Monday, February 25, 2013

UN Staff at Golan Missing- The story changes

 Check the update at the bottom
 The Austrian has now become a Canadian...... this sets off many warning bells

Carl Kampo, Austria-born legal advisor to force monitoring ceasefire abducted on February 7.

Why is the story being reported on at this time?
An advisor to the commander of the United Nations force monitoring the ceasefire in the Golan Heights (UNDOF) was kidnapped on February 7.
According to reports, Carl Kampo is a legal advisor from Austria. No further details were immediately available and the report has not been officially confirmed. 
 The United Nations confirmed a member of the UN peacekeeping force is missing.

"We can confirm that a staff member is not accounted for and we are in touch with the relevant parties to determine what has happened," UN deputy spokesman Eduardo del Buey said Monday. "We have no further comment at this time."

The UN would not say whether the missing person was a peacekeeper or a civilian staff member.

  Rebels have recently gained control over several towns in the Golan area but it remains unclear whether they were involved in the kidnapping. 

Can we say, handy pretext for Israeli border expansion or attack..

IDF sources believe that Syrian villages near the border are home to global terror operatives who may be planning a major attack. 

Now the Austrian is a Canadian?!?!?!

UN adviser missing on Israel-Syria border is a Canadian’

The UN staffer who disappeared several days ago in the Syrian Golan Heights is a Canadian citizen
 Carl Campeau, a Canadian legal adviser.
The Canadian Embassy in Israel responded to an inquiry regarding Campeau saying, “We are pursuing all appropriate channels to seek further information.”
The embassy would not officially confirm that Campeau was the missing UN staffer.
Canada officially withdrew its contingent from the peacekeeping force on the Syrian border in September 2012.
This story smells worse then it did last night when it first broke
I find it completely non credible that the UN would not be aware of the nationalities of their peacekeepers.
If Canada withdrew its peacekeeping contingent force from the Syrian border, how could this person be a Canadian?
This scenario is very suspect!

But, wait...... there is more. Much more:

 Cheney-Linked Company to Drill in Occupied Golan Heights

How is it that Israel can makes deals to drill in  the illegally, unlawfully Occupied Territory that is actually belonging to Syria

The Israeli government awarded a local subsidiary of U.S.-based Genie Energy the rights to explore for oil and natural gas in about 150 square miles of the southern section of the Golan Heights. The United Nations last year extended the mandate for the region's U.N. Disengagement Observer Force mission.

 Genie Energy said there may be "significant quantities" of natural resources in the region. The license area encompasses about 150 square miles of the southern portion of the Golan Heights, considered territory occupied by the Israeli military.

Israel exploiting Syrian crisis in Golan oil exploration

 An Israeli plan to drill for oil in the Golan Heights aims to entrench the country's hold on a territory Israel annexed from Syria despite international opposition, analysts said yesterday.

Experts say the Israeli decision to issue its first oil-exploration permit in the Golan to a settler-run company, was at least partly driven by the ultranationalist ideology of Israel's minister of water and energy resources, Uzi Landau, in a bid to convey a message that the Golan would not easily be returned to Syria.

The Israelis also appear to be taking advantage of the violence and chaos in Syria.

The timing of the decision "is directly related to the fact that the Syrian government is not free to deal with this problem and that the Syrian army cannot pose a threat to Israel right now", said Yaron Ezrahi, an Israeli political analyst.

"This is mostly an Israeli ploy to deepen its commitment to the occupied Golan Heights," said Mr Ezrahi. "It's part of the right's political programme."

Cui bono:  used either to suggest a hidden motive or to indicate that the party responsible for something may not be who it appears at first to be
 Israel has obviously been a major beneficiary of the destabilization of Syria.



  1. Hey Penny, sorry sort of off topic, but was wondering whether you saw this or not:

    "The Israeli government awarded a local subsidiary of U.S.-based Genie Energy the rights to explore for oil and natural gas in about 150 square miles of the southern section of the Golan Heights. "


    "With former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney serving as an adviser to Genie, however, the implications may go beyond immediate worries over Hezbollah.

    Genie Energy said there may be “significant quantities” of natural resources in the region. The license area encompasses about 150 square miles of the southern portion of the Golan Heights, considered territory occupied by the Israeli military."

