Thursday, May 29, 2014

Angelina Jolie on Maleficent- "I was drawn to the evil"

So, Angelina, the death angel was "drawn to the evil"?  Imagine my non surprise?
After all this woman has hoodwinked ( to deceive by false appearance ) the world with her global do gooder facade.  Maleficent is, in my opinion, Angelina's inner being on display.
Noticed, I didn't call it 'soul'? Why would I? That woman doesn't have one.
Is she evil? I believe so. I don't believe she has one shred of humanity or humanitarianism anywhere in the vessel she inhabits Notice, I don't call it a body?  Humans have bodies. Evil has a vessel.  A means to spread it's evil.  Vessel- a person into whom some quality  is infused. In the case of Ms Jolie the quality is evil. 
If that can be called a 'quality'?
Angelina the death angel- Maleficent

Angelina the ne'er do well has been featured at the blog on a number of occasions

Recall? Angelina Jolie goes where no humanitarian group can go.

Besides her UN "goodwill ambassador" postion, which is a public relations job.
Ms. Jolie is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. From the horse's mouth
"She was honored for her philanthropic work by joining the Council on Foreign Relations. The prestigious think tank officially approved Jolie's membership nomination." In 2007.
Isn't it curious that Turkey won't let any aid/humanitarian groups into the camps.
Covered here But they will allow Angelina Jolie to visit.
What is wrong with that picture boys and girls???

Or? Death Angel(ina) Jolie calls for "intervention" in Syria

The angel of death in a deluge of blood and skulls

"Intervention of course meaning, bombing to smithereens. Rape. Plunder. Torture." 

And Angelina, death angel, is all for 'intervention' NATO style
Who can forget?  Death Angel(ina's) role reprisal- Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan
Death Angel(ina) Jolie,  CFR member, is at it again. 

The UN "goodwill" Ambassador is repeating, her starring role in the war/killing/psycho/death destruction machine. This time she is touring 'refugee' camps in Jordan. 
Previously it was Turkey. Prior to that Libya. Noticing a pattern?

And her "eyes filled with tears"....
As she listened to "horrific" tales.
As she wept over "heart breaking' accounts.
Angelina, so called Goodwill Ambassador... is one big illusion. Presented by the psychopathic elite class via their war mongering, perception managing, always fabricating and misrepresenting reality, media.
To hook, line and sinker YOU, into setting aside your humanity and supporting the inhumane, undemocratic and unjust agendas promoted by the military, industrial, media, multinational, globalist pick pocket class.
Evil comes in many forms

Angelina and her ilk have conceived of much wickedness


  1. When an actor's role vomits out their true persona can it even be called acting anymore? Jolie is the perfect humanoid abomination for this sickened age, a female Antichrist figure that revels and mirrors the filth of her handlers and governmental puppeteers. It was reported that whilst she practised this role in Maleficent at home she did so in character and make-up and it terrified her children. That should give one a clue about the essence of her psychopathy and satanic undercurrent, for no true loving mother would ever do such a thing to their children. Unless they're grooming them for a satanic lifestyle and breaking them psychologically for dissociative programming and mind control.

    Many find this woman appealing but I've always seen right through this psychologically broken and damaged vixen. Her parents and people she grew up with must have been monsters personified who prepped her and pimped her out just like Smiley Virus's mum and dad. There is no doubt whatsoever that Jolie has been sexually assaulted from probably a very young age as she exhibits all the signs of that kind of trauma. For that I feel sorry for her however when she now perpetrates and becomes a showgirl for the worthless elite, then I view her as nothing more than a rabid dog. A dog who may have been innocent and nice at one time, but now that she's contracted rabies and is off the mark, she's well beyond any sympathy or empathy. Her soul had become a commodity that she willingly traded away for fame and the semblance of power. Worse yet is I don't believe she misses it at all. She is on the wrong side of humanity and history and her legacy will be as memorable as a brief flatulence in the wind.

    1. couldn't say it any better then you did

    2. HHQ we want you now to write the obituary for the rest of the criminals.

    3. Much thanks Penny. Carol, I would never write an obituary for those worthless demon scum. After they die they need to be utterly forgotten except as anecdotes on historical psychopathic criminals with delusions of thinking they are elite. They're in reality small, greedy, petty rubbish with deep-seated insecurities, inbred narcissism and pathologies that seek for them to be worshipped as gods upon Earth. Vile collectors and subjugators who have mentally unstable and insatiable addictions to money, power and material possessions.

      Look at just how much the accomplice media have to trot out propaganda to remind us all just how "special" they are. The best thing is to remind and display to everyone just what kind of sick monsters they are and just how far removed from humanity they reside.

      Cheers and respect Carol.

    4. "After they die they need to be utterly forgotten except as anecdotes on historical psychopathic criminals with delusions of thinking they are elite. They're in reality small, greedy, petty rubbish with deep-seated insecurities, inbred narcissism and pathologies that seek for them to be worshipped as gods upon Earth. Vile collectors and subjugators who have mentally unstable and insatiable addictions to money, power and material possessions"

      Just because that is the hammer hitting the nail right on the head!

