Monday, December 10, 2012

Syria: US "designating" terrorists to use down the road...

Spin from Washington.. Creating the next MEK?

I would definitely call this prepping the story line for future narrative creation. Ready when needed

The Rise of Al Qaeda in Syria-
Which nations aided the rise of NATO's Al Qaeda in Syria?

President Barack Obama's administration is reportedly  (when and if necessary) planning to designate the Syrian jihadist group Jabhat al-Nusra ("the Support Front") as a terrorist organization. The group, which was first announced in late January 2012, has become a growing part of the armed opposition due to its fighting prowess -- perhaps no surprise, as many of its fighters honed their skills in battlefields in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen. As a result, Jabhat al-Nusra has carved out an important niche in the fight to oust the Syrian regime even as it remains outside of the mainstream opposition.
The U.S. administration, in designating Jabhat al-Nusra, is likely to argue that the group is an outgrowth of the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI). While there is not much open-source evidence of this, classified material may offer proof -- and there is certainly circumstantial evidence that Jabhat al-Nusra operates as a branch of the ISI.

There's no denying that Jabhat al-Nusra is deadly: (which is why the US wants them as the future boogey men) It has claimed responsibility for more than 500 attacks since its creation, including a series of suicide bombings. Unique among rebel groups operating in Syria, it has also earned the legitimacy of top global jihadist ideologues, who have called for grassroots supporters across the world to help fund or join up with the group. And foreign fighters have answered the call: Based on data from al Qaeda's online forums, of the 46 individuals for which the forums have provided "martyrdom" notices and announced their group affiliation, 20 fought with Jabhat al-Nusra. Since Oct. 1, almost all of the notices that mention affiliation have reported that the fighter was aligned with Jabhat al-Nusra.

Al Qaeda's on line forums??
"Terrorists" who fight for NATO interests. Hence NATO mercs.

Jabhat al-Nusra is also plugged into al Qaeda's transnational online media echo system. Its official media outlet, al-Manara al-Bayda ("the White Minaret"), maintains ties with al Qaeda's web forums Shamukh al-Islam and al-Fida' al-Islam. On Shamukh, there is even a dedicated section for Jabhat al-Nusra's releases -- a status only shared with the ISI.

Official media outlet? Notice the connecting of Pakistan to Al Qaeda?

The Obama administration may try to nip the rise of Jabhat al-Nusra in the bud by issuing a terrorist designation now, prior to an attack on U.S. interests or its homeland. This would represent a break from past behavior, when jihadist organizations such as al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) were only designated following the large-scale -- though both failed -- 2009 Christmas Day and 2010 Time Square plots, respectively.
Prior to an attack on US interests or the homeland???

Syria has presented concerns to the UN, expressing a serious fear that they will be framed by the US.

Syria is raising concern in two letters to the United Nations that the United States may be attempting to frame it for the use of chemical weapons, Syrian state-run media reported Monday.

"The U.S. administration has consistently worked over the past year to launch a campaign of allegations on the possibility that Syria could use chemical weapons during the current crisis"

Can’t argue with that.

"What raises concerns about this news circulated by the media is our serious fear that some of the countries backing terrorism and terrorists might provide the armed terrorist groups with chemical weapons and claim that it was the Syrian government that used the weapons"

Can’t argue with that

News of the letters to the United Nations also follows a CNN report that the United States and some European allies (NATO allies) are using defense contractors to train Syrian rebels on how to secure chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria.

“Defense contractors” nice spin. Of course that means NATO mercenaries.
Reread article that opened this post and see the very obvious connections...

If one can “secure” chemical weapons, one can also release chemical weapons
 Therefore the above paragraph is a perfect example of spin or narrative creation. Setting the tone for the narrative you are supposed to believe. Don't believe it. Question it!


  1. Your black uniformed man is apparently not an al Qaeda operative, but a Syrian Republican Guard member doing a bit of propaganda work for Assad.
    More Syrian Propaganda - Fake Al-Qaeda Members.
    "This video has been posted online, showing a young man dressed in a black uniform with a al-Qaeda flag armband. In the video he explains he was a member of the Republican Guard in the Syrian Army, displaying his ID, and was given the uniform to wear. Images of him wearing the uniform were then used in the Syrian media, including this article where he's meeting UN inspectors, described as "Armed takfiris with UN inspectors".

    1. Very convincing HT.

      What next? Perhaps Brown Moses is going to expose Syria Danny as a fiendishly clever double-agent working for the Republican Guards to make the 'rebels' look stupid? ROFL

    2. I like the name HT
      (Haughty Troll)
      Perhaps he should let those over at FP know of this..
      "moses brown" is a handy NATO Stooge outlet btw

      "displaying his id"
      Or that of someone the rebels killed?
      ROFL is right!

