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A Bloodbath that is not and the new rebranded Axis of Evil

Pepe Escobar has done some dam fine work in these two pieces.
One from Asia Times
One from RT
 I have argued that what has just happened in Egypt is a bloodbath that is not a bloodbath, conducted by a military junta responsible for a coup that is not a coup, under the guise of an Egyptian "war on terror". Yet this newspeak gambit - which easily could have been written at the White House - is just part of the picture.

the bloodbath that wasn't.

Amid a thick fog of spin and competing agendas, a startling fact stands out. A poll only 10 days ago by the Egyptian Center for Media Studies and Public Opinion had already shown that 69%were against the July 3 military coup orchestrated by the Pinochet-esque Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

*Whoa, wait just a minute! 69 percent of Egyptians polled were against the coup that wasn't?

So the bloodbath that is not a bloodbath cannot possibly be considered legitimate - unless for a privileged coterie of Mubarakists (the so-called fulool), a bunch of corrupt oligarchs and the military-controlled Egyptian "deep state".
The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) government led by Mohamed Morsi may have been utterly incompetent - trying to rewrite the Egyptian constitution; (see the reference made to the military/constitutional changes made before the Morsi win Egypts Military adopts Turkish Model to retain power over Morsi .) inciting hardcore fundamentalists; and bowing in debasement in front of the International Monetary Fund. But it should not be forgotten this was coupled with permanent, all-out sabotage by the "deep state".
*Did Morsi attempt to wrangle some power away from the military controlled deep state?

 It's true that Egypt was - and remains - on the brink of total economic collapse; the bloodbath that is not a bloodbath only followed a change in the signature on the checks, from Qatar to Saudi Arabia (and the United Arab Emirates). As Spengler has demonstrated on this site (see Islam's civil war moves to Egypt, Asia Times Online, July 8, 2013), Egypt will remain a banana republic without the bananas and dependent on foreigners to eat any. The economic disaster won't go away - not to mention the MB's cosmic resentment.

The winners, as it stands, are the House of Saud/Israel/ Pentagon axis. How did they pull it off?
*Flashback to previous post: Syria: Saudi Arabia "gettin'er done", perhaps with some Israeli strikes?
Quoting from that post below:
"The Saudi’s have been hot an heavy with Muslim Brotherhood. The threat to Saudi Arabia has more to do with a competition for top lap dog to western imperial powers. Top lap dog wielding more influence in the region. Though all influence the GCC countries might garner or project would still be subordinate to Israel."
mourning her loss
When in doubt, call Bandar
In theory, Washington had been in (relative) control of both the MB and Sisi's Army. So on the surface this is a win-win situation. Essentially, Washington hawks are pro-Sisi's Army, while "liberal imperialists" are pro-MB; the perfect cover, because the MB is Islamic, indigenous, populist, economically neoliberal, it wants to work with the International Monetary Fund, and has not threatened Israel.
The MB was not exactly a problem for either Washington and Tel Aviv; after all ambitious ally Qatar was there as a go-between. Qatar's foreign policy, as everyone knows, boils down to cheerleading the MB everywhere.
So Morsi must have crossed a pretty serious red line. It could have been his call for Sunni Egyptians to join a jihad against the Bashar al-Assad government in Syria ( I don't think that was an issue and clearly nor does PE) (although that's formally in tune with Barack Obama's "Assad must go" policy). ( Here is where Pepe cuts to the chase)Arguably, it was his push to install some sort of jihadi paradise from the Sinai all the way to Gaza. The Sinai, for all practical purposes, is run by Israel. So that points to a green light for the coup from both the Pentagon and Tel Aviv.
*The Sinai for all practical purposes is run by Israel! Where has that been mentioned previously on more then one occasion? Here. At this very blog. Years back/2010 and then again more recently Flashback 2010!

"The worst aspect of this case is that all these agreements were in favour of Israeli owners and companies." In such a situation, he said, we are looking at something far more serious than "tourism and foreign investment; it becomes a scheme with political ramifications obvious to everybody"
*So, the information Pepe puts forth jibes with information from almost 3 years ago, here! I wonder if Pepe read that same piece?

