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Trigger a cold war to make it easier (for the US) to annex Europe

This is an interesting premise.Trigger a cold war to make it easier to annex Europe 

 Is Europe going to be annexed (taken over, subordinated, broken) so willingly.  Haven't used this resource for some time... for no reason other then they have gone unnoticed by myself. But this article, at this time, caught my eye. Keeping in mind the EU bureaucracy in Brussels fails to benefit the European populace.

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This public announcement contains sections 1 to 3.


When, in November 2013, Russia asked the EU for tripartite negotiations on the Ukraine’s free trade agreements with its two neighbours in order to find areas of common ground for all parties directly concerned (1), what was at stake was stability, integrity and independence for the Ukraine and that it should remain as the natural link between Europe and Russia.

But neither Baroness Ashton, nor Mr. O’Sullivan (2), in charge of the European External Action Service, nor Mr. Fule who, at the head of the Directorate General for Enlargement, spends his time trying to integrate everything that moves in Eastern Europe (3), didn’t want that. On the contrary, they have forced the Ukraine to “choose sides” (4), thus creating the conditions subsequent to the inevitable events which we know: the Ukraine has in fact chosen… and the country, logically, has entered a dramatic and bloody process of decision which is only just begun. Baroness Ashton and Mr. O’Sullivan have literally set a trap for the Ukraine… and Europe. (says much about the response to the sniper news from the Baroness)

Five months later and the damage is huge: over 100 dead (5), the Ukraine is left with an unelected government brought to power by extreme right-wing factions (6), relations between the EU and Russia are broken, the Ukraine and Russia are on the verge of a war ( war it seems the US is looking for) that isn’t far from being a war between Europe and Russia (7), the Russian military have retaken control of their Crimean assets, the US fleet is cruising in the Black Sea waters (8), the US army has set itself up in Europe again (in Poland, Lithuania and Romania (9)), the media, excited by blood, are a pure propaganda machine determined to push politicians and citizens into war, the EU-Ukraine free trade Treaty is about to be signed, against Russian interests, by Washington and a non-elected Ukrainian government (10) (if the same method is used for the TTIP, Washington and Baroness Ashton will have signed it in April at the latest), the West is preparing to deny the legitimacy of the Crimean referendum which will aggravate the crisis and continue to ask questions on the West’s democratic struggle… (11)

Just today I read the news that the Ukraine is calling Crimea occupied territory and the UN which is the shiny happy face of NATO is yapping like a lap dog on this same point.
-According to EU diplomats, Crimea is “occupied territory” comparable to the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel since June 1967.
I ask again, in whose interests are the EU diplomats working?

From a European point of view, what a significant political and diplomatic failure! Working to rebuild the Iron Curtain in 2014 and isolate Europe from all the current dynamics in these famous emerging countries to which Russia binds us, just as the Ukraine binds us to Russia (12).


Unfortunately, beyond a failure, this should also be seen as the result of an all-out attack on the European construction project, a project whose two main goals since the beginning have been peace through cooperation, the sharing of interests and the continent’s independence by the force which, de facto, brought about its union.

The current attack is, in fact, along the lines of that conducted against the Euro in 2010, in the knowledge that in breaking the common currency and taking into account the technical impossibility of returning to national currencies, Europe would find itself de facto integrated in the Dollar zone. This time, Europe resisted and saved its currency… at the price of enormous weakness, especially political.

The TTIP and the attempts to make us urgently sign this obscure Treaty that no one wants, seemed to have the particular objective of putting politicians under economic supervision (even more so than Europe under US supervision). Whatever the case, it would actually create a huge EU-US free trade zone using Dollars and formally annexing Europe to the Dollar zone. Here again, the tools of European independence are targeted, in this particular case its judicial arsenal for trade protection, guaranteeing Europeans’ economic interest, qualitative competitiveness and health. And the methods to obtain the signature of this treaty at any price are, on their own, proof of deep dishonesty.


And we have seen nothing of what Washington and Brussels would be capable of in this area. The Ukrainian crisis was probably triggered for no other reason than, ultimately, to force us to buy US shale gas (13), to sign the TTIP (without which the former can’t be sold in Europe (14)) and to justify a renewed increase of American-NATO military budgets (15) thanks to the restarting of a Cold War between the West and emerging nations (except for this detail that it’s the West which will be on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain this time).
 I think the authors of this piece are making some dam good points!


  1. You've probably already seen this but just in case

    Canada plans to invade Syria: Revealed


    1. Hi karin

      yes, I have it all in a word file with commentary and a bunch of other stuff
      but... just feeling so blah today
      It is snowing. Snowing on April 15!!
      I am looking out at snow covered ground and roofs, it is cold and I am worried that we will not be able to get our garden in
      I have started seeds already
      not a way in hell

  2. The US has basically been stymied in Asia Re the TPP which Malaysia of all countries called for a halt to the rush to sing. Steadfast allies Thailand has also called to slow down the passage. Then there is Japan the on again off again comfort country. Japan just singed a bilateral trade deal with Australia as the Japan-China and Korea trade talks enter another round. The Japan Australia deal was positioned as a win for the TPP as it signaled the would move on it more quickly.