    3. Would you maintain that Assad does not use blatant propaganda to have people like you believe that "Syrians fighting against Assad are practically non-existent? Now that must surely be the haughtiest comment made on this blog.

      Fake Terrorist Attacks in Syria.

      "No one who follows Middle East conflicts should be shocked to discover that the Syrian government is staging terrorist attacks against itself.
      For a year now the Assad regime has claimed it’s fighting our war against radical Islamist terrorist “gangs,” even though we all know Damascus is the biggest state-sponsor of radical Islamist terrorism in the Arab world. And those of us who followed and reported on the 2006 war in Lebanon, Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, and the Second Intifada in Israel and the West Bank know chapter and verse how Middle Eastern terrorist organizations and their sponsors manipulate the media by using actors, Photoshop, bogus hysterical claims, etc. It’s de rigueur over there.

      I’m not exactly sure who edited this video, but the clips do appear to be from Syria’s state-run TV. These idiots are not even trying to make their ridiculous dramatizations look credible."

    4. HT- From your 2nd link regarding the video in the first link you omitted this update-
      "UPDATE: I know now who made this video. He's a friend of a friend named Mike Nahum who is a graduate of Damascus University's Arabic program and a media analyst based in Washington, DC."

      Michael Nahum
      "Arabic translator for the Syrian revolution. Proud American & devout Jew. Rest doesn't matter. …
      Washington, D.C."

      I wish I could be surprised by any of that. Just another CFR wannabe. Connoisseurs of propaganda might like to have a look at his Youtube channel - its breathtaking. Some have been discussed here already.

      The 1st link has been heavily edited by Nahum. Fun is made of a 'corpse' that tries to get up; but since no-one is claiming that all the prone people are corpses that is a non-sequitur. A much fuller version of the same footage can be seen here Its not the best quality video but those feet and heads scattered around look quite convincing to me. Ridiculous dramatizations? I think not.

    5. what exactly is the 'syrian republican guard'? Mr anon is thinking of iran

      Assad needs no propaganda...all he has to do is tell the truth and the islamists/anons go ballistic

    6. anonyrat: 'Would you maintain that Assad does not use blatant propaganda to have people like you believe that "Syrians fighting against Assad are practically non-existent?'

      yes...he has no need you know the truth is like sunlight to the Haughty Trolls

    7. anonyrat squeaks:
      '"No one who follows Middle East conflicts should be shocked to discover that the Syrian government is staging terrorist attacks against itself.
      For a year now the Assad regime has claimed it’s fighting our war against radical Islamist terrorist “gangs,” even though we all know Damascus is the biggest state-sponsor of radical Islamist terrorism in the Arab world'

      well i do follow middle east conflicts and as you confirm the syrian govt doesnt stage false flag confirm it by showing us there is no evidence...thanks!

      your 2nd point is also confirmed by you, aka the syria govt doesnt use islamic terrorism...thanks

      Anonyrats can be very useful

    8. freethinker: therefore Michael Nahum is working for the benefit of Israel....imagine my surprise that the HT would cite an individual with that type of agenda

  2. I was thinking there have been so many pics of AQ/NATO operatives from Syria including the AQ/NATO flag flying.....
    so many...

    1. I hate to agree with the anonymous poster above, but I too think these pictures are staged/faked. Just like the pictures of the AQ flags flying. We've already seen some evidence of the AQ flag being photoshopped over other flags, right?

      Where I depart from the anonymous poster is I think this isn't a Syrian stunt but a Western stunt. They are concocting violence from "both sides" to give two different justifications for invasion and occupation. They have to either stop Assad or try to control the rebels. Either way NATO figures they need to come in to save the day.

      Friends of the NATO mercs like anonymous above are telling the truth about the staged videos because they know it's often better to admit the truth and add in a bit of disinformation to confuse. So they admit it's staged but blame Syria.

  3. brown moses mainly spreads nato propaganda in the guardian uk comments section.

    1. Anon dec 10 9:14 am

      Had to get your comment out of spam

      As for brown moses? I agree and have said as much.

  4. The story about online forums is not credible. I doubt real Syrian rebels would behave in such a way.

    I don't speak any of the appropriate languages to second check and I don't want to start trolling these sites,* but I would be interested in seeing an unbiased analysis of the primary sources. In other words, I wish we had real journalists! As is, I don't trust any MSM source, to tell me what's going on, not even Robert Fisk! [although he's one of the most trustworthy of the MSM] In fact, I assume these bastards are lying! We are better off reversing the facts 180 degrees and assuming that is the truth.

