Friday, April 4, 2014

Armenian-Canadians Protest@Turkish Consulate- Turkey strikes Syria

Extremely limited NATO news coverage. I could only find CTV giving much more then a passing mention.

Same as when the anti-fascists Ukrainians protested. Virtual news black-out.
Anti-fascist/anti-Bandera protests in Canada- Russian entry bans?

What a difference from when the pro-fascist 'protests' were happening in Canada. Those staged, perception managed, shows for the camera got lots of NATO media coverage. Even on the Tell-a-vision.

Here's the scoop- Kudos to these Canadians!

And remember the Armenians had been safe in Syria. They were living alongside their Syrian neighbours.

And then the US/Israel/France/Britain aka NATO decided Syria needed to be destabilized

Hundreds attended a rally in Toronto on Thursday to voice concerns over Turkey’s role in the destruction of the ancient Armenian village of Kassab

On Thursday, a crowd of people spilled across the sidewalk in front of the building at Lower Spadina Avenue and Queens Quay West, holding cardboard signs with slogans such as “Stop aiding terrorists” and “Hands off Syria.”

AYF Canada said hundreds of Armenian-Canadians from across the country had been invited to the gathering. The group is calling on the international community to intervene, to keep Christian and other ethnic minorities from being persecuted. Ethnic Armenians account for about 70 per cent of Kassab’s population.
Located near the border with Turkey, the predominantly Armenian town had avoided major battles until recently, AYF Canada wrote in a statement.
 On March 21, an attack was launched in Kassab, forcing residents to flee to nearby Latakia and Bassit. Attacks resulted in the looting and desecration of residences and churches in the area, the statement said.

Syrian rebels have pressed their offensive deeper into the heartland of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s Alawite sect. More recently, opposition fighters with reported ties to hard-line Islamic groups, including the al Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front, launched an offensive on the northern stretches of Latakia province along the Turkish frontier.

The protesters gathering in Toronto on Thursday called upon Turkey to take steps to secure its border and prevent intruders from entering Syria near Kassab.
If you have been reading here for more then three years now, you are painfully aware that Turkey/NATO has been supporting the AQ/NATO merc terrorists all along.
The ones that have been terrorizing ordinary Syrians for these 3 long years.
These Armenians are very well aware of Turkey's roll in this killing spree.

This attack on the village was discussed in the comment section of this post Turkey always partnering with Israel- Shoots down Syrian plane. Turkey shot down the Syrian plane while aiding their killers in the attack on the village. Syrian Army was attempting to stop the thugs from entering and Turkey coddles the NATO mercenaries.

The fascist, warmongering government of Canada is paying lipservice to those resident in Canada, by feigning concern If the Canadian government was concerned they would not be backing these killers. But, they continue to do so.  As they backed the Kiev fascists in their coup. The fascists who are not terrorizing Ukrainians particularly those of Russian background

Turkey fires missiles at Syria
Emulating Israel to perfection- 

Six rockets fired from the Syrian side of the border, amid escalating clashes between regime troops and opposition forces in northern Latakia province, hit empty land in the border town of Yayladağı in the southern Turkish province of Hatay, prompting the Turkish military to respond with a barrage of artillery fire.
The Turkish military hit several targets inside Syria with artillery fire, the military said in a statement on Friday.
The incident highlights the fragile situation along the border, as opposition forces reinforce their bid for Latakia with a renewed push and regime troops fight defiantly for Kessab, a town that was recently captured by opposition fighters.


  1. Kim Kardashian has waded into the discussion of Syria's conflict, calling on fans through Twitter to save the ancient Armenian Christian village of Kasab, whose residents fled when rebels seized control of the hamlet in March. Both she and Cher have brought attention of this attack to the millions of their followers. She has done more then any of our so called leftists.

    1. I saw some info regarding the Kardashians
      but, honestly, I just tune them out
      ditto for Cher.

      As for self labelled leftists.....?
      I do not consider myself left or right
      And do not identify with those labels
      So, whatever the self labelled leftists are or are not doing. It's their shame to live with
      But it is not mine
      Thanks for letting us know hans