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The New Great Game: Why the Ukraine matters to so many other nations

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Actually started working on this one early in the mornin' but got sidetracked by poster comments and links
So my  3rd contribution for the day below
1st- Op-ed from Israel Shamir The Spectacle In Kiev: The Brown Revolution

2nd-Excellent Interview -William Engdhal with James Corbett: The Western Agenda in the Ukraine

What is going on in the Crimea? The western backed regime change government in the Ukraine is making all sorts of crazy claims- 
From "Russia has invaded" Ukraine pleads for help after Russian 'invasion' including asking for UN Security Council attention Ukraine’s parliament asks for UN Security Council session on crisis and onto the latest which sees reporting using the word 'provocation' 
Ukraine’s acting president urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop “provocations” in Crimea and pull back military forces from the peninsula.
Definitely a climbing down from the over the top claims of invasion. Did NATO install a bunch of drama queens?

I thought this article from early this morning, after one gets through the spin, an interesting perspective- 
No plans to invade but perhaps a plan B

The deployment of trained gunmen in strategic positions like the parliament and airport—whether they’re Russian or just from sympathetic pro-Russia groups—signals an organized mind at work. It allows for a Plan B.

What might be at play is simply a move to secure the region of  Crimea. William Engdhal mentions the moving of Maidan fascists into Crimea, so, this is likely preparation in case of untoward moves backed by the West


The Crimea appears to be pretty much an island. Makes sense to secure access to it. I think that what went on at the airport was more then likely ethnic Russian Crimeans being proactive. With some guidance, perhaps?

Moving along....

After the western backed regime change, the war mongering media is somewhat explaining why the Ukraine matters to a number of nations. Including the EU and the US.
If you read here, you knew that anyway.... But now that masses think the Ukraine is a done deal .You know the will of the people, freedom, democracy and are no longer paying attention the media will allow the tiniest bit of reality to pass through their filters

The New Great Game: Why the Ukraine matters to So Many Nations

Why the Ukraine matters to so many Nations? Who knew? During the Olympics we were supposed to believe it was only Russia that wanted the Ukraine.... that was not true, of course. But, that was all the war mongering media was spinning
Lies being lies and all that kind of stuff...........
The New Great Game: Why Ukraine Matters to So Many Other Nations
Ukraine being torn apart

Ukraine is also a breadbasket, a natural gas chokepoint, and a nation of 45 million people in a pivotal spot north of the Black Sea. Ukraine matters—to Russia, Europe, the U.S., and even China. President Obama denied on Feb. 19 that it’s a piece on “some Cold War chessboard.” But the best hope for Ukraine is that it will get special treatment precisely because it is a valued pawn in a new version of the Great Game, the 19th century struggle for influence between Russia and Britain
The great game. Not my wording. Not when lives are at stake
Russia, which straddles Europe and Asia, has sought a role in the rest of Europe since the reign of Peter the Great in the early 18th century. An alliance with Ukraine preserves that. “Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire,” the American political scientist Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in 1998.

In case you missed it that ZB quote has been featured here previously. And in full reads like this
"without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be an empire, but with Ukraine suborned and then subordinated, Russia automatically becomes an empire."

Russia’s Black Sea naval fleet is headquartered in Sevastopol, a formerly Russian city that now belongs to Ukraine.

Sevastapol does not ‘belong’ to the Ukraine- Sevastapol is in the Crimea. Crimea is an autonomous republic- Business week being  kind of muddy

Last year Russia’s state-controlled Gazprom (OGZPY) sold about 160 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Europe—a quarter of European demand—and half of that traveled through a maze of Ukrainian pipelines. Those pipelines also supply Ukrainian factories that produce steel, petrochemicals, and other industrial goods for sale to Mother Russia. “Ukraine is probably more integrated than any other former Soviet republic with the Russian economy,” says Edward Chow, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

And China, like Syria, has a trade agreement with Ukraine

Related: Syria and Ukraine: Kindred Nations?
China looks to Ukraine as a secure source to satisfy its ravenous appetite for food and energy. It’s lending the country billions of dollars to upgrade farm irrigation and develop coal gasification. In December, Yanukovych and Chinese President Xi Jinping gripped and grinned while signing a “treaty of friendly cooperation.” According to the official China Daily, in addition to agriculture and energy, they agreed to collaborate on infrastructure, finance, high-tech, aviation, and aerospace
China lent billions of dollars in a loan for grain agreement. Yet, the news as of late reports- China sues Ukraine for breach of 3 billion dollar loan agreement

Definitely related to -Ukraine: Cargill acquires stake in UkrLand Farming/food control = people control

Alert business week baloney below!

