Monday, April 28, 2014

Meet & Greet the Syrian 'rebel' who got US weapons-

Washington Post
See Washington Post deliver us a concept of only good rebels being armed by the US
Washington Post sells us brand  good rebels vs brand  bad rebels
Perception management- US, brand good guys, arming only brand good guy rebels too.
Because the US wouldn't arm brand bad guys
Seriously. This is  how the media presents information. Everything is marketed to the targeted consumer.

Under the leadership of a young, battle-hardened rebel commander, the men entrusted with the first American missiles to be delivered to the Syrian war are engaged in an ambitious effort to forge a new, professional army.

Young but experienced. A professional man with energy for the job.

Abdullah Awda, 28, says he and his recently formed Harakat Hazm — or Movement of Steadfastness — were chosen to receive the weapons because of their moderate views and, just as important, their discipline.

Steadfast, moderate and disciplined. 
fixed in direction; steadily directed: a steadfast gaze.firm in purpose, resolution, faith, attachment
 This article and the so aptly named movement came straight out of some PR firm

At the group’s base, sprawled across rocky, forested wilderness in the northern province of Idlib, soldiers wear uniforms, get medical checkups and sleep in bunk beds under matching blankets.
 Just like the US military- so familiar. So comforting.

With his long hair tucked under an olive cap and his short beard, Awda comes across as a throwback to the kind of rebel who dominated the fight before foreign jihadists and al-Qaeda surged onto the battlefield. His resolutely on-message proclamations of support for democracy match the views that the United States has said it wishes more Syrian rebel fighters would embrace.

On message proclamation. On message proclamations. Do I need to say that again?

“I want a democratic state that rules over all Syria with equality and freedom for all citizens, free of fascism and dictatorship,” he said in an interview.
Yup, that proclamation is right on message!

Other commanders say Awda has earned a reputation as a tough fighter-
Good leadership material!

“I consider him one of the heroes”

We do love our heroes.....................Monomyth reinforcement

In January, Awda formed Harakat Hazm, under the auspices of the Supreme Military Council, after breaking away from a larger rebel formation that was being touted at the time as the new hope for moderation in Syria,
 For whatever reason the other 'rebel' formation was not sell-able so try, try, try again

And yet. The Washington Post does not show the face of our great hero?
Abdullah Awda, 28, heads the Harakat Hazm rebel group, which recently announced that it had received the first advanced American weaponry to be dispatched to Syria since the conflict began. 

Why not show us the face of the hero?  So he can be anyone he is needed to be!
At any place. At any time.

There, there, now you can feel better about aiding in the killing of innocent Syrians.

First post  Ukraine & the Misleading NATO media

Cause I am on a tangent regarding information presentation!

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    BOMBSHELL: Video evidence that ALQaeda used Chemical Weapons on Syrian Soldiers! No wounds on the body, but blackened contorted suffocated faces with gas masks close by in a last ditch attempt to survive the suffocation. From this Its obvious they had the capability and the will to use the gas on ghouta and now again on Syrian soldiers.