Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ukraine: One fascist assassinated. Defence Minister dumped

It should be pretty obvious to anyone paying attention that the coup government in Ukraine, is full of problematic persons. Ukraine no doubt needs these head bashers in the apparatus of their tyrannical state.

So, I am suspecting a cleansing of the most foul, the most noxious, the most obvious. But, the vast majority of riff raff will remain and will be used as needed to oppress the legitimate grievances of the Ukrainian populace once IMF 'reforms' take hold.

From the previous post- Ukraine: Regime Change & the IMF's Bitter Pill
"The bailout agreement will include the imposition of drastic austerity measures which in all likelihood will trigger further social chaos and economic dislocation"
 Svoboda and co. will be there to keep the people in line

Oleksandr Muzychko, alias Sashko Bily, file pic
Oleksandr Muzychko, better known as Sashko Bily(i)

For what it is worth, Muzychko acquired notoriety in Ukraine after he was filmed brandishing an AK-47 assault rifle at a town hall session in western Ukraine, and then harassing a local prosecutor.

See video below Muzychko/Sashko Bilyi in action

 As usual we have conflicting versions of what happened.

Version #1

-He was a leader of Right Sector, a far-right group which was prominent in the recent anti-government protests.
 -Ukraine's Deputy Interior Minister Vladimir Yevdokimov said Muzychko died after opening fire at police and Sokol special forces, who had raided a cafe to arrest him and fellow ultra-nationalists. The authorities described Muzychko as a criminal gang-leader.
-During the raid, Muzychko fired at police as he was trying to flee, wounding one of them. Police then returned fire and captured him and three others in his "criminal gang", Mr Yevdokimov said.
-"He was still alive as they were arresting him - but then the paramedics, called to the scene, found that he had died," Mr Yevdokimov said. The three arrested gang members have been taken to Kiev for questioning.

Version #2

- Ukrainian MP, Oles Doniy, gave a different version of events
- He said two cars had forced Muzychko's car to stop, and he had then been dragged into one of the other cars. 
-Later his body was found dumped, his hands tied behind his back and two bullet wounds in his heart, Doniy wrote overnight on his Facebook page.

An arrest warrant had been issued by Russian authorities for this man? 
So claims the BBC.  Yes, I am questioning the accuracy of this claim. I understood it to be Dimitry Yarosh that was wanted by Russia.  And  you may recall that Yarosh that had called for Doku Umarov to attack Russia, also. Covered that previously-Refresh your memory, please
Crimea- Terror prevented, communications cut off, protest, gas cuts and more
Russian authorities issued an arrest warrant for Muzychko, accusing him of atrocities against Russian soldiers in Chechnya.
The Russian indictment says he tortured captive Russian soldiers in the 1990s, when Moscow was trying to crush Chechen separatist guerrillas. Muzychko denied the allegations. Reports say he led a group of Ukrainian nationalists who fought alongside the Chechen rebels.

Also. And likely more important then the killing of one prominet thug, when there are so many more
 The Defence Minister was dumped

 Meanwhile, Ukraine's parliament has voted to accept the resignation of Defence Minister Ihor Tenyukh.
Mr Tenyukh had been accused of indecision in the face of Russia's military takeover of Crimea.

In the Ukrainian parliament on Tuesday MPs appointed Gen Mykhaylo Koval as the new defence minister, after approving the resignation of his predecessor, Ihor Tenyukh.
Mr Tenyukh had offered to leave the post following growing criticism of his response to the Russian annexation of Crimea. Many deputies had described that response as indecisive.
Gen Koval has served in the country's Border Service, and was briefly detained by pro-Russian forces during their takeover of Crimea.
Certainly this had everything to do with the fact that most of the Ukrainian forces, willingly, stayed in Crimea!