    Over in Europe the US is trying to lock down the TATP which again hinges on Ag. Here is what Medvedev just said about US ag

    “If the Americans like to eat GMO products, let them eat it then. We don’t need to do that; we have enough space and opportunities to produce organic food,” he said.


    As for the ECB, the Fed got their man Draghi in the seat. Note the Germans Springer and Weber abandoned the ECB in wake of Trichet. The conversation has moved to ECB Qe in force which is why the Spain and Italy bond yields are record [emphasis] tights. The Germans of course continue to drag their feet but their gold repatriation juxtaposed against the constitutional court ruling allowing the ECB OMT program probably hints at the ongoing schism inside that country's elite (post war vs. next gen, not at all unlike Japan). The German FM today indicated this am that dialogue with Moscow was the best way forward which echoes the EU/German led moves to predating the Maiden shootings.

    Moscow, Berlin Should Work Together on Ukrainian Crisis Settlement – German Ambassador

    As far as banker deaths, dial back to 2005 and note Dus took his first picture of the EUR launch in the gold vault
    Ex-ECB chief found dead in pool

    1. No Bandar is out
      Saudi replaces veteran intel chief Bandar bin Sultan: TV

      A few days ago Reuters was touting his return as a bad omen for the Syrian Assad forces? But why would the Saudis be be prosecuting the Jihadis and giving a deadline to return if they were going to escalate. And why would the Israelis be leaking they have a back channel to KSA re Iran only to have the Saudis deny it?

    2. And President of Iran has now gone to Oman, UAE (today) and invited to Saudi. Why are the Israelis leaking out back channel talks with Saudi? To scuttle to Saudi tilt east? And if so the Israelis are looking increasingly isolated insofar as the silence eon US/Ukraine, waning on Russia interests and now the Saudis denying the Israeli stories about a new coalition? More disinformation?

      And what about the Anbar push with kurds building a trench on Syria border are the Saudis not backing AQ in Syria and backing the Iraq adventure, again. Or is someone else backing the Iraq adventure. Iran Iraq Syria pipeline?


      Saudi Arabia denies Lieberman's claim of secret diplomacy


    3. Moscow and Berlin should work this out and leave out the US
      I saw that Bandar is out- because he wants to be
      what is up with that?

      Or are the kurds just acting in their own interests
      I admit to being stymied at all these twists

  3. I've got a bad feeling about what those tin-pot, banker installed dictators are going to do to Ukrainians not wanting to be sheared.

    They're going to go in hard and spill blood while the Western MSM, who couldn't take their eyes off the CIA and MOSSAD thugs leading the riots in Kiev, look the other way.

    They've already tried to get the US Navy involved by flying over a Russian made jet belonging to the Ukrainian Air Force, but painted to look like it was a Russian jet, swooping around that Navy ship in the Black Sea.

    The closer we get to the USD falling apart, the more wars we'll see, maybe even WWIII, since those heartless bastards think nothing of killing thousands, millions or even billions.

    "RT" is doing a decent job of covering the mess, but ZNN and FOX are in their own, little universe.

    Humanity will not know peace until the last Zionist is strangled with the entrails of the last banker

    1. Hi Greg, sorry I didn't get back to you
      Yah, it is looking bad for the Ukrainians- of all stripes
      but then it's bad for the Syrians
      the libyans
      strangled bankers and racist zionists of all kinds..... hmmm..
      would certainly up the odds for peace!

  4. I highly agree with you Pen on this research and the good points made. Makes a number of issues clearer in the mind as to motives etc.

    Really glad you checked out the old source and posted this info. Well Done !


  5. Well done Penny... (again)

    Definitely some good points made in this post.

    Some more good reading with a lot of history leading up to this.



    Do you still think the west did not have plans to split up Ukraine from the beginning??? ;)

  6. This makes some sense that the neo-con do want to take the eu down sooner than later under it's own weight. I wonder if the countries in the eu are paying attention or their leaders want this also. What better way to remove the social programs of Europe that help the citizens. A nice Cyprus haircut all a round.

  7. tony_hartin ‏@tony_hartin 26m
    Not a good idea sending troops you havent fed for weeks to go and fight their own countryfolk on behalf of oligarchs #Ukraine #Kramatorsk
    Retweeted Steiner (@Steiner1776):

    #Kramatorsk Defecting #Ukraine troops: "We haven't had anything decent to eat for weeks. #Kiev has forgotten us." http://t.co/zFey8ca0aS

    Retweeted РУССКАЯ ВЕСНА (@afdqualitywork):

    @SenJohnMcCain Pls send US weapons to #Ukraine so that #Kiev soldiers can defect with them, like today #Kramatorsk ! http://t.co/YFafjJjaDD

    Retweeted Anatoly Karlin (@akarlin88):

    Kiev kindly helping the People's Republic of Donetsk build an army by sending it troops that defect on the spot. #fb

