Friday, March 22, 2013

Israel/Turkey "kiss and makeup" Ominous for Syrian Situation

This "apology" leaves me with a very bad feeling. Of the impending doom type.
I want to be wrong...
An apology from Israel to Turkey, whenever it took place, was always something I had considered to be a warning sign regarding the imminence of an attack on Syria.
I have mentioned it on at least two previous occasions here at the blog.
Possibly even more then twice. I can't recall for certain.
The breaking news of an Israeli apology to Turkey obviously compelled me to unearth my earliest mentions of this scenario.
The first mention July 5/2012 of  a possible apology and it's ramifications: Syria: An overview &the Israeli view
A post that contains an interview from someone named  Yossi Alpher. Who appeared to be Israeli intelligence.

Yossi- "That long-delayed Israeli apology for the unfortunate loss of Turkish lives in the May 2010 Mavi Marmara clash would be helpful."

 My commentary: “Will the apology, so long delayed, be the signal that  an attack from the two caring neighbours is imminent?”

The second time I addressed this portent and it’s possible result took place in this post

July 26/2012: Israeli/Turkish "Kiss off" results in Syrian attack with Olympic spirit?
"But wait just one minute. Israel and Turkey would never work together. Why, they are very angry with one another!!!! You know the Mavi Marmara incident?

Well what if Israel apologized?

I had speculated previously that if Israel issues some sort of an apology to Turkey over the Mavi Marmara stage show this would be a signal that an attack on Syria is imminent.
I will reiterate. When Israel apologizes to Turkey. They will jointly attack Syria sometime afterwards
This is theatre for the masses. It will play via the media as a really big deal. A huge rift sealed
Israel and Turkey kiss and make up. Wowee!"

From July 2012  forward to  March 2013 and what is in the news?
Headlines screaming to the masses....!!!
Coming hot on the heels of Obama’s visit to Israel!!!

Obama gets diplomatic coup before heading to Jordan

  President Barack Obama arrived in Jordan on Friday after scoring a diplomatic coup just before leaving Israel when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu phoned his Turkish counterpart to apologize for an Israeli commando raid in 2010 that killed eight Turks and an American of Turkish origin in a Gaza-bound flotilla.

Netanyahu phones Erdogan to apologize for deaths of Turkish citizens on Gaza flotilla

The two leaders spoke for first time since 2009, agreeing to normalize relations, and return their ambassadors to Tel Aviv and Ankara; Turkey agreed to cancel all legal proceedings initiated against IDF officers and soldiers over Mavi Marmara incident.

Israel and Turkey have been getting along behind the scenes all along.
Israel and Turkey are both under or in the NATO's umbrella
*Israel is a member of NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue partnership program 
* Here we reprint the 'Resolution on the accession of Greece and Turkey to the North Atlantic Treaty', signed in 1952.
*Israel and Turkey have colluded against Syria for years now.
*There has been no rift between the two, only the illusion of one.  
-How else was it possible that Israeli operatives were and likely still are present in the north of Syria? Aiding rebels. Providing support and arms
- How else has it been possible that Israeli film crews have been in the north of Syria making documentaries for Israeli television? 
-If not for Turkey and Israel cooperating all along none of that would have been possible.
-This so called apology, happening at this time is drama!
- All planned. This is cinema. This is psyop!!

 This is your perception being managed and manipulated. 

Additional news- Obama- Timing was right for Turkey/Israel (psyop/show)

  Obama, who was in Israel, brokered the call. (meme reinforcement- peacemaker and powerful  )

 He says Netanyahu agreed it was the right moment.( meme reinforcement- ally, reasonable, cooperative)

 Netanyahu called his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and apologized for errors that resulted in deaths. (cooperation, ally meme reinforced)

 Obama says he's long felt it was important the two countries restore good relations so they can pursue common interests. He says Turkey and Israel don't have to agree on everything to be able to work together on regional security and other issues.
 Expect the Kurdish issue to come into play with all this feel good, buddy, buddy, cooperative stuff


  1. Israeli CRIME MINISTER BETTY NUTTYAHOO wants to get that Iraq-Turkey-Israel oil pipeline back on schedule.

    1. Hey Greg
      Israel wants a lot of stuff
      And the US is going to help them get it
      How absurd is this all?
      As if Obama could compel Israel to apologize?
      When he is so busy grovelling to the Israeli lobby?