Western nations want to keep Ukraine from becoming a failed state and to discourage Putin from retaking the nation by force
I can't help but laugh out loud when reading that. China has agreements with Ukraine. Syria has agreements with Ukraine. Russia made the Ukraine a  sweetheart deal and we are supposed to believe that Western nations wanted to keep Ukraine from becoming a failed state? Not credible. Western nations are going to turn Ukraine into a failed state and there was zero reason to believe that “Putin would retake Ukraine by force” Nonsense. Utter and shameless nonsense.

Repeating- “Ukraine is probably more integrated than any other former Soviet republic with the Russian economy,” says Edward Chow, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington”

Ukraine is integrated with Russia. Ukraine and Russia have a very, very long history together
Russia had no need to use force when it came to Ukraine. All it had to do was make deals, supply gas and conduct trade. Which it was. Same as China. Same as Syria. Those agreements the Ukraine had with Russia, China, Syria and likely others are exactly  why the US and other western nations connived to overthrow the democratically elected government.

Then, as always, there is the private banking scum:

 “The Institute of International Finance, which represents big banks, estimates that with no change in policy Ukraine would need $30 billion in foreign assistance this year alone. The IIF predicts that the International Monetary Fund will insist as a condition for aid that Ukraine cut natural gas subsidies to consumers and industry, and allow its currency, the hryvnia, to fall further, shrinking the trade deficit. The problem: Those measures will be so unpopular that they will jeopardize any new government”

This too has been addressed here previously- Debt enslavement of the Ukrainian people
The IMF’ing of the Ukraine will be so harsh, that no government could put the banker demands in place without serious repercussions from the masses. So, get all the debt enslavement measures in place before any elections-

The risk is that Ukraine will disintegrate. Opposition parties united only in their hatred of Yanukovych range from Europhile democrats to rightist nationalists. If the West doesn’t manage to stabilize Ukraine, Putin could plausibly present himself as the nation’s savior a year or two from now.
And the very last little bit that tells us so much about what is really going on in the Ukraine-

 For those who want a free and democratic Ukraine, says Timothy Ash, chief emerging-market economist at Standard Bank in London, “it’s now or never.”

An economist at Standard Bank in London, speaking of ‘free and democratic’?

One final digression- Ukraine and the West's monopolization of the nuclear industry


  1. I cannot even imagine what tomorrow will bring
    but I do so badly want to get back to Syria
    I know the Syrian army has been ridding the nation of Takfiri
    so that is good
    I am also aware there is a planned push from Jordan, with the help of Israel no doubt
    and hopes for a no fly zone
    then there is turkey and some leaked calls
    and of course Venezuela which looks like the Ukraine and I believe there was a coup attempt
    holy mackeral!

    1. will the US reponse (grave consequence) be a Syrian reprisal for what the russian have already said is a coming "Spring offensive". Don't miss the Israeli raid on the Lebanon border a few days ago...

      Ukraine is a no win for the US especially given coming elections in Poland and the EU's man Tusk lagging in the polls to the nationalist living twin...

  2. comment by an american in ukraine

    'Clearly things are not going well. A default looms. Now let's hear what reader Jacob Dreizin has to say.

    Ukraine - The Full Scoop
    Hi Mish,

    The last Ukrainian government was awful, but as someone who speaks the language and has been reading the local news for hours each day, I want you to know there are two sides to this story.

    The Western media is not reporting accurately and in a balanced way as to what’s going on in Ukraine, both in the run-up to the fall of the regime, and now, in the aftermath.

    There is a “reign of terror” in Kiev and some other areas right now.

    Offices and even private homes associated with the former ruling party and its communist allies have been ransacked or burned by militias even though Yanukovich’s mansion has been left alone.

    An independent member of parliament who critiqued certain positions of the main nationalist party was assaulted and had to go to hospital with a concussion. Also, some public officials in the central/western regions have been detained and beaten-up.