    Buffy (too lazy to log in)

    1. Hey Buffy

      I did see that one, I was going to add that info to this post
      but then, guess what?
      Lo and Behold the missing UN person is now Canadian as opposed to an Austrian
      The UN doesn't know where one of their peacekeepers originates?
      Now that the missing one is Canadian this brings back a bunch of memories of Israel killing the Canadian at the Lebanon border, recall that one?
      I understand PM Harper just erased his memory from the history of Canada
      He is such a good servant of Israel......(puke)

  2. FYI: He is a canadian, but born in Austria.

    1. That is interesting. Would you be able to provide a link for that info?
      Curious, because according to the article I linked

      "Canada officially withdrew its contingent from the peacekeeping force on the Syrian border in September 2012."

      So, what would a Canadian be doing in Golan?

  3. Very strange and smelly story Pen. Why has it taken so long for this story to come out and why is it only playing, as far as I can see, in the Jewish media?

    This is the best report I can find so far- U.N. staffer missing from Syria-Israel border said to be Canadian adviser with peacekeepers

    The anonymous source who met with Campeau in 'Israel' on Feb 6-7 (Camp Ziouani) seems to be this interesting guy- Andrew Bennett also a lawer. It is clear from his contacts and tweets on Judaism and Zionism that Bennett is not as goyish as his name would suggest.

    Another twitterer who seems to be on top of this story (as well as dead elks on the road ;) ) is Arno Rosenfeld Canadian correspondent for JTAnews.

    This story (if we accept it at face value) is obviously very embarrassing for TPTB as the criminal gang kidnappers can only be the Salafist thugs that they have encouraged to take control of the Golan Heights. I'm sure they are working feverishly behind the scenes to see how they can spin the blame on to Assad.

    1. Hey Freethinker
      dam I fudged my first response
      yes, this story smells
      Initially reported as an Austrian: Campo
      Then a Canadian: Campeau
      If this individual is really a UN peacekeeper at Golan there is no doubt in my mind that the UN would have the accurate information as to which country this peacekeeper is affiliated with
      Then the similar phonetics and different spelling??
      Muddying the waters? It feels like it

      An anon commenter left information indicating he is Canadian but born in Austria
      According to the article you linked....

      "The source, who requested anonymity, also told JTA that Campeau might hold dual Canadian-Austrian citizenship, as Campeau said his son was Austrian."

      Would indicate to me he was more likely born Canadian but had been resident in Austria for long enough to get citizenship or something like that, because he is supposed to have an Austrian born son???

      And this is really interesting because it is very takes us right back to Andrew Bennett
      As you mention it is largely playing out in the Israeli media
      But not only because I did see it covered first on Monday night in the Montreal Gazette- Montreal is home to a large group of the followers of Judaism..
      Therefore Montreal would be a prime market for this type propaganda

      "The source familiar with the missing staff member told JTA he had met with the man, who he identified as Carl Campeau, in Israel recently"

      Andrew Bennett ‏@acandidworld

      .@ynetnews says Arab media reports Campeau was abducted the day after we met. He had come to UNDOF camp in Israel to meet me...

      So we have Bennett bolstering or creating the narrative of Campeau/Campo with the person from JTA
      His meeting then Campeau/Campo is missing...
      The intentional muddying of waters
      I still maintain this narrative is highly suspicious- "Gone missing in Syria"
      is very convenient at this time

  4. In my statcounter saw a hit come over from Craig Murray's Blog

    someone name of Q... Hello Q!
    not a clue who you are but thanks for this

    Campeau has two linkedin profiles

    "BTW, there are two LinkedIn profiles for him, one with one connection, the other with a few more.

    The first has a law practice in Austria, the second in Syria."

    How very interesting

    Recall way back linkedin was hacked and suddenly there appeared the woman from TO, a supposed engineer, who allegedly went to fight in Syria???
    The one who reeked of IDF.....placed in Israel to aid the rebels?????
    She too had an interesting linkedin profile

    At the time of the linkedin hack , I mentioned what should be obvious, as easily as profiles can be taken, they can be created
    The hack of linkedin may have gave an interested party/parties the opportunity to create/present non-existent individuals for future reference, as needed
    As cover for intrigue operations..or spying, destabilization etc.,

    This Campo/Campeau looks to be of the same

  5. You'd think Canadian authorities would want to speak to Mr. Bennett of Maryland.
    Strange he has the same name as the new Ambassador to the new office of Religious Freedom in Canada.

