Monday, May 13, 2013

Turkey: Military Plane Crashes-Erdogan does GW & NATOs mercs at work

Will this be spun as a reason for a no fly zone?
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Turkey's military said on Monday that it had lost one of its F-16 fighter jets near Osmaniye, about 50 km (30 miles) from the border with Syria, but NTV television quoted military sources as saying the crash had probably been an accident.

Last June, Syria shot down a Turkish F-4 reconnaissance jet off the Syrian coast. It said it had acted in self-defence without knowing that the jet was Turkish, although Turkey said the plane had been identifiable and in international airspace.

There was no immediate word on what precisely happened to the F-16 on Monday, although the military said in a statement that the pilot had radioed to say he was ejecting. The sources quotes by NTV said it now appeared likely that the loss of the plane was an accident.

Accidents can be turned into justifications..depends on which way the wind blows...

Erdogan doing his best "your with us or your against us" ala G W Bush

The Turkish prime minister also slammed the opposition parties that called on the government to review its internal and foreign policies following the Reyhanlı attack. Describing as "opportunism" any attempt to criticize the government on the matter, Erdoğan said such accusations could only "play into the hands" of Turkey's enemies. "It is not time to find those responsible inside the country. Trying to seek political gain from this [attack] is unscrupulous," he added.

 Erdoğan insisted that he would rather drop his prime minister office than shut his eyes to the babies being killed in Syria, adding that he could not give an account to God if he did so.

Puhleez Erdogan. The man who aids and comforts the NATO mercs that are killing babies, raping woman, massacring villagers, cleansing Christians and eating Syrian Army soldier's organs..
There is no better time to criticize the standing government and it's participation in the NATO global terror army then now.

ht MOA:
In the video a man who is believed to be a rebel commander named Khalid al-Hamad, who goes by the nom de guerre Abu Sakkar, bends over the government soldier, knife in hand. With his right hand he moves what appears to be the dead man’s heart onto a flat piece of wood or metal lying across the body. With his left hand he pulls what appears to be a lung across the open cavity in the man’s chest. According to two of Abu Sakkar’s fellow rebels, who said they were present at the scene, Abu Sakkar had cut the organs out of the man’s body. The man believed to be Abu Sakkar then works his knife through the flesh of the dead man’s torso before he stands to face the camera, holding an organ in each hand. “I swear we will eat from your hearts and livers, you dogs of Bashar,” he says, referring to supporters of Syrian President Bashar Assad

To bad for Erdogan, lackey of NATO, that Syrians still support their country and their leader

Assad Still Popular
This msm piece tries as hard as it can to spin for NATO, but in the end, It can't be done.
 Syria: says parts of the population still back Mr Assad - and Western leaders should take note.
 That's a 'heads up' for Erdogan!
 In the main city, so far spared the worst of the war, the streets are jammed with cars bearing his image on rear windscreens. His picture appears on buildings, billboards, houses, lamp-posts, wherever there is space to depict the president as the father of the nation. 

So far - so restrained a cult of personality. Compared to Saddam's Iraq this is indeed restrained. The young president has actually banned municipalities from erecting statues in his honour (so much for the egotistical tyranny spin)

 Ask people, at random, do they support the current president, and most will tell you they do.
 In the Latakia village from which the Assads originate, I saw the dozens of death notices posted to announce the loss of a family's son killed fighting with or for the Syrian army. At Latakia's main roundabout at the entrance to the city there was yet another army checkpoint. On every pillar there were the boots of a dead soldier filled with roses.
 As the diplomats struggle towards their Syrian peace conference, unless they reconcile that large numbers of Syrians believe, rightly or wrongly, the army to be the heroes, their conference will fail.
The Syrian soldiers and civilian volunteers are defending their families, their loved ones in their homes and their nation. This is the only way an army can be deemed heroic

In Western nations we pay lip service to soldiers, calling them "our heros". They aren't.
Western government have turned these naive persons into invaders/marauders of other nations.
Western nations send soldiers to do the work  for corporations, multinationals, big oil and the military industrial complex. For the banksters. For drug trafficking. For organ trafficking.
Not for defence. For offense. And it is offensive to humankind.