    Other pro-Russia citizens have been rounded up and taken away by militias, with no warrant. We have no idea if, how, or where they are being held.

    The ultra-nationalist umbrella groups that direct the militias have just announced they will essentially take charge of Central Elections Commission HQ and monitor its work during the upcoming national vote. How fair will the vote be?

    Riot police returning to their bases in western Ukraine were forced to attend public assemblies in which they had to get on their knees and beg forgiveness (whether or not they were involved in any abuses.) Some have already fled their homes and are living as refugees.

    Also, one of parliament’s very first post-revolution decisions was to revoke the right of local governments to do business in non-Ukrainian languages, such as Russian. Another law has been proposed to effectively ban the broadcast or rebroadcast of television or radio from Russia. There are still other proposed bills aimed at provoking and oppressing the Russian or Russian-speaking population.

    Lastly, while the new legal authorities are investigating the killing of around 70 protestors, no one is looking into the deaths of at least 13 policemen (at least 10 from gunshot wounds) or several ruling party workers who were killed in an attack on their office.

    It’s much easier to pretend this is about democracy, human rights, the peoples’ choice, etc. while looking the other way now that “our guys” have won. We have seen this movie before. And I fear it will only get worse from here.

    Yes, the former government led by President Viktor Yanukovych was corrupt. But the leading opposition figure, who was just released from jail was named by U.S. Federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in the massive corruption schemes of a former Ukrainian prime minister who served time in U.S. Federal prison for money laundering and other charges after having made off with what is believed to be hundreds of millions of dollars, much of it not yet recovered.

    Feel free to use my name. I put in my time in uniform, and I’m not afraid that some pro-war, pro-intervention chickenhawks might call me a traitor for supporting the “wrong” side. I have earned my right to say whatever I want.

    All the best,

    Jacob Dreizin


  3. stars wars saw it all
    Execute order 66

  4. from vineyard of saker comment thread
    Saker, your articles isn't revelations but the mirrow of reality. At least what concerns former USSR, Russia, etc. Since that time I've encountered your page in Runet I'm yor fan. Especially when it came for the battle of Crimea and Sevastopol itself. I know media is certain power everywhere, so in Ukraine it is the same. FYI and for some insights (provided you know Russian) about developments in Crimea, Sevastopol forum is your up-to-hour source of info -

  5. attitiude of tatar authorities

    Татарская община Крыма перешла на сторону России
    27 февраля 2014 2 комментария
    Пророссийские силы поддерживает Татарская община Крыма. Об этом в интервью информационному агентству «IslamNews» известный крымский общественный деятель, заместитель председателя Совета представителей крымско-татарского народа ( СПКТН) при Президенте Украины Васви Абдураимов. По его словам, на данный момент бандеровцев и майдан поддерживает лишь немногочисленная ваххабитская группа внутри татарского сообщества Крыма.

    «Крым отчаянно бьется с бандеровской нечистью. Слово за Россией. Если РФ не хочет окончательно и бесповоротно потерять братскую Украину как дружественную страну, если она хочет получить границу НАТО у себя под Смоленском, пусть сидит и смотрит, как крымчане пытаются сами смести эту бандеровскую нечисть, которая полностью финансируется и вооружается холодными прагматиками из Вашингтона и Брюсселя. Но наших ресурсов недостаточно», — сказал он.

    Crimean Tatar community sided with the Russian
    February 27, 2014 2 comments
    Support pro-Russian forces Tatar community of Crimea. In an interview with news agency «IslamNews» Crimean known public figure, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Representatives of the Crimean Tatar people (SPKTN) under the President of Ukraine Vasvi Abduraimov. According to him, at the moment Banderivtsy maidan and support by just a few Wahhabi group within the community Tatar Crimea.

    "Crimea desperately fights the evil spirits Bandera. Word for Russia. If Russia does not want to finally and irrevocably lose brotherly Ukraine as a friendly country, if she wants to get at the NATO border near Smolensk, let sits and watches the Crimeans themselves trying to sweep away this evil Bandera, which is fully funded and armed with cold pragmatists from Washington and Brussels . But our resources are not enough, "- he said.

  6. now this is curious: funding the Ukraine coup is:
    Pierre Omidyar.