Tel Aviv is totally at ease with Sisi's Army and the flush Saudi supporters of the military junta. The only thing that matters to Israel is that Sisi's Army will uphold the Camp David agreements. The MB, on the other hand, might entertain other ideas in the near future.

For the House of Saud, though, this was never a win-win situation. The MB in power in Egypt was anathema. In this fateful triangle - Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyadh - what remains to be established is who was been the most cunning in the wag the dog department.
That's where the Incredibly Disappearing Qatar act fits in. The rise and (sudden) fall of Qatar from the foreign policy limelight is strictly linked to the current leadership vacuum in the heart of the Pentagon's self-defined "arc of instability". Qatar was, at best, an extra in a blockbuster - considering the yo-yo drifts of the Obama administration and that Russia and China are just playing a waiting game.
Sheikh Hamad al-Thani, the emir who ended up deposing himself, clearly overreached not only in Syria but also in Iraq; he was financing not only MB outfits but also hardcore jihadis across the desert. There's no conclusive proof because no one in either Doha or Washington is talking, but the emir was certainly "invited" to depose himself. And not by accident the Syrian "rebel" racket was entirely taken over by the House of Saud, via the spectacularly resurfaced Bandar Bush, aka Prince Bandar bin Sultan.
So the winners once again were the Saudis - as the Obama administration was calculating that both the MB and the al-Qaeda nebulae would then fade into oblivion in Syria. That remains to be seen; it's possible that Egypt from now on may attract a lot of jihadis from Syria. Still, they would remain in MENA (Middle East-Northern Africa).
As for Sisi, he was clever enough to seize the "terror" theme and pre-emptively equate MB with al-Qaeda in Egypt, thus setting the scene for the bloodbath that is not a bloodbath. The bottom line is that a case can be made that the Obama administration has in fact subcontracted most of its Middle East policy to the House of Saud.
*Sisi and the terror meme, ah yes. Covered in this post from July 25/13
wow, how quickly things have been moving along!!

" Egypt: Where the seeds of  discontent are being sown prolifically:
  Sisi calls for mass protests in Egypt to confront ‘terrorism’        

Terrorism being muslim brotherhood supporters....

 Egypt’s top army officer on Wednesday called for mass street protests to give him a mandate to confront terrorism three weeks after he removed the elected president"

Pick your axis
Only two days before the bloodbath that is not a bloodbath, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey was in Israel getting cozy with General Benny Gantz and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, discussing the proverbial "threats that could emanate out of the region - globally and to the homeland - and how we can continue to work together to make both of our countries more secure". It's unthinkable they did not discuss how they would profit from the imminent bloodbath that is not a bloodbath.

At the same time, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon bombastically announced a new "axis of evil"; Iran, Syria and Lebanon. That implies Tehran, Damascus and, significantly, Beirut as a whole (not only the predominantly Shi'ite southern suburbs). Ya'alon explicitly told Dempsey it was "forbidden" for them to win the civil war in Syria.
Considering that the Central Intelligence Agency itself has deemed the civil war in Syria as a "top threat" to US national security in case al-Qaeda-style outfits and copycats take over in an eventual post-Assad situation; and at the same time Washington is extremely reluctant to stop "leading from behind", a case can be made that Israel may be entertaining another invasion of Lebanon. An always alert Sheikh Nasrallah, Hezbollah's secretary-general, has already been talking about the possibility.

Then Dempsey went to Jordan - which already holds around 1,000 US troops, F-16s with crews, and an array of Patriot missiles. The spin is that the Pentagon is helping Amman with "border control techniques" as in one of those favorite Pentagon acronyms, ISR ("intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance").

That's just spin. Most of all Dempsey went to survey the progress of the recent batch of anti-tank missiles, bought by - who else - the Saudis and supplied by the CIA, via Jordan, to (in theory) selected "good rebels" in southern Syria. Those "rebels", by the way, were trained by US Special Forces inside Jordan. Obviously Damascus will be preparing a counterpunch to this offensive by the American/Saudi/Jordanian axis.

Pick your evil

There's hardly any "American credibility" left in the Middle East - apart from puppet entities like Jordan and selected elites in the feudal Gulf, that "democratic" realm of corruption, mercenaries and imported proletariats treated like cattle.

