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Syria Plan B: Destabilization via humanitarian relief- Part 3

So, I am a day late with part 3, apologies.
What can I say? Better late then not all?
Quick rehash

The initial Plan B post rehashed the no fly zone/lethal support theme to bring down the legitimate Syrian government.

In the follow up post Plan B for Syria: Part 2 we touched on the increase of lethal support aka heavy weapons delivery to the NATO destabilizers in Syria through Jordan and Israel

In this post which is Part 3, were going to look at the ruse of “humanitarian” provisions coming through Turkey as a cover for NATO expansion into northern Syria enabling and providing for an alternative NATO created illegitimate government seated in Syria

As was done in Libya; I will refresh your memory regarding this exact action previously undertaken in  Libya
Turkey's NGO, IHH and it's role in the destruction Of Libya

Humanitarian aid from Turkey to the NATO merc/destabilizers in Libya enabled the creation of the no fly zone, the formation of a NATO protectorate in Libya and a zone from which to attack the rest of the country.

If you haven't been following paying attention, your should be, because there will be a quiz! LOL

Back to Syria:
Syrian Opposition to for “government” for liberated areas
Liberated. You gotta love the spin. Liberated of Syrians. Through NATO terror tactics, but, I digress
Syria’s opposition National Coalition decided on Friday to form a government to run areas of the country “liberated” by rebels and will meet in early March to name a prime minister, a spokesman said.

“We agreed to form a government to run the affairs of the liberated areas,” Walid al-Bonni said after a meeting in Cairo.

He added that the coalition would meet on March 2 to decide on the composition of the planned government and to choose its head, with members of the group saying the gathering would take place in Istanbul.
Bonni said he hoped the rebel government would be based in Syria.

In early March NATO goons will meet to form a government that they hope to base in Syria.

Turkey, coincidentally or not and I say NOT, has also got this on the agenda

Turkey to establish relief corridor for Syria with new world-wide campaign
“world wide campaign” Really?

Refresher? Which nation was pushing the concept of ‘relief corridors’?
In case you have forgotten, let me remind was France and this concept initially came up some time ago
I covered the relief corridor spin back in 2011 and likely many other times afterwards.
So the relief corridors have been a long time plan.

 Turkey’s relief corridor named "Winter has come... Bread and Blanket for Syria" campaign initiated on December 27, 2012 by official institutions and NGOs.

Initiated December 2012, coming into being when winter is done... why?

“A world-wide campaign will be initiated to establish a humanitarian relief corridor for Syria from March 30 onwards.
A civil initiative is to be put in place due to the state level attempts filed at the United Nations not yielding results.

All NGOs in the world and activists will be contacted in this framework and a campaign will be initiated to establish a relief corridor for Syria. “Demonstrations will be organized in front of institutions such as the United Nations, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), European Union and Organization of Islamic Cooperation to raise awareness.”
 Demonstrations to raise awareness???
Clearly a public relations campaign is being set up.. With all NGO and activists being mobilized.

It has to be asked humanitarian mission or psychological operation?
-If this is really about feeding people, what the hell is the show for?
-If this is really a humanitarian mission, to relieve Syrians during the winter months, why is it being “reinitiated” for March 30/2012
Reinitiated indicates to me, this ‘humanitarian’ mission did not get off the ground in December.
I suppose bread and blankets weren’t really necessary in January?
Or, had the rebels not gained enough territory to kick this mission off?
Or, had NATO not got their lackey government organized well enough in December.
Is NATO assuming that by next month all their machinations and manipulations will pay off?
With the heavy weapons making there way in the hands of the NATO merc/terrorists and possibly a  NATO government ensconced in the North, it  would seem that the no fly zone can come into fruition


“It’s my hope that we’re getting ready to put down some hard cash for this coalition so it can start governing in the liberated areas in a meaningful way,” he said, referring to the Syrian National Coalition formed in November and tasked with naming a shadow government.”
A shadow government.

Yet there is an acknowledged glitch.....
from the same article linked above

“The Russians control one of the major routes for American withdrawal from Afghanistan, the northern supply route” that wends its way from Kabul through the Salang Tunnel into the former Soviet republics of Central Asia, he said. Departing equipment convoys can reach allied European ports from there by road or rail through Western Russia -- as long as Moscow is of a mind to facilitate their passage.”

Is this why Russia has allowed this major route to be used?
Enabling Russia to make life difficult for the Americans should it be necessary?
Will Moscow continue to be of the mind to facilitate US troop passage?


  1. Yes, it is a big read.
    Sigh.... assuming the readership has a good healthy attention span :)

  2. What about this?
    He reiterated that the US Army Corps have not been allowed to build any sort of facility at any civilian airport, nor would they be allowed to.

    Remember 2011 in the wake of the OBL raid, the Karachi airbase takeover and burning of 2 Orions? Chinese and US contractors on base

    “Militants had used guns and grenades in their attack on the base, 15 miles from the Masroor Air Base, Pakistan's largest and a possible depot for nuclear weapons [clip] Malik said 17 foreigners -- 11 Chinese and six Americans -- were inside the base at the time. All had been evacuated safely. The Americans were contractors working for SAIC and Lockheed Martin doing maintenance on the aircraft. [clip] Two P-3C Orions, maritime patrol aircraft supplied by the United States, were destroyed, said Colonel David Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman."

    Pakistan transfers Gwadar to China few days ago

    Pentagon secret plan to secure Pak's nukes circa 2011 (Nov)

    1. Anon
      whoa more links! It's good you help me to fill in the little niches
      I have some stuff here on Pakistan, when I have more time I will check out the links
      perhaps i will relink some older stuff

  3. ...“world wide campaign” Really?

    Yes, Tonga and Miconesia are on board.

    This whole thing is beginning to look like a repeat of the Iraq-Iran War, cheered on and supplied by NeoCons and Israel, since they wanted each side to keep killing each other to oblivion.

    1. This is a repeat of every war we have witnessed via the tv
      Massive propaganda, demonization, scapegoating
      Israel playing innocent
      Meanwhile.. it is all part of the agenda
      And the suckered western audience keeps going along

  4. The Georgia counter offensive continues