    Retweeted Nina Byzantina (@NinaByzantina):

    Pro-Maidan Hromadske & liberal TV Rain already lie about tanks that switched sides as being from #Russia. #Kramatorsk

    Retweeted Steiner (@Steiner1776):

    Urgent! #Ukraine 8 more ukrainian APC's parked outside #Kramatorsk getting surrounded by people via @lindseyhilsum

  8. Don DeBar
    16 minutes ago · Edited
    CUT OFF MID-SENTENCE ON CNN: Just saw reporter Phil Black in south east Ukraine reporting that the images CNN was selling as Russian invaders in tanks were claimed by Russian media to be Ukrainian defectors who were sent to suppress, but ended up joining, protestors. He was cut off in mid-sentence - 'we seem to have lost the feed..

    Retweeted Nina Byzantina (@NinaByzantina):

    Pro-Maidan Hromadske & liberal TV Rain already lie about tanks that switched sides as being from #Russia. #Kramatorsk

  9. Russia 24 quoted the words of acting President Turchinov: "I will not rest until I erase that city from the face of the earth" (Sloviansk)
    Россия 24 цитировала слова и.о. президента Турчинова:
    "Я не успокоюсь,пока не сотру с лица земли этот город".(Славянск)

    what will he erase it with? i recall when a misquote of president Ahmadinejads about wiping israel off the map led top paroxyms of outrage by western regimes and media

  10. the tanks sent by the Maidanite pro-NATO Junta to crush the population in Sloviansk joined the rebels....in this video the tanks are enternaining the local population and having some fun ha ha ha

    1. Hi brian
      I saw the heart warming news that the Ukrainian soldiers could not kill their own people
      I wish law enfarcement here would demonstrate that level of humanity

  11. Pro-Republic, Pro-People, Pro-Donetsk Pro-Rus' troops enter center of #Sloviansk. Photos, video. http://lb.ua/news/2014/04/16/263313_zahvachennaya_kramatorske.html

  12. Hi Penny
    Interesting piece at Voltaire net

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov revealed that CIA director John Brennan was in Kiev last weekend. One of his advisors told the newspaper Vzgliad that Brennan had not come to oversee the "anti-terrorist" operations conducted by the Ukrainian authorities, but to seek information and rescue twenty Greystone Ltd mercenaries of whom there has been no news.

    The coup government in Kiev and its Western allies refer to the democratic political opposition as "terrorists".

    Hundreds of mercenaries working for Greystone Ltd (a subsidiary of Academi, formerly Blackwater) have been present in the country since at least March 4 [1], operating within the regular Ukraine special forces.

    After initially denying it, the White House acknowledged that Mr. Brennan had in fact visited Kiev over the weekend.
    end snip

    Wonder where the missing mercs are Hmmmmmmm?????



    1. KamNam
      recall there was the news of people from Kiev who had entered Russia under the guise of working for some photography company?
      And Russia arrested them?
      Could they be the missing mercs?

  13. I'll be back to get through these comments
    thanks all KamNam- Hi!
    the person who wondered?

    Do you still think the west did not have plans to split up Ukraine from the beginning??? ;)

    I am beginning to wonder? I didn't think they would want that impoverished fascist part of the Ukraine- forfeiting the more productive part of Ukraine

    Considering the oppression of the EU?
    The TTP
    The annexation of Canada
    Hope people read that one?
    I think the US/NATO will happily split Ukraine, Crush Europe, NAU Canada/Mexico.

    1. Hi Penny
      Yes, I did wonder about the Photographers in Russia, while the Ukies simply say,,, me no know, where they are.
      I have thought about the eu ,,, sorry us and Carlyle or is it cargle buying lots of land in UKraine so they can get into the eu all the GMO crops as the eu has said no to that, pretty extreme actions to get your own way though , possilbe? hell yeah. Another thing I have noticed and gone back a while (3 years plus) is that the us does not talk WITH people, it talks AT people then when id does not get it's own way YELLS and spits the dummy like any spoilt brat and schoolyard bully, and proceeds to make life very difficult for all those around the target of the moment.
      Another thing is that Russia has linked the Ruble to Gold ,,, now that's a real no no to the us, as it undermined it's financial dominance, if the BRICS follow suit, then chaos will reign in wall street and the dollar collapse is only a matter of time. WAR is the only answer to that scenario, I fear the US will fight tooth and nail to maintain it's financial dominance over the world. Mind you Picking a fight with Russia, China and India make it about 10 to one against in manpower alone, it would be foolish to think that they are good odds for the us. Some idiot may well press the N button and it all becomes academic anyway and those that survive will have other things on their mind anyway.
      This is a real portrayal of the after effects of a Nuclear War, spend the 22 hours watching it ( it has stayed with me since 1984 when it was made)



    2. yes, I saw the ruble gold stuff and also the deal with Iran
      oil for gold
      shutting the petro dollar out
      This erodes America's global advantage, something they find unacceptable no doubt..