Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The EU urges the creation of a new Ukrainian government- Surprise!

Not. I am not surprised to read of the EU making this call.
Why, it was just yesterday we saw Victoria Nuland's anointed one call for the creation of a parallel government...... And then today the EU urges the creation of a new Ukrainian government

First: Recall Victoria Nuland wanted 'Yats' in?
Video here- Victoria Nuland "F the EU on the Ukraine"? Political elite or something else?

Transcript here
Quote- Nuland: [Breaks in] I think Yats is the guy who's got the economic experience, the governing experience.
Then just yesterday-Ukraine- A parallel government & Bernhard Henri Levy reprises his role

Former economy minister-turned-opposition leader, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, addressed the crowds on stage. He has proposed the creation of a parallel government.
“We need a new independent and credible government which can resume talks with the IMF and other international institutions in order to stabilize the situation in my country.

Today -EU demands new government in Ukraine- ahead of elections, of course

The European Union on Monday called for the formation of a new, inclusive government and constitutional reforms that would lead to “free and fair presidential elections.”
 The ministers at their meeting in Brussels reiterated the EU stands ready to assist Ukraine financially, provided a new government will be formed to “pursue economic and political reforms.”
A new government formed so the EU can assist with economic and political reforms...
As 'Yats' suggested "“We need a new independent and credible government which can resume talks with the IMF and other international institutions in order to stabilize the situation in my country."

Hand meet glove


  1. US wants to rule Ukraine and continue their NATO encroachment against Russia- expert

    Christoph Hörstel, Government Consultant and Publicist interview text.
    US ships off Ukraine shore and outside Russia waters
    "this was a spy mission"

    good interview, he lays it out straight :(

    1. ty karin
      I am going to listen to that youtube on the technocracy while I work

  2. If a diplomat really says something they are not supposed to say, the corporate media go silent and avoid the story like the plague.

    The Nuland theatrics on Ukraine and the EU were reported like a Justin Beeber night on the town. Corporate media gave the Nuland line way way way too much play.

    1. that thought had crossed my mind
      but why?
      to demonize Russia ahead of Sochi?
      to take the heat off the NSA spying?
      - look other nations do it too.
      any ideas?

  3. @Anonymous on corporate media reaction to Nuland

    even Ron Paul Institute tweeted article abt it which I looked at, but tweeted him back 'why did you not mention UN involvement blatantly stated in that convo'
    That is not a direct statement I made, but same vein.

    That more than the Ukraine subversion I believe is why it was overly downplayed. She said the UN card and heaven forbid that the people of the World should look unkindly on them !!

    Russia and China along with others countries are trying to use the UN guidelines for an avenue to fight back and doing a darn good job of it in Syria to date.
    At this point, I think they NEED the UN , as corrupted as it is, to fight NATO