Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ukraine: Sniper historical rewrite & Ukraine terrorists captured in Russia

This news item got me thinking about how we are saddled with official state sanctioned versions of history. Explaining our collective ignorance. In this article we can see/read and understand how the future is written by those who control the present through reinforcing lies albeit officially sanctioned lies.
A draft resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe strongly condemns the Ukrainian authorities’ use of snipers and firearms against protests in the country’s capital in February known as Euromaidan, according to the document, which was obtained by RIA Novosti.

So, it is written. But that doesn't make it truth. Because readers here know that the snipers and firearms belonged to those affiliated with the 'protests' at the Maidan.

The text of the resolution slams the involvement of snipers and the use of firearms against protesters by the Ukrainian authorities and says that such actions are unacceptable.
The resolution further aims to conduct a thorough investigation into the deaths and possible human rights violations connected with the events on the Maidan, which added it is also crucial to identify the perpetrators of violence and bring them to justice.
 Clearly the resolution aims to shore up an official state (EU& US) sanctioned narrative and nothing more
They (PACE) have already blamed those they wish to blame- The Ukrainian authorities
They (PACE) are crying crocodile tears over the use of snipers and firearms.
Still the Parliamantery Assembly has to blame someone. In order to reinforce the belief in their validity.
 And to support their officially concocted narrative.
Acting Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov announced the results of an investigation last week laying the blame on Yanukovych

However- As is widely known, unless one has their head buried in the sand? Readers here know! Cause they're a bunch of smart & dam good lookin' people  ;-)

 A taped phone conversation between Catherine Ashton, the EU's foreign policy chief and Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet was leaked to the web in late February, in which Paet told Ashton that "Yanukovych was not the one behind the sniper attack, but rather someone from the new coalition."

Estonia Foreign Minister, Katherine Ashton and whose snipers?



 Inconveniently for the liars in the EU
 Lavrov said Russia has "massive evidence" that contradicts the results of Ukraine's investigation. He said Moscow has valid proof pointing to a group of Right Sector radicals possibly in charge of the sniper attacks.

One last item:

 In a symmetrical move, Russia detained 25 Ukrainians last Thursday, including three activists of the radical Right Sector movement, on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks in the country.

Russia has already had the Afghanistan experience- Experience should bring wisdom and knowledge

Initially Kiev was claiming the Russian detainment of the Ukrainians was not true, but, it turned out to be absolutely true- Ukraine 'scrambles' for info on their terrorists

Uh, oh an inconvenient truth!

Oh my!


  1. Georgian General Tristan Tsitelashvili publicly accused Mikheil Saakashvili Targamadze and Gia Baramidze sending to Maidan four Georgian snipers provocateurs

    NATA trained with US taxpayer dollars.

    source: News ANNA

    english translation: Georgian General Tristan Tsitelashvili publicly accused Mikheil Saakashvili Targamadze and Gia Baramidze sending to Maidan four Georgian snipers provocateurs "I just know the identity of those four people who were there as snipers, but in the interests of the investigation, I can not name them . Investigation materials in 2 weeks will be sent to the prosecutor. I can only say that these people - former employees of controlled Saakashvili superstructure. Former government trained them for just such cases. Their group in Kiev led Targamadze and Gia Baramidze. "

    This is going to get someone's panties in a real twist.

    1. indeed
      very interesting- Four Georgian snipers.....
      It was a global effort to bring Ukraine down, shakes head& rolls eyes

  2. Your point about sanctioned history is so important. A college education in this country gets you nowhere near the truth. I'm still walking in the fog, can't jettison assumptions quickly enough. It's a weird space and certainly takes you quickly away from most who you interact with daily. Thank God I chose literature for a lifetime love. There's truth in there. And here.
    Thanks again Penny.

    1. Christiana: thanks so much

      and I am sooo glad you understood the point I was making :)

      Sometimes I wonder, am I the only one thinking about this kind of stuff?
      But, now I know, I am not!

      Your right, it is a weird space, but it is the best space to be in
      Because it is proof of a working brain and a quest for knowledge that makes sense as opposed to nonsense
      What I am find truly weird now is that people never question and simply believe
      Even when one takes just a few minutes to think about something as it is presented and realize it simply makes no sense at all
      A reader
      very good!