" about two-thirds of the 18,800 military personnel and relatives stationed there are staying on the peninsula"
As was reported in this post  Ex-Ukrainian troops, raise ships flags and stay in Russian Crimea

  Fewer than 2,000 of the more than 18,000 Ukrainian troops in Crimea have said they want to leave.
 Russian flags have been raised over 54 of 67 Ukrainian ships
Although Ukraine had  previously reported that " nearly half of the Ukrainian military staff based in Crimea had opted to stay there and some of them were joining the Russian military"

Ukraine is likely still playing down the numbers, but, the removal of the Defence Minister speaks volumes
And, no, I do not believe he 'offered' to resign. Unless he was made an offer he could not refuse. The kind of offer meted out by Sashko Bilyi


  1. Hi Pen,
    Sorry for the long absence. Have been fighting the NWO on the home front...
    Anyhow saw this and thought of you. Then when i get to your place I see that you are well up on it already. On the report I saw on RT it says Bily had been making "Anti-semitic statements" - now we both know there is no way that will be allowed in the New Ukraine:


    Best wishes,

    PS What are your thoughts on Putin?

    Oh - keep up the Great Work too!

    1. HI Carol

      and thanks for thinking of me
      As for Bily making anti-semitic statements?
      As you and I both know anti semitism is a canard
      A meme used to silence opposition to the elitists NWO
      I don't think that has anything to do with him being killed what so ever
      Delta was quite at home with Svaboda thugs- Delta being the former IDF soldier who was fighting alongside Svaboda- calling them his brothers

      Putin, he is tough to figure out. I just don't know entirely
      No doubt he has to fight off the NATO nutters, who want nothing more then to knock out the competition- globally speaking
      notice how there complaints about Gazprom are always about it being 'state-owned' as opposed to being in the hands of one of the seven sisters
      that is always the issue- monopolization
      Putin knows that.
      If Russia's gas resources fall to big western oil- well, Libya will be the future of all of Russia, and Libya is an ugly mess

    2. Agreed. There are 3/4 options:
      1) Russia (with China) come out on top with the US exposed as a dying empire, bankrupt financially as well as morally... BUT what about the overwhelming superiority of US military weapons tech?
      2) USA is used to complete the NWO project in one go, relying on full spectrum military dominance and weaponry... BUT are China and Russia really that far behind - what about MAD - is '1st strike' plausible?
      3) Neither of the above relevant. The NWO seeks all nations to destroy themselves and each other. The superior tech is being held back for them and them alone to exploit. The future (if there is any) will be a very different place to anything we have known.
      4) Fourth Option - who knows?

    3. Hi Carol :)

      Don't know if Russia and China have to come out on top to expose the US as a dying empire- the residents of the US already expose that clearly
      the poverty, the homelessness- an empire that can't uplift it's own is already gone

      I think, Russia and China are a fair bit behind, but, don't know if that matters all that much
      particularly when thinking about MAD and the insanity of a 1st strike even being considered, though apparently Brits and US have been talking that up
      3- if everyone destroys everything what would the elites have to gain?
      4th option? who knows?!
      Best bet considering the psychosis of the elite asses

  2. Early on think it was Kissinger who called for Ukraine to play a Finland like roll. Finland of course has had its own ongoing NATO debate. This move along with defense looks like a a step in that direction. NATO trying deescalate and lock in gains for a slow protracted creep. In the shadow of the Ukraine the move on Serbia is ongoing. See how that country's commitment to Sud Stream changes if at all with the new repentant nationalists turned EU cheerleaders (surrounding agitation in Bosnia)

    Meanwhile, Russia, China and India announced energy deals today. The move by Visa to choke off transactions networks in Russia (target banks)- a light version of the Vatican SWIFT ban (Vatileaks etc.) last year (Vatican once again blasting the Obama regime on that whole anti western capitalism theme - e.g. Putin visit). Does make one consider that Russian minister laughing off the sanctions with a throw away comment on going around the dollar? Curious all the BRICs backing Russia in Crimea. India saw its currency hammered into a crisis that resulted in wide scale gold import bans. China has been under headline assault on debt crisis risks accompanied by the terror events (& Malaysia air related?). Russia just got a downgrade as the FX came under assault. Today Brazil got its own downgrade. Putin did host a BRIC FM meeting at the nuke confab.

    As for Ukraine long before the Sorcha Faal post on Exxon Bloomberg was whoring for Exxon risk in Black sea...and shale in Ukraine

    Might have been linked here but good read

    As for that Libyan jet recall early on the jet was shot down and footage captured

    1. thanks for all the links :)

      And it was ZB that called for the Finland option most recently, I have a theory on that...