  2. Penny

    "An apology from Israel to Turkey, whenever it took place, was always something I had considered to be a warning sign regarding the imminence of an attack on Syria."

    That is a sharp observation. The timing with Obama's visit also reinforces that impression, along with the recent intensification of terrorism and propaganda in the zionist media. Obama is in Israel to get his orders on what role America will be playing in the planned escalation. These modern day nazis wont stop, they just keep trying different strategies and tactics.

    вот так

    1. thanks bot tak:

      It seemed obvious at the time I made the observation.
      And the way this all went down... so perfectly executed
      So timely planned
      Right after the selection of the stooge from texas

  3. guess who is currently in israel....Obama
    has he anything to do with this?

    1. Actually he left Israel shortly after this stunning move ;)
      And went to Jordan

  4. "Israel wants a lot of stuff
    And the US is going to help them get it."

    Truer words were never spoken. You can feel the tide for a strike against Syria coming in. Maybe NATO, or our petulant child Israel, but it's coming.

    1. Syria has been cleaning house today
      Lots of NATO mercs being taken out
      It is what would have to be done

  5. did BHK see this coming?
    man behind war on Libya banned by his proteges for being jewish!

    1. But he's barred from entry for his own good!
      "According to the French news website Rue89, Mr Lévy was banned from Mr Sarkozy’s visit to Libya earlier this week because the municipal authorities in Tripoli feared his Jewish background would make him a target for attacks by Islamist militia. Mr Sarkozy threatened to cancel the visit but Mr Lévy urged him to support “friends in Libya” who are “in a delicate situation because they need to watch out for the Islamists”."


    2. brian: the story stinks
      Islamists would have no problem with the french philosopher
      I don't buy it

    3. Jawbone:

      Mr Lévy urged him to support “friends in Libya” who are “in a delicate situation because they need to watch out for the Islamists”."

      Who are the friends in Libya? The Islamists Levy helped to install?

    4. If that were true they'd ban Sarkozy too. he is actually a widely presumed Mossad agent, in addition to also being jewish

  6. Very sharp analysis - the Kurdish issue has already been in the news with the leader of the PKK calling from his Turkish jail cell for Kurdish fighters to stop attacks in Turkey & look for cooperation with the Kurdish authorities.

    Most of the pieces are falling into place for an attack, & I'm not even sure Rogozin's direct warning can derail a major escalation.
    Realistically the Russians need to know the Chinese have their backs before taking a stand with military force, & I doubt that will be coming - the Chinese seem wedded to their strategy of standing back & looking for advantage, even if it's amongst the rubble.

    1. Hi Ken
      Thanks :)

      How timely the PKK patching things up with Turkey
      That will not sit well with ordinary Turks
      Most of the pieces are falling into place for an attack"

      As Tozz would have said "God bless the Syrian people"

      "Realistically the Russians need to know the Chinese have their backs before taking a stand with military force, & I doubt that will be coming ..."

      I have often thought that myself, China talks the talk, but put nothing behind the talk
      Yet the elections took place and the new leader heads first off, to Russia

  7. When the Russian commander at the Tartus base declared that his missiles would shoot down anything 300km up and down the Syrian coast, I knew there wouldn't be an attack on Syria. War by proxies? Hell, yeah, but an all out war by FUKUS/NATO [Japanese version of it @]? Hell, no! Russians have fought bloody wars and Russian soldiers are amongst the toughest I've ever met, but their Chinese counterparts..., I actually don't have a clue or means to assess their combative prowess. The Vietnamese handed them back their asses in the '70s, so, if that's anything to go by, I'd say Syria's safest bet is Russia's backing [and that of Iran to a lesser extent].

  8. Expect lot's of talk from the Chinese, some solid big economic deals, attempts to get their hands on some of the big ticket advanced military technology they've been after, and not much substantial in international affairs than talk (maybe some big money backstopping the BRICS bank, but with attempts to dictate as much policy as possible).

    China is about China - they are the middle kingdom, where only that which comes from the middle kingdom is of genuine importance, & no matter deeply their present growth depends on their involvement with the outside world, that mindset seems to have stuck.

