Sunday, March 9, 2014

Belgium MP Laurent Louis arbitrarily arrested

gallier2 has brought to my attention that Belgian MP Laurent Louis was arrested

Sorry to post about something else. Laurent Louis the courageous lonely voice in the Belgian Parliament who denounced the pedophilia in the elites has been brutally and arbitrarly arrested in Mons/Bergen this evening.
 gallier no apology is necessary :)

If you are not familiar with Laurent Louis? Aangirfan has covered him previously in a far broader manner then I could- There should be enough background available in this previous post at Aangirfan's place

Affaire Dutroux : Laurent Louis montre les photos de - Translate this page

Also- in the sidebar of the blog-
 Dutroux was sentenced in 1989 to thirteen years for his crimes, but was freed after having served just three. This was in spite of the fact that, as prison governor Yvan Stuaert would later tell a parliamentary commission: “A medical report described him as a perverse psychopath, an explosive mix. He was an evident danger to society.”
The man who turned Dutroux loose on society, Justice Minister Melchior Wathelet, soon after received a prestigious appointment to serve as a judge at the European Court of Justice at the Hague. Shortly after Dutroux’s release, young girls began to disappear in the vicinity of some of his homes. Though technically unemployed and drawing welfare from the state, he nevertheless owned at least six houses and lived quite lavishly.
 Imagine that if you will? A scum judge, who frees a perverse psychopath linked to the elite classes of predatory psychopaths warmonger and pedophiles is appointed to the European Court of Justice at the Hague?

Melchior H.M.J.F.C. Wathelet (born March 6, 1949) is a Belgian politician and member of the cdH. He has degrees in law and in economics (University of Liège) and is a Master of Laws (Harvard University). He's also a professor at the Catholic University of Louvain and the Université de Liège. From 1995 to 2003 he was a Judge at the European Court of Justice. As Justice Minister he had, according to David Canter, "encouraged the early release of many sex offenders" which included the later murder-convicted Marc Dutroux.[1]
This man at the Hague. This totally compromised and controlled individual at the kangaroo court of justice
When you are done reading the above links,  read a few excerpts from a longer post at Axis of Logic

 "Belgium is indeed the land of surrealism"
It isn't just Belgium that is the world of surrealism....
 Laurent continues-
Fighting "terrorism" for destabilization

"Our country has been 'first in line' to participate in crimes against humanity, in each case to overthrow progressive and moderated regimes"
Around the world, military actions and regime's destabilization are becoming more and more frequent. Preventive war has become the rule. And today, in the name of democracy and the fight against terrorism our states grant themselves the right to violate the sovereignty of independent countries and to overthrow legitimate leaders. There has been Iraq and Afghanistan, the wars of the American lie. Came later, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya where thanks to your decisions, our country has been "first in line" to participate in crimes against humanity, in each case to overthrow progressive and moderated regimes and to replace them by Islamist regimes, and - isn't it weird?

 making solid point after point- I highlighted on of my faves below
"Fuck you" to the leaders, left and right

"Fuck you! - all the so-called do gooders, both left and right wingers or from the center who are today licking the boots of our corrupted powers and who will be pleased to ridicule me."
Noone dares to speak, but I will not shut up! And if my battle makes me look like an enemy of this system who flaunts the Human Rights in the name of financial, geo-strategic and neo-colonialist interests, so be it! Flaunting and exposting this regime is a duty and makes me proud. And honestly, I apologize for my low class speech, but fuck you, all the so-called do gooders, both left and right wingers or from the center who are today licking the boots of our corrupted powers and who will be pleased to ridicule me. Fuck you all, leaders who are playing with your bombs as kids do in a playground! Fuck you! - you who pretend to be democrats while you are nothing more than low class criminals. I don't have much respect either for the journalists who have the audacity to label the opponents as mentally retarded while basically, they know very well that these opponents are right. Finally, I despise at the highest point those who believe they are the kings of the world and who are dictating their laws because I am on the side of the truth, the side of justice, the side of innocent victims of looting at all costs.

divide to conquer, sychophants and compromised leaders- the ones we let rule us- the ones whose lies we are told to believe
Opposing the pro-war resolution

"We almost forget that this [Malian] president has no legitimacy and that he was put in place to ensure the transition following th coup of March 2012."
And it is for this reason that I have decided to clearly oppose this resolution. Since the beginning of the French operation, the lie has been organized. We are told that France is only answering the call for help of a Malian president. We almost forget that this president has no legitimacy and that he was put in place to ensure the transition following th coup of March 2012. Who supported this coup d'état? Who started it? For whom is this president of transition actually working? This is the first lie! The French president, François Hollande dares to pretend to wage this war to fight against jijadists who threaten (Ohhh do you realize!) who threaten the French and European territory! But what an ugly lie! By taking the official argument, while taking the opportunity to frighhten the population, increasing the terror alert level, implementing the Vigipirate plan our leaders and media are demonstrating an un-imaginable outrage! How dare they use such a point while France and Belgium have not hesitated to arm and support Jihadists in Libya and that these same countries continue to support these Jihadists in Syria. The pretext hides strategic and economic purposes.