      Are you thinking that S&P downgraded Russia, Brazil, to appease Geithner?

      God I still recall reading his bullshit about fudging taxes because he used 'turbo tax' lol


      I have not read the 21stcentury wire story yet, but definitely will

      now dubbed the "Geithner Defence"
      as if?!

    2. S&P made the case against the politicization of the ratings agencies. Here

      And China launched its own ratings agency for this very reason: recall they downgraded the US

      Now the rest of the BRICs are feeling the heat...as the peripherals Europe did when the ECB wasn't toeing the line. Look at the progression of Berlusconi dethroning form calling for a halt to activity into Libya to the SPR release - sound familiar - to his eventual lynching by the bond markets. What was Clinton's favorite line I want to come back as the bond market?

      Who is out warning over the Russia sanctions?
      Schmidt in Germany and Berlusconi in Italy. Who were the 2 western leaders invited to Putin's inauguration: Schroeder (NSA tag) and Berlusconi.

      Now ity is Dilma's Turn. She got the downgrade and the reliable FT is out running this headline: Brazil braced for World Cup amid rise in Rio violence

      Remember what Erdogan said about the Brazil and Turkey sponsorship being the same?

      “The same game is being played in Brazil,” Mr Erdogan told a large rally of his supporters in the town of Samsun on Saturday. “There are the same symbols, the same posters. Twitter, Facebook is the same, so are international media. They are controlled from the same centre. They are doing their best to achieve in Brazil what they could not achieve in Turkey. It is the same game, the same trap, the same goal.”


      Dilma's UN Speech the Guardian:
      Brazil's president, Dilma Rousseff, has launched a blistering attack on US espionage at the UN general assembly

      And on IMF Reforms and UNSC
      Speaking on behalf of the peoples of Brazil, she reiterated their support to the reform of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), whose governance should reflect the weight of emerging and developing countries in the world economy. She also addressed the issue of Security Council reform, deeming its limited representation an “issue of grave concern”. Only the expansion of the number of permanent and non-permanent members and the inclusion of developing countries in both categories would correct the Council’s “deficit of representation and legitimacy”. - See more at: http://gadebate.un.org/68/brazil#sthash.NY6pGahg.dpuf

  3. Now he's a 'criminal gang leader ' . Anyone familiar with the jihadis knows they Are used them thrown away. The real smiling villains know thus is cheaper than using troops . It also makes them appear good

    1. we that had to throw him away right?
      How better then to use name calling?

  4. Glad you posted this Penny and they'll be plenty more of this lot meeting with accidents, disappearances, "suicides" and "justified shootings" by law enforcement. I see this as "The Night of the Long Knives 2.0", as the coup d'etat thugs (Yasenyuk & co.) in Kiev try and put their dogs either on a leash or down permanently. Washington by proxy has already demanded that they stow away the Nazi regalia when they're traipsing about committing mayhem and also ordered them to begin disarming their lackeys. All that's bad for PR you see, as is kicking elected Ukranians and media leaders asses on camera. Can't very well have them appearing like that in public and meeting with world leaders and glitterati like Bono and Bill Gates. Right now the West is trying to clean up their little gutter rats and make them presentable, appealing and sellable when they are gifted with a $15B Trojan Horse from the IMF and World Bank. I truly pity the populace of the Ukraine as they are about to go through the slow and agonising misery of central banking directed AUSTERITY. The Ukrainian people have just been had by US/NATO-backed gangsters and undercover Rothschilds agents. I hope they come to their senses and take back their country before it's too late.

    I also find it absolutely telling at that Israel is mighty silent when literal neo-Nazis are trying to arm themselves with Nukes in the Ukraine, but they will invent any and all pretexts for invading a country with none. Great bunch of transparent, hypocritical shitmops, with permanent victim complexes and M√ľnchausen Syndrome by proxy. Welcome to 21st century foreign relations where the terrorists are kept on tethers and unleashed upon any who defy the banker's system of terminal debt.

    1. HHQ

      I just had to requote you on this, priceless, simply priceless!

      "Great bunch of transparent, hypocritical shitmops, with permanent victim complexes and M√ľnchausen Syndrome by proxy."