    I do not have a lot of hope for the Chinese taking a principled stand & backing it up with serious weight even when it has obvious long-term effects on their interests. There are reportedly up to 20,000 Uygher extremists fighting in Syria, with the west looking to gobble up as much of the Middle-East's oil distribution network as possible (which will atleast cause even more chaos)and I still don't expect China to wake up & take some pro-active action.

    Economics is king, & international policy is based on looking for advantage while banking on their long-term growth to gradually over-run the US-EU generated problems.

    Very short-sighted of them, & it has taken a lot of gloss away from their rise with potential partners in the non-aligned world. The big economic investments in infrastructure are mostly welcome, but the hope for genuine partnerships are fading fast, & the lack of trust is growing fast.

  9. Netanyahu is already hinting at joint Israeli-Turkish ventures of terror, disguised as a hunt for Assad's wmds:

    Fear over Syrian weapons motivated apology to Turkey, Netanyahu says

    The cowardly war criminal didn't waste any time...

    вот так

  10. Israel vows 'immediate' answer to gunfire from Syria

    "Israel's new Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon on Sunday vowed an "immediate" answer to all Syrian gunfire onto the Israeli occupied Golan Heights, saying the Damascus regime was responsible.

    "Every violation of Israeli sovereignty and shooting from the Syrian side will immediately be answered by silencing the source of fire," a statement quoted him as saying shortly after troops opened fire towards a Syrian army post."

    The Israelis have their terrorists lob a few shells into Israeli occupied territory, then the Israelis fire on known Syrian army positions. Just like the nazis with Poland.

    вот так

    1. risible: 'Every violation of Israeli sovereignty '

      israel violates sovereignty on a regular basis...ask the lebanese!

  11. More evidence of pre-arraged plan to step up the war crimes against Syria by Israel's malignant gopher-boys:

    Kerry says Iraq helping Syria’s Assad by allowing arms flow

    One can imagine the sort of threats this quisling used on al-Maliki to get him to join Israel's war criminals.

    вот так

  12. Sounds far fetched to me.
    Even turkey and Israel would need to mass a huge army on the borders to take on such an attack. Remember the US attack on Iraq took months of open preparation and massing of huge armies on the borders. Syria would not stand a chance on its own, but it is not on its own. Both Iran and Russia have already made a lot of warning noises that they would not stand by.
    I think you're reading too much into the news of turkey Israel kiss and make up. Reality could be very well a US warning that if Israel is still on its plan to attack Iran, it better have turkey on its side.
    An attack on syria would result in thousands of missiles fired at both Israel and turkey and I doubt either want that to happen. Israel sued for cease fire in the latest gaza war when a few rockets came close to tel aviv, what do you think they would gamble with syria.
    I would need to see a massive US or NATO presence before anything happens a few Patriot missiles would not protect turkey from an onslaught of large missile attack.
    Also, although not a big ticket, but still a considerable one. Hezbollah has been preparing for this for a while and Israel would not want to go into Lebanon without a massive call up of its troops.
    The situation in syria is moving as the US would want to see so I don't see a change in strategy except, keep,the pressure and weaken the Syrians until they sue for peace. Could be a long time from now.

  13. But one of the three conditions Erdogan put to Israel before he he would normalize relationship was the lifting of blockade around Gaza. Something which Israel has yet to do, agree on, or even consider.

    But to make up for it, Erdogan is planning a visit to Gaza which will give him the appearance of being the big Muslim world defender, and for sure he'll have no shortage in Gaza of a lot cheerleaders..

  14. Turkey makes a move on Cyprus, probably in connection to it's role in the war against Syria and its recent "official" sucking up to Israel, among other things.

    Turkey claims part of Cyprus' natural resources

    This Turk move has its own self interested, kick a rival when they're down and grab their wallet aspect. But they are also helping out the international banksters put the screws to Cyprus. That in turn helps Israel and its zionist oligarch network, who make up a large part of that international bankster cartel. So here are the zionists and the Turkish fascists working hand in hand to screw over the people of Cyprus.

    вот так

  15. Sama TV, a Syrian based TV channel, banned by the EU & the Arab League in their quest to promote free speech in Syria, has gathered this short video clip that tells much about gathering and compiling weapons, ammunition and money in the first days and even before of the Syrian crisis in Omari Mosque in Daraa city, in addition to a field hospital.

  16. Another lie introduced by the"Syrian Revolution" photo taken in #Pakistan. not #Syria #FSA