Sunday, January 26, 2014

Flashback: Canada/G20 peaceful protest crushed. Ukraine violent protest elavated

I want, at this time, to remind readers here of the G20 protests in Toronto, Canada.
I want to remind readers how our government in Canada really supports the rights of peaceful protestors.
I want to ask Canadians and Americans why it is our governments always put down peaceful protests with such violence? And  why our police forces resort to using provocateurs in amongst the crowds to justify the heavy handed, ultra violent responses.

Recall? I had this video up in 2010?

In the post titled- Report from a G20 protest attendee. Video footage.Where was JTF2 ?

Queen & Spadina Protest (original file/unedited) from Meghann Millard on Vimeo.

Many Canadians will recall what went on at the G20- The prison cages for protestors...
The beatings.

Compare these protests to the 'protests' in Ukraine.
Protests that are being championed by the West.

What gives?
Ukrainian protesters rest at a road block in Kiev  on January 26  2014
Ukrainian 'protests'

Ukrainian anti-government protesters gather behind a road block at the flashpoint Grushevsky Street ...
Ukrainian 'protestors'

Notice how very militant the Ukrainian protestors appear. Armed. Dressed in camouflage clothing.
Destroying vast swathes of property. Laying siege to buildings.
Check the image from previous post? 'Opposition' says NO to power share in Ukraine- Coup in process
Our Western governments are not supporting protests. They never do. Canada doesn't. The US doesn't.
Our governments are clearly supporting a coup/destabilization attempt. And a very violent one at that.


  1. Kelly Makdissy Al Assad
    Small group of radical British #Islamists protest outside the Central Mosque in North London. Protesters heavily criticised the recent Syrian peace talks in #Geneva and Western secularism, demanding full Islamic state in #Syria as only solution.

    this is too bizarre: this could be a scene from saudi BUT its a smal group of what look like wahhabis in full regalia outside central mosque LONDON UK rally against democracy in syria! ,,,.,, must be hell to live in a democracy in UK! why dont they call for a sharia state in UK? better why dont they go live in saudi?

  2. CANVAS AKA OTPOR is back!

    The US is strongly pushing the Ukraine EU integration just as it had been behind the 2004 failed “Orange Revolution” to split Ukraine from Russia in a bid to isolate and weaken Russia. Now Ukrainians have found evidence of direct involvement of the Belgrade US-financed training group, CANVAS behind the carefully-orchestrated Kiev protests.
    A copy of the pamphlet that was given out to opposition protestors in Kiev has been obtained. It is a word-for-word and picture-for-picture translation of the pamphlet used by US-financed Canvas organizers in the 2011 Cairo Tahrir Square protests that toppled Hosni Mubarak and opened the door to the US-backed Muslim Brotherhood.[1] The photo below is a side-by-side comparison:


  3. Gallier: if you are about?
    Saw a real hit piece on the idiot box yesterday on le quenelle and the comedian. I have to check the spelling so not even going to try it this early in the am
    And it was a real perception management piece
    From DW tv. The german outfit?
    I should have counted the number of times the word 'anti-semite' was used
    And slamming the comic, no following, just muslims etc
    typical shite piece

    1. Hi,

      yeah, I can believe that there was not a shred of truth in such a piece. What do you expect when their liars ask our liars. Press whores asking other press whores. DW is even worse than the regular German TV, which is already incredibly conformist.
      The Skynews piece of saturday was not bad though and contrary to all others, it was a real interview of himself, not a regurgitating of the jewish lobbies excretions (sorry for the picture but I lack vocabulary to describe my disgust in this whole affair).

  4. Another Latakia raid?

    US restarts supply of equipment

    Humanitarian corridor calls by US/Turkey/Saudis as talks fail

    US leaves .mil on table in Iran

    Netanyahu rejects settler relocation

    Bahrain riots

    Things looking up in the region....