Thursday, February 20, 2014

Syrians supporting Syria and it's leadership

Considering all that has been and is still ongoing in this nation, I gotta admire these people for their courage Truly amazing people
Apparently there have been rallies across Syria in support of the current government.

Supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad participate in a demonstration with government forces in the countryside of Damascus, Syria, Feb. 20, 2014. Several Syrian cities witnessed pro-government rallies over the past few days

A supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad flash the victory sign during a demonstration with government forces in the countryside of Damascus, Syria, Feb. 20, 2014. Several Syrian cities witnessed pro-government rallies over the past few days.

Syrian hold rallies
Holding Syrian flags and posters of Assad, hundreds of people sang pro-government songs and danced on their beats at the Fardose street in Damascus, a spectacle that has reemerged again in several Syrian cities following a year of no such activity.
"I am so happy because the people have gathered today here again. It's a nice thing to see Syria as it used to be before, full of its people of all sects," Ala'a, a Syrian demonstrator, told Xinhua during her participation in the demonstration.
 "May God help us to restore our country to what it has used to be and may God protect Syria and the army and help us to see our country as beautiful as it used to be," she hoped.
 Wednesday's rally has also been marked with the participation of many Syrian soldiers who have joined the upbeat mood and took part in singing and dancing with the civilians.


  1. Something a bit more heartwarming for a change..
    And for the Syrian people to get out and sing and dance together.... it must have felt very civilized and familiar considering all that has gone on
    Good for them

  2. Indeed, good for them.

    These large rallies have been taking place alot lately, really since the beginning of Geneva I and II and I look for them to continue.
    In suburbs of Damascus thousands have laid down arms and are coming out into the streets. They are bringing in heavy equipment and started cleaning up all the debris in some areas already.

    I've voiced my concern to a couple of ppl who are close to the military on twitter concerning the upcoming so called "Damascus Spring" that the zionists, UK and US have planned coming out of Jordan and Golan. They intend on taking over a "buffer zone" for isreal into South Syria and have been training 'thousands' in camps just across the border. They aren't the whack job jihandist , they are former opposition people who got frustrated with inner confluct and the influx of so much jihadist's in the North and from Lebanon. ( also Jordan opened their prisons like so many others ) They are getting R&R , programming 101, and top notch training.

    I was told they are aware of the plans and are not being over confident. They are expecting a southern assault in the near future. One thing in their favor is the people are so tired and just want peace and their beautiful country back, so will be more willing to be involved in keeping their eyes peeled and ears open.

    Time will tell, but just as with Chavez in Venezuela, the people on the whole support Assad. I just hope they don't have to give up part of their country for peace.
    ( this is my guess of what "the west" is considering settling for ) :(