It hardly helps that US Secretary of State John Kerry has recommended Robert Ford, the former US ambassador to Syria, as the next US ambassador to Egypt.

Perception is everything. Informed opinion all across the Middle East immediately identifies Ford as a creepy death squad facilitator. His CV prior to Syria - where he legitimized the "rebels" - is matchless; sidekick to sinister John Negroponte promoting the "Salvador Option" in Iraq in 2004. The "Salvador Option" is code for US-sponsored death squads, a tactic first applied in El Salvador (by Negroponte) in the 1980s (causing at least 75,000 deaths) but with deep origins in Latin America in the late 1960s throughout the 1970s.
Sisi will keep playing his game according to his own master plan - bolstering the narrative myth that the Egyptian army defends the nation and its institutions when in fact defending its immense socio-economic privileges. Forget about civilian oversight. And forget about any possible independent political party - or movement - in Egypt.
As for Washington, MB or "deep state", even a civil war in Egypt - Arabs killing Arabs, divide and rule ad infinitum - that's fine, as long as there is no threat to Israel.
With Israel possibly mulling another invasion of Lebanon; the Kerry "peace process" an excuse for more settlements in Palestine; Bandar Bush back practicing the dark arts; the pre-empting of any possible solution to the Iranian nuclear dossier; Egypt in civil war; Syria and also Iraq bleeding to death, what's left is the certified proliferation of all kinds of axes, and all kinds of evil.

From Pepe's RT piece, just some random quotes:
 Egypt's ‘bloodbath that is not a bloodbath’ has shown that the forces of hardcore suppression and corruption reign supreme, while foreign interests - the House of Saud, Israel and the Pentagon - support the military's merciless strategy.
 Let’s look at the reactions. The lethargic poodles of the European Union called for “restraint” and described it all as “extremely worrying.”- Sounds much like some self-labelled western progressives
 That pathetic excuse for a diplomat, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, at least was blunt: “Egypt is an important partner for NATO through the Mediterranean Dialogue.” Translation: the only thing we really care about is that those Arabs do as we say.
*Something I have pointed out repeatedly on the blog. Egypt is a NATO partner. As is Israel. Some seem to just want to ignore that important fact.
 Washington’s point of view, Arabs can kill each other to Kingdom Come, be it Sunnis against Shiites, jihadis against secularists, peasants against urbanites, and Egyptians against Egyptians. The only thing that matters is the Camp David agreements; and nobody is allowed to antagonize Israel.
*I mentioned, more then once the 'white mans burden" and Arabs can't have democracy memes that were rampant via the main stream media. Clearly Pepe picked up on that also. Very good.

So it’s fitting that Sisi’s minions in boots asked Israel to keep their drones near the border, as they need to pursue their “war on terror” in the Sinai. For all practical purposes, Israel runs the Sinai.
*Been there, done that and Israel will no doubt make that official soon enough.
 Sisi’s “war on terror” is arguably a roaring success as a PR stunt to legitimize his run for a popular mandate. He’s trying to pose as the new Nasser. He’s Sisi the Savior, surrounded by a bunch of Sisi groupies. A columnist wrote in Al-Masry Al-Youm that Sisi doesn't even need to issue an order; it’s enough to “just flutter his eyelashes”. The Sisi-for-president campaign is already on.

 *I am relinking an older piece: Rebranding the Arab Spring to Reorder the Middle East
A piece that is more timely now, then ever.

And a hat tip to the anonymous commenter from yesterday who pointed out the Saudi involvement and all that entails. Thank You!


