Asian Air Forces Practice Cruise Missile Interception

    And Putin with the launch codes
    Russian President Vladimir Putin took a leading role in the latest tests of Russia's strategic nuclear arsenal, the most comprehensive since the 1991 Soviet collapse, the Kremlin said on Saturday. Tests involving command systems and all three components of the nuclear "triad", land and sea-launched long-range nuclear missiles and strategic bombers, were conducted "under the personal leadership of Vladimir Putin," the Kremlin said.

    Also remember the Russian sub alleged to be in the GoM in August.

    1. Didn't Russia threaten to withdraw from the START II treaty last year unless the West stopped its military encroachment? Was the threat from Poland and the Czech Republic a head fake, while the West quietly prepared for war in the South (e.g. Turkey and Georgia?):

      Undersecretary of State for Arms Control Ellen Tauscher was a key official in the development of the European missile defense scheme, and also led the negotiations on missile defense cooperation with Russia. When the system was announced in 2009, the Obama administration took criticism for abandoning former President George W. Bush's approach, which had focused on placing ground-based interceptors in Poland and the Czech Republic.

      Critics accused the administration of pandering to Russia by abandoning the Polish and Czech sites for the new approach, which had a greater focus on Aegis ships operating at sea and mobile systems in countries including Romania and Bulgaria. The administration proudly announced a new radar site in Turkey in September.

      But then back in March Obama and Medvedev were 'caught' on an open mic hinting that Obama would grant concessions to Russia re missile defense after the election?

      So was there a secret deal? Is Russia allowing the West to use Turkey and Georgia to destabilize Syria and Iran in exchange for something?

      Or was it an act to begin with?

    2. From anonymous' first article re Russia's need to 'supply' its bases in Armenia in the case of a war on Iran/Syria:

      In the case of military escalation in Iran, Russian high-ranking officers expect an exodus of refugees to Iran’s neighbor Azerbaijan. The borders of Azerbaijan and Armenia, another of Iran’s northern neighbors, could be closed, posing a challenge for Russian soldiers stationed in the 102nd military base in Gyumri, Armenia. There is a risk that the hardware supplies to this base, now provided by Russia only through air transfers via Georgian airspace, will be disrupted, along with the fuel supplies delivered from Iran. . . .

      According to Pavel Felgenhauer, a Russian military analyst with close contact with the Russian defense establishment, “the geography of the region implies that any such “corridor” may go through the Georgian capital of Tbilisi”. Russian direct military assistance to Tehran is also not excluded.

      Isn't this a case of burying the lede?

      Why should Russia worry about supplying its bases in Armenia via Georgian airspace or overland through Georgia? Why can't it use Kazakhstan airspace? Or better yet, Iran!

      If they need a staging area for supplying Armenia doesn't it make sense to beef up the Russian presence in Iran? Doesn't this kill two birds with one stone? It supplies the troops and it defends Iran from attack.

      Instead, Russia has agreed to an arms embargo on its alleged ally, Iran!

      Also, Russia has allowed NATO to use bases and airspace to supply its troops, during the very period that Russian access to its bases is apparently threatened! ("The development is important because it signals Russian willingness to indirectly support the NATO-led mission. Moscow has been warmer to the mission's success in recent years, fearing that a NATO defeat in Afghanistan could destabilize central Asia and endanger Russia's security. Although Russia offered to open its territory to NATO as a whole two years ago, the alliance did not immediately take them up on the offer. After a spate of ambushes in Pakistan in 2009, NATO started negotiating transit rights with Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, which took almost a year to complete.")

      Say what?

      And it doesn't make sense that Russia would go ballistic (pun intended) last fall and threaten to leave START, but now that the presence of NATO radar installations in Turkey is threatening Russia's allies Iran and Syria they remain relatively quiet about both the START treaty and the specific installations in Turkey, Romania, and Bulgaria. Last fall they threatened to leave START and made a big fuss by giving scary speeches and pointing their weapons against their supposed foes. Now, they simply make stern speeches and point their missiles but they have dropped the threat to leave START and aren't even mentioning the heightened threat from Turkey installations! It's fishy.

      Also, Russia has joined the WTO. Not something to do if you are standing up to the West.

    3. The extensive quote above is actually from anonymous' second linked article.

      My operating assumption/conclusion?

      The Georgian/Russian tensions are a distraction/cover from the fact that Russia is abandoning Syria and Iran.

      Just like Mavri Marmara was a psy operation to build up the bone fides of Erdogan, this conflict is probably an operation to make it seem like Russia is standing up to the West.

      Or just like when Obama and Sarkozy were caught on an open mic bad mouthing Netanyahu.

    4. The Georgian/Russian tensions are a distraction/cover from the fact that Russia is abandoning Syria and Iran.

      except there is nothing yet to indicate has happened.

      Mavi Marmara was definitely a psyop because Turkey and Israel fall under the NATO umbrella, and of course share a common Khazar ancestry/history...