    I certainly don't trust Angry Arab and Josh Landis and this new breed of academic/blogger that purports to tell me what AQ is really saying in Arabic. Now that journahoes are just as hated and distrusted as politicians they are moving on to the next huckster to sell their lies.

    *not that the sites I currently read haven't put me on some watch list--but any thinking person interested in the facts will land on these fascist killers' lists anyway. The last bit of freedom is fading in the U.S. where I think the government and other perps are now figuring out how to better control information in the new electronic environment.

    1. "Among the calamities of war may be justly numbered the diminution of the love of truth, by the falsehoods which interest dictates and credulity encourages." (Samuel Johnson: The Idler, no. 30, 11 November 1758.
      "The Propaganda War

      There is a dearth of on-the-ground journalistic reporting from Syria. Thus as we seek to make sense of what is actually going on there we are too often faced with a choice between networks of propagandistic media, between two over-determined narratives driven by opposed agenda, the details of which are typically irreconcilable.

      It is a lamentable choice, and it is frustrating as hell.

      I don't know what precisely is happening inside Syria, and I will assert that neither the Romantics nor the Cynics do either. They, I'm sure, will cling to their convictions, to their claims to truth. They will continue to cite propaganda in support of their cause and to seek factoids to weave into those predetermined narratives that, paraphrasing Johnson, are dictated by interest and encouraged by credulity.

      Reality? Well, it's out of style..."

    2. Once one recognizes a pattern it is only natural to apply lessons one has learned about these patterns. Once I'm convinced that CNN and Al Jazeera are purposefully airing false propaganda and aiding terrorist activities then I am going to view their "reporting" with skepticism. Yes. I call this applying logic rather than a "predetermined narrative" that "deprives the Syrian opposition (Tunisian, Egyptian, Libyan et alii) of agency altogether, viewing them as pawns. . . . "

      Uh, that's precisely what the "opposition" are. Pawns. Mercenaries. Or actors. Or figments of the imagination.

      We don't even have the basic information. How many dead on each side? I don't trust the most cited Western sources. I wouldn't be surprised if Syrian-originated numbers are much lower and much more accurate . . . something like 15,000 killed . . . 5,000 militants, 5,000 police/army, 5,000 civilians. But I haven't really seen any reporting on 'official' Syrian numbers or any good estimates period. Amazing to me how the entire MSM and even the UN and Western governments all went with one hell of a shady outfit to report the number of Syrian dead--the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights--ha. How do reporters acting in good faith accept this source?

    3. Another example, I've noticed a meme that the "opposition" have taken the border regions (in additions to other advances) and that the Syrian government has abandoned some territory and is fortifying around Damascus. Here's NPR doing a report about how the opposition has cute and friendly police in a border town they allegedly took over:

      Just based on my past experience one would be best off assuming NPR is full of it and that this town was not taken. In fact, the story does mention the town was burned and the residents fled so maybe the inhabitants never returned but the NATO/GCC money bought some actors and cute uniforms to play good cop for the NPR liberals back home. Or the NATO/GCC mercs simply took off their Al Qaeda black and put on their police blues for the photo op.

    4. WWM:

      The abandonment meme has been one long, long played in the msm. Yet reports continued of Syrian Army shelling along Turkey, indicating the Syrian Army had not abandoned the border area

      As for the death stats. I doubt anyone knows what they really are?

    5. WWM: Josh Landis = Brown Moses

    6. Are you sure Penny? I've seen Brown Moses identified as a UK blogger- Elliot Higgens (who he?).

      For sure Landis and Moses seem to be very chummy.

    7. Hey Freethinker

      Let me clarify.
      They are not the same people
      Just of the same ilk

      Sorry about that

    8. Though, who the hell really knows?
      They both definitely sing from the same choir book

    9. Eliot Higgins, a.k.a. the Moses Brown blogger, also writes for Foreign Policy. Here's a recent article:

      If you don't like gay porn I advise against doing a Google image search on his name.

      Looks like he's been blogging for less than a year and Brown Moses is his second blog. His first is

      He started Libya Voices Jan 2012 and moved to Moses Brown in April. Hardly any comments.

      A "Moses Brown" using the same avatar pic as on the blog has been a member of this online forum since 2002 and posted up to 2011, at least:

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  6. "There is a dearth of on-the-ground journalistic reporting from Syria"

    Is there, really?
    Then I wonder why it is that the msm repeatedly states

    "These reports cannot be independently verified"

  7. dearth of on the ground jornalistic reporting in syria

    that may be due to jouralissbeing killed as with Maya Naser or abducted, like Kochneva Anhar, who is still missing:

    the USraeli backed terrorists dont like independent journalism