Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Syria: Russia & China skip UN talks- West pushing for 'humanitarian' war

2nd post for today- Is it just me or does it seem the war agenda is advancing?

1st post Ukraine - The EU urges the creation of a new Ukrainian government- Surprise!

Now, over to Syria- 
UNITED NATIONS: Russia (China too) is blocking Western efforts to push through a security council resolution that would raise the prospect of sanctions against Syria unless the government gives unrestricted access to deliver humanitarian aid.

Russia's UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin vowed to veto the proposed measure if necessary. Both he and China's UN ambassador were no-shows at a meeting on Monday to discuss the Western and Arab-backed resolution.

"This text would not have any positive impact on the situation," Churkin said, explaining why Russia didn't bother to attend the meeting. "If anything, it would create disruption of humanitarian efforts."

Churkin dismissed the resolution as a "political" measure introduced "to whip up political tensions around Syria".

Russia and China, which support the Syrian government, have blocked three previous Western-backed resolutions that would have pressured President Bashar Assad to end the now three-year-old civil war. (This is not a civil war- it is a NATO backed destabilization)
The divided security council did come together in October to approve a presidential statement appealing for immediate access to all areas of Syria to deliver aid. Western and Arab countries want to go a step further with a legally binding resolution but Russia's opposition dooms their effort.

Churkin made clear that Russia would veto the resolution if it is put to a vote before the 15-member Security Council.

"This text is not going to be adopted, I can tell you," he said.

Russia is "talking about things that the security council can conceivably do usefully in order to improve the humanitarian situation in Syria," Churkin said. "If we produce something ... which is pragmatically useful and will go to a vote I hope it will be adopted."

He said hard, pragmatic work is needed to address the "enormous" humanitarian problems in Syria.

Churkin said positive developments have allowed humanitarian workers to evacuate hundreds of civilians and deliver aid to besieged areas of the rebel-held city of Homs.
 The proposed security council resolution, obtained by the Associated Press, puts most of the blame for the humanitarian crisis on the Syrian government.
Ignoring the role of the US, France, UK, Israel, the GCC and all the other warmongering nations...
Of course
If demands for unrestricted humanitarian access are not granted within 15 days, the resolution expresses the council's intention to impose non-military sanctions against individuals and entities responsible for the obstruction of aid deliveries.

The West is definitely pushing for war.... 
It seems they are willing to play every angle- humanitarian, fighting terrorism and/or non-compliance with the chemical weapons removal....


  1. Penny,
    moving right along and "forgetting " all about Ukraine and Syria, we have Bosnia and Serbia being pushed heavily by the Rothschild owned Reuters

    and just to make one go WTF ? Iran women’s football team turned out to include four men

    Just as I suspicioned way back when the Russia/Olympic card was played, they worked on his weakness.... sports/vanity and playing it for all it's worth now.

    By way of deception We shall do war


  2. Pen,
    Bosnia from Voltaire
    google translate
    A "color revolution" falls on Bosnia

    Not a stretch to say they has this set up for PlanB just like Gladio Constantly have to give them credit for planning ahead. Infuriating as hell


  3. I have been reading up for the past hour on Bosnia....
    To understand that it seems we have to go back to Yugoslavia
    and that Richard Holbrooke?
    I have some articles here on him and Kosovo
    a nation the US recognizes but Russia China and most of the world do not

  4. More on the 'Bosnian Spring' (tm)

    1. thanks freethinker- I got a few more minutes of reading time....

  5. @freethinker

    I read the top 3 over at Manuel Ochsenreiter's blog last night. His Maaloula blog post was very in-depth. Wanted to thank you for posting the link to his blog.

    His two interviews concerning Russia's stance and Ukraine and Bosnia actions gave me deeper insight.

    Have had that bad feeling about Syria again. Dark, ugly forces again at work there.
    Can't comment on it when I'm like this, just too emotional. I'm near tears after reading the their new tactics this morning.