  1. I am moving this comment here

    AnonymousAugust 16, 2013 at 6:29 AM

    Any discussion about the events taking place in Egypt should take the neocons into consideration:

    Neocons, Selective Democracy, and the Egyptian Military Coup


    While there were definite harbingers for the current neocon support for the overthrow of a democratic government, however, what does seem to be novel is the tendency on the part of some neocons to openly express the view that democracy was not possible at the present time, at least when applied to Egypt. This was hardly a new idea among the Israeli Right where, as pointed out in “The Transparent Cabal,” it was held that most Middle Eastern countries were too divided to be held together by anything other than the force of authoritarian and dictatorial rulers. Oded Yinon in his 1982 article, "A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties" (translated and edited by Israel Shahak in a booklet entitled, “The Zionist Plan for the Middle East”) recommended that Israel exploit this internal divisiveness by military measures in order to enhance its national security. War that would topple an existing authoritarian regime would render a country fragmented into a mosaic of diverse ethnic and sectarian groupings warring among each other. If applied on a broad scale, the strategy would lead to a Middle East of powerless mini-statelets totally incapable of confronting Israeli power. (“Transparent Cabal,” p. 50)

    Read the rest:

  2. More information about the neocons:



    Without America’s support, Israel in all likelihood would not by now exist and, without the neoconservatives, there would in all likelihood be no American support for Israel.

    The interests of Israel have always been neoconservatism’s primary concern and it has been American neoconservatives that have lobbied the hardest to ensure American support for Israel. They have done this by integrating themselves into all levels of American society where they can be of influence including in government, public service, academia, political and social commentary, journalism, and think-tank organisations...
    Israel’s modus operandi for realising its expansionist dreams is simple: Provoke Palestinians and Arabs in a myriad of small ways that don’t make headlines and then, when the Palestinians or Arabs retaliate, ensure that the retaliation makes the headlines around the world and pretend to be the victim thus justifying a militarily response which may include occupation and then retreat when things quieten down again giving the impression that occupation is only for ‘security purposes’, not territorial gain. This strategy of three steps forward and two steps back is played out over a long time until eventually there is a big enough war to justify permanent occupation, as in the West Bank, and eventual annexation, as in the Golan Heights.
    It is the neoconservatives who are driving the wars in the Middle East – and, while Americans are expected to pay for it, it is all only in Israel’s interests. And, in the end, it will be the people of the Middle East that suffer – Jews and Arabs alike – regardless of who wins or loses.

    Read the rest:



    a simple way to cut thru the confusion:

    2. Someone is trying to start a civil war, so that Egypt can be broken up, just like Yugoslavia.

    this latter is the most likely scenario

    1. Penny,

      This argues that a relative of el-Sisi died in the clean-up:

      For what it's worth, I wouldn't trust Escobar that much. And I really, really wouldn't trust that poll. The MB was hated by somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of the people. This might have been unfair, if, as you argue, they were a front for the military.

      In any case, the logical expectation is that someone wants a civil war.



    2. "For what it's worth, I wouldn't trust Escobar that much. "

      But, I get less hung up on "shoot the messenger" or 'cult of personality type dismissals
      I have my issues with some of Escobar's work. On the other hand some of his work is quite good. It's the work that is tantamount

      If you would point out what specific issues you have with the points Escobar has made as opposed to blanket condemnation that would be very helpful

      If as you suggest MB was hated by somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of the population, the mid point of 33 and 50 is about 41 percent, correct?

      That would match up with the poll result of 60 percent non approval for the coup.
      give or take percentage variations always involved with polls.

      I have never argued that MB is a front for the military. So, I don't know how it is you are saying that?

      And here is where we will agree. As I stated immediately following the coup
      "cue the civil war" or as you suggest "someone wants a civil war"
      It sure looks like it!

  4. Pepe Escobar has still not told us that 9 11 was an inside job.

    He makes no mention of the Muslim Brotherhood being run by the CIA.

    The plan is to balkanise Egypt.

    - Aangirfan

    1. Hey Aang

      "Pepe Escobar has still not told us that 9 11 was an inside job"
      That is definitely something I find very problematic with Pepe, but, then he gets paid
      and you and I don't.

      "He makes no mention of the Muslim Brotherhood being run by the CIA"
      Not outright. However he alludes to it.

      "The plan is to balkanise Egypt"
      That is what I have been pounding away at since the coup.