  1. The Turkish F-16 jetfighter crash comes two days after explosions in Turkish-Syrian border town of Rehaneyah looks very suspicious.
    Either the plane was shot at which caused the pilot to parachute after talking to ground, or it was tampered with on the ground, before it took off.
    There's a possibility that Jihadists triple AAA gunners at ground in the border area could not distinguish between Turkish or Syrian jet, and the plane was shot at, or they intentionally did that to spark a war between Turkey and Syria, blaming Syria for such act, and they have been making their living for over two years accusing Syrian government for acts they do.
    Look nowhere else but to Erdgoan-Mossad,Inc.

  2. Russians and Chinese are reporting the Turkish F-16 crash as an accident, rather than an incident. Erdogan may try and get mileage out of it, though, given the craven quisling he is and the fact his popularity is falling fast. Russia reporting the UK is playing the same "peace" role in Syria now as the USA. Next up: Netanyahu.

    The terrorist cannibal has a video history:

    'Rapid descent into sectarian violence': Video shows Syrian rebel biting into soldier's heart

    "It’s not the first time Sakkar has made an appearance in violent videos. Previous footage showed him firing rockets at Lebanese Shia villages on the Syrian border and posing with the body of a soldier purportedly from the Lebanese Shia militant Hezbollah group, which is helping Assad’s forces."

    These freaks are no more Muslim than Obama.

    One weird story is that of Netanyahu's special flight arrangements to Thatcher's funeral:

    Israel’s Prime Minister scolded for spending nation’s money on customized bed

    "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been attacked by local mass media for spending £82,000 of public funds to install a customized sleeping cabin for his recent trip to London, British channel ITV has reported."

    Apparently it's more than a sectioned off cot in the back of the plane. :) Perhaps Netanyahu is a member of the undead and it's a special cryo-chamber to rejuvenate the daily sunlight damage, complete with staff to do the daily embalming fluid change he needs? ;)

    Looks like we've made it through the day without a major new Israeli false flag, perhaps they've scheduled 2 for tomorrow?

    вот так

  3. Breaking News carried 2 stories on Assad support -
    Raqqa’s residents call the Syrian Army to expel the armed men from the city.
    Several gathers in support of the Syrian Arab army in Raqqa city have headed to the Governor's Mansion to demand the expulsion of the militants for the city and to return the security to the region.

    A march of Raqqa residents separated by ”al-Nusra Front” with Dushka and run over
    Members of “al-Nusra Front” executed 3 civilians in al-Saa’a Square in Raqqa shot dead for various charges.
    Breaking News Network correspondent transferred that this incident provoked a backlash by the residents of Raqqa who gathered in the square and hailed for Syrian Arab Army entry to rid them of “Free Army” militia and “al-Nusra Front”.
    Our reporter assured that elements of al-Nusra opened fire with Dushka machine gun and used their cars to run over the gathered civilians in the square to separate them claiming a number of injuries.

    As for the regimes that are supporting the terrorists, like attracts like. I don't have any thoughts about them that can be printed.
    And their instrument, I have a straw doll in his likeness. I need a lock of his hair...
    Outgoing NATO commander will miss “50-nation coalition taking on jobs like Afghanistan”

  4. 'These freaks are no more Muslim than Obama.'

    what your overlooking is that all this is due to the islamic notion of Jihad, whereby its ok to go to war in a just cause...problem is the fools who go are being manipulated into believeig their cause is just.

    and yes they are muslims, the cries of ALLAHU AKBAR(Takbeering to make the impermissible permissible(HALAL), the devotion are all genuine., The believe they are true muslims

    so far ALLAH has been silent: the jihadis take this as a sign of his support.Only he can stop them