You can read the rest of Laurent's speech at Axis of Logic.

Perhaps then you will understand why it is he was arrested? Perhaps the elites consider him a threat. Bursting the carefully crafted illusion bubble.

Gallier2, if you are about, do you know what the reasons were for this arrest?
Was he charged? Is he being held?
Does Louis have a lot of supporters? 
If you can fill in some blanks that would be great!

Citizens of Belgium get out those firehoses,again. The place is in need of a big enema!
Belgians blasted a courthouse with fire hoses, staged sit-ins and launched wildcat strikes Tuesday in spontaneous acts of outrage over the dismissal of a judge investigating a child-sex ring. Protesters demanded the reinstatement of Jean-Marc Connerotte, who was removed from the investigation by the Supreme Court. "He was the only person we trusted. The workers have no confidence in anyone else," said Hedwin De Clercq, a union representative who led a march on the Palace of Justice in Brussels by some 800 Volkswagen factory workers.
And finally in 2013 the perverted psychopath, linked to the elite political classes in Europe was denied parole
Dutroux denied parole

If the media and elites in the UK hadn't covered for Jimmy Savile his victims may have had some sort of justice, but sadly, compromised scum covers up for other compromised scum.


  1. Hi Penny,

    nice article, here the declaration of Laurent Louis about his arrest

    « This sunday, I am still under chock after the agression I was submitted to from the Mons police forces who wanted to eat some « Laurent LOUIS ». What happened yesterday is intolerable and will not stay unpunished.
    With my lawyer, I intend to sue for humiliation and endured violence.
    Yesterdays arrest was completely arbitrary. Contrary to what is written in the press, I have absolutely not refused to follow police orders.
    The police attacked me for no reason while I was totally calm. Our candidate for Charleroi, Nicolas Geets has also shown no violence against the police woman who claims (falsely??) to have a broken elbow. It is intolerable that police have dared to tell me that I should never have set foot in the City of Di Rupo (prime minister, gallier2). Where are we??? Where's the democracy??? Yesterday I really feared for my life. Fortunately I have been transfered to the federal police after 6 hour in the slammer. Today, I'm more motivated than ever ! I will be already sunday afternoon in Liège for collecting new signature. This corrupt power, I want to destroy it with you ! Stand up Belgians ! »

    So, he has been freed on sunday morning. He's on tour to collecting signatures in all bigger towns. I don't know how the Belgian system works, but I think that MP need a certain number of signatures for his party to be candidate, or something like that.
    So the incident has deescalated but is probably far from over. It will probably sparkle in the next session of the parliament. It's really a pity nobody has yet translated his speeches because they are always incredibly sharp and true. You remember how people raved about Claire Dealy (sp?) who railed against Obama in the Irish parliament last year? That speech doesn't come even close to what Laurent Louis can fire in his allocutions. He speeks of the new world order, zionist power, elite pedophile rings, USsrael expansionism, false flags on and on. Any subject that you would bring to our attention, he would mention in parliament, sometime specific to Belgium, sometime swiping wide around the world.

    This guy is truly amazing.

    1. thanks for the update gallier2
      much appreciated
      I didn't want to just post the news of the arrest without some background
      so people will understand this is a problem
      I am glad Laurent is free and persists on his course
      I hope more people come out to support him
      I wish we had one, just one MP of any quality in Canada
      but sadly we don't
      thanks gallier and keep me informed
      people are reading, albeit quietly, but they are reading :)

    2. Hi, LL published a small update on facebook. It's too long to translate right away, but I will do it this morning. It's 7:13 here and I will put the translation at 10am.

    3. Here the translation of his message (sorry for the lateness, we had complete Internet shutout this morning at work)

      So this ends this very tiring weekend ... Experiencing police violence in Mons, my arbitrary arrestation by thugs controlled by Di Rupo, and Sunday, our brave and committed activists who were attacked in Liege by a movement of left-wing anti-fascists linked to the PTB (Parti du Travail de Belgique - Belgian Workers Party). Many of our members were sprayed blue this morning in Liege. Their clothes are destroyed. Even children have been affected ! This is clearly unacceptable !

      And to say that we only were collecting signatures, a legal obligation imposed on any movement that wishes to stand for election ... If this is the democracy the PTB wants, then we can keep those that are already there, it is the same thing ...

      It is clear that they are afraid of us. I do not dare to imagine what our results are in these surveys that are not published. Tell yourself my friends that if "Debout les Belges" (Stand Up Belgians) was nothing we would not be harassed at this point.

      I therefore call on all activists do not give up. My friends, what we experience is hard and painful but we must stand for our country and the future of our children.