    Yes, in the annals of independent media, this might be the strangest twist ever: According to financial disclosures and reports seen by Pando, the founder and publisher of Glenn Greenwald’s government-bashing blog,“The Intercept,” co-invested with the US government to help fund regime change in Ukraine

  7. Penny, continued good work (working overtime :) on Ukrainian coup.

    "The Crimea appears to be pretty much an island. Makes sense to secure access to it." Completely agree, would be common sense.

    "And China, like Syria, has a trade agreement with Ukraine" Looks like a choke point to cause pain & can be used as useful "chips" for the Imperialist.

    "the International Monetary Fund will insist as a condition for aid that Ukraine cut natural gas subsidies to consumers and industry, and allow its currency, the hryvnia, to fall further" This is when the REAL uprising will start.

    "Opposition parties united only in their hatred of Yanukovych" but did their common sense get consumed with their hatred & greed. Reports stated most protesters were paid accordingly (just coming out vs throwing rock to physical violence).

    Time is running out on the zionist/imperialist economic ponzi scheme.

    1. same formula tried in Egypt which was rejected in favor of bilateral gas and aid from GCC. Serbia - now being advised by none other than DSK - opted for bilateral loans from UAE (and Ag deal).

      Is it really a coincidence that the ruble is at an all time low. Ther is the dark net and there is the dark liquidity...Ask Safra

  8. what sort of fate can Uklraine expect in EU? ask Latvia:
    .As Ukraine’s pro-EU “leadership” under Tymoshenko & Co. (and the fascist Right) begins to eye the future, they will immediately look to Europe to address the most pressing economic concerns. The Ukrainian people however would do well to examine the precedent of Latvia to understand what lies in store for them. As renowned economists Michael Hudson and Jeffrey Sommers wrote in 2012:

    What enabled Latvia to survive the crisis were EU and IMF bailouts…Elites aside, many emigrated…Demographers estimate that 200,000 have departed the past decade – roughly 10 per cent of the population…Latvia experienced the full effects of austerity and neoliberalism. Birth rates fell during the crisis – as is the case almost everywhere austerity programs are imposed. It continues having among Europe’s highest rates of suicide and of road deaths caused by drunk driving. Violent crime is high, arguably, because of prolonged unemployment and police budget cuts. Moreover, a soaring brain drain moves in tandem with blue-collar emigration.

  9. very good analysis on Ukraine

  10. The invasion of the Ukraine by Russia is sending a ripple effect through out Eastern Europe. With the prospects now for possible cold war starting all over again investors brace for sanctions against Russia. And with the already falling economy of the Ukraine, investors and business are bailing out as fast as they can.

    During the next few years, the Ukraine economy will be pushed to its limits. Currently, the Ukraine desperately needs 30 billion in loans to survive, and with ousted former president Viktor Yanukovich having already pulled the country out from the European Union, and the new government wanting nothing to do with Russia, the government will be in dire straits.

    The US State department has issued a travel warning urging Americans not to travel to the Ukraine. Tourism is a huge part of Ukraine economy. with hotels, airlines and restaurants depending on tourism. As these businesses cut back, the ripple effect in cities like Kiev, Odessa and Yalta will have devastating consequences on the economy. Just as when the housing market died in the US, the effects were felt world wide. Not only will Ukraine's economy continue to decline, but most of Western Europe's fragile economy will also feel the effects.

    One industry that seems to thrive on the situation is the foreign bride market, A Foreign Affair operates four office in the Ukraine. Kenneth Agee the marketing director says, "In the last few weeks we have seen the biggest surge ever on women signing up. Not only have we seen the biggest surge, but we have seen the highest quality of women signing up; doctors, engineers, even some of Ukraine's most beautiful models, With the possibility of war looming over the horizon, American men are looking very desirable." A Foreign Affair 's new member Irina of Kiev says, "America is stable, American men have very good family values. These are important to Ukraine women; we want a good environment to raise our families. With Russian tanks rolling down our streets, I do not see a bright future here for starting a family.

    The future does not look good for the Ukraine. Russia has no intention of letting Ukraine have complete independence. Most western Ukrainians have had a strong dislike for Russia for many generations, and will do what ever it takes to resist Russian influence or occupation. This being said, the country will have a long battle and many lines drawn in the sand, from serious economic sanctions to full out war. At this time, it looks like this struggle could go on for a decade or more.