    5. Well, it's like you're with your 16 year old son and a pack of menacing teens show up expressing a desire to beat your son up. Instead of telling these teens you will physically defend your son you promise not to get physically involved and take a step back from your son. You also refuse to give your son any of the weapons you have so he can defend himself even though you've previously promised to supply him with weapons to defend himself.

      So while this parent may correctly say he's rooting for his son in the fight and will yell at the teens not to beat his son up, I would say he's abandoning any defense of his son.

      And then you find out dad has signed an economic agreement with the teens adopting their gang rules for the whole neighborhood economic system. You also find out dad is allowing the teens to hang out at the Quicky Mart in the building dad owns and is allowing them to buy their smoothies and other supplies there.

  2. As far as france/mali:

    1. Wonder if the Bani Walid operation is cleanup? Reported that Gaddafi son died in the siege of wounds? The president of Mauritius shot by accident?

    2. France used to do nuclear testing down in southern Algeria back in the 60s. Algeria is deeply suspicious of NATO and especially France for obvious reasons. The US was looking back in 2009 for a base and sniffing around southern Algeria.Word was the US was eying an airstrip in Tamanrasset. An attack there in March by AQIM.

    3. US and Saudi backing of Morocco as the the NATO|GCC beachhead (Morocco just got a $1.25B FDI pledge from Saudi and last week Morocco said it was thinking of selling national carrier to Gulf state. Morocco officialy broke with Iran in 2009 and was invited into GCC in 2011.

    4. Saudi has backed Morocco for decades of Western Sahara (offshore oil? onshore phosphates?) whereas Algeria has consistently backed independence for W/S. The oblast is alleged to be central to West African drug trade. Algeria is also said to play host to sovereign movement.

    5. Algeria major supplier of gas to Europe (resource rich). Algeria also longtime ally of Russia.

    6. Trans Sahara pipeline running up from Nigeria through Niger and onto Algeria slated to be built. Jamestown Foundation called it viable - moving ahead - but obviously the insurgency in Nigeria is an issue.

    7. China petroleum player in Niger, like Sudan. Mali, Libya, Algeria. Are the French and NATO trying to box China in central Africa. Niger just hooked up with Chad pipeline. Chad connects through Cameroon - Iraq war fame and all - to the Atlantic. China Petro building a major refinery in Niger.

    8. Mauritania - the other Atlantic coastal outlet - just had its president shot by accident. "Doctors will treat President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz at a military hospital outside Paris, France's Defense Ministry said. A former general, Aziz came to power in a bloodless 2008 military coup -- one of many such coups the country of about 3.4 million people has had since it gained independence from France in 1960. He ousted Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi, who had been the nation's first democratically elected leader, according to the U.S. State Department."

    Coincidence the assassination attempt or whatever it is occurred in spitting distance to France heading into Mali (shared massive border). Given all that is occurring, unlikely.

    9. France been very active across west Africa reasserting itself. Led troops in Ivory Coast earlier this year. French naval vessels reportedly active off Somalia (shelling).

    Lot to ponder?

    1. Pontificating PedantOctober 23, 2012 at 6:04 AM

      Er, I think (both here and in an earlier comment) you are are confusing Mauritius with Mauritania - very different.

      I'm pretty sure you are talking only of Mauritania here, but in the earlier comment it was more confusing as you (or another Anon) made reference to the Indian Ocean which is where Mauritius lies.

    2. Um pretty sure you are correct. Excuse the typo. Cursury glance initially had the island nation which as you may recall cooperated with french Intel in capturing gadaffi former head of Intel. Do you have something of value to contribute?

    3. Lots to unpack

    4. boy is there ever and man oh man do ever have an aching arm and tingling hand
      expect limited comments from me, it will be enough to keep the posts up

    5. "Do you have something of value to contribute?" - oh deary me, so we have a prima-donna here.

      You made this mistake before, so it is not just a one-off typo, but a systemic confusion. Here is your previous comment-

      "Now the mauritian presidnet has been shot by accident. Mauritia had a hand in deportoing gaddafi intelligence chief back to libya.
      And the indean ocean battle goes on from seychelles to mauratious."

      Mauritian=from Mauritius, but the article refers to Mauritania; Mauritia and mauratious don't exist but illustrate your confusion; Mauritius is in the Indian Ocean but Mauritania isn't. Clearly not just a typo but you have these two muddled in your head.

      "Cursury glance initially had the island nation which as you may recall cooperated with french Intel in capturing gadaffi former head of Intel." By 'island nation' I guess you mean Mauritius. What's with this fixation on Mauritius? It was Mauritania which is on the west coast of Africa and NOT the island nation in the Indian Ocean that was involved. You say this even after I corrected you :rolleyes:. I hope it is now clear.

  3. Yes correction noted: French sting operation was reported back in March. Recall error, context correct. Well now that was a waste of 5 minutes

  4. hoping the anons have worked out their differences?
    remember we are all here to get to the truth and learn
    we are not enemies
    glad no attacking went on :)