  2. As for Disney this propaganda conglomerate had as its foundation a man who was a twisted jingoistic tool for the government. A spy and snitch for the Feds, a racist, a thief (stole Mickey Mouse from animator Ub Iwerks) amongst other things including reports of paedophilia. You can see some of his earliest handiwork here: Walt Disney's Alice's Mysterious Mystery in what I have to say is the darkest and sickest cartoon I've seen. Even worse is that it targets children with it's frightening traumitisations. It's from 1926 and it was both written and directed personally by Walt himself. It includes cult-like Ku Klux Klan type characters kidnapping puppies from a school and making sausages out of them. Endearing fare for the kids huh?

    1. same for Disney-
      haven't seen that cartoon, but, will be looking at it
      thanks HHQ

  3. Great post, Penny. What a horrific thing to say..."I was drawn to the evil". It is so helpful when you reduce all the babble down to the essential message being delivered by the actor/talking head/spook- the glamorization of evil, brought to us by an outwardly beautiful woman, which makes the selling of the poison so much more successful. I am just finishing off the Laurel Canyon story, and I am more than sick to death of the perpetual manipulation of the public for the hidden agendas of these people who are trying to destroy what goodness there is left in the world.

    1. MotherB, as a woman aren't you just sick of the women presented as 'positive' via the media to women
      Like Hilary Clinton? Ugh
      Samantha Power Argh!
      Then many other women as pretty much skanky whores
      Or victims
      It's sick. There is nothing positive or beneficial in these roles for women, it reduces them to caricatures and steretypes
      I don't feel "good" when I see HC or AJ, I feel sick.

      And speaking of the perpetual manipulation? Read the mighty wurlitzer
      Or the book on Rockefeller's medicine men or any number of other good reads out there- It's all perpetual manipulation of our perceptions all the time
      The other night I caught a movie with Liam Neeson- something on a plane
      A total psyop in 90 minutes- 9/11- let's roll and the need for big brother all in one movie- disgusting
      Sometimes I want to swear!

  4. Sometimes I do swear! although generally I am a very mild-mannered person. We have been circling around the enslavement and manipulation of the general population for a few years now, mostly studying the church's role in such, from the very beginning, including its theft of our very heritage and history, but also taking in the current crop of projects, such as the hyper-sexualisation of children (creating more compliant victims!), the masculinisation of women, and the gaying of society in general (spent a lot of time reading and listening to Celtic Rebel, though only his older stuff is worth reading now). I am so done with supporting their psy-ops, otherwise known as movies and music financially. Wouldn't it be awesome to co-ordinate a world-wide ban on supporting these criminals with our money. That would be a truly effective revolt. Really hit them where they hurt! Will check out the Mighty Wurlitzer, haven't heard of it. Thanks.

  5. MotherB
    the best thing any one of us can do is do what we (each of us as individuals) can to buck the system
    tonight hubby and I ate out, we eat local, independent
    I still use cash for purchases (save for very large items)
    I go to my farmer's market
    road side veggie stands
    don't have a smart phone/cell phone is never carried unless going on an extended visit
    still shop in retail outlets
    absolutely refuse to use a self check out
    all legal modes of non agenda compliance...
    Haven't been in a movie theatre for years- no cable tv or satellite
    still buy books- because I hold the opinion the digital books or ebooks can easily be pilfered off your ereader... and can be destroyed remotely

    But, a physical book can be passed on for years to come- I know, because I have some old books and our own library is far bigger then it should be... ;)

    We do have the power in our numbers, we just have to choose to make the difference

  6. We sound like kindred spirits. Check to all of the above, except for the smart phone (which I am not happy about, although I hear you can turn off the gps function). We disconnected from regular tv (not even cable) 14 years ago, as we were concerned about the crap our kids were being exposed to back then! Who could have predicted then what is currently being offered to our most vulnerable citizens. And we almost always buy 2nd hand - clothing, furniture, media, etc., and my book collection threatens to take over our living space.

    I suspect that most people who go to the bother of blogging in an effort to inform their fellow human beings of the true state of our world likely follow these same guidelines. What a difference it would make if more people would join in this non-compliance. That is the only reason I blog, even if my readership is teeny tiny, to help build towards that tipping point (10% I hear).

  7. Are Anjelina Ghoulie and Prat Bid evil? How could they, when they pray for Ukraine!

    Voices of Ukraine: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt worry and pray for Ukraine
    June 1, 2014, 7:48 a.m.

    Angelina Jolie says she and Brad Pitt pray for Ukraine and hope for it’s unity in exclusive interview for TSN.UA in London: “I was so worried, we both in the family are worried, and we pray that in Ukraine there is order and that you are united.”On the video, Ukrainian journalist Natalka Pisnya says to Jolie that she was told she is only allowed to speak about the movie premier and Jolie says, “Well, they may have asked you that but no one asked me that. You know, I am with you. I worry and I pray.” The journalist then gives her a t-shirt from Maidan saying she knows how Jolie likes t-shirts and hats

    1. She and Brad 'pray' for Ukraine?
      Who do they pray with other members of the OTO?

    2. In reading around the OTO crowd is big on the celebrity circuit, but then, it always was......

    3. @Who do they pray with other members of the OTO?

      Dear Penny,

      Some people would call him the Antichrist, others Messiah, others al-Massih, Mahdi...

    4. Angelina is one of my favorite actresses. This post is absolutely fab.