Monday, March 18, 2013

Strikes near Lebanon border: Syria? Israel? The US?

You decide:


Syrian jets bomb Lebanon border area
 Warplanes from Syria are reported to have bombed targets on the border it shares with Lebanon

 There were no immediate reports of casualties from the air strikes, which reportedly targeted Syrian rebel positions in eastern Lebanon, specifically a remote area near the town of Arsal, according to security sources cited by news agencies and Lebanon's state-run National News Agency.

 "Syrian planes bombed the border between Lebanon and Syria but I cannot yet say if they hit Lebanese territory or only Syrian territory," a military official told the news agency AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity.


Israeli jets drop flare bombs over s. Lebanon coast and four warplanes violated Lebanon's airspace

 Israeli jets dropped flare bombs along the coast of the southern city of Tyre Monday, security sources told The Daily Star.

The aircraft launched five flares to illuminate the night sky for reconnaissance purposes, the sources said, adding that the devices extinguished five to 10 minutes after they were released.
Earlier Monday, the Lebanese Army said four Israeli warplanes violated Lebanon’s airspace and flew over various areas. 
 Two of the planes entered the country at 6 a.m, the military said in a statement. The jets conducted aerial maneuvers over several regions, leaving the area three hours later, it added.

Immediately following the departure of the planes, two other aircraft entered Lebanese airspace and conducted similar maneuvers, leaving at 12 p.m, the Army said.
Israel violates Lebanon’s airspace on near daily basis, in violation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701

Or was it a third party strike?  
The US, perhaps?

 Israel will seek US air strikes to thwart Hezbollah missile transfer

 Israel will use President Obama's visit which begins on Wednesday to try to persuade the US to carry out air strikes on Syrian missiles if there is evidence that they are being handed over to Hezbollah  in Lebanon, or at least to give full support to Israeli military action to stop the transfer, Britain's The Guardian newspaper reported Sunday.
The Guardian claims that Obama will also come under Israeli pressure to lower the US threshold for military action against Iran, while the US president will try to extract greater Israeli commitment to a peace process with the Palestinians.
Neither side is likely to be successful, leaving Syria as the most promising arena for US-Israeli agreement.

Possibility number 4: The US and Israel together 

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  1. 'Securing the Realm' seems to be on schedule.

  2. Well apparantly Obombya thinks it's 'unacceptable' for Syria to violate Lebanon's airspace..

    Now that makes me laugh!


    1. Really?
      Obombin' everything and everyone thinks it is unacceptable for Syria to violate Lebanon's airspace??
      black is white
      white is black
      this world is seriously out of whack