Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dieudonné, Face to Face on Iranian TV: English

 After you listen share a rational thought or two?


  1. There's a better quality copy still on their defunct YT channel-

    PressTV's 'new' YT channel was closed a day or two ago - for the umpteenth time.
    "This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations."
    Ho hum...I guess their quota of misleading content failed to come up to YT's standards (although they do try with some dodgy commentators from Veterans Today).

    1. hi freethinker
      I see the one vid is only 8 50 sec
      the other one is 9:28
      so I will leave the lengthier one in the post..

      I did not realize that press tv's yt channel had been closed so often?
      yet I should not be surprised at all
      thanks for the additional links!

    2. vive la quenelle! although, i had no idea he'd actually formed an established party, as he's considered by at least one parisienne french friend of mine, as anti-establishment....

      hi pen, longtime no type :)

    3. hey kikz :)
      haven't seen you since the nobody days...
      how are you doing?

  2. Outstanding interview. Thanks!

  3. That's an old one. You can also follow some of his shows on youtube. Someone subtitle in english his previous show Mahmoud the other parts and other excerpts can be followed from there.

    1. thanks gallier, I didn't realize that was an old one
      I wondered because I knew you would stop by if there was something new
      will check the link out
      thanks a bunch!

    2. If you listen to the show Mahmoud, he refers in it to his visit in Iran. That part of show is absolutely truthful, he has really met Chavez, Ahmadinejad and the hamas bosses. He got a some flak of course for that in the press (not on TV, where he was more like Voldemort, the one nobody can name).
      As for the interview was done at that time (2010) when he visited Iran.
      In the show he makes allusion to his friend Robert, of course he means Robert Faurisson, the revisionist scholar he had invited on scene in 2008
      and for which he got fined as explained in

    3. I noticed he mentioned that both he and his children had been assaulted?
      but no one mentioned that
      and I caught how he mentioned the tribe members involved in the slave trade, but, no one mentions that....
      I have not heard of this Robert Faurisson-
      are the vids in English? I hope so
      ty gallier
      ty very much :)

    4. Robert Faurisson is one of the most prominent revisionist. According to his image in the media, he is the most evil person in the world. Mentioning his name is already a crime against humanity.
      Here the entry which is of course anything by neutral. He also blogs regularly, check it out, he publishes in french, english (he's half Scot, half French) and italian. I've read his Anne Frank Diary destruction, it's scholarly unassailable (and the ballpen story is minor against the other flaws he found). That's why he is only attacked as a person, his work is kind of irrefutable.
      Because he is the "most reviled person" in France, Dieudo invited him in one of his shows (see link above) to give him the award of the most infréquentable (means people one can not be acquainted with) person of the year . This of course got the jewish lobbiest balistic, Dieudo with his non negligible audience (already in 2008) exposed to Mister Faurisson which doesn't look like the monster he's always portraid to be. He is even quite funny, participating in skits and in Dieudo's movie "L'antisémite".
      Here RF plays the role of a "jewish holocaust scholar" Simon Krokfield, a spoof of Klarsfeld. (sorry couldn't find a subbed version)

      Paul-Eric Blanrue a historian and also now a dissident in the Soral/Dieudo camp, made a very nice documentary on Robert Faurisson, a must see imo. Here a link to a subtitled version

    5. thanks gallier
      I will watch the documentary later

      It always strikes me as odd they call people such as Faurisson 'revisionist' scholars
      I think the history we are taught is all revised and questioners or researcher are closer to truth tellers

    6. 'révisioniste' is what they call themselves, because serious historians always revise history in the light of new findings. The infurious term used by the orthodoxy is 'négationiste' i.e. denier in english. I avoid that word like the plague, but it is a good giveaway to know on what side an author is.

    7. thanks for clarifying gallier.