    2. im with aangifan on this one:

      While the obvious attention is on the Egyptian security forces storming two protest camps in Cairo this angle is misleading. After all, images clearly show that pro-Muslim Brotherhood supporters and religious zealots from other militant Islamist groups were preparing for violence. Not only this, many videos show militants attacking the security forces with guns and currently it is known the 43 members were killed by pro-Morsi supporters. Therefore, a much better picture of the crisis is how militants within the Muslim Brotherhood behave towards communities which had nothing to do with the protest camps in Cairo.

      also post Chavez: venezuela has withdrawn its ambassador from egypt:

      but Madura is right US has a hand in this at some level

  5. What a Rothschild neocon cesspool we live in. 9/11, Egypt; pick your evil.

    Civil war and the Balkanization of Egypt certainly seems like the zio NWO plan de jour. Fragment and occupy - it's all in the 'Greater' israel map donchaknow.

    Related meme:

    Here is a superb article in its brevity and accuracy.

    The short history of why we are where we are right now.

    9/11 (and Egypt) can be seen as the latest installment(s) in this story by those who want to be king of the whole world.

    This from Welcome to Pottersville 2:

    "Swartz had made strategic inroads against the ongoing movement by the government, as represented through its privatized intelligence community and the NSA, to control the Internet.

    Michael Hastings, the former Rolling Stone journalist who wrote the articles on Gen. McChrystal, leading to his firing by President Obama, was supposed to be working on a story about the NSA, and appeared to have interacted with Barrett Brown, who had been concerned with the subject of cybersecurity firms working for the government."

    There are dots here to be connected. Swartz (dead), Hastings (dead), Brown (prison for 100 years) all were working against the NSA total termination of the free internet. Jay Rockefeller is integral to shutting down the internet globally.

    This venue you are reading right now may soon be "unavailable".

    You can't be king of the world if too many subjects (serfs) know the truth.

  6. While the obvious attention is on the Egyptian security forces storming two protest camps in Cairo this angle is misleading. After all, images clearly show that pro-Muslim Brotherhood supporters and religious zealots from other militant Islamist groups were preparing for violence. Not only this, many videos show militants attacking the security forces with guns and currently it is known the 43 members were killed by pro-Morsi supporters. Therefore, a much better picture of the crisis is how militants within the Muslim Brotherhood behave towards communities which had nothing to do with the protest camps in Cairo.

  7. torched by muslim brotherhood, chuches to be rebuilt by military

    Bishop Mousa thanked Sisi for his efforts to repair the damaged churches.
    “We thank Col. Gen. Sisi for commissioning the brave Egyptian armed forces to rebuild the places of worship damaged during the recent events,” Bishop Mousa said on Twitter.
    which of these acts would Mohammed approve?

  8. Ryan Dawson has a recent post where he explains the present Egypt crisis in a very believable way:

    The people of Egypt are revolting against both the MB and the military. The former is linked to the CIA and the latter to the US government. Two sides of the same coin. The coin represents the IMF, Rothschild and israel. The coin is Anglo-US-israel control of Egypt. Accepting either side means austerity for the Egyptian people. The people of Egypt are being offered two flavours of the zio NWO. They want neither. The probable civil war is being orchestrated by the same Rothschild zio NWO. Divide and conquer - it's a global strategy that works almost every time.

    Around the world the Rothschild zio NWO is pitting us against each otherm to kill each other. We are being painted as evil to each other, we are killing each other.

    Satan is laughing with delight.

    1. can we give the mythical Rothschild a rest...he no more exists than Emmanuel Goldstein

  9. IHH: Turkish NGO Recruiting Muslim Albanians for War in syria
    TEHRAN -- Turkish charity organization, IHH, has recruited hundreds of Muslim Albanians and sent them to Syria after military trainings in Turkey to take part in the armed struggle against the Damascus government, informed sources said.

    "The IHH, which operates under the cover of relief and charity activities and acts in full coordination with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and extremist Saudi Wahhabi groups, has so far recruited and transferred a number of 769 Albanians to Syria to join the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA)," an informed source who asked to remain anonymous for fear of his life, told FNA on Wednesday.........

    note: 'He said the Saudi and Qatari regimes serve as interlocutors to facilitate the CIA and MI6 plans in Syria through instigating terrorist operations by Salafi and Arab Jihadi groups, adding that the terrorists do not know that they actually exercise the US plans.'

