Thursday, June 13, 2013

Syria: Arming rebels? Easing sanction for mercs. Israel's strategy and more

Look at this post at Part 2 of a series. You should very minimally listen to the interview in the previous post
 for some background. Syria- Lavrov Interview "Our priority is to stop violence" Corbett interviews...
Unless you are on of the many who have been hanging around for a while now?
And yeah, we are going long. Then there will be a part 3. Breaking news and it is despicable.

Below is the post I began working on early this morning

While searching around for news regarding the US decision to arm the NATO mercs aka msm rebels some interesting news pieces came to my attention that caused a rethink of the agenda in Syria.

First of all..... I believe the decision by the US will be against arming the mercs.
Strictly for perception management reasons.  It is simply not a big deal if the US doesn’t overtly send arms. All here are very well aware the US has been supplying weapons for a dam long time now. Also, this article makes clear that if the US does not, the EU will.   

If US does not arm Syria's rebels, Arabs, Europeans may.

Therefore, for simple propagandist reasoning, to continue on with the control of your mind, that to continue promoting that fallacious lie that the US is taking a ‘hands off’ or ‘lead from behind’ approach, the US will not openly acknowledge arming the mercs.

Though no decision, was made either way regarding  US weapons to NATO’s mercs, the US has taken another course of action

Washington eases economic sanctions for the Syrian opposition

The lifting of sanctions includes the export of commodities in various domains such as technology, agricultural production, power generation, oil and gas production, construction and transportation.

U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry has signed a limited waiver of the Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2003 that allows the export of U.S. origin commodities to the opposition-controlled areas of Syria.

Suggests to me the EU will take care of the weapons and the US will take care of something else?
And whatever that 'something else' may be, it concerns Lebanon?

Moving on..........

We all have to consider that the plan for destabilization of Syria was not written in stone.
Unlike the alleged 10 commandments...
If there was a plan A and that fell through there was surely a plan B, C, D and so forth and so on.
Recall  in the early days of the Syrian take down western intelligence outfits had it all figured out that Syria would fall and Assad would be gone in a very short time. And that failed.
The western intelligence apparatchiks underestimated the loyalty of the Syrian people and Army to the nation. That was their miscalculation.
So, of course the psycho empowered ‘leaders’ would have to shift gears.
What if the shift, after the hoped for quick collapse failed to materialize, moved to a grinding down of not just Syria, but Lebanon and perhaps taking in Iraq? With an eye to Iran, eventually.

And what of the role of Israel in this destructive campaign?
 As readers here know I have written numerous posts on Israel backing/supporting/enabling the hired killers. And the hired killers responding in kind. It is that aspect we will take a brief look at after a quick digression to Turkey? I still think, at this time, Erdogan is safe. The protests may be playing into that perception of the whole area being unstable or in chaos. Erdogan looks to me to be in business still.Fez left a comment in the previous post regarding the potential partition of Turkey.. worth keeping an eye on.
Mossad director meets Turkish Intelligence Chief : Good thing Obama brokered their 'kiss and make up'

Back to Israel

Came across this article in Le Figaro,    

Which of course I put through the translate
Israel adapts to keeping Assad -The article entertains two scenarios and then a third way

These two approaches are now joined by a third way: those who expect a continued Bashar al-Assad to power in Syria weakened

For proponents of this reading, the prolonged confrontation between Assad and pro-Iranian Shiite with Salafi jihadist allies (of Israel, allies of Israel, this is clear) is the best imaginable scenario.

"As long as the war continues," writes Yossi Melman in the Jerusalem Post, "Syria will weaken, thousands of Hezbollah fighters fall to defend Assad and his regime, and Iran's policy is found in disturbed. Events play for Israel and the strategic situation will continue to improve. But no Israeli official to publicly admit ... we have the right to think, not to say. "
This may help to explain Israel’s position in the Syrian situation.   If they ,NATO/Israel can’t get Assad out and their compliant Muslim Brotherhood lackies in.. then why not keep the war going. Inciting Lebanon constantly with a goal of dragging in Hezbollah fighters. Hoping the fighters take many casualties and Israel can swoop into Lebanon for an easy vengeful kill.  Unlike the last time when Hezbollah fighters kicked IDF to the curb So that is an interesting focus on Israeli involvement

I then came across an article by  Franklin Lamb wrote a piece with a conclusion that alludes to that Israeli strategy in late May /13

The dangers for Hezbollah are obvious – that it may be drawn ever deeper into a bottomless pit of conflict in Syria that could leave it severely depleted and prey to a hoped for death-blow from Israel.

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah and other party officials have dismissed that possibility.

The next few weeks may tell.
Indeed the next few weeks may tell.

