Sunday, February 3, 2013

Turkey's FM confirms Damscus hit & Israel confirms it is destabilizing Syria

Well here it is folks! You want to know the location Israel really struck in Syria?!
Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu gives it away right here, though inadvertently!
And I quote.....
 "Why didn't [Bashar] al-Assad even throw a pebble when Israeli jets were flying over his palace and playing with the dignity of his country?"

If the Israeli jets were flying over or near the Presidential palace then the hit was definitely in Damascus on the Research centre as Syria has claimed from the get go!

Oh,  I am changing part of my earlier comment regarding this strike, made in this post. Israel's strike on Syria: Practice runs for Iran and target softening
Initially it seemed there were two strikes, one near Lebanon, having nothing at all to do with a convoy.
This is the strike the western media pushes as the only one that happened and ignoring, ridiculing or downplaying the strike in Damascus.
 I am now more inclined to believe there was one strike and only one strike, on the research centre in Damascus, that Israel undertook in aid of the NATO mercs.
Thanks for that admission FM Davutoglu. You da man!

But , if one gaffe wasn't enough for the FM of Turkey, why not make it two?
Turkey will not tolerate and silently watch Israeli attacks on any Muslim country, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Saturday, Zaman newspaper reported.
Earth to Ahmet, Syria is a Muslim country and Ahmet you have already acknowledged that indeed Israel attacked Syria in Damascus, no less. So leap into action! "Don't "tolerate and silently watch Israeli attacks on Muslim countries" What's stopping you? Seriously, this man speaks from both sides of his mouth.
The Turkish people, stuck with bad leadership, like so many of us. Sigh.

Ahmet Davutoglu
The  attack by Israel also validates the Syrian claims that Israel is acting as a destabilizer
Israel 'destabilising' Syria, Assad says

Not that it wasn't obvious, anyway.

Take a gander at a few of today's headlines ..

Israeli defence minister suggests his air force hit Syria

Israel minister alludes to responsibility for Syria strike

Israel is destabilizing Syria.


  1. Israel is one of the greatest threats not only to the Jews but to all humans everywhere. Thier elites are NO different than our own, outside of their indoctrination techniques, ie the 'Victim Mentality'. Of course everyone has adopted that one recently and look what kind of mess we are in. Nobody wants to take any responsibility for anything anymore... but I digress.

    I think the whole world knew Israel was and is responsible (along with others, NATO, SA, Qatar etc) for all of the strife and destruction visited on the Syrian people throughout the last couple years. If anything, that it has dragged on so long is a testament to the strength of this little country standing up to the biggest bullies on the block.

    Sadly, I fear that it is all to naught.

    1. Hey Maggie

      Agreed with Israeli elites being of the same ilk as the elites here
      Of course they are all equal to scum and psychopaths

      "Nobody wants to take any responsibility for anything anymore... but I digress.
      Oddly enough I was talking about that to someone, everyone has rights. Sure
      But no one has responsibilities
      Israel has indoctrinated the followers to believe land in the ME is god given and they have a 'right' to that land, which is utter nonsense

      I would agree that anyone with a modicum of intelligence, who can sort or sift through all the lies, had to have known that Israel along with the compliant radical arab nations all under the nato umbrella were the destabilizers.

      Israel is the single biggest ME beneficiary of Syria's ruin

      I am torn on Syria, I hope that this resolves with Syria intact and able to rebuild.

  2. Israel mulls buffer zone to fend off militant attacks from Syria: report; "A buffer zone set up with the cooperation of local villagers lies at the heart of the plan. If Syria remains unstable we might have to stay there for years," the source added.

    Congo/Sudan/Eritrea (Africa holdouts) the next Syria? Latin America return?

    US deploys to Congo (10/11)

    New rebel group forms in DR Congo

    Sudan rejects US deployments in wake of Embassy

    Sudan rejects coup interrupted

    Plans to Topple Sudan Govt Gain Momentum; another political party has joined rebels and other parties in endorsing the New Dawn charter, a document that calls for overthrowing the regime through "political and armed struggle".

    Eritrea crushed coup plotters

    Then in Latin America

    US Military Wants Drones in South America, But Why?

    Paraguayan presidential candidate Lino Oviedo, a former army chief who led a failed coup in 1996, died Feb. 2 in a helicopter accident. Oviedo, 69, was running with the opposition Unace Party in April’s presidential vote, which was called after Congress ousted Fernando Lugo from the presidency in June, claiming he encouraged land seizures and fomented violence.

    IMF warns Argentina
    Argentina on Feb. 1 became the first nation to be censured by the IMF after the Washington-based lender said that President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s government isn’t addressing concerns that it’s underreporting inflation, which analysts forecast is more than double the 10.8 percent official rate.

    1. "Israel mulls buffer zone to fend off militant attacks from Syria"
      Is this the 'security fence' I have touched on?

      And what will the useless nations have to say about this?

      I mean that area does have UN peacekeepers stationed there???

      will check out the rest, thanks anon linkie person

  3. Israelis plan buffer zone in Syria No surprise there then.

    This story is making quite a splash in the Israeli press, The Egyptians are getting wise and see through their Zionist engineered Muslim Brotherhood stooge government-
    Conspiracy theory alleges ties between Muslim Brotherhood and Jews
    Conspiracy theory has Muslim Brotherhood, Jews aligned
    and similar elsewhere, all stemming from an ADL report. Of course its a Conspiracy Theory, but they really hate it when the two legged beasts wise up to them.