    here is their FB page

    they are now at work in egypt as their FB page shows

  10. satire from ALjazeera
    Al Jazeera English
    Live: Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs speaks about ‪#‎Egypt‬, says Qatar condemns excessive use of violence
    but qatar would NEVER EVER use or support the use of excessive violence...right? #syria #FSA

  11. The Israelis supported and trained both sides of the Sri Lanka civil war. They were even training personnel of both sides on the same Israeli military base at the same time. Whichever side eventually won probably mattered little to them, as they had their thumb positioned on both. An unstable Sri Lanka helps Israel in that it brings a limited amount of destabisation to India, whom the Israelis want to attain more control of. Chaos works for these zionist/nwo interests because it works to keep foes of zionist interests divided and opposing each other. It worked in Yugoslavia very well, where after the break-up, zionist influence increased many fold in the region and a potential threat (a non-zionist/nwo aligned Yugoslavia) was turned into several assets.

    I see a similar thing being imposed upon Egypt by the zionist/nwo capitalists. Think also of greater Israel plans and how a united Egypt could be a threat to these. For one, greater Israel could not exist from the Nile to the Euphrates with a united Egypt existing. So they have to break the country up and then absorb the parts they want, while doing their usual genocide/ethnic cleansing numbers. The "useful parts" will become part of greater Israel, the rest turned into a giant concentration camp like Gaza is now.

    With that in mind, MB or military control of Egypt is moot to these parasites. It's the conflict between the military and the MB which is sought. Both sides are being deliberately pushed to extremes in order to create the zionist sought after chaos in Egypt needed to divide the country up into bite-sized morsels for Israeli consumption.

    As for Pepe, he is paid to write convincing material to sway leftist opinion towards zionist/nwo goals. He is good at mixing truth and nwo propaganda together. Sometimes leaning more towards factual analysis, sometimes more towards the propaganda. What Pepe does is what most of the zionist/nwo owned pundits do to sway the left. They use enough factual material, and left opposition/alternative sounding concepts to gain credibility for the zionist/nwo propaganda to get a bite in people's minds. The problem with taking the material these people provide seriously is that one never can be sure where the factual analysis leaves off and the propaganda begins in their articles and publications, without doing a lot more independent study. So yes, Pepe and zio-co, get a lot right, but it's the things they get wrong that will leave one fatally on the wrong track.

    вот так

  12. As for neocons and zionist/Israeli influence, that's only a small portion of the big picture. And a recently devised portion, at that. The main effort of zionist/nwo influence is towards people who think of themselves as being in the centre. The neocons were invented to influence a segment of rightwingers which zionist Jews really had a difficult time trying to influence. The neocon "philosophy" was way to incorporate zionist/nwo influence into views held by this portion of the rightwingers who were brought up as herd animals who also thought Jews were an enemy. How to get these people, who otherwise had all the "right" prejudices and indoctrination, to love zionist Jewish ideas (and prejudices) was the goal. What they did was rework the influence strategies and tactics they used to take over the left and centre in the USA, altered these to appeal to rightwing minds and then applied them. It worked like a charm. Now the vast bulk of the American right is as much predisposed towards zionist/nwo doctrine, as the centre and left are. More so, in fact, because the anti-Jew prejudice was converted to anti-Muslim prejudice. As these people were already predisposed to white supremacy and virulent national chauvinism, along with the love of their slavery to the companies they worked for, the task of converting them to the appropriate specie of herd animal was fairly easy and simple.

    This is the sort of psychological mass manipulation the various think tanks in their service spend much of their time working on. It is intermixed with marketing, so this research pays for itself in other ways unhealthy to people.

    вот так

  13. Also, the zionists are having their MB proxies attack churches and Christians not just because this creates more chaos. It's part of their overall "clash of cultures/religions" strategy. The idea is to drill into people's minds that Muslims are hostile, intolerant, irrational, violent and all those other things that influence people to think of them as fair game for genocide. Because a Muslim genocide is what Jewish zionists are working towards.

    The irony here, the Muslims are victims simply because Jewish zionists want to steal their land. If Palestine had been mainly occupied by Christians, or Hindus, or Shinto, etc., one would see the same sort of Jewish zionist demonisation in preparation for genocide of these people taking place now.

