Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Syria: Israel should punish Assad & HRW is pushing the chemical weapon meme

First news: Israel should punish Assad for killing civilians- Can you believe that headline?
Israel as a moral authority? Hilarious? Absolutely!  Yet that is what they are suggesting.
Of course punishing Assad is an absurdity- You know that this is really spin for a mass bombing campaign to punish Syrians for resisting the NATO rebels and continuing to live their lives as best they can.
Coincidentally or not- HRW is suggesting or implying that the Syrian gov used chemical weapons..

First: Israel as a moral authority
Moral considerations for military intervention should be weighed alongside strategic ones, says Amos Yadlin, also calling for NATO-led no-fly zone
Israel should consider intervening in Syria in response to the mass murder of civilians, and not just react to strategic threats to the Jewish State, a former chief of military intelligence told The Times of Israel on Monday.
Amos Yadlin, who headed military intelligence between 2006 and 2010 after serving as deputy commander of the Israeli Air Force, said that Israel should weigh launching a military strike at Syria if the Assad regime uses chemical weapons against his civilian population on a large scale.
Our red lines include [Syria] firing at Israel, the transfer of advances weapons to Hezbollah, and activity by the chemical [weapons] units. I believe we should add to these red lines the murder of civilians at a level where we can no longer stand idly by,” Yadlin said.
Syrian forces hold a position during fighting against rebels in the town of Zara, in the province of Homs, on March 8, 2014. (photo credit: AFP/STR)
Syrian forces hold a position during fighting against rebels in the town of Zara, in the province of Homs, on March 8, 2014
 How many civilians has Israel murdered? Operation Cast Lead........
Unilateral action should by no means be Israel’s first option, said the retired major general, who currently heads the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University.
The preferable contingency would be a NATO operation led by the United States with Turkey as its key member to implement a no-fly zone over Syria “at the very minimum.” The international drive should also include the opening of humanitarian corridors and pinpoint “standoff strikes” by NATO aircraft firing from afar at strategic regime targets.
A NATO operation?- circumventing the UN security council
 If Assad woke up one day to discover that all his helicopters dropping exploding barrels were gone; then the next day he had no navy; then the following day his security headquarters were attacked; he would realize that there’s a price to pay for his actions,” Yadlin said. “He needs to understand that he loses something every night that passes.”
“I don’t recommend a ground operation, but I do recommend changing Assad’s perception of where things are going,” he added.

Of course he doesn't recommend a ground operation- Just a replay of Libya/Korea/Yugoslavia/Iraq/Vietnam etc., Destroy every last building standing/bomb all of the infrastructure - water- electrical-communications-everything.Guaranteeing the spread of disease and worse. Then spin the mass slaughter as saving humans.
The gullible masses in the West would eat that nonsense up- The rest of us won't

Replaying the spin of chemical weapons use can help with that perception management?!

HRW- Strong evidence government used chemical weapons

chemical weapon attack?

On April 29, the director-general of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) announced  a new mission to establish facts surrounding allegations of use of chlorine in Syria. The group said the Syrian government has agreed to accept this mission and to provide security in areas under its control.
“Syria’s apparent use of chlorine gas as a weapon – not to mention targeting of civilians – is a plain violation of international law,” said Nadim Houry, deputy Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “This is one more reason for the UN Security Council to refer the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court.”
Human Rights Watch interviews with 10 witnesses, including five medical personnel, video footage of the attacks, and photographs of the remnants strongly suggest that government forces dropped barrel bombs containing embedded chlorine gas cylinders in attacks from April 11 to 21 on three towns in northwestern Syria. Witnesses told Human Rights Watch they saw a helicopter dropping a barrel bomb or heard a helicopter immediately prior to an explosion, followed immediately by a peculiar odor.  The witnesses consistently described the clinical signs and symptoms of exposure to a choking agent (also known as a lung or pulmonary agent) by victims.
10 witnesses in multiple attacks via barrel bomb?

I have previously covered these latest allegations on multiple  occassions since they first started circulating in early April/14
And will make the same statement today that I did a month or so ago..

 When you're on the team that is winning there is no need to stoop to dirty tricks

April 03/14 -  BREAKING NEWS! Claims of Chemical Arms use in Damascus

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 Sunday, April 13, 2014- US looking into 'new' Syria chemical weapons claim


  1. Well said on both counts, sister. The fact that a leader of the Free Syrian Army has now reached out to Israel for help in prolonging the violence leaves the FSA with no credibility at all.

    1. Thanks Father Dave

      Don't know that FSA ever had much credibility- but grovelling to Israel does indeed blow what shard of it they had, away.

  2. Hi penny.

    If Syria wanted to transfer weapons to hezbollah... Wouldn't an Iranian plane pick up rockets and then transfer it to them via air? Do I find it as a nonsense excuse or is it complicated than that?

    1. It appears an excuse
      why would Syria transfer weapon to hezbollah?
      at all?
      or directly, if they were providing weapons?
      there are other means of delivery if that was the case.
      So the excuse of 'syria rockets to hezbollah' serves as more of a propaganda tool, IMO