    1. Yes, you think they would....
      And you know what i missed that name connection?

      Religious Freedom in Canada will be an oxymoron of the worst kind

  6. Carl Campeau is Canadian. I went to school with him, in Montreal.

    His job for the UN forces him to move a lot and he has been living in Austria for a while and has a son there.

    My prayers are with him but since I'm afraid it won't be enough, I'm sending emails to every "authority" who might help.

    1. Hi friend from school:

      see this is where I get confused?
      Since, Canada pulled the peacekeepers at Golan why was Carl Campeau still present?
      What was he doing in Israel on February 6 meeting the lawyer named Andrew Bennet?
      And what '"authority" would help?
      It would seem the authorities have been aware of his absence long before the media reported on this.
      More questions then answers. Sorry about that?

    2. @Penny: I also know Carl very well, and I can vouch for the fact that he is not the sort of guys involved in mysterious conspiracies. Again, he is not a military peacekeeper but civilian legal advisor whose presence on Golan Heights is not depending on Canadian government, and so he was not supposed to be pulled out, there is no mystery whatsoever. As the title of this blog says, "only lies are invented", please do not insist on inventing one at his expense. (Again Mathieu Marion from Montreal.)

    3. No lies have been invented here
      The msm news story is being discussed
      It was the msm that reported the Canadian Peacekeepers were pulled

      "Again, he is not a military peacekeeper but civilian legal advisor whose presence on Golan Heights is not depending on Canadian government"

      That is what you are claiming, but is that correct?
      You should provide verification to back up the claim.

    4. I provide the verification fro that claim. What else can you ask for? Suppose I show you a piece of paper. Will you doubt this?

  7. Carl Campeau, a native of Montreal, is a very good friend of mine. He lives in Vienna, hence the possible confusion. Campeau is a legal adviser attached to the UN on Golan heights and he is not military peacekeeper, hence the reason why he was not pulled out. There is absolutely nothing "suspect" here, from UN and Israel. You guys should not be spinning bullshit about his fate, that is highly inappropriate, I wish you'd meet his son and tell him about your geopolitical ideas. Comments on this page are very upsetting, considering his life, that of my friend, is at stake. (My name is Mathieu Marion, I am from Montreal)

    1. "There is absolutely nothing "suspect" here, from UN and Israel"

      you are protesting way to much

      "I wish you'd meet his son and tell him about your geopolitical ideas."
      What does this have to do with anything?

      "Comments on this page are very upsetting, considering his life, that of my friend, is at stake"

      How do you know his life is at stake? What makes you say such a thing?

      Oh and if the comments 'upset you' don't read them.
      Because you definitely had to search this blog out.
      so why did you?

  8. To all the alleged friends of Carl Campeau
    If you are all so concerned about him, what are you doing on line leaving comments on small blogs discussing news coverage
    All you good friends, who fear for his life and all...
    What good is it going to do to come here and make spurious claims??
    The actions of these friends make this whole situation seem that much more odd

    FYI: I have had this blog for five years soon to be starting six and have always discussed news topics
    Never before have so many so called 'friends' showed up to bolster a narrative. Never.
    Very strange

    1. Look, because I am concerned I try and scour the net for news. I bump into this.

    2. Now your are not going to be so suspicious, please ! Here is my professional page:
      I know Carl since his days as a student in Ottawa, when I was teaching there. There is nothing suspicious., I am just a concerned friend.

    3. Anonymous:

      4:02/4:03/4:05 am

      Yes, I saw your search via my statcounter.
      Which makes me aware of how you came to be here and where you exited

      You have made a claim that Mr Campeau was NOT dependent on the Canadian government. Then you suggest you have verified the claim made by yourself.

      But, you have not.

      Quoting anon

      "Again, he is not a military peacekeeper but civilian legal advisor whose presence on Golan Heights is not depending on Canadian government"

      next claim and I quote

      "I provide the verification fro that claim. What else can you ask for?"

      But you have not provided the verification. You talk about a piece of paper??
      Not sure what you mean by that?

      As for the link to the professor's page?????

      You might be that person? Then again, you might not be that person?
      Anyone can link to any page on the net and claim that to be them
      I could link to Queen Elizabeth's bio and tell you I am her, and that I have a bit of a stomache ache right now.
      What would that prove?

