Wednesday, November 7, 2012

“No Treason. The Constitution of No Authority” Lysander Spooner

Entreprenuer, scholar, radical abolitionist, principled believer in natural law and liberty -- Lysander Spooner is one of the most provocative, eclectic and prolific American legal theorists of the 19th century. His writing continues to influence those today interested in consent, natural law, individual rights, and constitutional order in political theory and practice.

A must hear talk by Lysander Spooner on giving up your autonomy to the criminals during voting season.


  1. I have to confess I found that hard going and gave up after 10 minutes. I'll try again tonight. Skimming through it there seems to be some more interesting stuff towards the end.

    You might find these of interest-
    A film from N.Korea about the use of Propaganda (sign in reqd) in the west. Alternatively without sign-in Propaganda One might wonder what right N.Korea has to lecture us on propaganda, but then what do we really know about N.Korea and how was that opinion formed?

    Defense Against the Psychopath

    A critical but not hateful (IMO) look at Judaism Why Judaism Isn't Like Other Religions (And Why That's Important)

    Finally, a Russian film called Chekist (1992) that gives a highly un-Holywood account of the Bolshevik Revolution. You might find it on bittorrent with English subtitles - youtube has excerpts and the full Russian only version. Be warned, it is grim.

    1. Hey freethinker
      had to get your comment out of the spam file
      must be all the links?

      Hope you give it (the talk) another try, it is worth it
      It is concerned with americans and their government but is just as applicable to any individual and the relationship with any government and of course the banksters...
      I listened twice
      Really gets to the point of how absurd the contract with our government is

      Regarding the film Chekist;
      I don't think a movie about the Bolshevik Revolution could be anything but grim
      I read the book: Under the sign of the Scorpion- Juri Lina
      regarding that revolution and it was brutal

      if anyone else is interested?
      It was definitely worth the read

    2. I've watched the movie allegedly from North Korea and it's good! I thought it was weird you had to sign in as well but I guess there are some graphic death images.

      Would love to see more about the Bolshevik Revolution as well. Recently been looking into WWII stuff at John Friend's blog and other places and watched a couple of videos that mention it: A 5 min. video showing a group of aging Wehrmacht veterans describing the invasion of the Netherlands which they describe as defending against the "Stalinist Bolsheviks."

      Here's a much longer (couple hours) series of videos that go into the history of Hitler and WWI and WWII that also deals with a revisionist history of the Bolsheviks: The section dealing with the Ukraine (can't remember which part it is, maybe part 8 or 9?) is interesting where a woman says the 2 years her mother lived under German rule was the best time in her life.

    3. In the Shadow of Hermes by Jüri Lina (2011) is based on the book Under the sign of the Scorpion. Also it uses extracts from the film Chekist I mentioned earlier. You might find Communism's Death Toll, and the Jewish Role in Bolshevism instructive.

      I have to admit that much of what we've been taught about the Nazis is false but I'm wary of accepting them as any kind of heroes. I stand against Aryan supremacy as much as Jewish supremacy or 'choseness'. John Friend jumps on some strange band-wagons (IMO), such as Fetzer's holograms and Judy Wood's amazing space weapons - be careful.

    4. "John Friend jumps on some strange band-wagons (IMO), such as Fetzer's holograms and Judy Wood's amazing space weapons - be careful."

      Yah, I have noticed that with John(strange bandwagons)
      Yet, he does have his readers
      I will be careful, cause I always am.

      Thanks for the concern though, it is very nice :)

      I use my own intuition/common sense for everything, asking myself "does this make sense in the light of this, that or the other thing"?
      Who benefits, who loses
      People would be surprised just how much thought goes into much of the posting here.

    5. The gentle words of caution were for Walt, I don't think you need any advice from me Penny ;) and I certainly appreciate how much effort you put into your postings.

    6. Thanks freethinker.

      Yeah, I don't mindlessly accept what I read. I am mostly shocked and excited at discovering a history that has been hidden from me. I am interested in historical truth right now rather than promoting any ideology. So far I like what I see about John Friend's site . . . and he's a very good writer.