    вот так

  14. In relation to the MB terror campaign organised against Christians in Egypt, have a look at this:

    Unidentified man kills 11 Christians in Syria

    The MB and the terrorists in Syria are running the same kind of terror campaigns. This is not a Muslim vs Christian thing. That's what zionist Jews and their nwo cohorts, who are the ones behind these terror campaigns, want people to think (note the VoR article does not promote this zionist propaganda).

    вот так

  15. It's going to get worse.

    USAID/Egypt = !Eid Mubarak

    tourism increase due to Eid... take a guess who they are.

    Egyptian Regime Demonizing Palestinians
    now its a regime... already
    demonizing palesinians... gas is good to extinguish fire.

  16. The following is a blatant example how zionists/nwo and their so-called Sunni sectarian quislings co-ordinate together in both their propaganda assaults and their terrorist attacks.

    Sunni leader: Hezbollah dragging Lebanon into war

    It's a rubbish hash job by one of the main zionist Jewish propaganda media houses, preparing the propaganda ground for further Israel war crimes against Syria and Lebanon. They have gotten so full of hubris now, they don't care how much their "big lies" stand naked against reality or expose their quislings as collaborators to even the dullest of the dim.

    The fact the Jewish run media has not made the usual hysterical "Hitler" comparisons in Egypt, like they do in Syria and Lebanon, is additional evidence they are more interested in chaos than whether MB or the military get to be top quisling. If either the MB or military represented a threat to their controlling interests, they would be preparing the plebes at home for intervention, as they have been steadily doing about Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and did in Libya. There are as of yet no propaganda proposing intervention (the usual first step after they've created their chaos), and i don't think it is being contemplated. This is further evidence the chaos in Egypt is just what they want.

    вот так

  17. Planted Reports on Al-Jazeera Perpetuated Worldwide. The Ministry has rejected claims and news reports which have been circulated by al-Jazeera and other Muslim Brotherhood associated TV channels, according to which the military should have used live ammunition against protesters in the Rabaa al-Adwiya and al-Nahda Squares. The reports by al-Jazeera and others have led to the false reports being perpetuated throughout other media, such as RT as well as most Western mainstream media.

    nsnbc international has spoken with several eyewitnesses who were at the scene of the events who reported, that snipers were firing into the peaceful protesters, stirring up violence. The eyewitnesses stressed, that unless journalists were aware of where the armed radicals were shooting from, and where snipers were located, it was understandable that journalists at the scene would get the impression that the protesters were being targeted by the police and military. One eyewitness added “After all, most of the protesters who were leaving also thought that the police was firing on them”.


  18. Sometimes you need to laugh.

    unfortunately the laugh is short lived when it finally hits you that the need for, or even consideration of, teaching this is just beyond rational thought. is there some subsection B, paragragh 7 somewhere that says killing with remote control is not murder?

    sacrifice for Pergamon Altar !?

  19. coptic connection

  20. Erdogan says same forces behind Brazil and Turkey protests:

    “The same game is being played in Brazil,” Mr Erdogan told a large rally of his supporters in the town of Samsun on Saturday. “There are the same symbols, the same posters. Twitter, Facebook is the same, so are international media. They are controlled from the same centre. They are doing their best to achieve in Brazil what they could not achieve in Turkey. It is the same game, the same trap, the same goal.”

    Who are theses forces?

    Erdogan succeeds where Morsi fails?

    US Turkey shuttle diplomacy to head off confontation over Turkey push into Iraq Kurdistan

    Kurds launch pipeline

    Now Turkey more pragmatic on Syria Kurds....

  21. Iran warns of dangerous plot to sow sectarian discord in Islamic world

  22. Pakistan/India also seeing an building escalation between line of control escalation, the Indian sub incident, terror warnings..

    Pak troops making serious mistake by violating ceasefire, Indian Army testing nuclear capable missiles...

    Indian PM saying no 1991 financial crisis coming

    As India PM party pushes unpopular dereg of military complex (consumer big box and financial services) into elections...

    Karachi becoming Iraq"ified"

  23. The Egyptian coup is a warning to Turkey – but will Erdoğan listen?

  24. brian

    Well done on the MB debunking at MoA. I noticed the sayanim gang had another go at you. Expect something nasty from Bernie the sayan, as well, as he is one of that group of sayanim.


