Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Zombie Alert broadcast during US televised programming

The zombie meme and semiotics
It's worrisome. Why does this meme keep cropping up?
 In medical drills?
In comic books put out by the  CDC
The meme is used to describe random killings. 
It is a meme.  Clearly. 
Zombie movies, zombie games. The yearly zombie walk in many cities
Where has all this come from? And why?
A medical drill should just be a medical drill.
A random killing is just that, a killing. It is not a 'zombie' murder
I understand about sensationalistic promotion. Believe me, I get it.
That said, why not werewolf killings?
Instead of zombie walks, why not ghosts and ghoul hauntings?
Or Frankenstein comics
Or Mr. Freeze ala Batman alerts. Those would go along with all this snowmaggedon nonsense as of late.
Nope it's all about the zombies

New word of the day. Semiotics
1. (Linguistics) the study of signs and symbols, esp the relations between written or spoken signs and their referents in the physical world or the world of ideas

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Zombie Alert

Now what to make of this zombie alert appearing during a trashy broadcast for the uber dumbed down in the US?


  1. Was it hacked? That is the claim by the tv station.
    But, is that the reality?

    I have to admit the persistence of the meme is bothering me

  2. My best guess for the purpose of the Zombie Psy Ops is it desensitizes. This is part of a broader agenda. By showing us violent images we are more willing to go to war and accept to the police state.

    I was watching Dawn of the Dead, I think it was, and I was struck by how the characters were killing the zombies for sport, in a way that would never have been depicted if the victims were real people. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0363547/

    We saw the ratcheting up of violence with the movie Inglorious Basterds where they also depicted an extreme act of violence . . . a baseball bat to the head. But in that case it was a captured German officer in WWII who was the victim and the movie had us identify with the perps rather than the victim, just like the zombie movies.

    They first show us zombies and Germans getting killed to prepare us for the next stage.

    I also like your theory Penny about how the zombie meme scares us about infectious diseases and if the symptoms mimic zombie symptoms maybe extra panic will set in?

    Was Michael Jackson's music video in the 1980s the start of the Zombie meme? I remember when zombies were comical and people thought of lame campy movies from the 60s or something. Nowadays zombies and werewolfs, etc., are much more frightening.

    P.s. searching for Inglorious Basterds reminds me of the the "Rat Bastards" WWII war porn books my friends and I read in elementary school. Our teacher found us reading them and put them in her drawer to get back at the end of the year. http://www.amazon.com/The-Rat-Bastards-Beach-ebook/dp/B006GJOQB8

    1. Yah the zombie meme is perplexing to be sure
      It works on so many levels
      the aware having to fight the mindless, soulless masses
      The bio weapons angle
      Desensitization to violence: always good for the ptb's enables them to excuse their abuses
      It works on so many levels
      And has become so dam prevelant

      I didn't see inglorious basterds
      (I limit my exposure to programming via the msm and hollywood and prefer reading non fiction- Am working on the Rupert Sheldrake book: Science Set Free, at this moment)

      And until just now had no idea what 'rat bastards' was.
      But, will check it out thanks

    2. Ha, obviously I am caught up in this meme working on 'many levels'

  3. I try to limit my exposure as well Penny, but probably should admit I take some base pleasure in consuming this media.

    I justify it by being very skeptical and calling it "research" rather than watching. Ha. I should probably be wary because even a skeptical eye could fall prey to the magic act.

    Don't know if you saw this story about the Montana TV station "hacking," and doncha just love they have a picture of a Zombie Parade from Seattle, WA to use for their picture: http://www.kboi2.com/news/local/TV-station-hacker-warns-of-zombies-in-Montana-190775361.html

    And doncha love how they use humour to grease the propaganda wheels? It's *funny* when people get fooled and call the police thinking it was a real zombie invasion. It's *funny* to shoot zombies in their heads for sport. It's *fun* to dress up as a zombie.

  4. "doncha just love they have a picture of a Zombie Parade from Seattle, WA to use for their picture"

    Yes. I love it. For the very reason that these images can be used and reused in the media, should a so called zombie virus or zombie attack ever be perpetuated on the gullible rubes
    I have actually thought of the usefulness of these zombie parades for that very reason to provide the lying corporate media with reams of 'file photos' to have on hand

    It's all so very f'n convenient

  5. It's funny, but I was just conversing about this preoccupation and persistent selling of the Zombie shite earlier. If you analyse it, it's actually a subtle psychological conditioning to seeing all manner of diverse masses as hordes of enraged, violent monsters. After all, one of the most favourite denigrative terms used the self-assumed elite in referring to us is what? Useless eaters. What is the definition of a zombie? A useless eater.

    So it serves a multi-purpose to perpetuate this fantasy in film, books, comics, telly programmes and the lot, to acclimate the public to this nonsense. On the one hand, you have a marketed, mocking ridicule of the masses as nothing more than senseless consumers. On the other, you have the subliminal establishment of the masses as a mindless, violent mob bent on wreaking havoc, who must be killed to be stopped. How do you kill a 'zombie'? You must attack and destroy their brains. Quite relative if you relate it to what the governments and media have been on course attempting to do to us for years. The state loves zombies, as long as they are obedient, docile and in service to their agendas.

    1. Totally worth a repeat HHQ

      "How do you kill a 'zombie'? You must attack and destroy their brains. Quite relative if you relate it to what the governments and media have been on course attempting to do to us for years"

      So much of the masses have already been brain destroyed thanks to the msm, the crap food and big pharma
      A shot to the head is merciful. Putting the pitiful creatures out of their misery
      What a psy-op!

  6. Hey Pen,

    I agree with Walter Wit Man that it's main thrust as a psychological operations ploy is as a method of desensitising the public to random violence, gore and death. But the "beauty" of it (from the point of view of the powers that control) is it works as an allegory on several levels.

    The origin of zombie movies in the first place - a constant, hopeless fight against zombies that always ended in defeat or "no hope" - was supposedly an allegory for the good, freedom loving intellectuals always being absorbed by the unthinking masses. Or so I've read, anyways. It's a nice lesson the PTB thought needed repeating, so they made an industry of it.

    It conveys the message that there is no hope, whatever the fight or no matter how righteous. But more than that, it importantly embeds in our conciousness that the majority of us - the masses - are in fact zombies. Mindless beings, slow and dimwitted, ever voracious and needy, offering nothing. And in the end, so much useless meat that no one even needs to blink over killing in some horrible fashion.

    It's a sick and sadistic way to condition people to be able to kill ordinary citizens, as Walter touched on - we're not just killing bad people here with a history; it's someone who happens to be a zombie.

    The zombie walks are a sick double entendre of that concept. A self-fulfilling meme, as those who partake surely are the mindless zombies - certainly not worthy of careless death or dismemberment, but certainly deserving of scorn.

    1. Excellent comment Slozo, excellent.

      " But the "beauty" of it (from the point of view of the powers that control) is it works as an allegory on several levels."