Friday, March 21, 2014

Syria: Surpasses 50% removal & takes back a castle

As long as the NATO mercs and their backers don't up the terror. Particularly Israel.
But, don't tell Samantha Powers about this progress She is always on the prowl for some new way to free humans, anywhere, of their lives.

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syria could ship out its remaining chemical weapons within a month and still meet a mid-year target for their final destruction, the head of an international mission overseeing the delayed disarmament operation said on Friday.
  Syria has accelerated the pace of chemical shipments from its Mediterranean port of Latakia this month and has now removed or destroyed more than half of its declared chemical arsenal.
Sigrid Kaag, head of the joint mission of the United Nations and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, said that Syria - which is embroiled in civil war - was making progress and its revised timetable was achievable.
"We think the current plan is realistic and workable," she told Reuters in an interview in Beirut. "However we have always been very clear in stating that the month of March remains very critical in order to attain the overall timetable."
She said the June 30 target for the destruction of the chemicals at sea was also realistic, especially if the current acceleration in consignments continued. "We don't exclude a further speeding up of the current pace."

Despite the delays, Kaag said Syrian authorities had displayed constructive cooperation "from the outset until now".
 But the operation remains fraught with danger.
Last month Syria said there were two attempted attacks on convoys transporting chemical weapons, and two storage sites remain inaccessible due to the civil war which has killed 140,000 people and ravaged whole districts of Syrian cities.
Kaag said she could not say whether chemical sites had come under deliberate attack or were simply caught up by chance in the conflict which has affected every part of the country.
"What we know is that there is a heightened risk of any accident or incident," she said. "I've just come out of Latakia...and an hour after we'd arrived two rockets arrived on the same road I have taken. And there were civilian casualties."
Earlier this month five rockets were fired towards Latakia, one of them crashing close to a hotel where the UN-OPCW experts were staying. Elsewhere in Syria, two chemical sites are currently inaccessible because of the fighting.
 All that could be prevented... If the US and Israel wanted it to be so.

More good news from Syria- Nice to read after Israel so heinously attacked Syria this week
File - Krak des Chevaliers, Syria, Friday, Jan. 7, 2011. (Wikipedia/Bernard Gagnon)
Crac des Chevaliers
 Syrian troops captured a famous Crusader castle Thursday near the border with Lebanon after days of intense clashes with opposition fighters, the latest in a series of battlefield gains by government forces along the frontier, state media and officials said.
Lebanese broadcaster Al-Mayadeen TV aired live footage of Syrian troops raising the two-starred ( flag of Syria)  government flag over the towering hilltop perch of the Crac des Chevaliers. The loud crackle of celebratory gunfire could be heard as troops moved around the sprawling fortress, which appeared intact.
But the government capture of the Crac des Chevaliers, which dates back to the back to the 12th century and dominates the surrounding valley and terraced hills, marked another painful setback, for symbolic reasons as much as strategic. Rebels had controlled the castle since 2012.
“Our efforts, those of the Syrian Arab Army and the National Defense Forces, were crowned today by raising the Syrian flag on the Crac des Chevaliers,” an unnamed Syrian army colonel told Al-Mayadeen. “The battle had been going on for more than a month during which several nearby villages were liberated.”


  1. Hi Penny

    Frankly this article scares the shit out of me as I believe they are mad enough (where there is no brain there is no pain or reason) to do it prepping for a war footing then war in say 3 to 6 months



  2. 18 th march 1314, destruction of the Templars by Philippe le Bel, reporting as an act of betrayal and breach of trust,
    if 'syrian arab army and national defences forces are crown TODAY by raising the syrian flag on the crac des templiers', does it mean they work under chaotic cover for NATO templars in the reconquest of the middle east...................................????

    1. I have no idea
      I see it as just booting out the terrorists from a strategic place with sovereign syrian territory
      The castle is in Syria.

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  5. Read some information on Templars on and off over last few yrs. If memory serves, they only "own" one place any longer but did see short reference to them some months back in semi MSM which I found amazing.

    How darn often does that happen? rarely ever.. maybe once ever 20yrs ?

    Anyhow, I may have "saved it" ( have alluded before about my insanity of saving all sorts of stuff, to the point of a hoarder of sorts, only to find I can rarely find shit anymore) and if it's in some folder on here I couldn't readily find it probably.
    Point of snip of article was that the current Templars are rebuilding their "old selves" as protectors of something or other.

    Told you it was vague and the article wasn't very forthcoming with loads of info either.
    Googled to see if they were connected w/ Crac or not and No, they are not.
    See for yourself Altho, I was suprised to see what sites in "isreal" are on that page.
    Especially the main mosque which is being slowly taken over by jews much to the dismay and anger of all muslims, but especially Palestinians !

    more later
    alot to share
    been awhile since doing that.

    ps @brian See you at a number of blogs, and when ever you put up some twitter stuff alot of times it is ppl I "know" on twitter. Do I know you I wonder ? ;^)

    1. Hi karin

      I really don't know much about the templars
      It's one of those entities that some say are good, some say are bad....
      Pretty sure it is somewhere in between
      and look forward to whatever goodies you can provide
      thanks karin :)

  6. Opps! Went to close down that google page and saw the images of Templar castles!

    Have a look for yourselves Sure enough that castle is showing there although I did not notice it at the other wiki page.

    weird ( or I"m more tired than I thought) :)

  7. this could be a new MEME: 'Please Putin: occupy us!'

    Francis Fukuyama famously said history had come to an end....he never imagine President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin would kickstart it back into life!

    Celebration event in Moscow: Crimea - we are with you!