      But I too share your views on race. I too am a bit turned off by the opposition to "multiculturalism" and focus on racial differences that the 'revisionists' or the modern national socialists seem to be hung up on. I was surprised to see a lot of *good* things about the National Socialists that I had no idea about (like the use of fiat money for the people, kicking out the international bankers, 6 million jobs created, a form of socialism, and opposition to the international conspiracy against Germany).

      But here are the things I definitely am against:

      1. Any sort of imprisonment based on race, religion, nationality. The Japanese concentration camps in America were just as wrong as the Jewish labor camps. Now it's surprising to me to see that my impression that the Germans were 'worse' than the Americans, for instance, may have been totally turned upside down, but the principle of mass incarceration is wrong.

      2. Burning of books.

      3. A 'law and order' society where individual liberty is curtailed.

      4. Imposed culture. I accept the fact Jews were able to unduly influence German society before the National Socialists took over (as in the U.S. now), but I don't know if imposed Germanification is the answer. It's a conundrum and I tend to go for liberty.

      5. Immigration. I'm sympathetic to workers being screwed when capital drives wages down by importing foreign workers or exporting jobs. I'm also sympathetic to countries being undermined via immigration as part of an intentional strategy by its enemies . . . as is probably happening in Greece right now by enemies like Turkey and Israel. But I come down more on the side of letting humans freely travel.

      Plus, Friend made a post complaining about Spanish and other languages being spoken in San Diego and I don't know how he justifies this attitude with the fact the land was taken from these same Spanish speaking people only 150 years ago and millions of legal residents and U.S. citizens of Mexican descent were illegally deported in the early 20th century.

      But on the whole I'm more interested in reevaluating everything I thought I knew, right now.

      As far as 9/11 . . . I'm way ahead of you there. Check out Let's Roll! I agree with you that there are lots of disinfo agents including Judy Wood and hologram people. Although there was definitely media fakery and CGI going on. Plus, it's confusing so sometimes honest people are taken in by these plausible sounding theories b/c it's probably not too far from the truth. I've spent many hours looking into this and it takes a lot of work to sort out the shills from good info. Sometimes the shills have some good info too--like September Clues.

      I'm doing the best I can and I appreciate your honest efforts.

    7. And thanks for those links! They look good.


  2. Iran Nuclear-Weapons Bid Might Trigger Arms Race, Cameron Says.

    None too ironic as UK close to selling UAE 60 Typhoon jets: defense source

    UK threatening Scotland on EU entry as the country already in a deep recession (depression) has little left but the defense exports. Ergo the BAE merger opposition

    The comment coming outof the UK RE: the US (especially the air basing denial) are noteworthy.

    So too is the sale of the LME to the HK exchange. Is the LIBOR scandal part of this ongoing FX/monetary systems war?

    Add in the MI6 Heywood connection and looks like UK is angling to remain the focal point of fund flows even with the Asia Pivot.

    Back in September London reiterated its desire to become a Yuan trading hub

    The legacy "Crown" property - recall HSBC plans to move its headquarters HK bank has its roots in opium trade and is currently one of two major bullion centers), makes for a perfect pivot point.

    On the HSBC planned move, announced in 2011, now it is on hold?,0,6146496.story

    As a sidenote is it curious that when MF Global was imploded that JPM within a few days bought the company's stake in LME?

    MF blows up Oct-31:

    Nov-22: JPM buys LME stake

    1. ty anonymous: good thing I have another cup of coffee to drink

    2. Good connection anonymous!!

      Even though I've been banned at Naked Capitalism,* it had some good discussions on MF Global. I always pointed out how an attorney or accountant, etc., that "lost" client funds that were basically held in trust by gambling them in the stock market would be doing jail time. I knew that some of the $1.6 billion that was lost was transferred to JP Morgan and maybe this is how it was done? Searching Naked Capitalism I don't see that anyone else made the connection you are making. Looks like Zero Hedge did a post on it though, pointing out these basic facts:

      JPMorgan is put on MF Global bankruptcy committee on November 7, 2011

      Two weeks later, JPMorgan buys MF Global's 4.7% in LME for 39 million in a "competitive bidding" process

      7 months later, on June 15 2012 the LME gets an offer for $2.2 billion from China's HKEX, making JPM's stake worth $103 million

      JPMorgan makes over 100% cash on cash return in 7 months while MFGlobal money is still stuck at JPM.