      Your continuing reappearance here leads me to ask this
      If this person is a friend of yours for a very long time, why don't you get in touch with his family?
      Since your attempting to demonstrate familiarity with Carl by making these claims

      "I know Carl since his days as a student in Ottawa"
      " I wish you'd meet his son"

      Wouldn't that be a more appropriate way of getting the latest info and also offering moral support to Mr Campeau's loved ones?
      As opposed to leaving random comments here?

      As for news on Mr Campeau. There is nothing new in the msm.
      All news is rehashed from initial reporting and is more then a few days old
      Best to get in touch with his family, IMO

  9. I agree, best not wasting time here where you doubt my identity, I was simply trying to inform you about Carl Campeau so that you drop your insinuations. If you can't trust my word that he is a legal council to UN of Canadian origin as opposed to a Canadian military peacekeeper, then what can I do to convince you? (Spell this out clearly.) If you are wise, then find on the link my email address and write to me to confirm. But then you can suspect an elaborate hoax, I suppose. Better, leave you to your obsession with conspiracies and lies, you would see the truth if evidence was in front of your eyes.

    1. Wow, for a professor.....of what propaganda studies?

      "conspiracies and lies"

      Logical fallacies and appeal to authority do not fly here
      I agree, it is best you do not waste my time either

  10. I did not appeal to authority nor made any fallacious argument, what are you talking about? I am sorry, I wanted to write that "you would *not* see the truth if evidence was in front of you". Now, you only revert to insults, instead of telling me what counts as proof for you. Indeed you are useless, I am very sorry for my friend to see that his life is fodder for your conspiracy theories. Good luck with your life, sounds like a fascinating one.

    1. Actually when you mentioned you are a appeared an appeal to authority.
      As in because you are a Professor you have superior knowledge.

      Speaking of insults, aspersions and accusations!

      "I am very sorry for my friend to see that his life is fodder for your conspiracy theories"

      Could you show me the conspiracy theory that is being put forth here?
      Please feel free.

      In fact- friend of Robert-, isn't it actually the mainstream media that has put forth the theory of "conspiracy"? Clearly, it is.
      The media is reporting the man is missing and ,possibly kidnapped.
      Perhaps that is the case. However, that is the media's theory.
      Based on what? I don't know

      Then you put forth the theory his life is in danger?
      I am not saying that.
      Maybe it is? Maybe it isn't?
      I don't know and I am not making that claim
      So if anyone has put forth a conspiracy theory it has been you.
      Before that the media put forth the kidnap 'conspiracy' theory

      Then we have an attempt at an insult
      " Good luck with your life, sounds like a fascinating one."
      What is the point of this type of commentary?
      Is there any?

      All that was going on here was discussing the news reporting.

      Why this person would go missing?
      Was he kidnapped?
      Is something else at play?

      As for your friend. I hope he is well. I hope he comes out ok. And I hope he gets home to his family. I truly do. I hate to think of any child deprived of the love and support of their parent.

      That said your friend was in a volatile area, by choice.
      Possibly directly involved with the NATO backed destabilization of the nation of Syria. He made a dangerous choice.

      And he and his loved ones and friends such as yourself will have to live with the outcome of this incident, whatever that outcome may be.

      What of the Syrian people, when NATO came calling, they didn't get a choice.
      And their nation is being destroyed with the help of Western nations, NATO partners & GCC lackies. And Israel is involved

      All that is very well documented here using media resources the world over.

      The Syrian people did not get to choose when the hired mercenaries came calling
      Where is your concern for them?

      Good luck to you also.

  11. Carl is a Canadian citizen who works for the UN as a legal adviser at the UNDOF mission in the Golan Heights. The function of that mission is not in any way related to NATO. It has been there since the early 1970's. Carl has a son in Austria with an Austrian woman. He is not an Austrian citizen. When Carl went to the Golan, there was no civil war and the mission was peaceful. He did not, by choice, put himself in a dangerous situation. The Canadian government is not involved because Carl is there as a UN employee, not on behalf of Canada. I hope this clarifies some of the outstanding issues.

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  13. Carl works for the United Nations, holds a UN Passport (yes there is such a thing) and is not with UNDOF as a uniformed Peackeeper. He is the Force Legal Advisor and works directly for the Force Commander. He is an International Government employee and as such has no official connection to Canada in this case except for his nationality.