    My manners are failing, I forgot to thank you for posting up the info about Egypt in these last 3 posts.

    вот так


  26. Very good article dismantling the R2P quislings promoting Israeli-American wars who pose as leftists and progressives. Mainly about the phony left siding with Israel-America against Syria. Been seeing a lot of MB support among supposedly left/progressive sources lately, especially the Jewish zionist ones, so Bricmont's observations have application to what's happening in Egypt now, too.

    The Unwitting Agents of the Imperial Order: “The Wishful Thinking Left”

    Not all of these are unwitting, some, those who do the organising and leading of these corruptions, like the petition Bricmont demolishes in the article, are very much witting agents. These are zionist, and mostly Jewish agents, who are rightwingers posing as leftists in order so they can corrupt the left into a zionist run tool.

    вот так

  27. Totally off topic, but....what has happen to A.P. at Twelfth Bough? Tell her to look up "Crimson Mist" in Rwanda. I miss her. Her style is amazing and cuts to the bone marrow.

  28. Report: Al-Qaeda plotting terror attacks on European rail network

    dial back to all the train, russia, spain, Switzerland...

  29. Egypt releases video of MB ‘snipers’ firing on security forces

  30. Penny,

    Been short on time of late, but what time I have had just seemed to confuse more on the Egypt fiasco. This dam thing has more twists and turns than a good ole Eenglish mystery !

    Now there are whispers of an Oil embargo ?
    King Abdulla speaks and the whole of ME listens ? whoa

    The old saying that money talks and bull walks seems fitting unless I know less than I already know I don't know ;^)

    There is a great comment at Aang, concerning NGO's and their part in coups and other nefarious deeds.
    It's the first comment on this posting on Al-Zawahiri arrest :

    Have aquired an extreme dislike for NGO's and ferret out their activities whenever able.

    Am completely lost now in the Egypt debacle. They lost me about 3 days ago and haven't had the time to read enough to figure it out.


  31. Israel to call on U.S., EU to support Egypt army in drive against Muslim Brotherhood. Senior Foreign Ministry official denies NYT report claiming Israeli diplomats instructed to relay message that Egypt's stability is currently more important than its human rights record.

  32. Israel denies "close ties" with Egypt's military leaders

    25 Egyptian policemen killed in northern Sinai ambush. The killings, which took place near the border town of Rafah, compound Egypt's woes a day after police fired tear gas to free a prison guard from rioting detainees, killing at least 36.

  33. TY to everyone for the comments
    I am swamped but am trying to get something new up

    Karin: NGO are useless scuse the language 'pieces of shit organizations' that should be shunned by all good citizens

    Period. I am sure that will get me some negative comments and I don't care. They are gun runners, weapons dealers, smugglers, manipulators, they produce nothing of any value to humanity whatsoever

    bot tak: trolls attacking using search terms including the Guardian, curious?

    anon 7:43: israel like the distracted military in the cities of Egypt

    and that's all folks

    sorry :(

  34. Penny

    "bot tak: trolls attacking using search terms including the Guardian, curious?"

    The Guardian's old talkboard was zio-troll home turf, their cif rubbish is even worse. I don't recall mentioning they searched terms (through google?) to spam sites, but I do know anything mentioning Israel, Palestinians, Iran, etc., any current topics of zionist interests on sites they do try to disrupt will see them scramble.

    My experience is one or more of the zio-critters, depending on the site's popularity and comment traffic, will "sit" on a site, and call in others when something happens they think needs to be swamped. Besides being site watchers, they post volumes of obfuscation comments and make sure the appropriate zio-messages gets their airplay, as well. For example, at MoA, the zio-trolls "somebody" and "don bacon" are these sorts of trolls. The trolls called in assist to drown out non-zionist views, aide in the constant smearing of real anti-zionists and generally play the "me too" role to fellow zionists. On sites where Israel's attack trolls are allowed free reign, one will see these dominating and the comment sections effectively neutralised as a secondary source of information at those site. For example, at most of the msm "news" sites, such as Yahoo news.

    вот так