      *yeah, its becoming a pattern so maybe I'm doing something right. In that case I was questioning the conventional wisdom re Golden Dawn in Greece and evaluating staged/faked photos re the Greece immigration detention facilities. I had also started questioning the history of National Socialists so I think this is what led to me being censored and I assume banned--I'm not going to keep trying to post at a place that won't allow me to comment especially once I've been challenged directly and my polite responses are disappeared. Yves posted a response to my initial comments and would not let me respond even though I was trying to make polite responses and everyone else ganged up on me. Don't know if I would be allowed to post again but not going to play in a rigged game.

    3. Hey WWM
      anonymous does a lot of dot connecting
      What is with the banning everywhere
      As long as you are polite and not attacking others
      Not engaging in constant ad hominems etc
      I mean you and I have disagreed on occasion but so what?
      I don't get it?

    4. Penny,

      It's becoming apparent to me that the controlled media extends to much of the blogosphere.

      "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." Attributed to Voltaire but haven't seen verification of this.

  3. HSBC serves as the Custodian of the Trust’s gold. HSBC is a national banking association organized under the laws of the United States of America. HSBC is subject to supervision by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. HSBC’s London custodian office is located at 8 Canada Square, London, E14 5HQ, United Kingdom. In addition to supervision and examination by the U.S. federal banking authorities, HSBC’s London custodian operations are subject to supervision by the FSA.

  4. Russia believes the West is reviewing its approach toward the Syrian opposition, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview published on Thursday.

    “I have the impression that over the past couple of weeks the Western stance on the Syrian opposition has been changing noticeably,” he said in an interview with RIA Novosti, the daily Moskovskiye Novosti and the journal Russia in Global Affairs.

    “On the one hand, there is disappointment over the failure to unite them,” he said. “On the other, I believe there is a growing concern that forces totally different from those [the West] gambled on at the outset are beginning to prevail.”

    Moscow believes it is crucial to unite the opposition around the Geneva communiqué. So far, attempts have been made to unite it over “a platform of the relentless struggle against Assad to the victorious end, and that is wrong,” Lavrov said.

    1. As I said on the other thread about this news, I don't trust the Russians. I see this wishful thinking (that the West is going to back off Syria) as either incredibly naive or duplicitous. I'm going with duplicitous based on all the other factors.

      Also notice Russia is playing footsie with the "rebels" in the hopes of "promot[ing] the idea of dialogue with the Syrian government, [Lavrov] said." Yeah, not gonna happen. It's a foolish diversion.

      It's in Syria's best interest to attack Turkey, Jordan, and Israel before Russia stabs them in the back at the UN after Syria has wasted precious time with false hopes.

    2. Assad is quoted as saying he thinks the West is changing tact.
      Or he does not believe they will attack
      Quoted in latest post

    3. I think he's wrong if he thinks this.

      We are probably being lied to about the level of "rebel" control and they are probably simply engaging in hit and run terrorism . . . but simply looking at the propaganda it appears likely to me this will become a full fledged war between armies at some point.

      I just don't see a scenario where the West walks this back.

    4. And the whole 'rebels in disarray' drama seems just as sketchy as the other reporting on Syria. I don't trust it. Why should we believe anything the media reports?

      Why do they even need a leadership? I suspect this is a Mossad/CIA/NATO operation from the get go and they are only using these "rebels" as mercs or as actors to put a false face on the attacks. If they have been leaderless so far who is directing the attacks?

      Just as in Libya this is not a homegrown revolution . . . it's an outside attack under cover of revolution.