Monday, March 24, 2014

Yulia the 'gas princess' -grab the guns and kill those damned Russians

Second post today and again a hat tip goes to brian! Who has been one heck of a busy fellow
thanks brian.

Yulia has quite the potty mouth...tsk tsk Yulia. NO class.

Ukrainians must take up arms against Russians so that not even scorched earth will be left where Russia stands

“This is really beyond all boundaries. It’s about time we grab our guns and kill go kill those damn Russians together with their leader,” Tymoshenko said.

Time to face reality. The people we allow to lead us, are psychos! Opt out of the system. I have spoke of non participation for years now.... Long overdue.
This is what is supported by  both the Harper government and the Obama government.
A conservative and a democrat on the same page. Always. Oppisames.

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  1. its supposed to be in russian so real or hoax?

    excellent! a lesson to the US appendix
    MORE: Russia imposes retaliatory sanctions against 13 high-ranking Canadian officials, lawmakers & public activists

    1. mention of the Canadians in the other post

  2. lots of good news
    Anatoly Karlin ‏@akarlin88 44m
    Salaries of Crimean policemen to double from $550 to $1,100-$1,250.

    guess who has passed on?!
    Anatoly Karlin ‏@akarlin88 44m
    Armed men burst into cafe; bodyguards didn't help; Muzychko tried to flee, but was shot in leg; finished off by control shot to the heart.

    Mel Huang ‏@mel_huang 3h
    More reports suggesting #Ukraine's Right Sector's Sashko Bilyy has been found dead with bullet wounds to the head: …

    Новости политики ‏@gunevonxyr 10h
    Сашко Билый с автоматом ворвался на концерт в Ровно: Координатор общественного движения "Правый сектор" на Зап...

  3. Poor little 'Gas Princess" Yulia, go grab a US supplied Armalite and parachute into Moscow and show us what a brave little Neo-Nazi Barbie you can be. You can be an instant martyr for your rubbish West-driven cause when your remains come back promptly in a Russian bin liner.

    By the way Penny, I don't know if you or the other readers caught this bit of very suspicious behaviour, but Israel just closed its embassies around the world. Israel closes embassies around the world as diplomats strike

    They report that it's due to a sudden and prolonged strike by diplomats (who almost always double as spies, or other intel assets) but that just seems rather specious. The terror state with a flag is renowned for pulling stunts, false flags and various other acts of fifth column activity internationally, and this just seems like it could be a preparation for something rather nasty. Hope I'm wrong, but the False Flag vigilance alert should now be on full red. Especially since in October of 2006, during a aerial radiological survey of New York City, officials conducting the study discovered a very suspicious radiation spike in the direct proximity of the Israel Embassy. Was a dirty bomb crafted there to be used as a blackmail tool or perhaps a future false flag? It's difficult to discern but worth remembering.

    1. Hey HHQ
      did not know that about Israeli embassies..... and that is very suspicious
      as in if anything happens??? Israeli embassies are conveniently closed


  4. Anton Dmitriev, staunch supporter of Maidan posted a new article:
    He's wrote several articles through this months to alternative Russian press (yes, despite of what you may hear in West, we do have these), but it seems he now starts to understand what pretty much every Russian was writing to every Maidan activist - you only destroying your own law and order. His own brother got beaten by some frenzied "revolutionaries" and he now admits that he hears more and more reports around about people being afraid to go outside when dark in Kiev.

    1. brian the guardian link didn't work for me?

    2. Penny use the Echo link , that's the story there : its in Russian