    Some of that wising-up:
    Egyptian Jews and the Muslim Brotherhood
    The Rise of the Caliphate

    And for old times sake-
    Israel intervening in Syria?
    We still think of you Danny!

  4. Hey Freethinker!

    Is the ADL just now coming up with this stuff?
    I mean Israel and MB being in bed is nothing new
    And the strike on Syria made that so much more obvious
    So it would seem that the ADL is spinning damage control for the Israeli propaganda machine

    Ah, Danny boy.. What happened to ya? ;)

    What a fool/tool that idiot is/was

  5. More on the story about Israel creating a buffer zone:

    "ISRAEL is considering creating a buffer zone reaching up to 10 miles inside Syria to protect itself from fundamentalist rebels on the other side of the border. . . .

    Netanyahu, who visited Israeli outposts overlooking the rebel villages last month, watched construction workers erect a 20ft steel wall along the border to replace a rickety fence. . . .

    The plan envisages two Israeli infantry brigades and a tank battalion being based at outposts in Syrian territory. The current border, which is not internationally recognised, was redrawn after the 1973 Yom Kippur War. . . ."

    and regarding the Israeli jet attack:

    "Major-General Aviv Kokhavi, the head of Israeli military intelligence, visited Washington shortly before the raid and talked to colleagues in the Pentagon and CIA. At the same time Yaakov Amidror, Netanyahu’s head of national security, visited Moscow to brief Russian officials, who are among Assad’s closest allies.

    No mention was made of a specific target but the Russians were warned that Israel would not tolerate any Russian weapons falling into the hands of Hezbollah. . . ."

  6. And then there is this reframing article...
    White House rebuffed Clinton-Petraeus plan to arm Syrian rebels

    Of course we know there were arms coming through Lebanon
    The ship was en route from Libya to the port of Tripoli in northern Lebanon. Several of the arms were labelled as Libyan.

    Qatar Saudi accused

    The US provided Satellite equipment

    And then there are the weapons shipments to Yemen.....coming from Turkey being pinned on Iran..

    Yemen says seized ship carried rockets from Iran

    Iran denies links to shipload of arms seized by Yemen

    and the Stratrisks article on French and US troops in Yemen
    French, British, US warplanes and troops occupy Yemeni capital

    Remember in wake of Embassy "raid" the US deployed more marines and reports of 100 armored vehicles. Also the head of security at the mebassy was gunned down 30 days post the Embassy invasion.

  7. FSA and Israel attack Syrian research center
    "[...] There were no Sam-7’s or chemical weapons housed at the center. Indeed, the destruction of Sam-7 missiles would have set off explosions visible from the capital. As for the destruction of chemical weapons ready for use (that is to say whose components have already been mixed) would have caused a disaster.

    An unofficial Syrian source told Voltaire Network that a few days earlier the Syrian Arab Army had seized some sophisticated Israeli material used by the Contras, which it stored in the research center where it was to be taken apart and analyzed.

    This is probably the material that the Israelis intended to destroy before being taken to Russia or Iran." [...]

    Offical Syrian footage showing air raid damamge

    The Israeli attack was committed in coordination with the gunmen – Syrian defence ministervid

    Video demonstrates the complicity between the Salafis terrorists and the Zionist entity in bombing of Jamraya

    Iranian President's Assistant: Israel's Aggression on Syria Stresses Close Connection with Terrorist Groups

    Mossad vs Assad: 'Syrian rebels ally of Israel intelligence'

    Turkish Labor Party: JDP Government Cooperated with Israel in Aggression on Syria

    "When the zionist warplanes were falling like leaves in the fall" - Historical reflection. September 20, 1973.

    (laying the more propaganda for an upcoming false flag) Assad Deploys Scud Missiles Targeting Tel Aviv

    FSA Terrorists Roam Freely in Syria's Golan Heights with Israel & UN Forces Turning a Blind Eye

    Algeria, Sudan Denounce Israeli Aggression against Syria

    Mansour.. Israeli Aggression on Research Center in Syria is Aggression on Lebanon

    Al-Nusra Front: Seeking a Lebanese Base in Ain al-Hilweh

    "[...] According to Palestinian security sources, several neighborhoods of the camp are now under the control of Badr and his colleagues, namely the neighborhood of Tiri where he lives. The Taware neighborhood is no longer controlled by National Security or the Lebanese army and has been transformed into a den of Salafi groups following the influx of weapons and fighters from Syria. ...

    Once announced, this new unified front will be an extension of al-Nusra in Syria. Lebanese territories will become “the land of salvation” for its “jihadis” who will be trained in Ain al-Hilweh to fight in Syria. Of course, the front will not be limited to Ain al-Hilweh ... Palestinian sources indicate that the reason for the Burj al-Barajneh headquarters is its proximity to the airport road." [...]

    Syria’s National Defense Forces: New Style of Fight against Insurgents

    1. Thanks SAJ

      lots of stuff to look at and I had the Assad vs Mossad video bookmarked because the analysis from the guest was quite good
      the RT talking head, not so much
      again, thanks for the links