Also this:

Contrary to the shock and anger expressed by Senator Paul, American policy in Syria is to de facto  assist allies of al Qaeda including the US  “Terrorist-listed”  Al-Nusra Front as well as anti-Iran, anti-Shia, and anti-Hezbollah groups gathering near al-Qusayr. These groups currently include, but are not limited to:  Ahl al-Athr Brigade, Ahrar al-Sham,  Basha’ir al-Nasr Brigades, Commandos Brigades, Fajr al-Islam Brigades, Independent Farouq Brigades, Khalid bin al-Waleed Brigade, Liwa al-Haq, Liwa al-Sadiq, Al-Nour Brigade, Al-Qusayr Brigade, Suqur al-Fatah, Al-Wadi Brigades, Al-Waleed Brigades and the 77th Brigade among the scores  of other Jihadist cells currently operating in, near, or rushing to, al-Qusayr.

I am including the above paragraph just because it is worth saying openly and plainly.
Yes, boys and girls the US and Israel are openly supporting, aiding, comforting, arming terrorists.
Not like it isn’t obvious anyway?

I hope you took in the interview with Lavrov and with James Corbett /MC from Global Research? Both Lavrov and MC make it abundantly clear, if you still maintain a sliver of doubt and how anyone could at this point in time???..... That Syria has been brought to this state of ruin by NATO/Israel using bought and paid for extremist killers.

I will close this post off with a video that came to my attention via james @ winterpatriot

While watching this video at WP. One obvious glaring omission from our whining terrorists..
Did you catch it?
Here is what I said to james  @ wp’s. Yes, you can read my comment over there. I did repent my foul language use ;)

So can we use foul language?
Ok, I won't. Even though I feel like it
The scum named all of his collaborators. and he didn't mention the Syrian people?
Notice that?
SA, Qatar. The other name that won't come to me. The traitors to the Lebanese in Lebanon. Those who are more loyal to their Israeli masters
Scummy General Idriss, who the US claims is a moderate..
But he did not mention the syrian people or freedom

To the mercs.. take a hint and go home
The syrians don't want you in their country
Go back and bring your justice to your own tyrannts
sick f'n bastards

The hired killer never once appealed to the Syrian people. The very people, that western media and governments ,while speaking from both sides of their talking heads, while lying through their rotten teeth tell us these murderous bastards are fighting for. For their freedom?! The takfiri did not once speak of the Syrian people.  Likely because he participated on the mass killing of many, many of them.
I feel as if I have been on the same message for too long now. It is time for mass awareness. It is time to stop the madness, the lies, the deprivation that NATO nations are engaging in with the quiet acquiescence of their lethargic populations.


  1. Here's a scenario. Nasrallah will announce tomorrow that to all extent and purposes Hizbollah involvement in the Syrian conflict is over, or will be greatly scaled back. The Lebanon border is now secured and Nasrallah has pocketed some brownie points.

    Obama has thrown on the towel. The world's changed because of Syria and a redefining of foreign policy will take quite some time.

    The Emir of Qatar who was reckless not only in throwing money like confetti at a wedding at any child who could hold a gun, but in his double dealing behind doors that irked his Saudi "allies". He's been shown to be a loose cannon and has been given the boot.

    Erdagon is mired in domestic strife and has hung himself out to dry with a deadline that has stiffened the resolve of the protesters & put strain on the Government.

    ASSAD isn't even stopping to smell the blood. Aleppo had 120 rebels killed in 12 hours today. The fall of the city will make Geneva 2 redundant. The Syrian Army after the war will be fit for country that wants to mix with it.

    Tony Blair's greatest fear, the Shia Crescent will be a cast Iron bridge over which will trundle Israel's demise in its current form. Nasrallah said in 2006 words to the affect that the next war will be fought on Israeli soil and I haven't heard being wrong yet!

    The US, NATO, and the Gulf states had a plan and their looking into the abyss. ISRAEL is weaker because of its failure to defeat Assad with all that's bad in the world backing it and a noose is being fastened around its neck.

    What staying power would an Israeli duel passport citizen have if a Hizbollah fighter was shooting at the end of the street? The stampede for the exits would bring down the state.

    Obama's response to the crossing of his red line will be telling, at the moment it looks weak. Debka has already drawn its conclusions. When Obama speaks he's the trailer to the main movie as to when Nasrallah takes to the stage.

    Nasrallah this week put the nail in the Hamas coffin for backing the wrong team. Meshal and crew are finished. A night of the long knives beckons and a real militant replacement for Palestinian Resistance will gladly take the funding and backing coming it's way.

    1. anonymous??

      please, if you see anything that would indicate the premise you have laid out here leave the info

      Any announcement from Nasrallah etc?

      thanks in advance, very much appreciated
      It is impossible for me to gather all vital info

  2. Hi Pen,
    these three latest articles of yours are excellent! They have inspired me to write a lengthy commentary drawing heavily on them.

    Recognising and Dealing with Evil

    1. thanks James I will be over there to read it

      and yes, i think the failure to recognize and call evil for what it the very thing that has me so pissed off right now

  3. is the bearded wonder even syrian?
    his kind will be the undoing of islam