Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Western backed mercenaries intensify their targetting of Christians & Allawites

One news item that says so much about the western backed mercenaries brutal war of divide to conquer in Syria.NATO. The blood of  so many innocents stain the nations that participate in this endless imperialism.

Yes, that includes Canada

Militants have intensified attacks against Christians and Allawites

A survivor of an August attack that killed nearly 200 people in the regime stronghold of Latakia province walks near graves of some of the dead.

This month, rebels attacked the town of Deir Atiyah north of Damascus. Militants who participated in the attack alongside more moderate brigades supported by the West went house to house looking for Christians, residents and rebels said. Fighters ransacked the town's main church, they said.

There are no moderates backed by the West. They are all hired killers. There isn't anything moderate about paid killers. Ignore the spin. Ignore the lies. These killers are likely not even Syrians explaining the ease with which they abuse Syrian civilians. (Admitted figures of 11,000 foreign fighters in Syria. Likely more)

"The report showed that Arabs and Europeans made up the bulk of foreign fighters, with up to 80 per cent, but militants from Southeast Asia, North America, Africa, the Balkans and countries of the former Soviet Union were also represented"
 Canadians too! Approximately 100 NATO hired killers.
 In Adra al Umliya, near Damascus, clashes began when Islamist fighters attacked government installations. They singled out Alawites, executing more than a dozen pro-regime forces guarding the facilities, according to people living and working in the area. They went door-to-door, rounding up at least 40 Alawite residents.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition group, said Sunday that rebels killed 32 civilians, mostly Alawites, in Adra. But one detainee who fled, along with relatives of those killed and residents, said all of those captured were killed.

The Foreign Ministry said in a letter to the United Nations on Monday that more than 100 people were killed in Adra.

The wider Alawite population—removed from the corridors of power in Damascus—has paid a heavy price for supplying the bulk of regime fighters, with tens of thousands killed or maimed. And Alawites are mindful that hard-line Sunnis view the entire community as complicit with the regime.
 "The state must take measures to avert the greater strife that could occur," Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch Gregorios III Laham, a regime supporter, told a Lebanese TV station this month.
The WSJ article tries mightily to spin this bloodshed as the failure of the Syrian Army to protect Syrians, particularly Christians and Allawites who have been protected all along.
The problem lies with the western backed mercenaries. The bloodshed would stop if the foreign nations would stop paying their killers


  1. 'The wider Alawite population—removed from the corridors of power in Damascus—has paid a heavy price for supplying the bulk of regime fighters, ;

    the bulk of 'regime' fighters are sunni not alawite

    1. absolutely correct brian
      the bulk of Syrian army is Sunni
      WSJ spins everything
      the only truth that was contained in that article is the fact, long know here, that western back mercenary killers are targeting specific groups of civilians in Syria to kill them, terrorize them and create division

    2. It seems to me that the Saudis are targeting the Alawites and Christians for particularly brutal slaughter to pressure Al Assad and Putin personally to give concessions. The thinking of psychopaths.

      They seem to be able to do this with impunity from the safety of their palaces in the sand. I wonder if their thinking would change if the war came to a sand dune near them?

    3. "I wonder if their thinking would change if the war came to a sand dune near them?"

      Maybe, but, likely the Saudi leadership is depraved from years of excessive privilege
      Unless they were targeted directly?
      Now there is a thought!

      I would agree that the Alawite and Christians are being intentionally harmed to pressure the leadership

      So very western. striking civilians any way possible

  2. 'The WSJ article tries mightily to spin this bloodshed as the failure of the Syrian Army to protect Syrians, particularly Christians and Allawites '

    the concern of the Worlds most Slavish Journal is touching...youd think they almost cared for syrians

    1. ."youd think they almost cared for syrians"

      Yah, almost...
      At least that is what they want the dumbed down masses to believe

  3. Are you aware that you address has changed from ( to (.com) and you old address is inaccessible?

    1. I was not aware of that change
      It must be something google has done

  4. human rights and water cannons: Tim Wilson, the new Human Rights Commissioner, suffers foot in mouth disease:

    Apparently, Tim Wilson (the new Human Rights Commissioner), has deleted this tweet. Luckily I saved a copy!

    1. Tim Wilson must suffer from 'affluenza' as so many of the rich, privileged class do.
      It is an affliction. NOT!

      Affluenza- a disease caused by affluence that makes it impossible for the affluent to learn right from wrong and consequences for actions

      So many "sufferers" in leadership positions. And it really is time to incarcerate the lot of them

  5. How about Erdogan comments on the raids:
    He said there were "some circles inside and outside of Turkey" that are seeking to hinder Turkey from its rapid growth, adding that his government would not permit "political plots." "They are also seeking to harm the banks. It is most remarkable. This [organization] has extensions in Turkey and has an international arm," he said.

    Flashback to FT and protests:
    Erdogan says same forces behind Brazil and Turkey protests

    Turkey blows Miossad ring in Iran

    Us Congress moves on Turkey using US funds to buy China hardware


      the raids are very interesting....

      Premier dismisses police officers after corruption probe orchestrated by exiled preacher, Fethullah Gulen

      actually I am going to post that article, because IMO Gulen is tied so tightly to western intelligence that one can only conclude something is going on.

  6. "Affluenza".......Love it, totally fits. Thanks Penny, you just enhanced my vocabulary .....ben

    1. Hey ben

      It does totally fit these sick individuals doesn't it?

      I think they should get 'vaccinated' with something that would cure them permanently. ;)

      glad to see you about ben. very nice and I do hope all is well with you and yours?

  7. Thanks Penny, all is well with me and mine, wishing you and yours the same. Don't comment much, but always visit here, guess I get a bit dormant this time of year. Mother natures way I guess...ben

  8. The ZOG NWO will not stop until all of HUMANITY is destroyed. It speaks with forked tongue, faux peace while they build up & wait to strike.

    US in Secret Talks with Hezbollah

    UK brigade fights in Syria secretly

  9. penny for your thoughts! who bremembers Moazzam Begg, ex Guantanamo prisoner?.its been a while but he is back in the news:

    NOW guess what: he may have earned his place in Guantanamo: here is an interview he has with a real life 'syrian rebel',.,...but forget the 'rebel'. and act as if BAKS views were in fact Beggs:

    MB: Jazaak Allahu khairan and thank you for taking the time and effort to answer our questions. I wish you the best with your work in Syria

    id read this as Begg supporting the islamists in their acts of terrorism against the 'Assad Regime; does Begg see Assad? same as BAK!