      I congratulate you and thank you all for your fervour, your enthusiasm and determination. You are AMAZING ! Without you, "Debout les Belges" would not exist. We are a large and beautiful family! Thank you for all that you give me and bring to me!

      Thank you for supporting me as you do, thank you for your mobilization on my side for these signatures.

      It is clear that we collected less signatures this weekend after what we saw of these assaults and the circumstances. I count on you to continue this harvest. We are almost at 5000 required signatures. One week left to get there. I know I can count on you. Thank you again for all my dear friends!

      Ok, it's less interesting than I thought this morning. It's now a normal rallying tract for a political party.

    4. Good morning again Gallier!
      we just had that stupid time change here and goodness talk about feeling yukky, sheesh!

      Is there a reason they were sprayed blue?
      Is that symbolic of something?
      And would anti-fascists really do that sort of thing?
      I figure if you're really antifascist then you would be profreedom and have a live and let live attitude, so what is the point?

  2. Over 100,000 to 150,000 Ukrainians in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine are demonstrating TODAY against the EU selected puppets in Kiev. In translation, they're denouncing the Kiev appointed Governors & announcing their own appointments...

    Truth about situation in Ukraine shared Con l'Ucraina antifascista's status.
    about an hour ago
    Western propaganda machine is just telling lies and hiding the reality. The self-appointed illegitimate Junta that is ruling just some areas in Ukraine actually has lost totally the control of more than the half of the country.. Today March 9th millions of citizens went to the streets against the self-appointed fascist Junta, the thugs that are spreading the chaos in the areas they control, and the ingerency of USA-EU. Lugansk, Donestk, Mariupol, Kharkov (the second city of Ukraine) are now under the control of popular militias and local comites that try to coordinate a common strategy to liberate the country and resinstaurate the independence and the public order. Please share. More information and pictures in the following facebook page (in italian)

    1. good news brian
      that is what needs to happen the people need to get out, the ordinary people, not the thugs, fascists, neo nazis, Israelis and assorted goons
      non cooperation with the sytem

      I had a commenter leave the most absurd comment a couple of days back about how Ukraine wanted this because.. they wanted independence?
      the most bizarre logic
      the EU is not corrupt, was one- I laughed and I laughed.
      they want to have a better standard of living- I laughed and laughed
      once they get imf'd over the people of the Ukraine won't know what hit them
      I suspect he was a member of the tribe....

    2. Ah ha ha ha ha ha. So anybody in the Ukraine who dislikes Russia, according to Penny, must be "thugs, fascists, neo nazis, Israelis and assorted goons." Reminds me of another one of her clangers, "Syrians fighting against Assad ae pactically non existent." Hee hee hee, some pundit this Penny. Talk about an amateur. HA ha ha ha ha.

    3. The ordinary people are apathetic and have been placed in such a state by believing their television sets and the popular line for false flags like 9/11, Boston Bombings etc. Putin is resisting the NWO and has been smeared by the assassination of his rival, no doubt done to try to get rid of him. The military has highly advanced hologram knowledge and seeing is no longer unfortunately believing.

  3. Ukrainian Defense News Network
    26 mins ·
    "1,5 hour ago a column of buses left from Kharkiv to Donetsk and Lugansk - 28 large buses and 20 smaller "Gazell"-type with armed mercenaries of the Right Sector and foreign mercenaries - hired private mercenaries by the U.S. and Britain. +/- 400 people . All dressed in the form of the Ukrainian police. Probably there are some snipers among them.
    Purpose - create a massacre and blame it on Russia, and give a chance to rise for the U.S. and NATO and let them bring their special forces "to restore order" & "protect the public".
    As well as to capture airfields in Donetsk and Lugansk region for landing of heavy transport aircraft. This special operation as a counter measure against Russia over the Crimea and revenge."
    - Source: Truth about the Situation in Ukraine FB group
    - Posted by Mark Sleboda

  4. Many thanks for the link!

    - Aangirfan

  5. Americans have not experienced political leadership or an independent media for such a long time that they will be amazed at the straightforward answers from the Russian President and by media asking real questions, some of which show the influence of Washington’s propaganda.

    Americans will also be struck by how greatly the facts of the Ukraine situation diverge from the constant stream of lies that flow from Washington, its European puppets, and presstitute media.

    Putin’s calm leadership, the absence of provocative statements and threats, and his insistence on legality and will of the people stand in stark contrast to the West’s threats and support for violent overthrow of a democratically elected government. It is astonishing that the only leadership the world has comes from Russia, China, and three or four countries in South America. The Western world no longer has diplomatic capability. Instead, the Western world relies on propaganda, threats, force, and schemes to overthrow governments that it first demonizes.

  6. Its vital that we affirm, Mr Laurent Louis IS A HERO and these are not easy to come by. He is the only politician in Europe who is prepared to speak WORDS OF TRUTH about 9/11, just as Cynthia McKinney is the only one in the USA who will do that.